Tweety's High-Flying Adventure

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Tweety's High-Flying Adventure is a 2000 direct-to-video animated musical comedy film starring Tweety and Sylvester in an updated spoof of Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days.

Directed by Karl Torege, Charles Visser, James T. Walker and Kyung Won Lim. Produced by Tom Minton and James T. Walker. Written by Tom Minton, Tim Cahill and Julie McNally-Cahill.
You're in for a TWEMENDOUS ride as TWEETY takes off in his VERY FIRST MOVIE!


  • First, you gotta catch me, puddy!
  • [after Sylvester gets crushed by a giant globe] Some globe-trotter he is.
  • [Yawns] I think this is a good time for me to take a little cat-nap.
  • [about Sylvester's breath] You've heard of the Winking Tunnel? Well, that's the Stinking Tunnel.
  • Guess they never heard of the saying: "Birds of a feather flock together."
  • [after being hit by Aoogah's "horn scream"] Never underestimate a small package.
  • Oh my gosh? Aoogah's gone.
  • Enough of this "backwards" business! Let's show the jet stream who's boss.
  • [to Sylvester] So long, Puddy! See you in London!


  • What a Mess! NOBODY swipes MY canary croissant, mademoiselle!
  • Hey, it's Extreme Sports, not Extreme Peril!
  • Hey, Bright Eyes, step on it! My lunch- I mean, our lunch is getting away!
  • Got you this time, you little... [gets hit by a cab]
  • [Tweety in the truck] Why, cut it out! That tickles!


Tweety: Excuse me, Mr. Mountain Climber, I could use a hand.
Daffy Duck: [to Tweety] A hand! I could use my own movie, you little canary!
Tweety: Uh, that's beyond my control. Some assistance, please?

Tweety: Thanks. You're a couple of crown jewels.
Bugs Bunny: Hey, it's a living.
[Tweety flies away]
Daffy Duck: Showoff.

Sylvester: Listen, I know how it looks, but you've got it all wrong. I'm not a skunk!
Pepé Le Pew: Love can never be wrong. [kisses him]

Henery Hawk: We've set the odds at 20 to 1 in Tweety's favour.
[A reply comes through on his phone]
Henery Hawk: Come on, bet some bird seed! What's going on! Don't be chicken!
Prissy: MY GOODNESS! Haven't we come far enough to stop using that horrid term?!
Foghorn Leghorn: Keep your shirt on, Prissy. He's just, I say just stirring the wagering pot. Looks like a fun filling friends into Venetian territory, oh, Venice, Italy that is.

Tweety: Don't go in there. It's scary. [The red lion jumps back in fright. Breaking the forth wall] Lucky for me, that lion swallowed the local counsel. [Tweety opens his passport to reveal an African stamp. The lion bends down and roars at Tweety. Tweety giggles and then runs away. The lion chases him into a tree, before getting hit by two coconuts. Pete Puma shows up, laughing out loud]
Pete Puma: And you call yourself the King of the Forest! Sheesh.
[Tweety grabs a coconut at the top of the tree]
Tweety: Target in sight. Bombs away. [throws the coconut onto Pete's head] Direct hit. Uh-oh. [The lions climb the tree] Uh-oh again.
[The lions reach the top, and Tweety finds himself caught between them. They lunge towards Tweety, but are caught by another bird, and thrown to the ground. Tweety flies back down to them and uses his royal passport to collect their pawprints]
Tweety: Guess they never heard of the saying "Birds of a feather flock together." [laughs]

Mugsy: Uh, but I see you. [muffled]

Tweety: Puddy can fly about as well as he can swim.
Sylvester: Oh no. Not the water again!

Yosemite Sam: Next stop, Union Square. [Sylvester hijacks the trolley] Hey! What the- [Sylvester releases the brake and drives the trolley at full speed]

Yosemite Sam: SLOW UP, YOU DANG CAT! I think we're back on Market Street! [reads a nearby sign] "Welcome to Alcatraz"? That's a closed-up hoosegow, built on an island!
[Yosemite Sam starts chasing Sylvester and whacking him with his hat]

Tweety: Aoogah, if you were a hot dog, what kind of hot-dog would you be?
Sylvester: [takes off his mascot mask, and grabs Aoogah with a mustard squirter] A plump, tasty, juicy one, with lots of mustard!
[Tweety snatches Aoogah back and they fly away. Sylvester, in his anger, squirts mustard at another man, whose jacket gets thrown off, revealing him to be Marvin the Martian in disguise and on stilts. Marvin fires a weapon at Sylvester, then accidentally fires it on himself, only for both of them to get covered in more mustard]
Marvin the Martian: Oh, drat! You sabotaged my Manhattan Destruction Weapon with an inferior grade of Earth condiment! [walks away on the stilts]
Sylvester: Another dissatisfied customer.
[The condiments fall on him]
Sylvester: Hold the onions.
Sylvester: Alfred buff pup, I need your help.
Alfred Buff Pup: Ah, yes! A surprise visit from a cat who wants to eat a bird that is about to be hail to be king. Who was the one that helped you when you got chased by dogs? Why, it was Alfred buff pup. Who is the one that gave you a place to stay after you weren't allowed into one of the royal rooms? Why, it was Alfred buff pup. Who was the one that saved you when a big mean looking bird tried to eat you as a peanut? Well well well, it was old Alfred buff pup. I'm too lazy to help you any further, I'm already busy.
Sylvester: Hmph! I have to do everything myself! [Grabs Alfred and is bitten in his tail] Oooh! My Butt!' Hey! Ay! Yolks on me! Yarggh! Blah! Worse the That Tweety line! Okay, I'll help you!
Alfred Buff Pup: Great. Down Dumb Dog.

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