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Bugsy and Mugsy is a 1957 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. The short was released on August 31, 1957, and stars Bugs Bunny, with Rocky and Mugsy. Bugs discovers that two robbers are hiding out on the floor above him, and plays them off against each other.


Rocky: Well, looks like we gave 'em the slip, Mugsy.
Mugsy: Yeah, Rocky, we sure did. I wish I was smart like you, boss.
Rocky: Turn it on the radio.
Mugsy: Okay, boss.
[He turns the radio on, but it's a news bulletin about their latest robbery and escape from the police.]
Man on Radio: The police believe the robbery is the work of the notorious Rocky and his pal, Mugsy. They were last seen on...
Rocky: Turn it off the radio.
[Mugsy turns the radio off.]
Mugsy: [Rocky and Mugsy have pulled off a robbery] Gee! Some haul!
Rocky: Yeah. All 14 karat.
Bugs Bunny: [from the hole in the floor] Carrots? Carrots? Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Where? Who? When?
Rocky: Hey, Mugsy, we better get some shut-eye if'n we're gonna pull that job tomorrow.
Mugsy: Okay, boss.
Bugs Bunny: Why, those dirty crooks! Someone oughta teach 'em that crime doesn't pay, and it looks like that someone's gonna be me.
[Next scene, while Rocky and Mugsy are asleep, Bugs puts his plan into motion by taking an old-fashioned telephone and placing one end next to Rocky's ear and keeping the other end in his hole. He dials up Rocky while using a disguised voice.]
Bugs Bunny: Hello. Callin' Rocky. [voice on speaker, off-screen, to Rocky] Hello? Rocky? Am I gettin' through to ya, Rocky? [Rocky's cigar perks up.] They're sayin' ya trust your pal Mugsy with that suitcase of jewelry. [chuckles] Don't make me laugh. [Rocky wakes up and looks around for the source of that voice. Seeing nothing, he shrugs with a smile and goes back asleep. Bugs then slips the phone end back next to the gangster's ear again.] Look at Mugsy layin' over there, pretendin' he's asleep. And all the time, he's thinkin', gettin' ideas.
[Rocky wakes up with a jolt and looks at Mugsy. Not realizing that Bugs is tricking him, he marches over to his sidekick and slaps him across the face.]
Rocky: That'll teach yas to git idears.
Mugsy: But, boss, you know I don't get any idears.
Rocky: Well, see that ya don't.
[He walks back to his chair, leaving Mugsy confused as he looks at the audience. Next scene, while the robbers are trying to sleep in peace, Bugs pops out of his hole with an axe and sneaks over to Mugsy and slips the axe into his right hand, before sneaking back to his hole and slipping the phone end next to Rocky's ear for the third time.]
Bugs Bunny: [on speaker] Listen, Rocky. You're not gonna be fooled by that smooth talk, are ya? They don't call him the "Detroit Butcher" for nothin'. He's probably waitin' for ya to fall asleep, and then, [loudly] KER-RICCKKK!
[Rocky wakes up again and is startled at seeing Mugsy holding the axe. Being fooled by Bugs again, he darts over to Mugsy and seizes the axe and slices part of the couch while missing Mugsy as he dodges that attack.]
Rocky: Yer doity scheme didn't woik, did it?
[Mugsy looks at the audience in more confusion as his hat was also sliced, in half. His hat then falls off his head, revealing his blonde hair.]
Mugsy: That Rocky. [laughing nervously] A million laughs.
Rocky: Now git in the other room. NOW, GO TA SLEEP!
Rocky: I don't know how yas done it, BUT I KNOW YAS DONE IT!!!
[He beats up Mugsy again, then leaves and shuts the door.]
Rocky: Mugsy, get off those skates!
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