The Windblown Hare

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The Windblown Hare is a one-reel Warner Bros. Looney Tunes animated short directed by Robert McKimson. It was originally released on August 27, 1949. The title, another pun on "hair", refers to Bugs being subjected to the Wolf's "blowing the houses in".

Directed by Robert McKimson. Produced by Edward Selzer. Story by Warren Foster.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • Now, just a minute, Doc!
  • Of course, you know, this means war!
  • Why, Granny! You're just a wolf in cheap clothing.


Bugs Bunny: They're home, Doc. Start blowing.
Big Bad Wolf: I can't blow the brick house down. It says so in the book.
Bugs Bunny: Book, schnook! Blow the house down.
Big Bad Wolf: I'm gonna huff, and I'll puff, and I'll b-b-b-blow your house down!
Pig #1: Hey, listen! it's that windy wolf.
[They all laugh]
Pig #2: Ah, blow your brains out.
Pig #3: We know you can't blow down bricks.
[The wolf blows; after a moment, the house somehow explodes]
Big Bad Wolf: I did it!
The Three Little Pigs: He did it?
Bugs Bunny: [next to a detonator] Eh... we did it. [laughs]

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