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Pullet Surprise is a 1997 6-minute Looney Tunes short released in theaters with Cats Don't Dance. It was produced by Chuck Jones Film Productions. Since this cartoon was produced after the death of legendary Looney Tunes voice artist Mel Blanc, the voice of Foghorn Leghorn is supplied by Frank Gorshin. Stan Freberg still voiced Pete Puma.


The High and the Flighty


Foghorn Leghorn: That boy's as thick as a whale sandwich.

Foghorn Leghorn: You don't want a chicken, son.
Pete Puma: I don't?
Foghorn Leghorn: No, you want a chicken!

Irish Wrestling Chicken: You were saying, laddie?
Foghorn Leghorn: I'm glad, I say, I'm glad I didn't show him the Norwegian Exploding Chicken.

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