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The title card sequence in the actual print.
Video in the 2020 restored version for the short.

Fox Pop is an American traditional animated short film part of the Merrie Melodies series directed by Chuck Jones, written by Tedd Pierce, and produced by Leon Schlesinger for his production company (later known as Warner Bros. Cartoons from 1944 until 1969). This was originally released in theatres by Warner Bros. Pictures on September 5, 1942, and later released as the Blue Ribbon reissue on September 28, 1946.


  • Silver schmilver! As long as you're a fox!


A grey fox (left) and a young (silver-painted) red fox (right) meet in the cell.
Grey Fox: Bud, we're bustin' outta here tonight, see? Nine o'clock. You with us, ain't ya?
[the camera swiftly pans right to a young (silver-painted) red fox]
(Silver-painted) Fox: Gettin' outta here? Outta here? Oh n-n-no, I just got in here. [chuckles] I'm practically sold already. Yeah, to Mrs. Van Dough. H-he said so.
[the camera swiftly pans left to a grey fox]
Grey Fox: Say, are you nuts? Now listen, bud, they're all goin' out, see? And you with us, or... [slits the neck with his finger]
[the camera swiftly pans right again]
(Silver-painted) Fox: Huh... [clumsy slits the neck with his finger]
[the camera swiftly pans left again, then a grey fox slits the neck harder with his finger, and it swiftly pans right again]
(Silver-painted) Fox: Oh well... [slits the neck with his finger] Well, I-I'd like to go with you sure. I wanna go with you, but... t-the door is locked. Yeah, I can't get off. No key.
[the camera swiftly pans left again]
Grey Fox: No key? [chomps on his nail file harder to make a key] Nine o'clock call.

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