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Bedevilled Rabbit is a 1957 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies short directed by Robert McKimson. The short was released on April 13, 1957, and stars Bugs Bunny. In this cartoon, Bugs is lost in Tasmania, and has to deal with the Tasmanian Devil.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • [reading about the Tasmanian Devil] Eats aardvarks, ants, bears, boars, cats, bats, dogs, hogs, elephants, antelopes, pheasants, ferrets, giraffes, gazelles — a likely story but there ain't no such animal.
  • Sheesh. What a grouch!
  • Put me down! I'm not a rabbit, I'm a monkey. And monkeys are definitely not on your menu! [chatters]
  • Tag! You're it, Baggy Eyes!


Bugs Bunny: [after a crocodile wraps himself up like a bag] What's up, croc? Who are you hiding from?
Crocodile: The Tasmanian Devil's on the loose! Run, run, run for your lives! Run!

[Bugs runs off as the Tasmanian Devil chases after him. Eventually...]
Bugs: Hey, Baggy Eyes!
[The tree falls on Taz.]
Bugs: Hmm. I wonder what Tasmanian Devil little thin pancakes would taste like. Oh, well. I guess I'll never know. [gets grabbed by the Tasmanian Devil]

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