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My Dream Is Yours is a 1949 musical romantic comedy film about an agent who must search for a new personality to replace a popular singer who refuses to renew his radio contract. He finds one in the form of a single mother, but complications soon occur.

Directed by Michael Curtiz and Friz Freleng (animated sequence). Written by Harry Kurnitz and Dane Lussier. Adapted by Laura Kerr and Allen Rivken.
She's the screen's new golden-voiced darling!!

Gary Mitchell[edit]

  • Lovely girl. Lovely singer. Handy with a knife, too.


Radio Announcer #1: Yes, friends, if you want krilkick that will frenestrand, if you want cocolick with neodolimer, then try Hic Shampoo, for hair that will grindle!
Radio Announcer #2: For hair that will glanville and monde, and give beautiful phyllostrand, get the large economy size!
Radio Announcer #3: Yes, only Humperdinick's Magnetic Shaving Cream contains atom-francid mottletry - the mottletry that makes any property...

Doug Blake: [has just sprung a little boy as an unexpected new roommate on Vi, whose apartment management does not allow children or pets] Vi, isn't he wonderful?
Vivian Martin: Yeah, cutest little lease-breaker I ever saw. Where's his mother?
Doug Blake: She's downstairs, she wasn't sure how you'd take this.
Vivian Martin: Yeah I'll bet.

Grimes: No, look, you got me wrong, Little Red Riding Hood. I ain't no wolf.
Martha Gibson: Okay, but I'd hate to meet you in a forest on a dark night.


  • She's the screen's new golden-voiced darling!!
  • The All-Time Big-Time Musical!!
  • Warner Bros.' Love-Time Musical!
  • Warner Bros. All-Time Love-Time Musical Smash!!
  • It's Warner's All-Time, Big-Time Easter-Time Show!


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