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Cool Cat is a 1967 animated cartoon that introduced its title character Cool Cat. It marked a major change of direction for the then recently reformed Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Animation, as the first cartoon in a long time to introduce a major new character (virtually every Looney Tunes cartoon made in the previous three years had been ones featuring Daffy Duck versus Speedy Gonzales, or Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, the latter were gone in 1966), who would go on to be the studio's most prolific character between then and the studio's final shutdown in 1969.

It was also the first cartoon to feature the redesigned opening and closing titles with the "W7" logo, and a new version of the opening theme.

Colonel Rimfire[edit]

  • I tawt I taw a puddy tat! A tiger-type puddy tat!
  • Call this big game hunting? I do not! I haven't shot a single thing since I've been in this jungle. And I was so hoping to shoot something nice...


Cool Cat: Now, the first thing we gotta do is find you some food. Food is very important, especially when you're hungry. Now, what kind of chow do you prefer?
Colonel Rimfire: How about an exploding pineapple? [lobs a grenade at Cool Cat]

Voice cast[edit]

  • Larry Storch as Cool Cat / Colonel Rimfire.
  • The Clinger Sisters as Vocal. (as The Clingers)

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