The Iceman Ducketh

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The Iceman Ducketh is a 1964 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon directed by Phil Monroe and Maurice Noble, with a story by John W. Dunn. The short was released on May 16, 1964, and stars Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. In the short, when Daffy hears that the Klondike trading post is paying good money for furs, Bugs' pelt becomes endangered.


Bugs Bunny: [as Daffy levels his rifle at Bugs] Er, uh, do I understand that you bear some sort of antipathy toward me?
Daffy Duck: Antipathy, nothin'! I'm after that fur coat! [feels Bugs' fur] Say, that's the softest pelt I've ever felt!
Bugs Bunny: Do you really like it? I get all my suits from the same tailor as the Duke of Windsor. I always get a good fit from him.
Daffy Duck: [levels his gun at Bugs again] Never mind the sales pitch! Just skin the rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: [pushing Daffy's gun away from him] Eh, give me a sporting chance, doc.
Daffy Duck: [angry] Stop fiddling with my rifle! I want to shoot you where it won't show! [Bugs kisses him, plugs a carrot into his rifle, and runs off. He attempts to shoot, but the carrot blocks it; attempting to pull the carrot out] Dirtylittlecraddlefrajun... [the gun goes off as soon as he pulls the carrot out] [enraged and sarcastically] Ooh, I LOVE him!

Bugs Bunny: Well, I guess it's time to turn in for a long Winter's nap. [calls to a tree where some bears are sleeping] Ah, goodnight Daffy! Pleasant dreams!
Daffy Duck: [holding onto the top of the tree, shivering] Pleasent dreams yeah. Dirtylittlecraddlefrajun...
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