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Injun Trouble is a 1969 animated cartoon short in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Robert McKimson and featuring Cool Cat. It is noted for being the final cartoon in the original Merrie Melodies series, ending a run which had lasted since 1931. Also, this was the 1000th cartoon short released by Warner Bros.


[The last scene of the cartoon. Cool Cat is playing a game of poker with an outlaw named Gower Gulch.]
Gower Gulch: What do ya got?
Cool Cat: Four aces. What do you got?
Gower Gulch: I’ve got a pair of deuces! And a six shooter!
Cool Cat: Man, you sure kept a good hand! I’ve done my thing, baby. So I’m cuttin’ outta here. [Cool Cat reveals a pair of scissors which he then uses to cut a hole around himself] When I say I’m cuttin’ out, I mean I’m cuttin’ out!
[Cool Cat disappears into the hole, then emerges from it to deliver the last line of the cartoon]
Cool Cat: So cool it, now, ya hear?

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