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Loonatics Unleashed (2005–2007) was a cartoon television series about a group of superheroes descended from the Looney Tunes. It was set in the year 2772 in "Acmetropolis", and depicted the Loonatics fighting crime and trying to save their city.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot. Loonatics on Ice [1.1][edit]

Tech E. Coyote: [Rev got a pizza for Tech and the pizza is frozen solid.] ...now that's cold. [Tech takes a bite out of the pizza] Where'd ya get it? Iceland?
Rev Runner: Actually, no. I just picked it up at the pizza joint downtown which I must say is abnormally cold for this time of year. But if you really wanted some pizza from Iceland, I could go get some and be back in 4.2 seconds, but of course that's just an estimation because you really can't be too sure about the traffic...
[Tech pushes a piece of pizza in Rev's beak]
Tech E. Coyote: That would be one of those questions that didn't require an answer. [Ace enters] Hey, Ace?
Ace Bunny: On it, Tech.
[Ace zaps the frozen pizza with his laser vision]
Tech E. Coyote: Extra crispy. Pizza, Duck?
Danger Duck: Are you kidding? I've already had my protein shake. It's vitally important to maintain a superhero physique, because you can't be flabby when you're "The Duckinator"!
Ace Bunny: Yesterday you were calling yourself "Super Duper Duck".
Danger Duck: Yeah well, the name wasn't quite rolling off the tongue. Besides; I need a name that'll fit on the costume.
Ace Bunny: How about, uh... Duck?
Danger Duck: Very funny.
[The door opens and Lexi enters, listening to a music player and dancing.]
Lexi Bunny: [Removing earphones] Tech, did you order more than one pie?
Tech E. Coyote: No, why?
Lexi Bunny: Because Slam is in the house.
[The door opens and Slam is standing there, frozen solid.]
Zadavia: Loonatics, we have a problem.
Ace Bunny: You got that right, Zadavia. I'd say we've got a serious problem.
Ace Bunny: Eh, what's up , Zadavia? Certainly not the temperature.
Zadavia: I don't have to tell you what will happen if the temperature keeps dropping.
Danger Duck: I knew it. We're gonna lose cable again.
Zadavia: OK, maybe I do have to tell you. The entire world could be facing a major ice age.
Ace Bunny: I think we can handle one iceberg.
Zadavia: Acmetropolis is counting on you to take care of it. Zadavia out.
Lexi Bunny: When she goes out, where does she go? The movies?
Ace Bunny: Tech, we might need some toys for this one.
Tech E. Coyote: Uh, excuse me Chief. They're not toys. They're "hand-crafted precision alloy instruments".
Ace Bunny: We'll take those too! But first; the toys.

Ace Bunny: Boy, are you guys lost! What's up, Doc?
Gunnar the Conqueror: I am Gunnar!
Ace Bunny: Gunnar? Gunnar what? Gunnar go to a Viking convention at the civic centre?
Gunnar the Conqueror: We are here to take over your planet!
Ace Bunny: You frosted flakes might as well go back where ya came from, because this is a "No invasion" zone!
Gunnar the Conqueror: We will conquer your world by any means neccesary!
Ace Bunny: No, you won't!
Gunnar the Conqueror: Yes, we will!
Ace Bunny: No, you won't!
Gunnar the Conqueror: Yes, we will!
Ace Bunny: Yes, you will!
Gunnar the Conqueror: No, we will not conquer your world!
Ace Bunny: Have it your way.
Gunnar the Conqueror: Ooh, I will enjoy crushing you, rabbit!
Ace Bunny: Oh yeah, like that's ever going to happen.

Ace Bunny: Tech, you've outdone yourself.
Tech E. Coyote: You can say it. I'm a genius.

Gunnar the Conqueror: Let's put this city on ice!

Danger Duck: DareDevil Duck thanks you.
Lexi Bunny: Pick a name already!

Rev Runner: Would you look at that thing? It's gotta be the biggest iceberg I've ever seen! And believe me, I've seen some doozies before! Do you think we should've put more juice in the blasters? Not that I'm doubting your expertise, Tech. But that is one gigantic -
Ace Bunny: Rev, watch where you're talking!

Danger Duck: [watching Slam melt the iceberg] Glorified zamboni! Chipping ice isn't a superpower. Quacking is a superpower! Observe!
[Duck quacks himself into the ice and gets stuck]
Danger Duck: ...you can stop observing now!

Attack of the Fuzz Balls [1.2][edit]

Ace: What's that; you bought a new cottontail?
Lexi: No, it's a Fuz-Z! Oh, come on, biopets are only the coolest trends ever to hit Acmetropolis.
Ace: Yeah, what do you hit it with?
Lexi: You don't hit it; you love it! I'll telepathically make you think of any way it can be a weapon; a glove, a choker, a cuddlewalker.
Duck: Hold it right there, Lexi! How'd you manage to get a hold of one of these. My Fuz-Z's been on back order for weeks. Are you sure this one isn't supposed to be mine?

Ace: Smacked down by a fuzzball? You realize of course, this means war!

Lexi: Uh, there's a party going on in your backpack, Duck.
Duck: Oh, I never go out into the field with some chocolate ab-inducer bars. They must be pretty hungry.

Lexi: Hello? Professor Zhane? We’ve come about your bio-pets; we have reason to believe that they're very, very- [Lexi gets cut off by the appearance of three mutated Fuz-Zs]

Duck: Sounds like someone's mommy didn't give them enough chockies when they were wittle!

Professor Zhane: It's feeding time!

Duck: I salute you! You've been a brave soldier, Wonderfluff. I also fear you; but let's not go into that right now.

The Cloak of Black Velvet [1.3][edit]

Duck: This is ridiculous! It's the 28th century. We've got jetpacks, hovercrafts, computer-synchronized Latte makers, but I still can't get a good cell signal on the 134th floor!

Tech: By the way; I'm a thirteen. Wide.

Slam: Hubba-hubba! *whistles*
Lexi: She's not that pretty!
Ace: Nahh. He's right; she's hot.
Lexi: Keep your eyeballs in your head! (out of jealousy)

Duck: See what happens when you rely on technology? Utter chaos! Oh, yeah. I am so going to win this bet!
Zadavia: Duck, pay attention!
Duck: Yes'm.

Duck: [about AcmeTech] It's the homeland of geeks, dweebs, and brainiac-nerds.
Tech: [pointedly] I went to school there.
Duck: [sarcastically] There's a shocker!

Duck: You know, you're all despicable!

Weathering Heights [1.4][edit]

Duck: [In reference to who will distract Weathervane] Why's everyone looking at me? Let me guess: Me again?

Tech: My Porta-Lab! Distroyed! No! [crying] It never harmed anyone!
Ace: Wow, he really needs to get out more.

Duck: Could you please sign this?

[while fighting the cloud monsters, Ace accidently zaps Tech in the butt with his laser eyes]
Tech: Yeow-h-h-how!!!!
Ace: Oops. Very sorry about that Tech.

[Weathervane tries to zap the Loonatics with lightning, but Tech gets out a lighting rod, gets zapped by lightning, yelps in pain, and then turns to dust]
Ace: Nice lighting rod Tech. That's defenetly going to earn you some vacation time.
[Tech revives himself using his healing powers]
Tech: Can I take it right now?
Ace: Let me think about it. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, NO!

Going Underground [1.5][edit]

Lexi: Did you hear something?
Duck: How can I hear anything with this racket?! You'd have to have superhearing to - Oh, right.

Ace: Eh, what's up, rock?

Lexi: So, what were those things?
Duck: Reminds me of some of the guys who keep calling you - except the rocks have more personality! Haha!

Tech: [while he tries to start the digging machine again] Come on! Ugh, fine. [he then gets fried, turns to dust and then revives himself with his healing powers] There has got to be an easier way to be a hero.

Tech: Alright! Rock on!

The Comet Cometh [1.6][edit]

Duck: Mayor, your life has been saved by Danger Duck!
Mayor: [the branch beneath The Mayor breaks and she falls.] Gee, tha-a-a-anks! [she hits the ground with a thud.]
Duck: Well, kind of.

Tech: Rev, fetch me my Neutron Cannon!
Rev: You didn't say whether you wanted the Defracting Neutron Cannon, the Ion-Splitting Neutron Cannon, or the one that goes "Gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!"

Ace: Uhh, Tech, why does it sound like the engines just stopped?
Tech: Uh, well that would be because the engines just stopped.

[During a flashback, Rev delivers a sandwich to his customer]
Rev: Quick Wrap Sandwich Shack! We deliver in 30 minutes or you eat...
Customer: For free. My watch says one minute past twelve. Your late!
Rev: Well your watch must be fast because...
Customer: [snatches his order out of Rev's hands] Better move faster next time!
Rev: But....but I wont get paid.

Rev: [thinking] I'm faster now, and I can't fail. [speaking] You don't have to dock my pay, this time, Cookie.
Ace: Uh, Rev? Who's Cookie?
Rev: Huh? Who? I mean Ace!

Duck: [scoops up a diaper out of the pool] Ugh, another treasure from the deep.

Slam: [hitting meteors with a club] Fore!

Tech: [after Rev snatches an explosive from his hands] Rev, get rid of that! It's set to blow!
Rev: You got it! [throws the explosive. It bounces on some cosmic energy and lands in Tech's palms]
Tech: Oh dear. [the explosive blows up Tech making him all crispy]
Rev: [zooms up behind Tech] Whoa, did you see that! It stopped in mid-air! Man, Tech it was that strange cosmic energy! This time it knocked the charges off. How do you explain that? But really Tech, thanks for saving my life.
Tech: [weakly] A pleasure as always.
[Tech heals himself with his healing powers]
Lexi: Tech, you put the "boom" in "kaboom".

The World is my Circus [1.7][edit]

Lexi: Well look on the bright side; it can't get any worse than this.

Ace: Who's got Slam's power?
Lexi: Oh, hey! That'd be me!

Stop the World I Want to Get Off [1.8][edit]

Massive: I am Massive. This is a robbery. So I'd appreciate your full cooperation.
Security guard: Hands up!
Massive: That's not what I call cooperating.

Kid: Hey! That's mine!
Massive: Aw, I'm sorry. But every little bit helps.

Zadavia: Team, we have a problem.
Duck: [groans] Can't it wait 'til halftime?
Zadavia: Now, Duck.

Lexi: A thief? Isn't that beneath us super types?
Ace: Not if it's a super thief. Let's jet!

Ace: Okay, doc, step away from the egg.

Massive: Now for a hero sandwich.

Massive: Time for a trip to the moon, can't you see the cost of being heroes is rising?

Massive: There's massive amounts of quasarlinium and massive amounts of me.

Duck: Hey, what's with the roast duck? I'm one of the good guys!

Ace: Yo, mean and green! Didn't your mother ever tell you that money can't buy you happiness?
Massive: Oh, she did. That's why I'm stealing it!

Duck: Oh yeah! The duck has landed.

Lexi: Score one for the home team!

Lexi: Did you get him, Duck?
Duck: That would be a 'no'.

Ace: Are you okay Tech?
Tech: Define 'okay'.

Duck: Okay, it's official. I'm gonna be sick.

Sypher [1.9][edit]

Rev: Ace, I can't fly, and listen to my voice! It sounds so...
Ace: Normal.

Ace: 36 kilometres per hour?
Tech: 18, actually. I doubled it to be nice.

Drake Sypher: I always wanted to meet the hottest superhero in town!
Lexi: What?

Lexi: Reports? Since when do we write reports?
Tech: Or exercise?

Ace: Ah, it's good to be back! Come on, everybody! Let's give "numero uno" some time "alone-o."

Time After Time [1.10][edit]

Ace: Huh, strange.
Lexi: Ace, toast is not strange. Unless Duck makes it. Then, watch out!

Duck: Not the Trolbot 9000! Anything but the Trolbot 9000! Wait, what's the Trolbot 9000?

Tech: [after getting blown up] You already reversed the reverse modulator, didn't you?
Rev: Just saving you time. Isn't that what you wanted me to do?
Tech: Hold... That... Thought... [turns to dust]

Lexi: Hello! You mean like every morning?

Dr. Fidel Chroniker: I've been trying to call you for the last five days.

Ace: Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Lexi: I was already thinking it yesterday.

Lexi: And I thought this day would never end.
Ace: And I didn't know you were gonna say that.

Duck: [video phone rings and Duck answers it] Hello. Make it snappy gramps we're off to save the city!
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: My name is Dr. Fidel Chroniker and my grandson is totally out of control.
Duck: And this is our problem how? We're superheroes, send junior to bed without his video games and let us do our job.

[The Trollbot 9000 is about to blast Tech]
Rev: Tech, look out! I got you!
[Rev rushes over and rescues Tech]

The Menace of Mastermind [1.11][edit]

Mallory Casey/Mastermind: I'd love to stay and chat, but I must be... Heading out! *laughs*

Duck: Methinks this place is empty.
Lexi: Chill, Duck. Methinks there's somebody thinking louder than any of us. We're not alone.

Duck: You get an A for the escape, but a D for the getaway, sister!
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: Oh, but this isn't about getting away. It's about revenge. Isn't that right, Tech?

Mallory Casey/Mastermind: I thought it was cats that had nine lives!

Tech: You’ve crossed the line, fathead! And for the last time, I'm not a dog, I'm a coyote!
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: So sensitive. My babies!

Tech: It's not your intellect I have problems with. It's your swollen head!

Mallory Casey/Mastermind: You taught me everything I know! Remember?
Tech: But not everything I know.
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: Gasp!

Acmegeddon (1) [1.12][edit]

Duck: Escape is, in a word; impossible

Duck: Hey! Who stashed a spitball?!

Duck: Gee Rev, have you ever heard of the phrase, "Who asked you"?

Duck: Fear not! I shall track down those criminim-inals and serve up justice duck style - with a side of melted cheese.

Massive: Alright! Let's party, Loonatics!

Mastermind: Master villains -- 1. Superheroes -- 0.

Ace: Hey, craniac, ever get premonitions? Cause here comes a psychic flash!

Ace: Didn't know it was time for a hare cut!

Sypher: No touching. I know.

Duck: Um... Go fish?

Duck: Hey! Wait up! You're just a sidekick!

Rev: Want a little super speed, dude?!

Duck: Can't a guy recover from an injury? I'd just like to point out that I'm doing all the heavy lifting here!

Ace: That's it? Mastermind's locker combination?
Tech: Yeah! We shared one in college. It's a long story.
Slam: Ewwww!

Sypher: Relax, weather girl. I'm handling it. [gets hit] See?
Weathervane: Never let a boy do a weathergirl's job!

Lexi: I'm having personal space issues!

Duck: Ahem -- first floor: furniture, toys, ladies' undegarments.

Duck: You've still got a little something called my powers to return!

Duck: Whoops!
Optimatus: Well; look what the wormhole just dragged in!

Zadavia: I'm not surprised. After all... He is my brother.
Ace: Oooohhh, brother!
Lexi: Well, every family has it's problems.

Acmegeddon (2) [1.13][edit]

Optimatus: We must use this power to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations... and then, conquer them all!
Lexi: [About Ace's apparent death] He was the best leader. There's nothing left...
Ace: Hey, who you calling nothin'?
Lexi: [Hugs him] Ace! We thought we'd lost you!
Ace: Hey, careful! You'll wrinkle the space suit!
Lexi: [Hits him] You scared us!

Optimatus: How does Zadavia put up with you?
Duck: Well for one thing, I'm very good at parties!

Zadavia: Thank you Loonatics. You saved me, and the galaxy. You are all heroes... My heroes.
Duck: Just for the record, she's talking about me!

Season 2[edit]

A Creep in the Deep [2.2][edit]

Adolpho: You listenin' to me, furface?!
Ace: Nuh-uh. But maybe this'll help!
[The team turn off their dolphin translation devices, and Adolpho tries to talk]
Duck: Sorry, I don't speak 'phin!

I am Slamacus [2.3][edit]

Tech: According to this, he's Pierre Lepew, the head of the illegal "Extreme Ultimate Intergalactic Only One Fighter Comes Out Of It Alive Federation".
Rev: [Gasps] Not the E.U.I.O.O.F.C.O.O.I.A.F.!

Tech: The rumors about those fights are awful. They fight until... Well, until...
Rev: [jumps in] ...the loser kicks the bucket, buys the farm, takes a big dirt nap, meets his maker, cashes in his chips!

Family Business [2.5][edit]

[Rev is tinkering with the Robo Amigo]

Rip Runner: Adults don't need a Robo Amigo. Pa should sell it to kids.
Ralph Runner: [Pats Rip's head] Rip, stop bothering your brother. Can't you see he's doing important work? [Looks to Rev] Now, how's my genius with a wrench doing?

[Robo Amigo comes alive]

Robo: I can make anything fun.
Ralph: Whoa-yeah!

[Robo proceeds to explode]

Rev: [Sigh] Well, still a few bugs technically-wise, but marketing-wise how about we sell him to kids instead of adults?
Ralph: Why th-th-th-th-that's brilliant!
Rip: Hey, what am I? Invisible?

Ralph: It doesn't feel right, him being here. Even if he's a vegetarian.
Rev: Well, he just wants to learn from the best. Right, Tech? [awkward laugh]
Tech: That's right. [sly look] And the best is definitely in the room.

[Rev sweats with a nervous grin]

Ralph: [smug look] Well, I'm glad to see a coyote who knows he's limitations.

[Tech growls]

Duck: Oh yeah, making toys for rugrats. What are you, a crime fighter or one of Santa's elves?
Rev: I Know its taking Up my Time But Helping The Family Business Is So Important to Pa And im a Little too Tall to Be an Elf But I promise I'll Be with You Guys Ready to fight evildoers Anywhere Anytime Anyhow!
Ace: Hey! Don't Sweat It Rev.
Slam: Yeah No Biggie.
Rev: I'll Never Forget For Being So Understanding. Even Though I Cannot Promise I'll forgive You Cause You'll Never Know When get Whack On the Head and Forget Everything Even Forgetting about forgetting.
Ace: Yeah That's a Great Story. But We Oughta Get Handsome Here In The Cell.

[Tech walks into his lab, dragging Rev in, who is attached to his leg]

Rev: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please! Don't make me beg!
Tech: [deadpanned] Uh, you are begging.
Rev: Then please make me stop.

Rev: Ah, thanks, Tech. If you weren't a coyote, and a guy, I'd kiss you!
Tech: Then lucky for me, I'm both.

[Rip enlarges another Robo Amigo]

Rip: Double the destruction, double the fun! Haha!
Rev: [Gasps] Oh no! The situation was bad enough with one amigo. Now there are two!
Tech: Okay, that's a challenge.

Rip: Ha! I knew you were too chicken to fight!
Rev: HEY! No one calls a road runner "chicken"!

Ralph: Sweet, meep meep!

Cape Duck [2.6][edit]

Tech: Time to chase out these rocks!
[Tech uses his one of his inventions to fight the rocks, which turns them all into water.]
[Tech howls]
Dr. Dare: Foiled again! Nooooooo!!!

Tech: All is right with the world.

Apocalypso [2.9][edit]

[Ace is talking to Tech via monitor]
Ace: Now, you sure you're okay staying behind?
Tech: Yeah, I can work on some of my side projects. And, it will be the first time I'll be totally in charge.
Rev: [appears on screen] What are you talking about being totally in charge? I'm thinking this is the first time I'd be totally in charge and you could be second in charge, which has no real purpose except to attend mall openings, check the locks at closing time... Ah!
[Tech tackles Rev and they start fighting]
Ace: Eh, sounds great. Your first job is to figure out who's in charge.

[After Duck falls backwards after running into construction equipment]

Ace: What's that?
Duck: If it's round, and rolling around, it's probably my head.

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