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Often an Orphan is a 1949 cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. It stars Charlie Dog and Porky Pig and is the last Charlie Dog short to have Porky present in it. The cartoon deals with Charlie trying to get Porky to adopt him after his old owner dumps him at Porky's farm on a trip disguised as a picnic. Charlie instead irritates Porky and the short deals with him trying to get rid of the dog in various ways, but failing each time.


[Porky doubts Charlie is a Labrador retriever]
Charlie Dog: If you doubt my woid, get me a Labrador, and I'll retrieve it for you. Dat's fair, isn't it?
Porky: A Labrador? Why, sure, I, I...
Charlie Dog: Have ya got a Labrador?
Porky: N-no.
Charlie Dog: Know where ya can get a Labrador?
Porky: N-no.
Charlie Dog: Then shut up!

Charlie Dog: All my life I've dreamed of the day I could go and live in the country. I'm not strong. I need lots of fresh air, and milk, and cream... [coughs] a-a-and fresh leafy veggie-tables! [sobs]
Porky: B-b-b-but I -
Charlie Dog: Good, clean, wholesome farm living! [sobs]
Porky: B-b-b-but I -
Charlie Dog: And now... [sniffs] Now... Now that I got a chance to regain my health, you wanna send me back to the city. The city! I can see it all now. Its high towers! Cold, cruel, ominous! Closing down on ya! From every side till ya can't breathe! Closer! Closer! [begins to choke] Ya can't breathe...! The traffic! Ya can't think! BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! LOOK OUT FOR THAT TRUCK! HONK HONK! LOOK OUT FOR THAT TAXI! BOINNNG! BREEP-BREEP! AROOOOGAH! HONK HONK! BEEP BEEP! Ah...! Hark. What's that? Look! It's the towers! THEY'RE FALLING! [screams, then collapses onto ground]

Voice cast[edit]

  • Mel Blanc as Porky Pig / Charlie Dog / Charlie Dog's Master / Various Other Dogs.

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