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Rabbit Rampage is a 1955 Bugs Bunny Warner Bros. animated cartoon, directed by Chuck Jones which was originally released on June 11, 1955. It is a spiritual successor to Duck Amuck, in which Daffy Duck was teased by an off-screen animator, revealed at the end to be Bugs Bunny. In Rabbit Rampage, Bugs is similarly teased by another off-screen animator who is revealed at the end to be Elmer Fudd.

Directed by Chuck Jones. Produced by Edward Selzer. Story by Michael Maltese.
  • [notices his ears are missing] Ears! [The animator draws on a pair of human ears; Bugs feels the lobes with his finger] Not human ears, my friend - rabbit ears. Long ones. [The animator erases the human ears and draws on long rabbit ears that trail along the ground] Don't be so dang literal!
  • Eh, what's up, Doc? [realizes] Oh, you, huh?


[last lines.]
Bugs Bunny: Well, okay. But there's still one way out, and you can't stop me!
[Bugs pulls out a "The End" title card. This short was inspired by Duck Amuck. As it turns out, that the animator tormenting Bugs throughout the cartoon was Elmer Fudd, the whole time]
Elmer Fudd: [laughs] Well, anyway, I finally got even with that scwewy wabbit!
[The cartoon ends with an iris-out.]

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