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Loonatics Unleashed (2005–2007) was a cartoon television series about a group of superheroes. It was set in the year 2772 in "Acmetropolis", and depicted the Loonatics fighting crime and trying to save their city.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot. Loonatics on Ice [1.1][edit]

[The episode and series begins with a view of a city-planet called "Acmetropolis" from outer space. Then we go inside the planet, where it is a very hot day at 106 degrees. People everywhere are trying to stay cool.]
Male announcer: This is the hottest year in the history of Acmetropolis. It's triple digits, and climbing. Could anything possibly cool this heat wave off?
[As if on cue, an iceberg shows up, causing damage to the city. People run for their lives trying to avoid being run over by the iceberg. Buildings come tumbling down. Then, suddenly, the iceberg starts to freeze everything up, trapping people in blocks of ice. The temperatures plummet to 22 degrees. In the big freeze, we then catch a glimpse of a large tower, which is the home and headquarters of a superhero team called the "Loonatics", who are descendants of the original Looney Tunes. During this process, we hear the voice of a coyote wearing a black and green jumpsuit, named Tech E. Coyote, descendant of Wile E. Coyote. The scene changes to the inside of the Loonatics Tower, where we find Tech himself, with a roadrunner wearing a black and red jumpsuit, named Rev Runner, descendant of the Road Runner himself, beside him.]
Tech E. Coyote: [Rev got a pizza for Tech and the pizza is frozen solid.] Brrr...now that is cold. [Tech takes a bite out of the pizza] Where'd ya get it? Iceland?
Rev Runner: Actually, no. I just picked it up at the pizza joint downtown which I must say is abnormally cold for this time of year. But if you really wanted some pizza from Iceland, I could go get some and be back in 4.2 seconds, but of course that's just an estimation because you really can't be too sure about the traffic...
[Tech pushes the piece of pizza into Rev's beak to shut him up.]
Tech E. Coyote: That was one of those questions that didn't require an answer. [Ace enters] Hey, Ace?
Ace Bunny: On it, Tech.
[Ace zaps the frozen pizza with his laser vision, making it extra crispy.]
Tech E. Coyote: Extra crispy. Pizza, Duck?
Danger Duck: Are you kidding? I've already had my protein shake. It's vitally important to maintain a superhero physique, because you can't be flabby when you're "The Duckinator"!
Ace Bunny: Yesterday, you were calling yourself "Super Duper Duck".
Danger Duck: Yeah, well, it wasn't quite rolling off the tongue. Besides; I need a name that'll fit on the costume.
Ace Bunny: How about, uh... Duck?
Danger Duck: [sarcastically] Very funny.
[The door opens and Lexi enters, listening to a music player and dancing.]
Lexi Bunny: [Removing earphones] Tech, did you order more than one pie?
Tech E. Coyote: No, why?
Lexi Bunny: Because Slam is in the house.
[The door opens and Slam is standing there, frozen solid. Lexi, Duck, Tech and Rev look at him in bewilderment. Just then, they hear a familiar beep as Zadavia's hologram appears, catching the attention of all six Loonatics.]
Zadavia: Loonatics, we have a problem.
Ace Bunny: You got that right, Zadavia. I'd say we've got a serious problem.
[Ace looks out the window and sees Acmetroplis freezing up. The screen then fades to black and then the Season 1 intro sequence begins.]
Zadavia: [narrating] In the year 2772, a meteor strikes the city-planet of Acmetropolis, knocking it off its axis. This cosmic event releases supernatural forces unleashing a new kind of hero... The Loonatics!
[The rest of the first season's intro plays out including clips from other episodes of Season 1, as well as the character introductions and superpowers they have in the descriptions. Various villains are seen in the final part and then the Loonatics Unleashed title card of Season 1 featuring the Loonatics themselves is shown. After cutting to black, the screen fades in back to the Loonatics' headquarters, where the team is gathered up for a briefing with Zadavia about the iceberg freezing up Acmetropolis.]
Ace Bunny: [off-screen] Eh, what's up, Zadavia? Certainly not the temperature.
Zadavia: So far, nobody can figure out where this iceberg came from. I don't have to tell you what will happen if the temperature keeps dropping.
Danger Duck: I knew it. We're gonna lose cable again.
Zadavia: OK, maybe I do have to tell you. The entire planet could be facing a new ice age.
Lexi Bunny: Oh, great. Those winter sweaters make me look chubbo.
Zadavia: When the meteor hit Earth, your super powers weren't the only aftereffect. This iceberg could be related.
Ace Bunny: I think we can handle one iceberg.
Zadavia: Acmetropolis is counting on you to take care of this. Zadavia out.
[Her hologram disappears.]
Lexi Bunny: When she goes out, where does she go? The movies?
Ace Bunny: Tech, we'll need some toys to melt this ice cube.
Tech E. Coyote: Excuse me Chief. They're not toys. They're "precision hand-crafted alloy instruments".
Ace Bunny: We'll take those too! But first; the toys.
[The scene then changes to the Loonatics receiving Tech's weapon created by the coyote to melt the iceberg, called, the "Retrofire Master Blaster".]
Tech E. Coyote: The Retrofire Master Blaster. Hold it in the palm of your hand, squeeze twice, and...
[Rev does so, and it transforms into morphing fire gun.]
Rev Runner: Cool! [holds it straight in an aiming pose with a growl]
[Slam tries to do what Rev did, as instructed by Tech, but he ends up accidentally dropping it. He tries to catch it, but ends up unintentionally stepping on it, activating it.]
Slam Tasmanian: Uh-oh! [his blaster sends him flying around the room screaming]
Tech E. Coyote: [yelling to Slam] Uncurl your toes! Uncurl your toes!
[Hearing Tech, Slam uncurls his toes and his blaster shrinks back. He grabs it and lands on his butt. He and Ace laugh.]
Lexi Bunny: You gotta love the toys.
Ace Bunny: Time to crush some ice. Let's jet.
[His yellow triangle appears on the screen, then the scene changes to the Loonatics flying out of their headquarters by using their jetpacks-with the exception of Rev, who can fly by himself-to deal with the iceberg. Rev sees the iceberg.]
Rev Runner: Would you look at that thing? It's gotta be the biggest iceberg I've ever seen! I've seen some doozies. Do you think we should put some more juice in the blasters? Not that I have expertise or anything, but that is one giant-
Ace Bunny: Rev, watch where you're talkin'!
Rev Runner: Whoa! [pulls up before he hits the iceberg as he was inches away from crashing into it.]
Tech E. Coyote: Okay, what wise guy moved Mount Everest?
Ace Bunny: Alright, snow cones for everyone. Set blasters on thaw!
[The Loonatics activate their blasters and shoot at the iceberg to melt it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.]
Ace Bunny: Ugh, no dice. [to his teammates] Okay, cease fire! Cease fire!
[The others do so, much to Tech's dismay.]
Tech E. Coyote: [baffled] How come my Retrofire Master Blasters not work?
Ace Bunny: No worries, Tech. There's always "Plan B".
[They land on the ground.]
Ace Bunny: You're on, Slam, buddy.
[Slam begins spinning and spins around the iceberg on fire mode. The iceberg begins to melt under the heat of Slam's fire spin.]
Ace Bunny: Whoo. What did this guy have for breakfast, huh?
[The heat wave of Slam's flame twist not only melts the iceberg, but also unfreezes the citizens trapped in the ice, freeing them. Duck watches in jealousy.]
Ace Bunny: Good guys, 1, Mother Nature, nothin'.
[Slam stops spinning and pants in agreement. But then, Lexi's ears perk up.]
Lexi Bunny: Hold on, Ace. Mother Nature may be done, but I'm picking something up.
Danger Duck: Perhaps a high-pitched dog whistle?
[The thawed iceberg began to crack and then, suddenly, it breaks, with water splashing everywhere. When the steam of the ice clears, there stands a Mutant Techno-Viking ship. The Loonatics gasp in shock as they stared at the ship, then the doors of the ship open to reveal the Mutant Techno-Vikings, led by Gunnar the Conqueror. Each Viking has mallets and swords as their weapons. They land in front of the Loonatics.]

Ace Bunny: Boy, are you guys lost! [Gunnar then lands in front of him and his teammates.] What's up, Doc?
Gunnar the Conqueror: I am Gunnar!
Ace Bunny: Gunnar what? Go to a Viking convention at the civic center?
Gunnar the Conqueror: No, we're here to take over your world!
Ace Bunny: Y'know, you frosted flakes might as well go back where ya came from, because this is a "No invasion" zone!
Gunnar the Conqueror: We will conquer your world by any means neccesary!
Ace Bunny: No, you won't!
Gunnar the Conqueror: Yes, we will!
Ace Bunny: No, you won't!
Gunnar the Conqueror: Yes, we will!
Ace Bunny: Yes, you will!
Gunnar the Conqueror: No, we will not conquer your world!
Ace Bunny: Have it your way.
Gunnar the Conqueror: Ooh, I will enjoy crushing you, rabbit!
[He attacks by swinging his sword at Ace, who dodges by moving out of the way in time.]
Ace Bunny: Oh yeah, like that's ever going to happen.
[With his eyes glowing yellow, he takes out his sword and engages in a swordfight against Gunnar. Both exchange blows before Ace lands in front of his teammates.]
Ace Bunny: I can keep this up all day.
Gunnar the Conqueror: Taste my cold steel! [powers up his sword and laughs evilly] Time to chill out, Bunny! [shoots an ice beam at Ace]
Ace Bunny: [activates his Laser Vision to block Gunnar's attack] I don't think so!
[Both beams collide as Ace and Gunnar attempt to overpower one's beam.]
Gunnar the Conqueror: [calling out to the other Vikings] Hammers of Frost!
[The Vikings slam their hammers down on the ground, turning the floor into ice, which makes Ace slip on the ice and fall backwards while still attacking with his Laser Vision. Luckily, his teammates catch him.]
Lexi Bunny: Ace!
Tech E. Coyote: Their weapons seem to be charged with a subzero hypothermal liquid solidification energy that when fire can freeze--!
Ace Bunny: Yeah, I got that part figured out.
[The Loonatics are surrounded by the Mutant Techno-Vikings, who use their ice powers to blast them, completely covering them in a block of ice.]

Ace Bunny: Tech, you've outdone yourself.
Tech E. Coyote: You can say it. I'm a genius.
Ace Bunny: Launch the torpedo!
[Tech fires the torpedo at the Vikings' ship.]
Danger Duck: So long, Ice Geeks! Hah!
[But suddenly, to the Loonatics' shock and surprise, the ship rose up into the air, making the torpedo miss its target. Slam points to the ship in the sky, grunting in surprise.]
Ace Bunny: Yeah, Slam. We didn't see that one comin'!
[The Vikings' ship deploys wings and flies away, trying to escape from the Loonatics' counterattack.]'
Ace Bunny: [looks back at Tech in surprise] Flying Vikings?
Tech E. Coyote: They won't be flying for long!
[Ace smirks at Tech, who presses a button to make their ship fly as well, to chase the Vikings down. Ace looks down and sees that they are above the ship.]
Ace Bunny: Tech! Take 'em out!

Gunnar the Conqueror: Let's put this city on ice! [laughs maniacally as he and his minions ran off to freeze the rest of Acmetroplis, leaving the frozen Loonatics trapped in an iceberg.]
[The screen fades to black. Then the scene changes to Gunnar and the Vikings continuing to freeze Acmetroplis, with the Loonatics still stuck inside the iceberg. Duck manages to Quack himself out of the iceberg, shivering.]
Danger Duck: [shivering] Okay! I'm out! I'm out, and I'm safe. Which is of number one importance. No need to worry about me. I'm- [looks back to his teammates who are still trapped in the iceberg. He knocks briefly.] Hello? You still in there? Well... I think that puts me in charge!
[But suddenly, to Duck's surprise, Slam manages to bust himself and the other four Loonatics free from the iceberg by spinning, which sends Duck flying backwards.]
Ace Bunny: [shivering] Ooh... N-n-n-nice work there, Slam.
Slam Tasmanian: [smiles and grunts]
Danger Duck: I would have busted you out myself if you just give me time to think.
Ace Bunny: We've had seconds, not hours, Duck.
[An annoyed Duck glares at Ace as they walk off from the scene of their previous battle against Gunnar and his minions.]
Danger Duck: [annoyed, muttering] I liked you better as a snow bunny.
[The Loonatics look around the city, as streets and buildings are frozen by the Vikings.]
Ace Bunny: [sarcastically] And I love what they done to the place.
Lexi Bunny: Snow drifts are very trendy this year.
[She points to the communications terminal machine, then the heroes hear a familiar beeping sound, meaning only one thing: Zadavia.]
Ace Bunny: Hmm... Sounds like Zadavia's ringin'.
[They go over to the communications machine.]
Lexi Bunny: Hmm... [presses a button to answer Zadavia's call] Hello?
Zadavia: [her hologram appears] I guess you know by now that these are no ordinary vikings.
Ace Bunny: Yeah, they didn't even sound Scandinavian.
Zadavia: I believe the iceberg slipped through one of the interdimensional portals that opened up after the meteor hit. These Mutant Techno-Vikings must have been frozen inside during an ice storm in their own dimension. But, now that they're here in Acmetroplis and have been released-
Ace Bunny: They can freeze and paralyze the world, so that it's easy for them to take over!
[The scenes show Gunnar and the vikings freezing buildings and cars, to prove Ace's point.]
Zadavia: Precisely. But, right now, you have bigger problems.
[Before she can finish, an ice beam strikes the communications device, destroying it, abruptly cutting the briefing short and knocking the Loonatics down on the ground. Ace and Duck sit up after recovering.]
Danger Duck: I didn't get the last part. What are the bigger problems?
[The "bigger problems" appear to be the Vikings' ship, who shoots an ice ball at the Loonatics, who escape the attack with Duck Quacking himself out of the way. The Dragon head of the ship shoots more ice beams at Acmetroplis, freezing some buildings and a train. Some Techno-Vikings are on board.]
Lexi Bunny: If their trail leads into the city, what are they doing back on their boat?
Ace Bunny: Maybe they didn't wanna miss the dinner show. Gunnar on ice! Let's jet!
Danger Duck: Right! [jumps in front of the team] Ready, team? One...two... [his jetpack only coughs smoke, meaning that his and the other Loonatics' jetpacks have apparently short-circuited due to being trapped in the iceberg by the Vikings.] ...three.
Ace Bunny: Ah, looks like the ice short-circuited our jetpacks. No worries. Got a back-up plan, Tech?
Tech E. Coyote: [smirks] Glad you asked.
[He takes out a remote and six motorcycles, called "Zoomatrixes", came towards them. Ace gets on his Zoomatrix and puts on his helmet.]
Ace Bunny: Let's show these Vikings how to fly!
[He takes off. The rest of the Loonatics hop onboard their Zoomatrixes, which transform and then they take off into the sky for another round against the Vikings. As their ship continues to freeze Acmetroplis, the Vikings take notice of the Loonatics.]
Mutant Techno-Viking: The Bunny is back!
[The dragon head, hearing this, begins shooting at the Loonatics. Ace dodges two ice beams. The Loonatics dodge all ice beams shot at them by the dragon head of the Vikings' ship in all directions, but then, the dragon head shoots an ice ball at Duck, which nearly strikes him, but causes him to lose control of his Zoomatrix and flips around uncontrollably.]
Danger Duck: Whoa! [yells as he flips wildly]
[Lexi comes to Duck's rescue by brain blasting an ice beam shot at his direction. Duck comes up to Lexi to thank her for his rescue.]

Danger Duck: DareDevil Duck thanks you. [salutes Lexi before flying away]
Lexi Bunny: Pick a name already, would ya?!
[As the Loonatics continue to dodge ice blasts coming from the dragon head of the Mutant Techno-Vikings' ship, Slam punches three ice beams shot at him. Lexi flies to Ace's side.]
Lexi Bunny: How long are we gonna let them keep using us for target practice?
Ace Bunny: Until they run out of spit rods, which is right... [the Vikings' dragon head part of their ship runs out of ammo and stops shooting by the time Ace says that.] ...now! Let the fun begin!
Lexi Bunny: [salutes] Aye-aye, skipper!
Ace Bunny: Loonatics, unite!
[They all fly in one direction, away from the Vikings and out of their line of sight.]
Mutant Techno-Viking: [laughs evilly] Look at the cowards run! With them gone, no one can stop us.
[Unknown to the Vikings, while behind a blanket of fog, the Loonatics reappeared on their own ship, with Ace, Lexi and Rev up front, Slam behind them, and Tech at the driver's seat with Duck behind him.]

Rev Runner: Would you look at that thing? It's gotta be the biggest iceberg I've ever seen! And believe me, I've seen some doozies before! Do you think we should've put more juice in the blasters? Not that I'm doubting your expertise, Tech. But that is one gigantic -
Ace Bunny: Rev, watch where you're talking!

Danger Duck: [watching Slam melt the iceberg] Glorified zamboni! Chipping ice isn't a superpower. Quacking is a superpower! Observe!
[Duck quacks himself into the ice and gets stuck]
Danger Duck: ...you can stop observing now!
[He gets freed by Slam's fire tornado spin. The heat wave brings the temperatures up again.]

Attack of the Fuzz Balls [1.2][edit]

Ace: What's that; you bought a new cottontail?
Lexi: No, it's a Fuz-Z! Oh, come on, biopets are only the coolest trends ever to hit Acmetropolis.
Ace: Yeah, what do you hit it with?
Lexi: You don't hit it; you love it! I'll telepathically make you think of any way it can be a weapon; a glove, a choker, a cuddlewalker.
Duck: Hold it right there, sister! How'd you manage to get a hold of one of these, anyway? My Fuz-Z's been on back order for weeks. Are you sure this one isn't supposed to be mine?
[Slam tries to eat Lexi's Fuz-Z again, but Duck moves it away from him and into Lexi's face. She then takes her Fuz-Z back from Duck.]
Lexi: Back off, Duck! Zozo is mine.
Duck: [snickers] Zozo?
[Just then, Zadavia's hologram appears.]
Zadavia: You're not going to believe this one, Loonatics, but there's a situation in south Acmetropolis that requires your special attention. A residential zone in the fourth quadrant seems to have a giant spider problem.
Ace: Didn't they just spray for giant spiders last week?
Zadavia: This family barely escaped with their lives.
Tech: Species? Origin?
Zadavia: Unknown, and unknown.
Duck: Forget where it came from. Where's it going? It's not coming here, is it?
Zadavia: The idea was for you to go there, Danger Duck.
Duck: [whimpers] Must we?
Zadavia: I'll transfer coordinates and transit. Zadavia out.
[Her hologram disappears.]
Ace: She gets to go out, and we get to battle mutant spiders. Nice. Let's jet!
[His yellow triangle appears, then the scene changes to the Loonatics in their jetpacks, ready for action. The doors open and Tech, Duck, Slam and Rev fly off. Before Ace and Lexi take off, Ace notices Zozo on Lexi's wrist after hearing the Fuz-Z.]
Ace: Eh, maybe lose the wristband, Lex.
Lexi: I don't wanna leave her here by herself. She can be our mascot.
Ace: [crosses his arms] How about, no?
Lexi: [reluctantly takes Zozo off her wrist] Fine. [Zozo looks at her with puppy dog eyes.] Aww, you'll be lonely, won't you?
[Looking back to see if Ace is out of sight, she takes Zozo with her and uses her as a necklace as she takes off alongside Ace. Lexi's pink triangle appears on the screen, then the scene changes to the Loonatics looking for the mutated Fuz-Z.]
Ace: Alrighty. According to Zadavia's readings, we should be able to spot the itsy-bitsy spider right about... [The Fuz-Z breaks through a building wall.] ...now.
[The Fuz-Z lands on the ground, then turns its attention to the Loonatics.]
Duck: Whoa! Look at that thing! It has three, wait, four, five legs!
[He gets smacked by the mutated Fuz-Z and gets sent flying.]
Ace: Uh, make that six legs.
[The mutant Fuz-Z roars at them. Slam lands on the ground and pursues the giant creature. He grabs one of its legs, but it lifts its foot and stomps him to the ground. Rev flies into view to rescue Slam and grabs him before he gets flattened again, but the Fuz-Z's stomp causes the road to crack open, loosening a bridge.]
Ace: Eh, slight pothole problemo.
[People flee from their cars away from the Fuz-Z's rampage.]
Lexi: [repulsed by the appearance of the mutated Fuz-Z] Gross! Can we get the day off?
Ace: Heroes don't get the day off, it's rescue time! Slam, let's give our friend a little help. What do you say?

Ace: Smacked down by a fuzzball? You realize of course, this means war! [leaps out of the wall and his eyes glow yellow again] Hit it, Loonatics!
Lexi: [grabs Ace's arm] Wait!
Ace: Hey, what gives?
Lexi: That's Zozo. Be gentle with her. She's had a rough day.

Lexi: Uh, there's a party going on in your backpack, Duck.
Duck: Oh, I never go out into the field with some chocolate ab-inducer bars. They must be pretty hungry.

Lexi: Hello? Professor Zhane? We’ve come about your bio-pets; we have reason to believe that they're very, very- [Lexi gets cut off by the appearance of three mutated Fuz-Zs]

Duck: Sounds like someone's mommy didn't give them enough chockies when they were wittle!

Professor Zhane: It's feeding time!

Duck: I salute you! You've been a brave soldier, Wonderfluff. I also fear you; but let's not go into that right now.

The Cloak of Black Velvet [1.3][edit]

Lexi: He's so into the meditating thing.
Ace: Ever since I showed him how to do it, nothin' disturbs 'im.
Duck: Hello? Hello? [types phone numbers on his phone trying to get a cell signal] This is ridiculous! It's the 28th century. We've got jetpacks, hovercrafts, computer-synchronized Latte makers, but I still can't get a good cell signal on the 134th floor!
[Suddenly, Duck's phone rings. The annoying ringtone disturbs Tech's concentration.]
Tech: [annoyed] Duck, shut that ringer off.
Duck: At least the ringer works. The rest of it's junk.
Tech: Have some respect. I'm clearing my mind, here.
Duck: [scoffs] Hmph, please. You need a hazmat team to clear the junk out of your head, Tech. [His phone rings again.] Hello? Hello? [grunts in frustration] I've had it! No more technology for me! From now on, I do everything the old-fashioned way.
Lexi: Yeah, right. No phone? No EMP-3 Music Blaster 5000?
Ace: And no high-tech weapons?
Duck: Who needs 'em? My bare hands are lethal weapons.
Tech: You couldn't go one low-tech week without high-tech stuff.
Duck: Oh-ho-ho, really? Well, I'm not you, Mr. Techno Geek!
[Tech stands up, towering over Duck.]

Tech: Make you a bet. If you can get through one week, I'll buy you that new cape myself. And if not, you buy it for me.
Duck: I want the matching knee-high boots.
Tech: No problem.
Duck: You're on, Mister!
Tech: By the way; I'm a thirteen. Wide.
[Duck glares at him. After his orange triangle appears, the scene changes to the Loonatics gathered around for a briefing with Zadavia about Black Velvet.]
Zadavia: Gather 'round, Loonatics. We have a major crisis, besides Duck's new costume request. [to Tech] Begin the holographic imaging feed.
[Tech does so, and the screens show Black Velvet and her Shadowborgs' crimes.]
Zadavia: Moments ago, someone calling herself, "Black Velvet", stole the Acme Doppler Series Five Radar System.
Tech: That system directs all air and space traffic in and out of Acmetroplis.
Lexi: So much for my weekend getaway to Acme Pulco.
Zadavia: I'm afraid it gets worse. They've also taken the Acme Super Computer.
Tech: That's the most advanced system on the planet. I should know, I built it for them.

Slam: Hubba-hubba! *whistles*
Lexi: She's not that pretty!
Ace: Nahh. He's right; she's hot.
Lexi: Keep your eyeballs in your head! (out of jealousy)
Zadavia: Attractive or not, she's bad to the bone, and you have to figure out what she's up to. Good luck, Loonatics. Zadavia out.
[Her hologram disappears.]
Ace: Alrighty, gang. Let's jet!
[Ace's yellow triangle appears, then the scene changes to the Loonatics heading to the scene of Black Velvet's attack.]
Lexi: Umm, Ace? Aren't we going the wrong way? The spaceport is east.
Ace: Yeah, but we're going to where the action is. Check out the skyline, just like it was before the first attack.
Tech: That's right over the AcmeTech University.

Duck: See what happens when you rely on technology? Utter chaos! I am so going to win this bet!
Zadavia: Duck, pay attention!
Duck: Yes'm.
Zadavia: I'm uploading security footage now.
Ace: Get us a closer shot of those raiders, Tech.
[Tech does so.]
Tech: Done. [sees Black Velvet] Hmm, most fascinating.
[They see how quite attractive and hot Black Velvet is, and the guys are seen admiring her attractiveness, which made Lexi jealous and resentful.]

Duck: [about AcmeTech] Which is the ancestral homeland of geeks, dweebs, and brainiac-nerds.
Tech: [pointedly] I went to school there.
Duck: [sarcastically] There's a shocker!
Ace: Does this puppy have a hyperdrive? [Turns out, it does, when he pushes the steer trigger forward, the Loonaporter speeds up.] I'll take that as a "yes".
[Thunder and lightning strikes from the dark clouds surrounding the AcmeTech University base continue ahead as the Loonatics arrive at the scene. The Zeppelin reappears above, and more Shadowborgs come raining down, darkening everything around the Loonatics and surrounding them.]
Duck: [scared] Mommy! Someone turned out the lights! [whimpers as the Shadowborgs come closing in. He backs up, then looks around in fear.] Failed again by technology.
Ace: Tech, any thoughts? Any suggestions?
[More Shadowborgs emerge from the darkness, and come after the heroes.]
Tech: Right now, Rev's gotta be our eyes.
Rev: [His eyes glow red while using his radar to detect any incoming Shadowborgs.] No problem, Tech. With my built-in GPS, I've got a lock out of it. Watch out, Lexi, you're surrounded!
Lexi: [fighting off the Shadowborgs] Back off, boys!
[She attacks and wipes out the Shadowborgs coming after her.]
Rev: Context varying 45 degrees, 46 degrees, 47 degrees, 48 degrees...
[While Rev counts the degrees his GPS shows, Lexi continues to punch and kick incoming Shadowborgs. She then makes a gesture to them for Round 2.]
Rev: Slam, they're right in front of ya! Spin straight ahead!
[Slam does so, as commanded. But, as he does, Rev detects that he is about to crash into Tech, because he can't see where he is going.]
Rev: [frantic] No, no! Slam! Watch out!
[Too late. Slam is not able to stop in time, and collides with Tech, sending them flying. Meanwhile, while the battle was going on, Black Velvet breaks into AcmeTech, destroying part of the building.]
Black Velvet: The light-wave eliminator. [She sends her Shadowborgs to steal it.] Our plan is nearly complete. Take it away, boys!
[They do so, destroying part of the roof in the process. Meanwhile, Ace and Duck are surrounded by even more Shadowborgs.]
Duck: I can't see 'em, but I can smell 'em! Hi-yah!
[He nearly strikes Ace, who ducks his accidental backhand swing attack as neither they or any of the other Loonatics can see anything at all.]
Ace: Hi-yah somewhere else, Duck! [glares at him]
Duck: [looking down apologetically] Sorry.
Black Velvet: We have what we came for. [to her Shadowborgs] Crush them! [to the Loonatics] I see dark days ahead, Loonatics! [laughs evilly]
[She and her Shadowborgs return to the Zeppelin with the light-wave eliminator in tow, while the rest of her minions use their blades to cut down a tower to crush the Loonatics below it. They then escape, returning things back to light while the Loonatics look back to see the tower falling towards them as Slam grunts in surprise.]
Ace: Loonatics, let's jet!
[They run out of harm's way while Duck Quacks himself to escape from the falling tower, which lands and smashes to smithreens.]
Ace: [thinking that Duck was crushed underneath] Duck!
Lexi: Oh, no!
Ace: Dig him out!
Rev: Go, go, go!
[They start digging into the pile of rubble caused by the impact. Unbeknownst to them, Duck appears unscathed, acting like nothing even happened to him.]
Duck: Whoo-hoo! Missed me.
[The others glare at him angrily. They then look up to see the Zeppelin escaping from them with the stolen objects.]
Black Velvet: [tauntingly] Catch me if you can, Loonatics! [laughs evilly]
[The Zeppelin disappears.]
Ace: Come on! We can't lose her now!
[They quickly return to the Loonaporter, then take off in hot pursuit.]
Ace: Time to pop this balloon.
[The path ahead is filled by dark clouds.]
Ace: Picking up anything, Tech?
Tech: They must have deployed some sort of cloaking device.
Ace: Anything, Rev?
Rev: No trace, no sign, no mark, no trail, no heat, no scrap, no leak, no spec, no particle, no nothin'.
[Unbeknownst to the Loonatics, the Zeppelin is floating right above them. Tech continues to try to pick up the signal from the Zeppelin, to no avail.]
Ace: I hate being left in the dark.
[Suddenly, Shadowborgs come raining down on the Loonaporter, once again making everything dark to the point where they can't see anything.]
Duck: Who turned out the lights?!
[Attacks and shouts are heard in the darkness, then when the darkness clears, Tech is not seen in his seat.]
Ace: Where did Tech go?
Lexi: [gasps as she looks up, then points] Look!
[An unconscious Tech is trapped in a dark purple bubble blob being taken to the Zeppelin by the Shadowborgs, while Black Velvet cackles evilly. The hatch closes as the ship flies off. This angers Ace.]
Ace: Alright, Loonatics, she's got somethin' to learn: you take one, you take us all!
Rev: Ace, I'm picking something up straight ahead!
[The dark clouds clear, and the Zeppelin is in sight.]
Ace: I see 'em!
[The Loonaporter picks up speed and chases the ship down. The Zeppelin disappears into the clouds, and three dark space craft drones appear, sent by Black Velvet to chase after the five Loonatics.]
Ace: Three bogeys at twelve o' clock! Take evasive action!
[Lexi yelps as the crafts attack the Loonaporter, causing the Loonatics to attempt to escape from the assault. Meanwhile, inside the Zeppelin, Tech regains consciousness to find he is strapped down tightly in a board, preventing him from moving his arms or legs despite his best efforts to break himself free.]
Black Velvet: Welcome to my city in the clouds. Isn't it gorgeous? [looms over Tech] I built it for myself and all my Shadowborgs, so we can live high in the sky.
Tech: [retorts while glaring at her] Beats the rock you crawled out from under.
Black Velvet: In case you haven't noticed, I'm no common thief. [shows her mechanical claw arm to Tech, making him widen his eyes in shock and fear. She then takes of her hood.] I'm not like everyone else. Thanks to that meteor that hit Earth, my eyes have been permanently scarred.
[She takes off her goggles to show him her blind eyes, making the coyote jolt looking at her scarred eyes.]
Tech: And your brain's been permanently scrambled!
Black Velvet: [puts her goggles back on] I can no longer tolerate any light. I've been forced to live hidden here for far too long, which is why I need a scientist of your genius to help me.
Tech: Never gonna happen. I know what you're up to.
Black Velvet: Oh, really? Enlighten.
Tech: You'll use the Doppler radar to project a curtain of darkness powered by pulses from the light-wave eliminator, which will block out our sun and plunge Acmetroplis into permanent darkness.
Black Velvet: I call it the "Shroud Caster". And soon, everyone will suffer as I have! But, you've forgotten the part where the industrious coyote built it for me.
Tech: You're dreaming, hot stuff.
Black Velvet: [grabs his snout] Not many dogs can resist my charms, Tech. Especially an overworked inventor who doesn't get out much! Hah! [fires green rays from her mechanical arm at Tech, landing on his head. He tries to resist, but they prove too much for him to overcome.] Don't resist my shadow forces, baby, as it reaches into your mind giving me complete control.
[Tech groans in pain as the shadow forces invade his mind. When he opens his eyes, they match her nothingness, thus revealing him completely brainwashed and hypnotized by Black Velvet! The board that held him lifts up and sets him free, and the brainwashed coyote follows her to her lab where the Shroud Caster is located.]
Black Velvet: Now, how about you get to work, alright, baby?
Tech: [monotone] As you wish.
[Meanwhile, while all that was happening, the other five Loonatics are continuing to evade the craft drones chasing after them.]
Lexi: We can't shake these things!
Duck: We're doomed! Doomed!
Ace: Alright, Slam, they leave us no other choice. Prepare for maneuver 180!
[Slam does so, and the Loonaporter maneuvers behind the drones and begins chasing them down.]
Ace: Now, Slam! Fire!
[Slam presses a blue switch to fire three missiles at the crafts, who escape back into the Zeppelin, which reappears in the sky.]

Tech: [grunts] Aarrgh! That annoying phone!
Ace: I need a little help here, Tech!
Tech: Activating Night Vision.
Duck: You know, you're all despicable!

Weathering Heights [1.4][edit]

Duck: Anybody who insults Misty Breeze, insults Danger Duck!
Weathervane: [angered at hearing that name] Misty Breeze?! She is nothing compared to me!
Duck: Well, somebody has an ego. [screams as the water starts to sink him upon Weathervane's attack.] And a temper!
Weathervane: I'm queen of the elements! A weather goddess!
[She laughs evilly, but Duck reappears behind her and strikes her with a round-house kick, sending her spinning forwards, screaming.]
Duck: Didja see that comin', Misty hater?
Weathervane: [angrily] You again?!
Duck: Excuse me, Miss Partly Cloudy! You've had your moment. I'm trying to expound, here!
Weathervane: I've heard ENOUGH!!!
[She transforms into a large cloud-style dragon.]
Duck: [nervous] Now there's something you don't see everyday.
Lexi: Duck! What are you doing?! Where's Weathervane?!
Ace: I hope that's not her.
[Unfortunately for Ace, the dragon is indeed Weathervane, as evidenced by her laughing evilly. The screen fades out, then fades back in to Weathervane in her dragon form breathing lightning bolts at the Loonatics, who dodge them by flying out of the way. She then flies back to Acmetropolis.]
Lexi: The dragon is heading back to Acmetropolis!
[She and the other Loonatics chase after the villainous weatherwoman, who fires lightning bolts at Acmetropolis destroying a building, and then a bridge while two workmen flee to safety. She continues firing, then raises her hand to fire a lightning bolt at a tower, causing it to fall. While people flee from Weathervane's rampage, Tech appears and stops the falling tower from landing on top of some people with his magnetic powers while his eyes glow green. The tower then forms into a ball and he fires it at Weathervane, who consumes it with a tornado and roars at the coyote.]
Tech: [groans] Awwww...
[He flies to a rooftop, where Ace is. He watches Weathervane continue to cause massive destruction to the city. Lexi flies to his side.]
Lexi: A busted fire hydrant is not gonna take that thing out.
Ace: Hey, uh, Tech, I don't suppose you have a really big hair-dryer.
Tech: If you're thinking about evaporating that thing, it would take a hair-dryer about, oh, a mile wide.
Ace: [shakes head] Nyah, nyah, nyah. Hey, Rev, any idea we could find the hottest spot within a hundred miles?
Rev: Oh, baby, do I have a fiery hot spot for you guys! This is gonna burn the hair off you if you get too close! Man, this place is scorching!
Tech: Got it! We just need some bait!
[They look at Duck, who is uneasy at this.]
Duck: [In reference to who will distract Weathervane] Why is everybody looking at me? Let me guess: Me again.
[His orange triangle pops up on the screen, then the scene changes to the Loonatics heading to an island with a volcano to use it to defeat Weathervane in her dragon form, with Tech piloting his newest invention, the "Port-a-Lab".]
Ace: This gonna work?
Tech: If the lava depth chart is in sync with the targeting mechanism, there should be enough combustion to-
Ace: [interrupts] English, Tech!
Tech: Yeah, it should go "boom".
Ace: That's all we needed. That'll activate the volcano?
Tech: Your guess is as good as mine.
[They land on the surface of the island.]
Lexi: Hey, guys, it's showtime.
[Sure enough, Weathervane is heard coming, with Duck and Rev luring her into the island and the volcano, while she fires bolts at the two birds.]
Duck: Misty predicted the weather, not nightmare! [sarcastically taunting Weathervane] Well, look at the mighty storm dragon acting all big and superior. Let me tell you something, dragon-lady, Misty's still number one in my charts!
[Obviously hating hearing Misty Breeze's name, Weathervane fires bubbles at the two birds. Rev gasps as he takes notice and takes different turns to dodge her bubble attacks.]
Duck: [tauntingly] Hroo-whoa! Missed me! Whoo-hoo! Missed me again! And again! Whoa, bad aim! [Weathervane flies alongside.] Is that as fast you can go? You're such a sad excuse for a monster! Much less a weathergirl! Hoo-ho, pathetic!
[We go back to the other four heroes on the island.]
Tech: Slam can withstand the heat better than any of us. Take this up there and when I say "now", push this red button and throw it into the volcano. Got that? Now.
[Slam nods, but misunderstands Tech on the "now" part and presses the button, starting the 30-second countdown too early. Lexi gasps in horror.]
Tech and Lexi: Slam!
Bomb Computer: Detonation in thirty seconds.
Tech: No, not "now" now! "Now" later!
[Slam gasps and tries to stop the timer, but accidentally takes off the red switch. He smiles nervously.]
Bomb Computer: Seventeen, sixteen, fifteen...
Ace: Just get it up there! Now!
[With no option to stop the timer, Slam picks up the bomb while his eyes glow purple and with a battle shout, takes off to the volcano. Meanwhile, back with Duck and Rev, the latter with his eyes still glowing red, the two birds are still luring Weathervane into their teammates' trap, with Duck still taunting the dragonized weather villain.]
Duck: You want Misty, you battle wind? Catch me!
Rev: Yeah, Duck! Hee-hee!
[Slam continues dashing to the volcano and eventually reaches the top. He looks downward to the inside of the volcano, containing deadly-hot lava. He throws the bomb in the volcano with 10 seconds remaining.]
Bomb Computer: Ten, nine, eight, seven...
'[Rev continues dashing to the volcano with Duck hanging on. Duck gets hit by a branch with leaves, ending up in his mouth, but he spits them all out. The feathered Loonatics reach the volcano and Duck lets go as soon as they reach the top. Duck pants in exhaustion from the high-speed chase. Weathervane catches up, but Duck Quacks out of her sight, leaving her looking around in confusion as to where he went as the bomb ticker is at four seconds.]
Bomb Computer: Four, three...
Duck: [reappears from a safe distance] Chance of explosion: a hundred percent!
[The bomb finally explodes, erupting the volcano. The lava hits Weathervane, but not before blowing Ace and Lexi away with her wind and lightning bolt attacks. Her dragon form dissolves as the volcano explodes and erupts as lava magma pours down on the island.]
Tech: [gasps] My Port-a-Lab! I just built it!
Ace: Forget the Port-a-Lab, Tech! Let's jet!
[The Port-a-Lab is consumed by the magma, melting and destroying it in a massive explosion, to Tech's horror and distraught. Another huge explosion occurs in the Port-a-Lab's destruction.]

Tech: My Port-a-Lab! Destroyed! No! [crying] It never hurt anyone!
Ace: Wow, he really needs to get out more.
[The Loonatics head back to Acmetropolis after Weathervane's defeat. We then catch a glimpse of the destroyed volcano following the eruption.]

Duck: Could you please sign this?

Weathervane: No stealing my thunder, Loonatics! Back off!
Crewman: That's her! [runs off]
Weathervane: Cloud Creatures, put these heroes in a fog!
[Creatures made of clouds called "Cloud Creatures" appear, surrounding the Loonatics.]
Tech: Amazing!
Ace: Was this in the forecast?
Duck: [unimpressed, sarcastically] Ooh, scary clouds. What, you gonna stop us from getting a tan? [A Cloud Creature grabs him.] Urgh! Maybe stop us from breathing!
Tech: Okay, Chief. What's the plan?
Ace: Kick some cloud! [jumps up and kicks a Cloud Creature in the face, but as he was about to land, that same creature swiftly grabs him by the foot and holds him high in retaliation.] Whoa! Hey! Watch the foot! It's lucky!
[Slam comes to Ace's aid and bites off the creature's arm, setting him free from its grip. Weathervane summons another Cloud Creature to grab and pin him down.]
Rev: [running around another Cloud Creature] Here's something you don't see in a sunny day. I could be wrong, but it looks like they're alive! How's that possible? Clouds are just for making rain! Not striking terror in the heart of the city!
[The creature slams its fist on the ground, tripping him and sending him flying and bouncing on the ground, yelping.]
Duck: [summons a Flame Egg] A present for ya, via Duckmail!
[He bursts himself through the Cloud Creature in the head, but it doesn't deal any damage.]
Weathervane: Let's pump up the clouds and bring in the fog! [waves arms]
[Lexi is dodging a Cloud Creature's attack when the fog comes in. She looks around.]
Lexi: Yoo-hoo! Puffy Boy! [gets suddenly struck from behind by the creature, then does a forward flip and gets into a battle stance.] Oh! There you are.
[Ace grunts as he struggles against the Cloud Creature before using his Laser Vision to break himself free while zapping the creature's arms off. While fighting the cloud monsters, Ace tries to zap the creature, but it goes through the creature without causing any damage, and accidently zaps Tech in the butt with his laser eyes, causing him to jump and hold his butt and tail while yelling in pain.]
Tech: Yeow-h-h-how!!!!
Ace: Oops. Very sorry there, Tech.
Rev: Ace! My internal radar can't distinguish between what's a creature what's plain old fog and it's getting pretty hard to avoid their GRIP!!
[He suddenly gets grabbed by a Cloud Creature, which chokes him.]
Ace: Whaddya say we help him out, Slam?
Slam: [while struggling against a Cloud Creature] You bet!
[He spins in tornado mode to break free from its grip, then sucks up some steam and attacks the creature fighting Ace, blowing it away.]
Ace: [smirks] Slam, 1, Cloud, nothin'!
Weathervane: [screams angrily in agony] Clouds of Thunder, destroy them!
[Lexi does backflips to dodge a Cloud Creature coming after her. Seeing a fire hydrant, she Brain Blasts it, which erupts water at the creature, making it grow bigger while it wails in pain.]
Lexi: Clouds absorb water! And to think I only got a "B" in science.
Ace: That's great, Lexi, but, do you really wanna make 'em bigger?
[But the Cloud Creature absorbs more water and grows even bigger, before it eventually dissolves, causing rain to fall.]
Lexi: Whoa!
Rev: Oh! I wanna try that! Let me try that! I wanna try that! Here goes!
[He runs towards a water fountain and splashes water at another Cloud Creature, dissolving it. Ace runs towards another water fountain and sees a statue pouring water in the fountain. He zaps it with his Laser Vision, slashing it through the waist and it falls down, shooting more water at another Cloud Creature, which absorbs it, grows, and dissolves into more rain.]
Ace: And me without my slicker.
Duck: Water Egg, please! Please for Water Egg! Water Egg! [He stuffs a Water Egg Orb into the creature's mouth and it explodes into orange juice, which he tastes.] Mmm. Orange juice will do the trick, too.
Weathervane: Pesky Duck! [fires a lightning bolt at Duck, who jumps out of harm's way and lands in Slam's arms. They and the rest of the Loonatics look up at her angrily.] You may have won this round, Loonatics, but I'm the star, here! [to the cameraman] Keep that camera pointed at me! I've got breaking news. Hear me, Acmetropolis! I am Weathervane! And tonight, there's a 100% chance of destruction! [fires lightning bolts at the Loonatics, who dodge them as she laughs evilly. The screen fades to black, then fades back into the battle.] Here's a news flash for you, Loonatics, and it's a real shock!

[Weathervane tries to zap the Loonatics with lightning, but Tech gets out a lighting rod, gets zapped by lightning, yelps in pain, and then turns to dust]
Ace: Nice lighting rod Tech. That's defenetly going to earn you some vacation time.
[Tech revives himself using his healing powers]
Tech: Can I take it right now?
Ace: Let me think about it. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, NO!
Weathervane: All the elements are in my command. I don't need to report the story. I am the story. [cackles, to cameraman] Make sure you get this. It'll make everyone forget about Misty Breeze!
Duck: Forget about Misty Breeze? Well, I'd sort of forget, uh, well, What's-Her-Name, here. [referring to Lexi, who gasps, offended by this remark.]
Weathervane: Time for you to be gone with the wind!
[She forms a tornado which sucks up the Loonatics. Ace grabs onto a pole to break himself free. Slam gets thrown out of the tornado and crashes into a wall. Duck screams as he Quacks out of the tornado and ends up on a TV screen.]
Duck: Look, mommy, I'm on TV.
Ace: You're on, Slam!
[Slam starts to spin and battle against the tornado.]
Lexi: Ace! Help!
[Ace launches a grappling hook to rescue Lexi and pulls her out of the tornado.]
Ace: [rescues Lexi] Gotcha!
Lexi: [grunts as she lands] Thanks!
Rev: Not gonna miss! NOOOOOOOO-HO-HO-HO!!!
[Tech grabs him and launches a grappling hook onto a fountain stone support and pulls himself and Rev out of the tornado.]
Ace: I was gonna get you next.
Tech: [winks at Rev] I got impatient.
[They see Slam sucking up the tornado with his own tornado. He completely absorbs the tornado and defeats it. The people cheer for Slam and he puts his fists into the air in celebration. This only angers Weathervane even further.]
Weathervane: They defeated my clouds, my lightning, my tornado! But can they defeat all of them at once?! I release all the forces of the elements upon you, Acmetropolis! [fires lightning bolts at a tall buliding and a train track, stopping a train with a passenger coach dangling dangerously over the edge.] Bring me Misty Breeze or start building an ark!
Ace: Move it, Loonatics!

Going Underground [1.5][edit]

Duck: Okay, we got the food. Can we go back to HQ, now?
Lexi: Chill, Duck. It's not a trip downtown without getting a little takeout.
Duck: [uneasily] Frankly, I'm a little uncomfortable in a place where duck and orange sauce is a dinner entree. If anyone starts drooling, I'm Quacking outta here.
Lexi: Whoa, here comes your girlfriend.
Duck: [sarcastically] Ha-ha. Very funny.
[Suddenly, Lexi's ears perk up as she hears something.]
Lexi: Shh! Did you hear something?
Duck: How can I hear anything with this racket?! You'd have to have superhearing to - Oh, right.
Lexi: Come on. Let's check it out.
Duck: [scoffs] Excuse me. You're not the boss of me, Missy. Ace is technically the boss, but since he isn't here, who'd just assume you get to be in charge? If anybody's going to lead, it's gonna be me!
[He walks off, when suddenly, everything begins to shake violently. Lexi tries to keep her balance.]
Lexi: [gasps] Whoa! Whaa!
Duck: [covered in orange sauce] Anybody ordered duck in orange sauce? [groans, then the shaking begins again, but even more violently.] Hey! [struggles to keep his balance as the ground begins to crack and give away. He backs up, accidentally bumping into some people.] Oops! Sorry!
[A China food tray rolls in his direction, then collides with him, resulting in him being covered in even more orange sauce, much to his humiliation. The shaking stops again.]
Lexi: Aren't you saucy.
Duck: [scoops up some orange sauce from his beak with his pointer finger, then flicks it away to the ground.] Y'know, I am pretty tasty.
Lexi: [as the ground starts to sink] Aftershock!
Duck: Are you getting shorter, or am I getting taller?
Lexi: You keep dreaming, Duck. [notices another China food tray coming at him] Incoming!
Duck: [takes notice in horror] Not again!
[He Quacks himself away from the tray, then reappears beside Lexi. They both duck the tray as things sink underground.]
Lexi: What's wrong with this picture?
Duck: [gets hit with another orange sauce container] Urgh! Looks like downtown is sinking to a whole new low.
[A mountain appears containing the buildings on it, while a science tower sinks along with the buildings as a green glow is seen. The green glow is coming from a crystal called the "Jade Serpent Crystal". A door breaks and crumbles as an intruder breaks into the tower with the green crystal, approaching it. This intruding supervillain is named Doctor Thaddeus Dare. He is seen holding a rock-type scepter.]
Dr. Thaddeus Dare: The Jade Serpent. At last. Get ready, Acmetropolis. [grabs the gemstone] There's going to be a whole lot more shaking going on! [holds up the Jade Serpent Stone while he laughs evilly]
[The screen fades to black, then the Season 1 intro sequence plays. Afterwards, the scene changes to the Loonatics' headquarters, where their screens show the dirt mountain that appeared suddenly out of nowhere, courteously of Dr. Dare's attack on Acmetropolis using the Jade Serpent Stone.]
Ace: This mountain just grew out of nowhere? Just like that?
Duck: I'm pretty certain it wasn't there before.
Rev: Yeah. Weird, huh? But now, we can go skiing anytime we want without ever having to leave downtown. When we work out an appetite at the slopes, we can stop in for the Chinese takeout at the bottom. Man, Acmetropolis has everything!
[Tech arrives with a model of Chinatown to map out the earthquake that happened while Duck and Lexi were there at the time Dr. Dare's attack occurred.]
Tech: I've gone over it again and again, but I can't figure out what would've caused that kind of geologic instability.
Duck: Oh, I don't know, maybe something like a giant meteor hitting the Earth? Hmm? Ring a bell?
Tech: Perhaps if I had enough time to build a more detailed model. I did it during my break. Total rush job.
[A model train runs through the model Chinatown.]
Lexi: Tech, the little elevated trains are actually running, and on time.
Tech: Okay. Now, normally when there's diatomic activity, the plates of the Earth's crust move like this. [presses a switch and his model Chinatown shakes. He presses another button, and the model mountain rises.] No matter how many variations I try, there's just nothing that would account for this.
Slam: [takes a bite] Chocolate.
Ace: Uh, Slam? I believe that's mud you're eatin'.
Tech: Actually, I ran out of soil, so I used hot fudge.
Lexi: [takes a bite herself] With nuts.
Zadavia: [her hologram appears] Speaking of nuts, this attack was the work of one Doctor Thaddeus Dare.
[The screens show Dr. Dare before the meteor attack.]
Tech: Thaddeus Dare? "Nut" is an understatement.
Zadavia: A reclusive and rather old scientist, but brilliant nonetheless. Dare was convinced that one day, he would find a way to control all forums of rock.
[Dare's backstory before becoming a supervillain is shown. He is seen watching over a rock experiment.]
Duck: Say what? Control rock? Hello! Wacko party of one!
Zadavia: He was hideously disfigured by the meteor crash. He went crazy and his rock experiments grew more reckless. He was finally banished by the scientific community and disappeared.
[Dare is seen watching in shock as the meteor hits the city-planet. He tries covering himself from the shockwaves, but they change him into who he is today.]
Ace: Let me guess. A guy that into rocks went underground, right?
Zadavia: Deep underground. I believe he's preparing to take his revenge on the world that rejected him, and he may have just found the ultimate means.
[The screens show the Jade Serpent Stone and its powers, while also showing the sinking of the science tower that held it.]
Tech: The Jade Serpent Crystal.
Zadavia: Yes. The crystal that was housed in the science tower which sank underground today.
Ace: What's so special about this nugget?
Zadavia: It's an ancient gem that has a unique atomic structure set to contain untold energy. If Dr. Dare somehow harnesses the power of the crystal, there is no telling what he might do. You must find Dr. Dare and stop him. [hologram disappears] Zadavia, out.
Ace: Alright, gang, let's jet!
[His yellow triangle appears, then the screen changes to the Loonatics digging underground using Tech's new drilling invention called the "Mobile Magma Mover".]
Ace: [off-screen, to Tech] This new toy of yours is a great way to beat the traffic.
Tech: Ha-ha! Yes!
[He pilots the Mover deeper and deeper underground, making sharp turns as he does so.]
All Loonatics except Tech: Whoa! Wow! Whoa!
Duck: [angrily] Quit doing that!
Tech: Don't worry. I've been working on my Mobile Magma Mover for a while. Just needed a good excuse to take it for a spin. [laughs] Good thing I got almost all the kinks worked out.
Duck: Yeah, I'll say. Wait, did you say almost? Did he say almost?
Lexi: [points to where the sunk buildings are] Guys! Heads up!
[The other Loonatics also take notice.]
Duck: [off-screen] The city's upside down. Or, is it my stomach?
Ace: So that's where the buildings went.
[The Magma Mover continues digging deeper to reach Doctor Dare's lair.]
Tech: [off-screen] Hang on! Going down!
Duck: And we're... how many miles beneath the Earth's crust?
Tech: Not to worry. This thing's built with ultra-titanium double shielding. Trust me. Nothing can stop us.
[But he was wrong, as the Mover comes to a suddenly unexpected halt.]
Duck: What was that?
Ace: [gets up] A lotta nothin'.
Tech: [baffled] I don't understand. This baby should be able to smash through any kind of rock.
Lexi: [gasps as she sees Dr. Dare's rock robots emerge, nervously] And, wouldn't the rock smash back?
Tech: [takes notice in shock and horror] Eh?!
[Dare's rock monster robots surround the Mobile Magma Mover, making the Loonatics scared and nervous.]
Ace: [off-screen, alarmed] Tech, get us outta here!
Tech: [off-screen, gasps] The sudden stop must've short-circuited the engine.
[More rock golems appear.]
Ace: [nervous] Hey, uh, Tech, can you reverse us outta this hole?
Duck: [scared] Yeah, as in back up now!
Tech: [frantically tries to reverse the Mobile Mover away from Dare's rock minions, but to no avail] Well, I would if I could.
Duck: [frightened] No reverse?
[Suddenly, one of the rock robots bursts through the roof of the Mover and grabs Lexi!]
Ace: Lex!
Tech: No!
Lexi: [getting pulled out from the Mover] Guys! A little help!
Ace: It's got Lexi! [presses a switch to open the door] Let's rock!
[The other four Loonatics, with the exception of Tech, exit the Mover to rescue Lexi and battle the rock golems.]
Lexi: Hey! Stop, Rockzilla! [grunts as she tries to break herself free from the rock robot's grip. Duck Quacks in front of the golem and fires Flame Egg Orbs at the robot, striking it and setting her free.] Thanks, Duck!
Duck: Let's go!
[In retaliation, the rock golem robot attempts to attack him, but he Quacks himself out of harm's way each time.]
Duck: [tauntingly] Missed! I'm sorry! Missed again! Ha-ha! Strike three! You're out!
[Two rock monsters surround Slam, who spins in the air and punches one of them in the front, knocking it backwards into a wall. He then turns around to take on the other golem and body slams it to the ground, then dusts his hands.]
Rev: [gathering rock golems that chase him down] Excuse me! Hi. Would you come this way, please? Thanks so much! And how about you, rocks? Come over here as well! That's right!
[A bigger rock golem monster robot emerges from a wall behind Slam.]
Slam: Uh-oh!
[He starts spinning again and lunges at the golem, attacking it while bursting through another wall.]
Duck: [launching more Fire Eggs at the golem] Fiery Egg Omelet comin' up!
Rev: [looks both ways as golems surround him] Gather 'round, guys. I know this is kinda sudden, and I'm sure you're wondering why I called this meeting. [jumps up as the golems crash into each other lunging at him] That's why!
Duck: [takes notice of a golem behind Lexi and points at it] Hey, Lex! You're up!
Lexi: [jumps out of the way to avoid the rock golem's attack] Don't you ever lighten up? [The golem breaks off a piece of a statue-like object and throws it at her.] Guess not!
[She Brain Blasts the piece of rock and blows it to smithereens. Meanwhile, Ace is fighting another rock golem using his Laser Vision and jumps out of harm's way to dodge the robot's attack. Rev speeds up alongside him.]
Ace: Fast work, Rev. I'm goin' after Slam!
[They dash off. Slam forces the large rock golem through another wall. Just as he was about to deal another blow, the monster strikes him first, sending him flying into yet another wall. The robot then crushes him with it's weight, and then grabs him and squeezes him very tightly. Back to Lexi, she's still dealing with another golem.]
Lexi: You're getting on my nerves! [dodges another attack, then her back is against the wall with the golem in front of her.] And you don't wanna see me mad! [grunts as she Brain Blasts the ceiling, causing the stone spikes and boulders to fall on top of the rock monster golem before it can attack.] Hey, I warned you! [does forward flips and backflips to dodge incoming boulders. She does another fighting stance as Duck Quacks alongside her.]
Duck: You tell him, sister!
[Back to Slam, he powers up he electric tornado spin and breaks free from the large golem's grip, then breaks off it's right arm and deals a heavy blow to it using the broken arm, knocking it backwards. Slam laughs at it, but then it gets up and leans against the wall and receives another right arm from the green glow.]
Slam: Uh oh.
[The golem smashes most of the arm, leaving the shoulder part. Slam throws it at the robot, but it blocks it and punches him heavily, knocking him backwards. The monster charges at him and grabs him as he was slowly trying to get up and slams him to the ground. Ace appears, catching it's attention.]

Ace: Yo! What's up, rock? Drop the Devil and back away!
[Slam's eyes glow bright purple again, and uses his lightning tornado spin to break himself free once more. The rock robot throws rocks at Ace, who blasts one with his Laser Vision, then kicks another. The robot then throws more rocks at Slam, who catches one and tries to block some more rocks thrown at him, but he slides backwards trying to do so, and eventually loses grip on the first rock, dropping it and it presumably breaks. The robot throws more rocks at him, sending him backwards towards a cliff. Slam tries to stand his ground, but sliding backwards causes him to nearly lose his balance on the edge. The robot throws one more rock at him, sending him falling off of the cliff!]
Ace: [Horrified and enraged] SLAM!!!
[Deeply enraged, Ace uses his Laser Vision to attack the robot, forcing it backwards. He then strikes it with a kick before using his Laser Vision again to force it towards the cliff, all the while yelling, shouting and roaring in rage. With a shout, he blasts his Laser Vision one more time at the rock robot, finishing it off by sending it falling off the cliff, destroying it while it lands right on top of Slam, who survived. Ace looks down and sees Slam squeezing his way out of the destroyed robot.]
Ace: Oh, man! [calls out to Slam] Hey, Slam? You okay? [relieved] Oh, I'm sorry about that whole "droppin' a rock monster on ya" thing there, buddy.
[Meanwhile, with Lexi and Duck, they're still battling the other two rock monsters.]
Lexi: Duck! Any sign of Dr. Dare? [dodges an attack and Brain Blasts the rock monster golem robot, destroying it.]
Duck: No! [gets grabbed by the golem] Hey! [grunts as he struggles to break free from the golem's grip, then Quacks himself away, leaving a Flame Egg Orb in it's hand, which explodes, destroying the robot. He reappears.] Wow! I even impressed myself! Ha-ha! I gotta remember how to do that. [gasps as another golem appears towards him]
Ace: [through his communicator to Tech] Yo, Tech! What do you got?
Tech: My scanners are picking up a strange energy field around them. There's a high probability they're being controlled by the powers of the Jade Serpent Crystal.
Ace: The hot issue isn't how they're working, it's how we're gonna beat 'em! We've gotta level the playing field! Tech, can you jump start that thing?
Tech: [runs off to try to start the Mobile Magma Mover again, and sees the word "DANGER" above. He presses a button to elevate himself to the power plug. He presses another switch to reveal the power supply.] This might work. If I can just reroute the power reserve to the front thrusters. [rushes to the plug itself to plug it up, but it's not wide enough. He shakes the plug desperately.] Come on! [grunts as he tries to plug it in, but to no avail. He groans] Ugh, fine. [looks at his ears and gets an idea. He places his hand on the plug, and plugs his ears in and screams in pain as he gets electrocuted by the energy, frying him and turning him into dust, then heals himself back to normal with his regeneration powers, although steam bellows out of him because of his electrocution. He mutters angrily] Gotta be an easier way to be a hero. [starts the Mobile Magma Mover again and pilots it to crush the rock golem monster robots as Duck and Lexi move out of the way.] Alright! Rock on! [uses his Mobile Magma Mover to finish off the last of Dr. Dare's rock robot minions. Once that's done, he stops the Mover.] Yeah!
[His green triangle appears, then the scene changes to the Loonatics talking about the rock golems they've just defeated.]

Lexi: So, what were those things?
Duck: Reminds me of some of the guys who keep calling you - except the rocks have more personality! Haha! [gets Brain-Blasted by an annoyed Lexi] Yike! Watch the feathers!
Ace: Those rock guys are the security guards, which means we must be close to Dare's lair.
[Suddenly, they hear Dare's voice as the underground cave shakes all around them as more buildings come in upside down by sinking underground.]
Dr. Dare: [off-screen] You're not close. You're here. Just in time to see the power of the Jade Serpent turn Acmetropolis upside down!
Ace: [through his communicator to Tech] Tech, what's goin' on?
Tech: I told you he was a crack-bot! Let's get goin'!
[Green rays of light shine below them as the ground begins to crack and give away as Dare appears sitting on a rock throne.]
Dr. Dare: I hope you've enjoyed your little visit down here, because it's now your permanent residence! In fact, soon all of Acmetropolis will reside underground, and I will live in peace on the surface!
Ace: Are you kidding me, Doc?! That's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard!
Dr. Dare: You won't be laughing when you're buried in stone, Bunny!
[With a grunt, he fires a green ray from his scepter at Ace and the Loonatics, causing the cave to collapse.]
Ace: Take cover!
[He and his teammates rush back into the Mobile Magma Mover as rocks come raining down.]
Dr. Dare: Sayonara, Loonatics!
[He laughs maniacally as he escapes while the Mobile Magma Mover is buried along with the Loonatics inside a big pile of rocks. After a few moments, Slam bursts out of the rockpile using his tornado powers and clears away the rest of the rocks, freeing his teammates and the Magma Mover.]
Ace: Nice work there, Slam.
Slam: Thank you!
Ace: We gotta get up to Acmetropolis before-
Zadavia: [hologram appears on the radar screen] Before there is no Acmetropolis. [takes off her hood] Dr. Dare's continuing to turn the world inside out. You must hurry. If you do not do something quickly, this madman will bury us all!
[The screen shows more buildings being sunk underground and replaced with mountains as people run for their lives. The screen then statics back.]
Ace: Let's get this Mover movin' before we lose power, too!
[Tech powers up the Magma Mover again to pursue Dare back up to Acmetropolis. They then reach the surface.]
Ace: Nice drivin', Tech! Looks like we're... [To his and everyone else's shock and horror, they see nothing but mountains and depressed people.] a little late.
Lexi: It's Acmetropolis!
Duck: Talk about an extreme makeover.
Tech: [sees the green glow from Dare's fortress] Dare's using the Jade Serpent to turn our world inside out. So, we've gotta use that gem to reverse it!
[The Loonatics drive their dirt buggies up to Dare's tower. Rev overtakes them with his super-speed and reaches the summit first.]
Ace: I couldn't've said it better myself!
Rev: Excuse me. Coming through.

Dr. Dare: The Loonapests! I thought I buried all of you down below.
Lexi: Haven't you heard? Down is the new up!
Ace: Yeah, we would've called first, but you were unlisted.
Duck: And now, we're gonna stop your insidious plan, stone cold!
Dr. Dare: [chuckles] Stones are my domain, Duck. [waves his hand over some gem stones, which turn green.] But, there's no reason you all can't join my little rock group.
[The Jade Serpent powers up around the Loonatics as the power of the crystal made it's way around their bodies to slowly turn them into stone.]
Ace: Hey! What's with the rock candy?
Dr. Dare: You'll become my own personal statues. A commemorative of what once was! Not that I'm paying tribute to you.
Tech: Ace, if we don't shut down that machine now, the entire planet is gonna-!
[Before he could finish, the glowing energy clams his mouth shut. Ace, seeing the angle surfaces on the rock from above, use his Laser Vision to bounce off of them and into the Jade Serpent to free him and his teammates, much to Dare's horror.]
Dr. Dare: My lovely Jade Crystal! No!! [The heroes are freed, forcing the mad scientist to retreat.] You'll never catch me!
Lexi: Hit it, Ace! Maneuver 29! [Ace launches her at Dare.] Okay, Dare! Let me help you crawl back under the rock where you came from!
[She kicks him backwards off his throne platform and lands in front of Ace, who's eyes glow yellow and takes out his sword. The two then engage in a swordfight. Dare kicks Ace backwards, then the rabbit charges back at him over some green anime-style speed lines and strikes him back, knocking him flat on his back. He then gets up again.]
Dr. Dare: Power the Crystal!
Tech: [while he tries to start the digging machine again] Come on! Ugh, fine. [he then gets fried, turns to dust and then revives himself with his healing powers] There has got to be an easier way to be a hero.

Tech: Alright! Rock on! [He finishes off the last of the rock monster robots with his Mobile Magma Mover, then stops the machine.] Yeah!
[His green triangle appears on the screen, flashing, then the scene changes to the other five Loonatics outside talking about the rock monsters they have just fought.]

The Comet Cometh [1.6][edit]

Duck: Mayor, your life has been saved by Danger Duck!
Mayor: [the branch beneath The Mayor breaks and she falls.] Gee, tha-a-a-anks! [she hits the ground with a thud.]
Duck: Well, kind of.

Tech: Rev, fetch me my Neutron Cannon!
Rev: You didn't say whether you wanted the Defracting Neutron Cannon, the Ion-Splitting Neutron Cannon, or the one that goes "Gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!"

Ace: Uhh, Tech, why does it sound like the engines just stopped?
Tech: Uh, well that would be because the engines just stopped.

[During a flashback, Rev delivers a sandwich to his customer]
Rev: Quick Wrap Sandwich Shack! We deliver in 30 minutes or you eat...
Customer: For free. My watch says one minute past twelve. Your late!
Rev: Well your watch must be fast because...
Customer: [snatches his order out of Rev's hands] Better move faster next time!
Rev: But....but I wont get paid.

Rev: [thinking] I'm faster now, and I can't fail. [speaking] You don't have to dock my pay, this time, Cookie.
Ace: Uh, Rev? Who's Cookie?
Rev: Huh? Who? I mean Ace!

Duck: [scoops up a diaper out of the pool] Ugh, another treasure from the deep.

Slam: [hitting meteors with a club] Fore!

Tech: [after Rev snatches an explosive from his hands] Rev, get rid of that! It's set to blow!
Rev: You got it! [throws the explosive. It bounces on some cosmic energy and lands in Tech's palms]
Tech: Oh dear. [the explosive blows up Tech making him all crispy]
Rev: [zooms up behind Tech] Whoa, did you see that! It stopped in mid-air! Man, Tech it was that strange cosmic energy! This time it knocked the charges off. How do you explain that? But really Tech, thanks for saving my life.
Tech: [weakly] A pleasure as always.
[Tech heals himself with his healing powers]
Lexi: Tech, you put the "boom" in "kaboom".
[It is then revealed that the cosmic energy was coming from a large and strange villainous red and black dragon ship where inside, a mysterious half-cyborg faced man with purple and white hair is covered in the aforementioned rainbow cosmic energy all around his body. This villainous man is Zadavia's evil brother, named Optimatus.]
Optimatus: Twice, I have attempted to destroy Acmetropolis. The first time, I misjudged the meteor's effect. [He watches the Loonatics' Space Stream return to Acmetroplis as he angrily bangs his fist onto the screen.] The second attempt was just demolished by those so-called Acme Heroes. But, the third time, the third time will be the charm.
[He clenches his fist and laughs evilly as he flies away from the screen. The episode ends and the credits roll, followed by the Warner Bros. Animation logo.]

The World is my Circus [1.7][edit]

Ace: I think it's time we take a trip to the big top. Let's jet.
[His yellow triangle appears, then the scene changes to the Loonatics heading to the Galactic Oddities Space Circus ship.]
Rev: Maybe we'll get free passes to the Interstellar Orbiting Space Circus for doing a good deed for returning an Intergalactic Oddity to its home. Oh, yes! It'll be so cool! I love the circus. There's so much good stuff to eat! Candy and popcorn and delicious taffy. It'll be totally sweet, sweet, sweet!
[The monkey chirps excitedly in her cage, to Duck's annoyance.]
Duck: [annoyed] Hey! Zip it, Lizard Lips! This is all your fault!
[Lexi giggles at him. Tech's eyes glow green as he uses his magnetic powers to take the cage away from Duck, then gently sets it down and opens the gate to let the monkey out.]
Tech: You're free to go, little one.
Lexi: Well look on the bright side; it can't get any worse than this.

Rev: [regenerates himself using Tech's powers while having heard everything Duck said, angrily] So, you're the one! I always suspected it might be you, but, how could I just come out and accuse you without any proof? [angrily points at Duck] Man, it's been bugging me for months! I don't know why I'm surprised, really. Duck, if I had to pick one teammate who would stoop so low-!
Duck: [glaring at Rev, annoyed] I liked you better when you were a smoldering husk.
Ace: Who's got Slam's power?
Lexi: Oh, hey! That'd be me!
Zadavia: Oh, I did forget one thing. Duck, we need to talk. Alone. Now.
Slam: [laughs] Busted.
Duck: [glares at Slam then looks back fearfully at Zadavia, groans meekly] Help.
[The final scene of the episode is a shot of the Loonatics' headquarters while zooming out to show the rest of Acmetropolis below the tower as the episode ends and the staff credits and the Warner Bros. Animation logo roll.]

Stop the World I Want to Get Off [1.8][edit]

Massive: I am Massive. This is a robbery. So I'd appreciate your full cooperation.
Security guard: Hands up!
Massive: That's not what I call cooperating.

Kid: Hey! That's mine!
Massive: Aw, I'm sorry. But every little bit helps.

Zadavia: Team, we have a problem.
Duck: [groans] Can't it wait 'til halftime?
Zadavia: Now, Duck.
[The rest of the Loonatics appear.]
Ace: What's up, boss?
Zadavia: There's a thief at large committing robberies all over Acmetropolis.

Lexi: A thief? Isn't that beneath us super types?
Ace: Not if he's a super thief. Let's jet!
[His yellow triangle pops up on the screen, then the scene changes to the Loonatics flying over to the museum to deal with Massive, who is already inside preparing to rob more expensive items as the citizens flee from the building, screaming in terror.]

Massive: I am Massive. You guys chill out. And while you're lying around, I'll just relieve you of your trinkets. [chuckles evilly]
[Just then, the Loonatics arrive.]
Ace: Okay, doc, step away from the egg.
Massive: The Loonatics, huh? Interesting. It appears Massive's popularity is growing. How about I give you a choice, instead? Save this one trinket, or save yourselves. Don't you know the cost of being heroes is rising?

Massive: Now for a hero sandwich.
Ace: No way! Tech?
Tech: [his eyes glow green] On it, Chief!

Massive: Time for a trip to the moon, can't you see the cost of being heroes is rising?

Massive: There's massive amounts of quasarlinium and massive amounts of me.

Duck: Hey, what's with the roast duck? I'm one of the good guys!

Ace: Yo, mean and green! Didn't your mother ever tell you that money can't buy you happiness?
Massive: Oh, she did. That's why I'm stealing it!

Duck: Oh yeah! The duck has landed.

Lexi: Score one for the home team!

Lexi: Did you get him, Duck?
Duck: That would be a 'no'.

Ace: Are you okay Tech?
Tech: Define 'okay'.

Duck: Okay, it's official. I'm gonna be sick.

Sypher [1.9][edit]

Rev: Ace, I can't fly, and listen to my voice! It sounds so...
Ace: Normal.

Ace: 36 kilometres per hour?
Tech: 18, actually. I doubled it to be nice.

Drake Sypher: I always wanted to meet the hottest superhero in town!
Lexi: What?

Lexi: Reports? Since when do we write reports?
Tech: Or exercise?

Ace: Well, that's six out of six.
Duck: What are we gonna do? Now that he's got my powers, he's practically invincible! We're doomed! DOOMED!
Tech: Duck's right. Without our powers, we're useless against him.
Duck: Did I mention we're doomed? Doomed, I say.
Ace: Ah, it's good to be back! Come on, everybody! Let's give "numero uno" some time "alone-o."

Time After Time [1.10][edit]

Ace: Huh, strange.
Lexi: Ace, toast is not strange. Unless Duck makes it. Then, watch out!

Duck: Not the Trolbot 9000! Anything but the Trolbot 9000! Wait, what's the Trolbot 9000?

Tech: [after getting blown up] You already reversed the reverse modulator, didn't you?
Rev: Just saving you time. Isn't that what you wanted me to do?
Tech: Hold... That... Thought... [turns to dust]

Lexi: Hello! You mean like every morning?

Dr. Fidel Chroniker: I've called you every day for the last five days.
Ace: Wait a minute. Five days?
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: I've been resetting each day back to it's beginning.
Ace: That explains the Deja Vu.
[They head over to the Time Displacer.]
Tech: Your Time Displacer. It works?
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: Yes. Unfortunately, my grandson Arthur, who now calls himself Time Skip, was irradiated by it one week ago. [Time Skip's backstory on how he got his powers is shown on the screen, then it cuts to him attacking guards in the Weapons Lab earlier in the episode.] It imbued him with the power to faze time, enabling him to leap moments ahead of the rest of us.
Ace: That doesn't explain why he stole the Trolbot 9000.
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: Eh, Arthur's quite a genius himself. He spent years designing a weapon exactly like the Trolbot 9000. [More flashbacks from earlier in the episode are shown, including the reveal of the Trolbot 9000 itself.] When he learned the military developed a bigger, meaner bot, eh, he-he took it hard. He set out to acquire what he believes to be his. [to Duck, sternly] And, that's why I was calling.
[He, Ace and Tech glare at the mallard.]
Duck: Alright, alright! Next time, we'll take a message. I'm a superhero, not a secretary.
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: In order to defeat my grandson, we have to set a time trap.
Ace: You can show us what he's gonna do?
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: Of course. [He shows the three Loonatics the flashback of Time Skip about to freeze them and everyone else and enter the Trolbot to take control.] Observe.
Time Skip: [flashback] Time out, Loonatics!
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: Now, watch as he freezes time and gets past you and the security, allowing him to enter the Trolbot undetected. Once inside, he's unstoppable.
Time Skip: [sits in the Trolbot's driver's seat in the flashback] Let's take a tour of the city!
[The Trolbot fires a missile to blast a hole in the wall in the flashback to head to Acmetropolis.]
Duck: Wait! This looks familiar.
Ace: Right. We chased the bot and he beats us.

Ace: Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Lexi: I was already thinking it yesterday.

Lexi: And I thought this day would never end.
Ace: And I didn't know you were gonna say that.

Duck: [video phone rings and Duck answers it] Hello. Make it snappy gramps we're off to save the city!
Dr. Fidel Chroniker: My name is Dr. Fidel Chroniker and my grandson is totally out of control.
Duck: And this is our problem how? We're superheroes, send junior to bed without his video games and let us do our job.

[The Trollbot 9000 is about to blast Tech]
Rev: Tech, look out! I got you!
[Rev rushes over and rescues Tech]

The Menace of Mastermind [1.11][edit]

Duck: Ha ha! In your face! That's a new high score!
Tech: How many times do I have to tell you? What I have created here is a state of the art virtual trainer, not a video game!
Tech: [horrified upon realizing who she was] Mallory?! Oh, no!
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: I'd love to stay and chat, but I must be... Heading out! *laughs*

Duck: Methinks this place is empty.
Lexi: Chill, Duck. Methinks there's somebody thinking louder than any of us. [Her eyes glow pink as her ears perk up.] We're not alone.
Tech: It's gotta be her.
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: Give that dog a bone! Nice to see you again, Tech.
Tech: I wish I could say the same.

Duck: You get an A for the escape, but a D for the getaway, sister!
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: Oh, but this isn't about getting away. It's about revenge. Isn't that right, Tech?

Mallory Casey/Mastermind: I thought it was cats that had nine lives!

Tech: What's not fair is you turning my own inventions: my precious babies against me! You’ve crossed the line, fathead! And for the last time, I'm not a dog, I'm a coyote!
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: So sensitive. My babies!

Tech: It's not your intellect I have problems with. It's your swollen head!

Mallory Casey/Mastermind: You taught me everything I know! Remember?
Tech: But not everything I know.
Mallory Casey/Mastermind: Gasp!

Acmegeddon (1) [1.12][edit]

Duck: Escape is, in a word; impossible. Face it, villains. You're gonna be stuck in those cells for a loooong time.
[But suddenly, a wormhole appears.]

Duck: Hey! Who stashed a spitball?!
Optimatus: I... am Optimatus.
[His robotic left eye glows red. The screen then fades out ominously and the Season 1 intro sequence takes place.]

Duck: [off-screen] They escaped on my watch. I'm doomed!
Ace: Eh, don't be so hard on yourself, Duck.
Rev: Ace is right, Duck. It's not really your fault, even though it was a major botch and you probably feel even worse because we all know it makes you look even less like the kind of leader that you wanna be.
Duck: Gee, Rev, have you ever heard of the phrase, "Who asked you"?
Ace: Ah, we'd better tell Zadavia.
[As if on cue, Zadavia's hologram appears.]
Zadavia: I already know.
Duck: [nervously] Oh, boy.
Zadavia: How did they escape, Duck?
Duck: They were just, uh, kind of, uh, flushed into a hole and just went poof.
Zadavia: You must find them before the situation escalates. [becomes worried] I-I suspect...
Ace: Suspect what, Zadavia?
Zadavia: I must go. I will contact you later.
[Her hologram disappears abruptly, leaving Ace suspicious of what she was going to say, but cut off quickly. The scene changes to Zadavia's home underwater, where we find Zadavia herself, in person, worried about her evil brother, Optimatus coming for her. She is revealed to have green eyes.]
Zadavia: I thought I was safe here. I've run out of time. I fear he's coming for me.

Duck: Fear not! I shall track down those criminim-inals and serve up justice duck style - with a side of melted cheese.

Massive: Alright! Let's party, Loonatics!

Mastermind: Master villains -- 1. Superheroes -- 0.

Ace: Hey, craniac, ever get premonitions? Cause here comes a psychic flash!

Ace: Didn't know it was time for a hare cut!

Sypher: No touching. I know.

Duck: Um... Go fish?

Duck: Hey! Wait up! You're just a sidekick!

Rev: Want a little super speed, dude?!

Duck: Can't a guy recover from an injury? I'd just like to point out that I'm doing all the heavy lifting here!

Ace: That's it? Mastermind's locker combination?
Tech: Yeah! We shared one in college. It's a long story.
Slam: Ewwww!

Sypher: Relax, weather girl. I'm handling it. [gets hit] See?
Weathervane: Never let a boy do a weathergirl's job!

Lexi: I'm having personal space issues!

Duck: Ahem -- first floor: furniture, toys, ladies' undegarments.

Duck: You've still got a little something called my powers to return!

Duck: Whoops!
Optimatus: Well; look what the wormhole just dragged in!

Zadavia: I'm not surprised. After all... He is my brother.
Ace: Oooohhh, brother!
Lexi: Well, every family has it's problems.

Acmegeddon (2) [1.13][edit]

Optimatus: We must use this power to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations... and then, conquer them all!
Lexi: [About Ace's apparent death] He was the best leader. There's nothing left...
Ace: Hey, who you calling nothin'?
Lexi: [Hugs him] Ace! We thought we'd lost you!
Ace: Hey, careful! You'll wrinkle the space suit!
Lexi: [Hits him] You scared us! We thought-
Slam: You go "kaboom"!

Optimatus: How does Zadavia put up with you?
Duck: Well for one thing, I'm very good at parties!

Zadavia: Thank you Loonatics. You saved me, and the galaxy. You are all heroes... My heroes.
Duck: Just for the record, she's talking about me!

Season 2[edit]

Secrets of the Guardian Strike Sword [2.1][edit]

Ophiuchus Sam: That's my train to rob, ya no-good, long-eared varmint!
Ace: Hey, Deuce! Is this how you treat your friends?
Deuce: I have no friends, just victims! [Ace gets up, jumps backwards and kicks a box at him, breaking it while its wood pins him to the door. sarcastically] Very nice. Perhaps you should consider a career as a carpenter where you might have a future. [uses Ace's sword to break himself free with a grunt] Once I awaken my army of robots, I will conquer all who stand in the way of my sword! [The sword fires beams at said robots, activating them with a red glowing eye on each of them. They look at Ace.] I'd like you to meet a few of my associates: the finest army in the universe!
Ace: [backs up and bumps into a robot, sarcastically] Oooh, nice robo-army. [pats one of them] You must save a fortune on uniforms.
Deuce: If you'll excuse me, I have a galaxy to conquer. [turns and leaves] Oh, yeah. [to his army of robots] Rip him to pieces!
[The robots set their sights on Ace and aim their arm cannons at the yellow rabbit, who prepares himself. The robot army then opens fire at him, who dodges their blasts left and right, up and down. He jumps from wall to wall and does backflips to avoid getting hit. The robots then completely surround him, but he jumps up to the ceiling, leaving the blasts to destroy the army of robots while Ace closes the ceiling door. Another explosion occurs from inside. A red-orange glow from the Guardian Strike Sword is seen as Deuce powers it up to conquer the universe. Ace notices him and sees a coupling connecting the cars together. He jumps down and tries to uncouple the cars, then moves to the other side to pull harder on the coupling, but Deuce turns around and notices the yellow Loonatic.]
Deuce: You again? Strike Sword!
[He fires a beam at Ace, pulling him closer to the former Freleng general.]
Ace: [grunts] I never thought that great General Deuce would hide behind a sword!
Deuce: [holds the sword up high] Soon, I will achieve my goal of intergalactic greatness, and reign supreme across the galaxy!
Ace: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, so do the "chicken and the egg" thing. So, what is it? Are you an egg, or a chicken?
[Angered at that insult, Deuce fires another beam at Ace, who's eyes soon glow yellow and blasts his Laser Vision at him, knocking the Guardian Strike Sword off his hands.]
Deuce: Oh, no!
[The sword floats in the air, covered in a red-orange beam as Ace and Deuce battle for it. Deuce lunges at Ace, but he jumps over him and the two kick each other until Ace lands a heavy punch at Deuce knocking him down on his knees. Deuce recovers and kicks Ace, sending him backwards to the front of the engine.]
Deuce: [raises hand up to the sword] Guardian Strike Sword, come to me!
[Ace recovers, gets up and kicks him from behind. The two exchange more blows until Ace punches Deuce again, knocking him flat on his back. The train is heading towards another wormhole. Ace looks up at his stolen sword, then Deuce gets up and tries to land a punch on him, who blocks his punches and kicks him towards a wall. Deuce launches himself at Ace to land a kick on him, but the rabbit jumps up and lands two kicks on him, then headbutts him. Ace jumps up to kick him again, but Deuce grabs him and slams him to an edge of the controls of the engine to pin him down so he gets sucked into the wormhole, which he takes notice of.]
Deuce: It's all over, Ace!
Ace: Can't say it's been a pleasure, Deuce, 'cause it hasn't!
[He kicks him, sending him backwards into another wall and onto the ground. Ace jumps towards the ladder and raises his hand to reclaim his stolen Guardian Strike Sword.]
Zadavia: [voiceover] Great power, come to you when you're ready.
[The sword approaches Ace, who takes it. Deuce looks on.]
Ace: Okay, Guardian Strike Sword, it's showtime!
[He slashes the coupling, uncoupling the engine from the cars of the train with Deuce on the engine.]
[The engine ventures into the wormhole, which disappears as it takes another round through space.]
Ace: Hey, how about that? It works!
[The railing from underneath the cars disappears after the engine went through the wormhole, bringing them to a stop.]
Ace: [looks down] Oh...
[He breaks the fourth wall by looking at the audience nervously, before he and the train fall to the ground and land hard, causing the train to crash and damage the cars while Ace is left unharmed, and he gets up, having retrieved his stolen sword from his archenemy. The scene then changes back to the Loonatics Tower, where Ace is observing his sword.]

A Creep in the Deep [2.2][edit]

[The episode begins under the sea, where we see various sea creatures swimming in the ocean. We then see three whales swimming up to the surface where a cruise ship comes past. Behind the ship, we see the Loonatics in their own boat, piloted by Tech with Rev beside him. Ace and Slam are on the front of the boat, enjoying the view.]
Ace: This is one kickin' boat, Tech!
Tech: With my superior knowledge of aqua dynamics, it was no challenge to build the ultimate watercraft. And with a top up, it'll make 400 knots underwater.
Rev: Why do they call it "knots", anyway? I can make real knots, I can make a slip knot, a double knot, Windsor knot, A half-inch knot, a double-h knot, a forget me knot, a-
Tech: [interrupting, sarcastically] Speaking of knots, that was highly elucidating. Not!
[Rev glares at him in annoyance, then Tech sets the lever upward, increasing the speed of their ship to catch up with the human boat. Meanwhile, on the lower deck, Duck is seen wearing sunglasses and is sitting on the rail, enjoying the ride, while Lexi, on the other hand, well... not so much, as she's feeling very seasick, trying not to throw up.]
Duck: Wow! This is the life. Out at sea, perched on the rail of a ship. After all, I am a waterfowl.
Lexi: [moans in sickness] A foul is the word for it, alright. I've never felt so seasick in my life! [places her right index and middle fingers to keep from vomiting and groans]
Duck: Ha, ha! Buck up, Lexi! You just gotta get your sea legs, like me!
[Suddenly, four dolphins swim up to the Loonatics' ship and the leading one, named Adolpho, whacks it's propellers, head first.]
Duck: [losing balance from the vibrations] Wha-whoa! Duck overboard! [He falls into the water and grabs one of the ledges underwater.] Hey! [He then sees Adolpho coming right towards him!] Mad dolphin!
[He fires a flame beam at Adolpho, but then, a strange orange-blue beam appears within the water from his attack taking control of his arm, causing the boat to go different directions. Tech tries to regain control before their ship crashes into the cruise ship while poor Lexi nearly throws up while covering her mouth.]
Tech: Engines full reverse!
[Rev successfully manages to stop the boat from crashing into the human cruise ship just in time. Duck stops his attack and looks at his flaming hand in confusion. It appears his powers react differently underwater, as what he just fired at Adolpho was an underwater attack called "Aqua Dense".]
Ace: Hey, what's goin' on? What turned the boat?
Lexi: [groans sickly] Ugh, not to mention my stomach.
Rev: [puts his hand on his forehead] Whew! That was close. I haven't been that scared since I went on the jet slalom at the Acmetropolis Waterpark. Of course, at the waterpark we weren't about to plow into a full-sized ocean liner!
[Suddenly, an alarm goes off at the cruise ship as a whirlpool forms around it, sucking it down underwater!]
Tech: [points to the ship, alarmed] It appears we're not their biggest concern!
[He pilots their ship to get away from the whirlpool.]
Lexi: Since when do whirlpools form around ships?
Ace: Since now.
Tech: The centrifugal force of the whirlpool, it's pulling down the ship!
[The ship is now seen tail-first as it continues to be pulled down underwater. Duck Quacks back onboard, looking at his new underwater power.]
Duck: This is new. Hey, guys! Guess what else is cool about-
Ace and Lexi: [in unison, angrily] Duck!
[Both rabbits and Slam glare at him. He then takes notice of the sinking human cruise ship.]
Duck: Did I miss something?
[The ship twists faster in the whirlpool as it continues to be sunk underwater. The Season 2 intro sequence plays. Afterwards, the scene changes to where the ship completely sinks underwater via the whirlpool.]
Tech: We got a signal. The ship's captain is launching life pods. Stand by, guys.
[Rescue life pods pop up from underwater containing all of the ship's passengers.]
Duck: Wow. How many chickadees do you think are in those eggs?
Ace: Don't know, Duck, but it's a good thing we were here. Time to go fishin'.
[The ship's captain climbs onboard the Loonatics' boat, looking traumatized from what just happened.]
Captain: My ship, lost! Because of them!
Ace: "Them" who?
Captain: [horrified] Use your ears, mate! Squeals... [gasps] The squeals! [makes dolphin like squeal noises]
Ace: I think somebody swallowed too much seawater.
Rev: Gee, look at those dolphins! Boy, aren't they cute.
Adolpho: [to the other dolphins, off-screen] That surface slime just brings down the neighborhood.
Lexi: [her ears perk up upon hearing what Adolpho said] What did he say? [looks at the dolphins] I could've sworn...
[The dolphins dive back underwater, out of her sight. She covers her mouth again in sickness, then she walks inside, moaning and groaning miserably. Duck sees Adolpho.]
Duck: Say, I guess you guys are kinda cute. Now, don't be afraid. [He tries to pet him, but he transforms into his true appearance: a red and purple mutant dolphin with red eyes and fanged teeth.] Hey, what? Whoa! Talk about a personality change. Yikes! [Adolpho tries to attack him, but misses as the mallard falls backwards as he yells.] That dolphin's a sea monster, with-with huge fangs and-and shoulder pads or somethin'! [to the others] He'll eat us alive, I tell you! Look, look, look, look! [He tries to show them Adolpho's true appearance, but the villainous dolphin has already changed back to that of a normal dolphin. He squeals and dives back underwater. Ace shakes his head at him while clicking his tongue.] Listen! That thing turned into one mass of ugly!
Ace: Hey, cut the comedy, Duck. We've gotta find out what's goin' on with that freaky whirlpool.
Tech: I think we should pay Zadavia a visit.
Duck: You guys don't believe me, do ya, about that devil fish?
Adolpho: You got a problem, cottontail? [swims up to Ace] I hate cute big names! I want respect, so call me Adolpho. That's the name. Got it? It's payback time. You dirt dwellers ruined our home, messed up our oceans... [dives in the water and gets back at Ace's face] ...not to mention puttin' us in your creepy water park shows.
[He backflips back into the water.]
Ace: [having had enough, angrily] You realize, fish-face, that this means war!
[Adolpho stops laughing as soon as he hears that while Ace's eyes glow yellow as he tries to attack the mad mutant dolphin with his Laser Vision, but Adolpho deflects the attack right back at Ace, zapping him and sending him backwards to a wall!]
Ace: [screams in pain] OWWWWW!!!
Adolpho: You may have some nifty tricks, big-ears, but you gotta play by my rules now! [grabs Ace's ears]
[He laughs evilly as he tugs the yellow Loonatic's ears before slapping him with his tail and dives back into the water.]
Ace: [grunts] Somebody needs a time-out!
Adolpho: C'mon, fellas. We got a world to sink.
[With that, he and the other dolphins leave to sink Acmetropolis. Ace grunts as he tries to break free from the jellyfish's grip, but it proves too much for him as he sighs in exhaustion, frustration and defeat. His yellow triangle then appears on the screen, then the scene changes to his teammates trying to find him in their ship.]
Tech: We need more power!
Duck: How about this! [His eyes glow orange as he prepares his Aqua Dense power and leaps into the air and somersaults.] Aqua Dense!
Lexi: Hey! Watch the suit!
Adolpho: Come on, fellas! We've got a world to sink!
Duck: C'mon, partner! We got a world to save! [looks at Lexi] Ready?
Lexi: [gives a thumbs up] Ready!
Duck: Now, Lex!
Duck: What? You never seen a duck ride a dolphin before?
Adolpho: Hey, that bunny knocked out my signal! [He gets caught in a net by the Loonatics as Duck Quacks away.] This is making me very upset!
Adolpho: Hey, this isn't part of the plan!
Ace: You gotta play by our rules, now!
Adolpho: You listenin' to me, furface?!
Ace: Nuh-uh. But maybe this'll help!
[The team turn off their dolphin translation devices, and Adolpho tries to talk]
Duck: Sorry, I don't speak 'phin!

I am Slamacus [2.3][edit]

Tech: According to this, he's Pierre Le Pew, the head of the illegal "Extreme Ultimate Intergalactic Only One Fighter Comes Out Of It Alive Federation".
Rev: [Gasps] Not the E.U.I.O.O.F.C.O.O.I.A.F.!

Tech: The rumors about those fights are awful. They fight until... Well, until...
Rev: [jumps in] ...the loser kicks the bucket, buys the farm, takes a big dirt nap, meets his maker, cashes in his chips!
Lexi: [worried] You mean, if Slam doesn't win...
Ace: [also worried] He's a goner.
[Both rabbits look at each other in worry for Slam, knowing that he will be killed if he loses. Because of this, the four Loonatics have to head up to the floating wrestling arena to rescue him and Duck before the former dies. The screen fades to black, then fades back into the arena.]

The Heir Up There [2.4][edit]

[The episode begins with a view of the city-planet of Acmetropolis in outer space, with a ship flying towards the planet itself. The scene then changes to inside of Acmetropolis, where we get a glimpse of the Loonatics Tower under a starry night sky. The screen shifts into double-vision mode, where we see the Loonatics fast asleep while the suspicious ship enters Acmetropolis, heading towards their headquarters. Slam eats a chicken leg in his sleep, Tech talks and sucks his thumb in his sleep, and Rev tosses and turns at a fast rate in his sleep. The screen cuts to inside the ship itself, piloted by a cat wearing cyborg body armor named Sylth Vester, descendant of Sylvester.]
Sylth Vester: Firing cat claw bombs! Time for a rude awakening.
[He presses a switch firing missiles at the Loonatics' HQ, where they start attacking the Tower by shooting at the core of the headquarters over a set of anime-styled speed lines. The attack sets off an alarm, waking Ace and everyone else up, except Duck.]
Female Loudspeaker Voice: Warning! Warning! Enemy vessel detected!
[Sylth Vester's missiles continue attacking the Loonatics Tower while Ace and his teammates prepare to counterattack the invaders.]
Ace: Rev, initiate counter defense measures! Lexi, put on your Brain Blast helmet and get ready to fire! Tech, raise the thunder shields! [Tech activates the shields, blocking any further attacks.] Slam, get ready to launch volton rockets! [The Loonatics take their positions as the yellow rabbit puts on his Laser Vison helmet and activates his laser cannon.] Ready to channel laser blasts, now!
[He fires his Laser Vision at one of Sylth Vester's missiles, destroying it. Lexi puts on her Brain Blast helmet and activates her Brain Blast cannon.]
Lexi: Counterattack initiated!
[Her eyes glow pink as she fires her Brain Blast at another missile, destroying that one over another set of anime speed lines. Sylth Vester watches this and growls angrily.]
Sylth Vester: Need more firepower!
[Slam activates his rocket cannon and fires beams at a third missile, destroying it over a third set of anime-style speed lines. The Loonatics continue their counterattack against Sylth Vester's invading forces when Ace notices Duck is not present.]
Ace: Hey, uh, a certain someone seems AWOL. Anyone seen the Duckmeister?
[The scene changes to Duck's room, where Duck himself is still sleeping despite the invasion.]

Family Business [2.5][edit]

[This episode begins at a pizza place called "Pizza Fest", where Toby the Pizza Boy works. His boss, Mr. Bronski, is giving him an ultimatum, threatening to dock his pay if he's late.]
Mr. Bronski: [off-screen, to Toby, reused from "The Comet Cometh"] You got five minutes left to get it there, otherwise, I take it out of your pay.
[With that, Toby takes off.]
Toby: Always with the late deliveries he says.
Lexi: I recognize that face anywhere.
Duck: Yeah. He looks like that lazy slacker who always shows up late with our pizza.
Toby: [to Duck] I know you. You're the one who never tips!
[Tech's green triangle appears on the screen, then the scene changes to the Loonatics Tower.]
Ace: Give us the scoop on this hard hat, Tech.
Tech: [contains the Bio-Tech Parasite inside a small dome] Well, to put it simply, it's an extraterrestrial Bio-Tech Symons Parasite that enables the host with thought control levitation powers.
Duck: To put it simpler, a thingamajig.
Ace: Mmm-hmm. But, pizza guy said he couldn't control his actions.
Tech: That's right. Once the "thingamajig" attached, it took over his free will and acted only on his deepest, darkest desires.
Lexi: [munches on some pizza] And those deep dark desires scored us plenty of free eats for saving pizza guy's boss.
[Slam eats two pizza boxes. Duck looks on in annoyance.]
Duck: At least take them out of the box first!
Tech: [to Ace] He's lucky you blasted it off when you did, or it would've stuck to him permanently until it decided to leave on its own.]
[Just then, Rev appears, zooming in with his eyes glowing red, dusting, polishing and tidying the room for important visitors he invited over.]
Rev: A window there. Anybody else run the dishwasher?!
Lexi: Rev, what's the rush? Dig in.
Rev: [gives Lexi a plate and napkin] Sorry. Can't. No time. Gotta clean up. Gotta get organized. [dusts Ace's chest and brushes Tech's teeth] Gotta make HQ ready for visitors, whom I forgot to mention I invited, and are coming out of town, and they will be here any second. [wipes Slam's chin and dusts Duck's pizza, then he hears the doorbell ring, as if on cue.] Which would be this second! [runs off, dropping the duster onto Duck's pizza. He then greets the visitors at the door, which turns out to be his family. His father is named Ralph Runner, his mother is named Harriet Runner, and his brother is named Rip Runner.] Mom! Pop!
Ralph: There he is! How's that son of mine? It's so good to see you after such a long, long while of not seeing him and now finally seeing him in his new digs.
Duck: AHHH! My brain is melting! There's a whole family of them! I'm checking into a hotel!
Rev: Uh, folks, I think you need to slow down just a little for their sakes, okay?
Duck: That old scrap heap? He's been working on that thing forever.
Ace: No sweat, Rev. Spend some time with the family. If any end of the world crisis comes up, we'll give you a buzz.
[Rev's red triangle appears on the screen, then we go to the Robo Amigo factory in the desert.]

[Rev is tinkering with the Robo Amigo]

Rip Runner: Adults don't need a Robo Amigo. Pa should sell it to kids.
Ralph Runner: [Pats Rip's head] Rip, stop bothering your brother. Can't you see he's doing important work? [Looks to Rev] Now, how's my genius with a wrench doing?

[Robo Amigo comes alive]

Robo: I can make anything fun.
Ralph: Whoa-yeah!

[Robo proceeds to explode]

Rev: [Sigh] Well, still a few bugs technically-wise, but marketing-wise how about we sell him to kids instead of adults?
Ralph: Why th-th-th-th-that's brilliant!
Rip: Hey, what am I? Invisible?

Ralph: It doesn't feel right, him being here. Even if he's a vegetarian.
Rev: Well, he just wants to learn from the best. Right, Tech? [awkward laugh]
Tech: That's right. [sly look] And the best is definitely in the room.

[Rev sweats with a nervous grin]

Ralph: [smug look] Well, I'm glad to see a coyote who knows he's limitations.

[Tech growls]

Duck: Oh, yeah, making toys for rugrats. What are you, a crime fighter or one of Santa's elves?
Rev: I Know its taking Up my Time But Helping The Family Business Is So Important to Pa And I'm a Little too Tall to Be an Elf But I promise I'll Be with You Guys Ready to fight evildoers Anywhere Anytime Anyhow!
Ace: Hey, don't sweat it, Rev.
Slam: Yeah, no biggie.
Rev: I'll Never Forget For Being So Understanding. Even Though I Cannot Promise I'll forgive You Cause You'll Never Know When get Whack On the Head and Forget Everything Even Forgetting about forgetting.
Ace: Yeah, that's a great story, but we oughta get Handsome here in the cell.
[They leave to take the monster to his prison cell. But, just as Rev was about to follow his teammates, he hears crying from the other side. It's coming from a little girl who is being bullied and terrorized by a malfunctioning Robo-Amigo, who is about to take her plush doll's head off, much to her horror and distraught and to Rev's shock. He rushes to her aid.]
[Little does Rev and the girl know, Robo Amigo is being controlled by a Bio-Tech possessed Rip, as part of his revenge plan.]
Rip: I'll bet that concentrating my new powers into Robo Amigo's central processor, I can control all of them at once!
[He laughs evilly. The news about Robo Amigo soon spreads all around Acmetropolis, as well as the Runner residence.]

[Tech walks into his lab, dragging Rev in, who is attached to his leg]

Rev: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please! Don't make me beg!
Tech: [deadpanned] Uh, you are begging.
Rev: Then please make me stop.

Rev: Ah, thanks, Tech. If you weren't a coyote, and a guy, I'd kiss you!
Tech: Then lucky for me, I'm both. [The scene changes back to the Runner residence where the two Loonatics are trying to figure out how to fix Robo Amigo.] Hmm... Sensors, chips and security interface all checks out fine. Maybe the glitch is in the remote.
[He presses the button on the remote, but Robo Amigo comes to life by itself and flies around the two anthros. It then headbutts into Tech, sending him over the cliff.]
Rev: [frantically] Don't let it go over the... [grabs Robo Amigo] ...cliff.
[Too late. Tech falls down the cliff for the third time, with his arms crossed in annoyance. Rev looks on in worry for the coyote and glances at Robo Amigo, but is then relieved to see Tech come back up again by using his rocket boots.]
Tech: I came prepared this time.
Rev: Great, Tech, but what about Robo Amigo? If it's not an internal problem, then what's flipping it out?
Tech: Something external. Robo Amigo's being controlled by someone or something on the outside.
[And he's right. Robo Amigo escapes Rev's grasp and lifts itself up in the air beside the red Loonatic's brother.]
Rip: And that would be me, bro.
Rev: [shocked and horrified at seeing his younger brother possessed by the Bio-Tech Parasite] Rip?! Is that you?
Rip: How does it feel to be a super failure, Rev?
Tech: He can't help himself! He's possessed by the Bio-Tech Parasite! It's making him act out on his deepest, darkest feelings!
Rip: Time to show Pop who's top bird. I've discovered what I'm super at: destroying things! And there's no better way to begin my new career choice than with the biggest target of all: Acmetropolis!
[He takes off into Acmetropolis with Robo Amigo in his possession while he laughs maniacally as Rev and Tech watch in horror. The screen fades to black, then the scene changes back to Acmetropolis itself, where a car is thrown into a building and lands on the ground, damaged as Ace and Lexi leap out of the way.]
Ace: Eh, this can't be good.
Rip: People of Acmetropolis, fear for your lives! [Rev appears.] The Rip is on a tear! [laughs evilly] Ha! I've already got a signature taunt.
Rev: I'm really sorry about everything, but I don't see my family very often and when I do see-
Ace: [interrupts] Hey, it's OK, Rev. We all have family problems sometimes.
Tech: [lands next to his teammates] We've got even bigger problems. When Rip snatched the Parasite, he also took my Molecular Reconstructor.
Lexi: [sarcastically] So, what's he gonna do? Make Robo Amigo "Tiny-Amigo"?
Tech: [off-screen] No, quite the opposite.
[Sure enough, Rip uses Tech's stolen Molecular Reconstructor to enlarge Robo Amigo into "Giant Amigo" and the mega-sized possessed robot lands on the ground while people run away screaming in fear for their lives as they try to escape Rip's Amigo-style reign of terror. Robo Amigo then starts to roam around the city and cause damage to Acmetropolis.]
Robo-Amigo: Come on, people! Let's have some fun!
Rip: Pop says I have no ambition. How's that for thinking big? [laughs evilly]
Robo-Amigo: [wrecks a building] Destroying the city is fun!
Rip: Fleeing, panic, screaming! It's good to finally be noticed!
Robo-Amigo: Come back! Don't you wanna play?

[Rip enlarges another Robo Amigo]

Rip: Double the destruction, double the fun! Haha!
Rev: [Gasps] Oh no! The situation was bad enough with one amigo. Now there are two!
Tech: Okay, that's a challenge.

Rip: Ha! I knew you were too chicken to fight!
Rev: HEY! No one calls a road runner "chicken"!
Rip: Hey! Are you crazy?! What are you doing?!
Rev: Getting my little brother back!

Ralph: Sweet, meep meep! Now, that's what I call a fender-bender.

Cape Duck [2.6][edit]

Dr. Dare: [holds his scepter up with both hands] At last! I'm free!
Duck: Hey, hey! I was quoted out of context.
Lexi: I'll show you out of context!
[She Brain Blasts Duck in the butt.]
Duck: YEOW! Hey! That's no way to treat a national treasure!
Ace: Let's go teach Dr. Dare a little somethin' about the past.
[Slam's purple triangle appears on the screen, then the scene changes to the Loonatics heading to the Museum of Greek History to investigate the scene of the crime.]
Dr. Dare: At last. Get ready, Acmetropolis. I'm back, and this time, my conquest of the surface world will not be denied!
Tech: Time to chase out these rocks!
[Tech uses his one of his inventions to fight the rocks, which turns them all into water.]
[Tech howls]
Dr. Dare: Foiled again! Nooooooo!!!

Tech: All is right with the world.

The Hunter [2.7][edit]

Ace: I have a feeling when we find Massive, we'll find Fudd. [His yellow triangle appears on the screen again.] Let's jet!
[The Loonatics leave their HQ to make Fudd the huntee in order to turn the tables against the hunter. Ace's yellow triangle appears on the screen once again, then the scene changes to the team putting their plan into motion.]
Ace: Once Fudd sees me all alone, he won't be able to resist making his move.
Lexi: Isn't this pretty risky?
Ace: It's the only way to flush him out and get him to lead us where he's holding the others.
[The scene fades into Duck, who's complaining about Ace being the best crime-fighting superhero.]
Duck: World's best crime-fighter my eye. [crosses arms] I don't remember voting on that. If you're a rabbit, everyone's kissing your fluffy white. [wags his tail feathers] But, if you're a duck, the boot to the keyster, and a trip to the Chinese jelly where you hang upside down in a golden glass cage. [lands on his head] It's all so despicable.
Electro J. Fudd: [aiming at Duck] Fire! [He fires a net at Duck, trapping him to where he can't Quack himself out of the net.] I gotcha!
Duck: Hey!

It Came From Outer Space [2.8][edit]

Tech: My Molecular Reconstructor is a cutting edge scientific tool, not a fast food maker.

Apocalypso [2.9][edit]

[Ace is talking to Tech via monitor]
Ace: Now, you sure you're okay staying behind?
Tech: Yeah, I can work on some of my side projects. And, it will be the first time I'll be totally in charge.
Rev: [appears on screen] What are you talking about being totally in charge? I'm thinking this is the first time I'd be totally in charge and you could be second in charge, which has no real purpose except to attend mall openings, check the locks at closing time... Ah!
Duck: Yeah, with your hearing, it could be a dog scratching its butt about a thousand miles away. [Angered at that insult, Lexi Brain Blasts him in the butt.] Yeow! Aww! What did I say?
[Tech tackles Rev and they start fighting]
Ace: Eh, sounds great. Your first job is to figure out who's in charge.

[After Duck falls backwards after running into construction equipment]

Ace: What's that?
Duck: If it's round, and rolling around, it's probably my head.
Duck: No problem. When it comes to suckin' water, there's no one who sucks like me! [His eyes glow orange as he somersaults and dives into the water.] Aqua Dense!

In the Pinkster [2.10][edit]

Pinkster Pig: This ain't over, folks!

The Music Villain [2.11][edit]

Planet Blanc: The Fall of Blanc (Part 1) [2.12][edit]

Ace: Time to armor up, crime fighters. Evil waits for no one. [Next scene, we find him and his teammates in their Nano-Bionic Armor Exosuits, which have been recolored once again, for the second time. The color has been changed from red to black, just like their normal uniforms.] Zadavia, with Tech and Rev back at HQ, you'd better hang here and monitor the communications.
Tech: [to Ace through his communicator] Ace! Ace! Come in!
Ace: [through communicator] What's up, Tech?
Tech: I'm afraid we've got big trouble!

Planet Blanc: In Search of Tweetums (Part 2) [2.13][edit]

Deuce: Universal Portal, I command you to open! NOW!!! [voice echoes]
[The Universal Portal opens up from his command using the scepter. He runs inside and uses the scepter to activate the portal. Ace flies towards him with his Guardian Strike Sword in his hand, preparing for battle.]
Ace: Guardian Strike Sword, attack! [Deuce turns to see him coming to confront him for the final showdown, and takes out his own sword and backs up to prepare for combat.] You wouldn't wanna leave before we had a chance to say "goodbye". [walks up towards him]
Deuce: No. It's I who will be saying "goodbye" to you, rabbit, permanently!
[With a battle shout, he jumps forward at Ace and the two engage in a swordfight. The portal rotates as a green energy beam emerges from inside. Ace and Deuce swing their swords at each other and dodge by jumping out of one's way. They then clash their swords at the same time as a cyan lightning energy bolt comes from both their swords. An orange energy beam is seen from the portal as well.]
Ace: I see ya still have the ol' moves workin' for ya! [continues clashing against Deuce]
Deuce: And a few new ones that you haven't seen! [punches Ace, sending him backwards. He looks at the portal control, then gets up.] Once I assemble a new army, I'll be back!
Ace: [smirks] Heh, I don't think so! Looks like you bought yourself a one-way ticket! [He clashes his sword at Deuce one more time, then fires his Laser Vision at him, sending him inside the portal. He then runs towards the controls to send General Deuce packing, once and for all.] Deuce, I've got you right where I want you. You are banished from Planet Blanc, forever! [His sword powers up.] I call upon my Guardian Strike Sword, NOW!!! [voice echoes]
[He slams his sword down, and the portal opens up, to Deuce's horror. Orange energy beams emerge, banishing Deuce from Blanc once and for all!]
Deuce: No! No!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
[The energy from the Guardian Strike Sword causes an all-out orange wave all around Blanc, finishing off Deuce's robot army and destroying all of his robots. The orange energy from the portal powers down, leaving a bunch of wreckage of Deuce's robot army following his defeat at Ace's hands, and the other Loonatics covered in battle dust.]
Duck: Not bad for a day's work. Taking out the trash is my favorite chore. [Optimatus lands next to him.] Oh, and looks like I missed one bag of crud!
Zadavia: No, Duck! Optimatus has changed. It was the thrust for unlimited power that corrupted him. Now he must learn to use his powers to be a better leader.

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