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False Hare is a 1964 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes animated short starring Bugs Bunny and the Big Bad Wolf (with a special cameo appearance by Foghorn Leghorn). Released on July 18, 1964.

This cartoon was the last production completed by the original Warner Bros. Cartoons studio, and is also the last to feature the "target" opening and closing title cards, and the long-familiar version of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" theme. This short was the last Bugs Bunny cartoon released during the Golden Age of American animation. The next theatrical Bugs Bunny short, Box-Office Bunny, would be released in 1991, 27 years later.

Directed by Robert McKimson. Produced by David H. DePatie. Story by John Dunn.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • [last line of the final cartoon] I wonder which one will chicken out first.


[last lines of the final cartoon. after a dynamite filled tree falls on the Big Bad Wolf, he changes his disguise from a rabbit to a chicken]
Big Bad Wolf: I wonder if anyone would like to join a chicken club.
[Foghorn Leghorn suddenly appears & says his cameo line]
Foghorn Leghorn: Somebo... I say somebody mention my name? I have.
Bugs Bunny: [last line of the final cartoon; to the Big Bad Wolf's nephew] I wonder which one will chicken out first.
[The Big Bad Wolf's nephew giggles, or laughs lightly at Bugs Bunny's remark. then the closing credits' music begins as the last Bugs Bunny cartoon, for approximately 27 years, concludes]

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