Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers

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Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers is a Bugs Bunny short subject directed by Greg Ford and Terry Lennon and released in 1992. The cartoon was intended for theatrical release but eventually aired as part of the television special Bugs Bunny's Creature Features. Its premise is modeled after the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and it is considered subversive, critical of the greed of its production studio Warner Bros., and a lampoon of cheaply-drawn animation. This was featured in Bugs Bunny's Creature Features.


Bugs: Morning, already? [looks at the time] Gosh! I must've overslept! He'll be here any minute!
[Bugs rushes off to get ready. At that moment, Elmer Fudd arrived. Bugs takes the alternate exit.]
Elmer Fudd: Suwwender, wabbit, or be bwown in a million wabbit smitheweens! Come on out, you cawwot chewing wascal! I'll get you if it's the wast thing I do!
Bugs: Eh. What's up, doc?
Elmer Fudd: Thewe's a wabbit down thewe! And I'm twying to catch him to put him in a wabbit stew.

Bugs: Another new day and I'm full of pep.
Elmer Fudd: Come out of there, you wetch!
Bugs: [climbs the ladder] Gee. It's great to have friends!
Elmer Fudd: Say your pwayers, wabbit! [Bugs clogs his gun with a carrot] Ohhh, you mean old, wotten old...
Bugs: He likes me! He really likes me!
Elmer Fudd: I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!
[At the desert...]
Bugs: I never realized how lucky I was that so many people wanted to kill me!
[Bugs gave Sam and anvil and he falls off a cliff. Later...]
Bugs: Duck season!
Daffy: Rabbit season!
Bugs: Duck season!
Daffy: Rabbit season!
Bugs: Rabbit season!
Daffy: I say it's duck season! And I say "FIRE"!
[The hunters shoot Daffy.]
Bugs: Ah. It's a wonderful life!
Daffy: You're unspeakably despicable!
[The scene irises out on Bugs Bunny.]


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