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Looney Tunes Cartoons is an American animated streaming television series developed by Peter Browngardt and produced by Warner Bros. Animation, based on the characters from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. The series made its worldwide debut at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 10, 2019, and premiered on HBO Max on May 27, 2020.

Season 1[edit]

Curse of the Monkeybird / Deflating Planet / Harm Wrestling [1.01][edit]

Daffy Duck: You have to suck up the poison!

Bugs Bunny: Eh, confidentially Folks, this ain't my first rodeo! [holds up a certificate]

Big League Beast / Mini Elmer / Firehouse Frenzy [1.02][edit]

Boo! Appetweet / Plunger / Bubble Dum [1.03][edit]

Daffy: Ooh. Street gum. My Favorite fruit.

Pain in the Ice / Tunnel Vision / Pool Bunny [1.04][edit]

Granny: [to Tweety] Have fun, Tweety!
Tweety: [breaking the forth wall] I always have fun when Gwanny's not awound. [eyebrow waggle]

Tweety: [as he watches Sylvester get attack by the polar bear] Bye-bye, puddy! It was ice knowing ya!

Bugs Bunny: I'm sure this nice homeowner won’t mind sharing his pool with the local wildlife.
Elmer Fudd: If there's one thing I have zero tolerance for, it's shawing my pool with the wocal wildwife!

Bugs Bunny: Of course, you realize, this means... You know.

Bugs Bunny: Hey, 4.3! Not bad.

Pest Coaster / Rhino ya Don't! [1.05][edit]

Bugs Bunny: Hello, Democratic Republic of Congo? Maybe I should've turned right at Luxembourg. Say, what kind of place is this anyway. [A brochure hits him] Amusement Park, third or fourth happiest place on earth. Give or take. Hey, a rabbit could get used to a place like this. Especially, since I tunneled right past the admission booth.

Yosemite Sam: I despise me some animals, but I would never hurt an innocent little baby. I'll even prove it to you!

Bugs Bunny: That's what you get for messing with my baby! Ain't that right, junior. [as it turns out, the baby was a pull-string toy]
Baby Toy: [giggles] I want candy!
Bugs Bunny: Oh. They grow up so fast!

Buzzard School / Giant Alien Mouth / Wet Cement [1.06][edit]

Bugs Bunny: So tell me, Doc, when you find this, uh, rabbit, what are you gonna do with it?
Beaky Buzzard: Naw, naw, no, I can't say it. No, no, nope.
Bugs Bunny: Ah, come on! Tell me.
Beaky Buzzard: Naw, naw, naw, it's too gruesome. Too gruesome. No, no, no.
Bugs Bunny: I'm genuinely curious. Please!
Beaky Buzzard: Well, uh, I shouldn't tell you but if I could, I'd say... [shouts to bugs] I'M GONNA CATCH HIM AND MAUL HIM AND BEAT HIM AND SKIN HIM AND GRIND HIM UP AND MAKE HIM INTO RABBIT MEATBALLS! But I'm not gonna tell ya. Oh, no, no, no Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Bugs Bunny: Uh, listen, Doc, I don't mean to toot my own horn but, uh, I'm an expert at catching rabbits.

[Beaky follows Bugs to the train tracks near the tunnel]
Bugs Bunny: Now, do you see any tracks?
Beaky Buzzard: [excitedly] Oh, uh, uh, I found 'em. I found tracks. Yup, yup, I found them.
Bugs Bunny: Good job, kiddo. Now, follow them and you'll find that rabbit.

[Beaky] I hear something.

[Bugs] What's it sound like?

[Beaky] Well, it kind of sounds like a tra--

[train tooting and hits beaky but he starts to crawl outside of the tunnel]

Beaky Buzzard: [groggy] Whoa, wait a minute. I don't think that was a rabbit at all. [realizes the train tracks] I think that was a TRAIN! WERE YOU TRYING TO TRICK ME?!
Bugs Bunny: Trick ya? Nah. Nah. I wasn't trying to trick ya! I was uh, "training" ya!
Beaky Buzzard: Oh, really? Makes perfect sense to me.

Bugs Bunny: [after the dynamite blows up] Oh. They blow up so fast! [cries a little] Oh well. Class dismissed!

Daffy Duck: I am one stuck Duck!

Siberian Sam / Fishing Pole / Fleece & Desist / Mirror/Split Screen Marvin [1.07][edit]

Grilled Rabbit / Cactus if you Can / Shower Shuffle [1.08][edit]


Overdue Duck / Bees / Vincent van Fudd [1.09][edit]

Porky Pig: [frustrated after Daffy breaks a drum over his head] Tha-th-th-tha- [shouts with fury] THAT'S IT!!!

Hare Restoration / TNT Trouble / Plumber's Quack [1.10][edit]

Bugs Bunny's 24-Carrot Holiday Special [1.11][edit]

Bugs Bunny: [hacking coughs] Sorry! Allergies are acting up! Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays!

Daffucino / Moving Hole / Kitty Livin [1.12][edit]

Chain Gang(sters) / Sylvester Car Jack Lift / Falling for It! [1.13][edit]

Bugs Bunny: The rocket fuel really brings out the flavor.

Mugsy: [with multiple eyes] Dah, I don't feel so good, boss.
Rocky: [smacks Mugsy with a tentacled arm] SHADDUP!

Daffy Duck: [as he and Porky are falling down to their demise after finding out that they have no parachutes in their packs] Hey, wait a minute! What are we so worried about? After all, we're cats and cats always land on their feet. Not to mention their nine lives.
Porky Pig: W-we're not cats!
Daffy Duck: Says who?
Porky Pig: D-D-Daffy Duck, P-P-Porky Pig! IT'S IN OUR NAMES!!

Porky Pig: [pops out of the drum, mimicking the original 1930s to 1940s ending, looking the worse for wear from that plane crash, coughing, choked with smoke] T-T-T-T-That's All Folks!

Taziator / Little Martian / Climate Control [1.14][edit]

Lepreconned / Flag Won’t Stay Straight / Brave New Home [1.15][edit]

The Case of Porky’s Pants / Fully Vetted [1.16][edit]

Tweety: Oh, there you are, puddy tat. Did they fix you up weal good?
Sylvester: [last words before he commits suicide; in a high-pitched voice] Yeah. They fixed me, alright…

Erabbitcator / Planet Split in 2 / Salesduck [1.17][edit]

Pitcher Porky / Cherry Picker / Duck Duck Boom! [1.18][edit]

Postalgeist / Anvil / Fudds Bunny [1.19][edit]

Shoe Shine-nanigans / Multiply and Conquer / Parky Pig [1.20][edit]

Elmer Fudd: [snaps his fingers at Daffy] Hey, shoeshine boy!
Daffy Duck: Oh. A wealthy patron. Did your spaz spit shine, sir?
Elmer Fudd: No. I need my hair cut. Of course I need my shoeshined, You wucking class woser! I need my woafers prim and pwoper fast!
Daffy Duck: Well. You’ve come to the right place, my good man!

Elmer Fudd: 25 cents. That’s highway wobbery! [checks his pockets, but has no coins] Oh dear! I must’ve left my wallet in my other twousers. Oh well. I guess the best thing to walk off-wy. [laughs as he walks away, but, gets run over by a bus, losing his shoes in the process]
Daffy Duck: Yeesh! I guess that’s what you get for being sole-less.

Shell Shocked / The Daffy Dentist [1.21][edit]

Puma Problems / Bowling Ball / Duplicate Daffy [1.22][edit]

Key-Tastrophe / Hammer the Rabbit Hole / A Devil Of A Drink [1.23][edit]

Weaselin’ In / Time Out [1.24][edit]

Bounty Bunny / Underwear / Vender Bender [1.25][edit]

Daffy Duck: Ooh! Gorp! [eats Gorp, then walks off]

Mallard Practice / Mouse / Born To Be Wile E. [1.26][edit]

Raging Granny / Famous / Spare Me! [1.27][edit]

Marv Attacks! / A Wolf in Cheap Clothing [1.28][edit]

Marvin: There we are! [noticed Bugs in the green unbreathable bubble] Hmm. This must be the last of the earthlings. [snaps his fingers which pops the bubbles.]
Bugs: [coughs, trying to regain his breath] What’s up, doc?
Marvin: Earth has been conquered by Mars, which means I rule this planet now and all surviving earthlings are now my lifelong servants. That includes you!
Bugs: Me?! Lifelong servant?! Now, wait just a minute, doc.
Marvin: You will perform my every bidding or be destroyed.
Bugs: Now, now, Now! You mean, to tell me you’re gonna make me put up more of all this Martian signage.
Marvin: Yes! If I so see fit.
Bugs: You’re gonna have me run all your Martian errands.
Marvin: That’s right!
Bugs: Ooh. You’re gonna make me clean that filthy ray gun of yours?
Marvin: Yes! And I’ll have you do so right now!
Bugs: Okay. Okay. I got this! A quick polish oughta do the trick. [proceeds to clean the ray gun, while unknowningly zapping and injuring Marvin] My heavens! When’s the last time you cleaned this thing? Geez! There must be ten layers of space dust caked on.
Marvin: [dizzy] Okay. I think you got it!
Bugs: Hmm. Ya think so, but, no. There’s still some crud on the liquefy switch.
Marvin: Wait. Don’t touch that! [gets zapped and gets liquified]
Bugs: There we go! Good as new!

High Speed Hare / Rattle Snake / Nutty Devil [1.29][edit]

Bugs Bunny: [this cartoon was inspired by Falling Hare.] Hmm. Says here that these self-driving cars are completely flawless, except they attract Gremlins. Gremlins love to damage, smash, wreck and generally mutilate auto-mo-bil-es of a futuristic nature. [laughs] Gremlins! What a load of baloney! What a bunch of horse eggs! [to the Gremlin] Can you believe that, guy. [he and the Gremlin laugh] I’d tell ya, people would believe in all kinds of turky trash!

Pigture Perfect / Grappling Hook / Swoop de Doo [1.30][edit]

Petunia Pig: [falls from a telephone wire and lands on a branch just above a sharp rake] It could have been worse! [gets catapulted straight back up into the sky] You'll never see a rainbow if you're looking down!
[Petunia snaps the telephone wire and gets electrocuted and falls back down, hits the same branch, which now brakes and drops her on the rake]

A Pane to Wash / High Wire / Saddle Sore [1.31][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Red, White and Bruised / Rabbit / Jet Porkpelled[edit]

Mummy Dummy / Shrinking Telephone Pole / In The Road Again[edit]

Emotional Support Duck / Tennis / Adopt Me[edit]

Rage Rover / To Hive and to Hold / Battle Stations[edit]

Bugs Bunny: Ain't I a stinker?

Bone Head / Relax[edit]

Rotund Rabbit / Hog Wash[edit]

Daffy: Ooh. PG-13.

Nip and Duck / Circular Fan / Asphalt Battery[edit]

Battle of the Bunk / Pull the Carpet / Hot Air Buffoon[edit]

Basket Bugs / A Skate of Confusion[edit]

Mt. Neverest / Zip Line / Fast and Steady[edit]

Looney Tunes Cartoons Back to School Special[edit]

Bugs Bunny: [after the dynamite blows up] Oh. They blow up so fast! [cries a little] Oh well. Class dismissed!

Season 3[edit]

Sam-Merica / Door Spin / BBQ Bandit[edit]

Bugs: What a Christopher Colum-Bust! [laughs]

Happy Birdy to You / New Love / Spring Forward, Fall Flat[edit]

Frame the Feline / Boating License / Unlucky Strikes[edit]

Cro-Mag Numb Skulls / Trophy Hunter[edit]

Bathy Daffy / Bullseye Painting / Rabbit Sandwich Maker / Window[edit]

Pardon The Garden / Flat on the Door / Downward Duck[edit]

Wolf Girl: My tulips are trashed, my roses are ruined, my daffodils are designated!

Lesson Plan 9 from Outer Space / Baboon / Portal Kombat[edit]

Bugs Bunny: Well. I guess that what happens when you space out during class! [laughs].

Virtual Mortality / Lions / Miner Threat[edit]

Fowl Ploy / Sword Loser[edit]

Bugs Bunny: I thought being king was supposed to be easy. What a load of monarchy! [laughs].

Season 4[edit]

Ring Master Disaster / Eyeball / The Pain Event[edit]

Drum Schtick! / Frisbee / Beast A-Birdin'[edit]

Blunder Arrest / Airplane Stairs / Cymbal Minded[edit]

Hook, Line and Stinker! / Everything Pops / Don't Treadmill on Me[edit]

Stained by Me / Pilgwim's Pwogwess[edit]

Hide Out Hare / An Ordinary Mop[edit]

Booby Prize / Pea Shooter / Porky's Head[edit]

Grand Canyon Canary / Lions / Hole in Dumb[edit]

Funeral for A Fudd / Live Goat[edit]

Practical Jerk! / Bottoms Up[edit]

Daffy Duck: It’s April 1st, the day of the fools. Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
Porky Pig: Haha. Really funny, Daffy.

Daffy Duck: Actually, you’re 3 hours late for work!

Season 5[edit]

Looney Tunes Cartoons Valentine's Extwavaganza![edit]

Bugs Bunny's Howl-O-Skreem Spooktacula[edit]

Skyscraper Scrap / Balloon Salesman: Feeling Down / The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea[edit]

Crumb and Get It / Hole Gags 2: Mini Bugs / Construction Obstruction[edit]

Yosemite Samurai / Hole Gags 2: Bees Nest / Dummies in the Dark[edit]

Pain Rent / Nest Effort[edit]

Elmer Fudd: Hey, you vagwant duck! I told you, you can't wive there!
Daffy Duck: And I'm not. I'm renting it out to other ducks. Sorry about this guy, Frank. Great property, terrible neighbors.
Frank: Terrible neighbors, huh? [reveals his muscular appearance] I can't live next to terrible neighbors! [strikes Elmer through his roof with his fist] Now, give me back my security deposit! [Daffy hands him back his security deposit]

Feathers of the Bride / Daffy Magician: Pick a Card / Bugs Hole Gags 2: Rattlesnakes[edit]

Poolsode Pest / Put Out the Cat: Inside Out / Bulls-eye Bunny[edit]

Audo Birdy Shop / Daffy Traffic Cop Stop: Phone Booth / Eyes Wide Fudd[edit]

Livin' the Daydream / Duck Hunting Gag: Holograms / Fake It 'Til You Bake It[edit]

Funny Book Bunny / Balloon Salesman: All the Balloons / Kitty Krashers[edit]

Season 6[edit]

Birthday Grifts / Daffy Magician: Vintage Porky / Tub-o-War[edit]

Oregon Fail / Duck Hunting Gag: Duck Call / Life's a Beach[edit]

Pearl of My Dreams / Bugs Hole Gags 2: Down the Drain / Mech-A-Mess[edit]

Boarding Games / Put the Cat Out: Paintings / Winter Hungerland[edit]

Tweet Suite / Daffy Magician: Cut in Half / Desert Menu[edit]

Abducted Bunny / Daffy Psychic: A New Job / Duck Hunting Gag: Decoy / Daffy Magic[edit]

Feline Lucky / Prickly Pair[edit]

Wrong with the Wind / Daffy Magician: Pigs Feet / Moody at the Movies[edit]

Boardwalk Bunny / Duck Hunting Gag: Crossbow / Cat Fished[edit]


High Hopes[edit]

Sylvester: Sometimes, you just have to throw in the towel.

Hole Lotta Trouble[edit]

Bugs Bunny: Now, that's what I call a bear bottom.

Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny![edit]

Daffy Duck: Happy Birthday chump! Woo hoo!
Bugs Bunny: [as Elmer presented him with a birthday cake, unaware that it has sticks of dynamite] Aww. For me, doc? You shouldn't have! [blows the birthday cake on Elmer and the dynamite blows up in his face] Really. He shouldn't have. [ Bugs Bunny puts out the lit candle with his fingers as the short iris out]

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