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Tom Turk and Daffy is a 1944 American animated short film in the Looney Tunes series directed by Chuck Jones and starring Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and a turkey named Tom Turk. The voices of Daffy and Porky were done by Mel Blanc, while Tom Turk was voiced by Billy Bletcher.

Directed by Chuck Jones. Produced by Leon Schlesinger.


Tom Turk: He's after me! He's gonna kill me! Don't let him kill me! I'm too young to die! I have my whole life before me! Love! Travel! Good books! [sobbing] Hide me! Hide me! Hide me!
Daffy Duck: [slapping Tom] Here, pull yourself together, Tom. Snap out of it! Snap out of it! You're verging on the hysterical! [hitting Tom until he's unconscious] Come on now, brace up. Brace up. There, that's more like it. Let's see now. Where will I hide this seagull? Ooh, here we are. [He puts Tom's head under a boulder] No, no, a little too obvious. Yeah, too obvious. [He shoves Tom into a hole and tamps him down with a stick] No, even more obviouser.

Daffy Duck: You lose something, fat stuff?
Porky Pig: I'm l-l-looking for a d-d-darned old t-turkey.
Daffy Duck: Sir! Do you mean to insinuate that I'd hide your d-d-darned old t-t-turkey?
Porky Pig: I was ce-ce-certain it came this way.
Daffy Duck: Well, I ain't talkin', see? My lips are sealed.
[Locks appear on Daffy's beak]
Porky Pig: Well, g-g-gee, uh, g-g-gee...
Daffy Duck: I ain't no stool pigeon, see.
Tom Turk: [inside snowman] What a pal, what a pal, what a pal, what a pal, what a pal. What a pal.
Porky Pig: Oh, d-d-dagnabit. And I had everything r-ready for a nice, big t-t-turkey dinner.
Daffy Duck: Not a word out of me! I ain't no squealer. I'm no... Turkey dinner?
Porky Pig: Uh-huh. And with ch-ch-chestnut dressing too.
Daffy Duck: Mmm-mmm. No. No, I won't talk. They can't make me. I'm no stool pigeon. I'm not... Cranberry sauce?
Porky Pig: Yeah, and w-with mashed potatoes and green peas.
Daffy Duck: Mashed potatoes and green peas? Gulp. No. No, they can't sweat it out of me. I won't be a stool pigeon! I won't! I won't be a st... And... and candied yams?
Porky Pig: Uh-huh. C-Candied yams.
Daffy Duck: [sobbing] The yams did it! The yams did it! The yams did it!
[Daffy stands on a stool marked "stool pigeon", cooing like a pigeon. He rushes the snowman with Tom inside in front of Porky and puts up hundreds of signs pointing to it]
Daffy Duck: I didn't wanna do it. It was those yams. Oh, those nasty yams!
Tom Turk: [inside snowman] Quisling.
Porky Pig: C-c-come out of there. I've got you covered. C-come one out of there, you old turkey you. Come out or I'll b-blast you!
[Tom digs his way out and sneaks up behind Daffy]
Daffy Duck: Those nasty, delicious yams!
Tom Turk: [puts his tail on Daffy before sneaking away] Gobble, gobble, gobble.
Porky Pig: So t-there you are, you old turkey.
Daffy Duck: Turkey? Who's a turkey? Now wait a minute, Myles Standish. I'm a duck. Quack, quack, quack! I can swim. Observe.

Daffy Duck: [after the bucket-shaped piece of ice hits Porky] Cool as a cucumber.

Daffy Duck: He's after me! He's after me! Don't let him kill me! Don't! Don't, I'm too young to die! Save me! Save me! Don't let him kill me! Hide me! Hide me!
Tom Turk: [slapping Daffy] Okay, snap out of it. I'll hide you. Get under here. [He puts Daffy under boulder] Nope, not here. [He stuffs Daffy into hollow tree] Hide in here. [He pulls Daffy out and kicks him up another tree] No, no. Up there. [He chops tree down] No, no, no, down here. [He tosses Daffy off cliff. Daffy lands beak first into frozen lake] Nope. No good. Better try up here. [He tosses Daffy all over the place] No, here. There. Here. There. Here. No, here. There. Here. There. Here. There. Here. There...
[Cartoon irises out]

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