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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles (advertised as Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles), aired in Japan as Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール Poketto Monsutā Daiyamondo & Pāru?), the twelfth season of the Pokémon animated series, covering the continuing adventures of Diamond and Pearl series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he continues to travel Sinnoh with Dawn, Pikachu, and Brock.

Get your Rotom Running!

  • Sometimes it's hard to know,
    Which way you're supposed to go,
    But deep inside, you know you're strong,
    If you follow your heart, you can't be wrong.

    Stand up!
    (Stand up!)
    For what is right!
    Be brave!
    (Be brave!)
    Get ready to fight!
    Hold on!
    (Hold on!)
    We're friends for life!

Meowth: "Cookie!"

A Breed Stampede!

[When Piloswine is enraged, Gliscor wants to help, however...]
Ash: [running away from Piloswine] Hey, Grotle, do something quick!
Grotle: [rushes off in response] Grotle!
Gliscor: [disappointed] Gliscor... (Oh, man...)

Jessie: Hi, ho! Happy howdy!

Jessie: Behave, or I'll have to spank you!

Jessie: I've just the thing in lieu of spanking! Yanmega, Sonic Boom!

Ancient Family Matters!

Byron: I love fossils!
Roark: I love them more! I work as the chief of ancient Pokémon excavation operations in the Oreburgh Mines!
Byron: Gimme a break! You're still just a kid! You wouldn't know a fossil if it hit you on the head!
Roark: You'll be sorry you said that, DAD!

Roark: Ash, I'm sorry to do this, but you're gonna have to wait. I am not about to let this one go. Because when it comes to fossils, Dad, you won't outdo me!

Roark: I'll say this: I don't think I've seen an Anorith fossil as big as this one, but when it comes from Pokémon restored from fossils, there's nothing that tops my Rampardos for sure!
Byron: Sorry to have to correct you, but when it comes to Pokémon restored from fossils, my Bastiodon tops everything!
Roark: Come on! There's no Pokémon stronger than my Rampardos!
Byron: You're wrong again! Nothing can beat my Bastiodon!

Roark: Somebody dug this hole!
Byron: I don't believe it! [long pause] I love this hole! [In response, everyone else facefaults]
Ash: You do?
Byron: Give it a good look! Look how perfectly shaped it is! How it slopes gently downwards! Whoever dug this hole has the skill and the craftsmanship of a fearsome hole-digger! [everyone else facefaults] I must find the artisan who did this! Think of what it would do for my excavations!
Roark: Dad, you better have a look over there!
Byron: It can't be! [points to the other hole] Closer examination reveals this hole was dug by a machine.
Brock: [as everyone else facefaults] Not that!
Roark: Can't you see that all your fossils have been STOLEN?!
Byron: Stolen? Nooo! My precious fossil collection is gone!

Meowth: Yeahaha.

Dealing with Defensive Types!

[when facing Steelix]
Ash: [thinking] Okay. Guess I’d better get things movin’. [aloud] Buizel, Water Gun, let’s go!

Team Rocket: Crikey, it's a Kabutops!
Meowth: It must be doing security for the Gym!

Meowth: Ain't no place like dis place, so dis must be da place!

Ash: Time for my last Pokémon! Gliscor, I choose you! [sends in Gliscor]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Dawn: What's he doing? If Ash wanted to attack from above, wouldn’t Staravia be better? [Actually, Gliscor is part Ground type and Bastiodon's typing (Rock/Steel) is 4x weak to Ground. Staravia is weak to Rock, and no it would not be better]
Piplup: Lup! (Yeah!)
Brock: Ash chose Gliscor after carefully considering Bastiodon’s moves. This is Gliscor’s first battle, so we should expect GREAT things.

[Gliscor is about to be hit by Bastiodon’s Iron Head]
Ash: Gliscor, heads up!

[when both Bastiodon and Gliscor are exhausted]
Ash: [thinking] They’re both runnin’ out of gas. The next attack’s gonna decide the battle. [aloud] Gliscor, use X-Scissor, and attack it straight on!

[After Gliscor performed a sneak attack on Bastiodon, knocking it out]
Roark: Bastiodon is unable to battle, and Gliscor’s the winner! The victory goes to Ash from Pallet Town!
Ash: [excited] All right, Gliscor, we did it!
Gliscor: Gliscor! [glomps Ash, giggling] Gliscor, Gliscor, Gli, Gliscor.
Dawn: That was great, Ash!
Piplup: Piplup!
Brock: Great how you considered Byron's and your Pokémon's type AND played up Gliscor's strong points.
Ash: Thanks, Brock. But in the end, it was just Gliscor’s spunk. [to Gliscor; impressed] Not bad for a first Gym battle, Gliscor. Not bad at all.
Gliscor: [happily licks its face] Gli, Gliscor.

Leading a Stray!

[Team Rocket, disguised as construction workers, are doing some work]
Wobbuffet: Wo...!
Jessie: Move a little earth and earn a little money.
James: With honest work and an empty tummy.
[Meowth pushes a wheelbarrow full of rocks]
Meowth: And nobody can say we've got rocks in our head.
Jessie: Hm, we're plumping our pockets.
Team Rocket: Because we're Team Rocket!
Wobbuffet: Wobbu, Wobbu, Wobbu!
[A Whismur appears]
Whismur: Whis! (Opens a manhole cover) Whismur! Whismur!
[Luxio and a male Nidoran jump down the manhole and so does Whismur who puts the manhole cover back in its place]
Ash: (off camera) Come back!
Team Rocket: Wah?
Pikachu: Pika!
James: It's nice when primo Pokémon run right into our lap.
Jessie: Especially when they're owned by twerpish saps.
Meowth: And when it comes to having the right tool for the right job, I ain't no slob! Boo-yah! (Presses a button on the remote and a nearby excavator crane starts transforming into a mecha) Presenting the Earth-Moving Monster-Mashing Mecha 1!
[Team Rocket are now in their new mecha]
Jessie: Primed for Pikachu!
Ash: Team Rocket?!
[The Earth-Moving Monster-Mashing Mecha 1 uses it left arm to grab Pikachu]
Pikachu: Pi!
Ash: Pikachu! (Grabs Pikachu in the nick of time)
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash: Ah! (Runs away from the mecha)
Pikachu: Pika!
[Ash and Pikachu fall down the manhole. Meanwhile, Team Rocket laugh evilly]
James: He-he-he!
Jessie: It's no holes barred!
Meowth: Yeah, we eat manhole covers for lunch!
[The mecha's arm hits the ground as it grabs the manhole cover]
Jessie: Wah! Hey, turn it loose! Don't bend it!
James: We didn't bring a can opener!
Dawn: Now, Piplup, use Whirlpool!
Piplup: Piplup! (Uses Whirlpool and launches it at the Earth-Moving Monster-Mashing Mecha 1)
Jessie: Wah!
Team Rocket: Brain drain!
[The Earth-Moving Monster-Mashing Mecha 1 starts sinking in the waters of Canalave Harbour and explodes]
Meowth: Not another machine!
Jessie & James: Those twerps are so mean!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

[Ash and the Pokémon are gathered in the sewer together]
Ash: Okay, I'm going to explain the plan I came up with, so I want everyone to listen carefully, okay? (The Pokémon respond and a fantasy involving the Spheal using Ice Beam to freeze the sewer's canal) First, the Spheal will use their Ice Beam and the freeze the canal... (We see an ice slide between the high level and low level of the canal) ...all the way up to the top!
Pikachu: Pika! Pikachu!
Ash: We're going to make a big slide. (A fantasy of Wailmer riding a sledge appears) Next, we'll make a sledge using the furniture we borrowed from the Teddiursa.
Pikachu: Pika! Pikachu!
[Then, we see wailmer riding on the sledge with Buizel and the Spheal pushing hard]
Ash: Then, Buizel and the Spheal will push the sledge with all their might while Wailmer's riding on top!
Spheal: Spheal!
[The sledge starts sliding on the ice]
Ash: And once the sledge really gets moving, it's Pikachu and Luxio's turn!
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Luxio: Luxio!
[Pikachu and Luxio are seen using Iron Tail on the sledge]
Ash: You two will unleash a couple of powerful Iron Tails on the sledge so it really starts moving. (We see the sledge going up the ice slide at high speed) And then the sledge will have enough speed to shoot up the ice slide - right along with Wailmer. (We see Wailmer at the top of the high level) And then Wailmer will reach the top! So are we good, everybody? (The scene goes back to the present) Cool! So let's do this!
[Ash's plan goes smoothly as he and Pikachu help the Teddiursa build the sledge. Next, the Spheal use their Ice Beam attacks to freeze the canal, all the way up to the high level]
Ash: Nice! Now that's one frozen ice slide!
[The Rattata and Nidoran eat up the ice to make the ice slide smoother for Wailmer to ride on, while the Zubat bring up the sledge and dump it in the water. Soon, the ice slide is ready for Wailmer to ride on]
Ash: We're all ready to roll. So, onto the last step!
Pikachu: Pika! (He and two of the Teddiursa go off camera)
[Wailmer gets aboard the sledge and gives Ash the signal. Then Ash turns to Pikachu and Luxio]
Ash: All right, Pikachu and Luxio, you two ready?
Pikachu: Pika!
Luxio: Luxio!
Ash: Okay, Buizel and Spheal, push Wailmer as hard as you can! (Buizel and two of the Spheal start pushing the sledge as hard as they can) All right. Now keep it up just like that, but give it more power!
[Buizel and the Spheal speed up the sledge which ten goes onto the ice slide]
Wailmer: (Wails)
Ash: Pikachu and Luxio, Iron Tail! (Pikachu and Luxio use Iron Tail on the sledge together) Yes!
Pikachu: Pika!
Luxio: Lux!
[But then, the ice slide starts to break]
Ash: Ah!
[Wailmer goes flying off the sledge and panics as it reaches the higher level]
Venonat: Veno! Veno! Venonat! Veno! Venonat! (Luxio nods and it and Venonat help Wailmer reach the higher level, with Luxio using Iron Tail and Venonat butting its body into Wailmer's rear. Wailmer successfully reaches the high level and waves to Ash and the Pokémon who helped. The Pokémon start cheering]
Ash: Yeah! I knew it would work! You did it! Yeah!

Steeling Piece of Mind!

Galactic Grunt: Excuse me, Ms. Mars. Ready for the final stage.
Mars: Well, finally.

Saving the World from Ruins!


Cheers on Castaways Isle!


Hold the Phione!

Team Rocket: We're blasting off without a flight...

Another One Gabites the Dust!

Ursula: That Piplup. Hey, you competed in the last Wallace Cup contest, didn't you?
Dawn: Me? I did. I mean, we did.
Ursula: Thought so. Yeah, I still really think you winning that contest was a total accident.
Dawn: So tell me, were you in the Wallace Cup too?
Ursula: Well, I was there. The name's Ursula. Of course since I was eliminated in the first round, so you wouldn't remember me.

Ursula: That's it. I won't say a thing about it again, though I'll never believe they'd let someone like you win.
Ash: Hey, look! Dawn's skills are why she won that contest! How dare you say that!
Ursula: You're right! Thanks to her, I've started working doubly-hard! To become a even better, more beautiful, more graceful Coordinator!

Stealing the Conversation!

Jenny: "FYI, I'm not a normal Officer Jenny. I'm a wild Jenny."

Brock: "Well, well, Jenny, you've already got my heart in custody, wild Brock is here to make your wildish dreams come true."

Meowth: "So we decided to deal with you law-enforcement yahoos walking around with bullying bowling balls by making a power pin that you can't knock down!"

The Drifting Snorunt!


Noodles! Roamin' Off!

James: "Well, what do you care for? I thought you were going to become Top Coordinator, girlfriend!"

James: "Carnivine, out you go...and now you're being off-color!"

Meowth: "The Meowth you used to know is gone! Since I started working in this noodle joint, I'm blooming bigger than a dozen roses! And now I've finally found somebody who appreciates my talents a lot more than you and James ever did!"

Pursuing a Lofty Goal!

Paul: We didn't win because your reaction time was too slow!
Honchkrow: [looks sadly as it hangs its head in shame] Krow... [Sorry...]
[Paul angrily recalls Honchkrow]

[Ash shows off his new Staraptor to Paul]
Ash: What do you think? Don't you think it's great the Starly you didn't care for evolved into a Staravia and now into a powerful Staraptor?
Staraptor: Star!
Paul: [clearly unimpressed] It sure took you long enough. [Note: It took 105 episodes for Staravia to evolve into Staraptor. Staraptor is often considered to be the slowest developed region bird Ash has owned. Also, many fans think that Staraptor is the best early route region bird Ash has because it won the Pokéringer contest, but the sad truth is that Staraptor is a Swellow 2.0 and did not have as much memorable battles compared to Swellow.]

Trials and Adulations!


The Lonely Snover!

Jessie: Snover berry picking at a breakneck pace!
James: Dashing all hope while I'm stuffing my face!

[The next morning, Ash, his friends and their Pokémon are having breakfast]
Dawn: Wow, what a beautiful day it's going to be today.
Ash: You bet.
Brock: A nice day for travelling.
[Snover points to something in the distance, causing Chimchar to look at it, and then it steal Chimchar's bit of Pokémon food. Chimchar discovers this and points to Snover]
Chimchar: Chimchar, Chimchar!
Snover: Snover, Sno! (Picks up its bowl of Pokémon food)
[Everyone laughs]
Ash: Boy, I'll tell you, Snover loves pulling practical jokes.
Dawn: You said it, Ash.
Brock: So what do you say we start getting ready to move on out?
Ash & Dawn: Right, Brock.
Ash: (to the Pokémon) Hey, guys, as soon as you're done eating, we're getting out of here.
[Soon, everyone has had their breakfast and they are now packing up as Ash returns Staraptor to its Poké ball]
Ash: Okay, now for Grotle. (He stares at something) Huh?
Dawn: Hm?
[We see Grotle with some small Pokémon perching on its shell]
Brock: Look at all those wild Pokémon.
Dawn: They're perched on Grotle's back.
[The camera zooms in on the Pokémon who are eating nuts on Grotle's shell]
Ash: There are nuts growing on its back.
Dawn: Wow, Ash, you're right.
Brock: I guess this kind of thing happens once Grotle's adjusted to evolution.
Ash: (happily) That's awesome. (Takes a nut from one of Grotle's bush-like trees)
Dawn: Okay, so Snover grows berries on its body and Grotle grows nuts. Pokémon are so full of mysteries.
Brock: Of course, that's part of what makes them so intriguing.
Ash: Wow, Grotle, that's so cool.

[Team Rocket sees Grotle racing along the edges of the valley cliffs]
Jessie: Hey, what's with the Sidewinder?
James: Does it have Velcro on its feet or something?
Grotle: Grotle, Grotle, Grotle, Grotle.
[They confer with each other]
Jessie: My sixth sense is telling me this is not cool.
Meowth: Don't forget, that sticky green stinker can't touch us if we're flying high in our beautiful balloon.
James: Airtight argument.
[They take the balloon higher]
Jessie: Off the throttle. Bye, dear Grotle!
Team Rocket: Enjoy the view.
Grotle: Grotle! (Jumps onto the grass above the valley and jumps high into the sky) Agh!
Team Rocket: (screams)
[Grotle races through the Meowth balloon, making it explode]
Team Rocket: We're blasting off again! [Ding]

Teacher: "Look." [gestures towards a nearby town] That's Sandalstraw Town over there, and very soon, they're having their contest.
Ash: Hey, that's super close to here!

Stopped in the Name of Love!

[The title card comes up]
Ash: (voiceover) Stopped in the Name of Love!
[The camera gives us a panoramic view of Sandalstraw Town as it pans left and then fades to the local Pokémon Centre]
Narrator: As Dawn excitedly prepares for her newly discovered upcoming Pokémon contest in Sandalstraw Town, our heroes find shelter at a quaint nearby Pokémon Centre...
Dawn: All right, everybody - come on out! (Her Pokémon, minus Piplup, come out of their Poké Balls) We're closing in on our fifth ribbon so let's train like there's no tomorrow!
[Dawn's Pokémon cheer but then, Piplup tries to fly but falls on the ground]
Dawn: Piplup?
Ash: Hey, are you feeling all right?
Pikachu: Pika?
Piplup: Pip. (Shakes his head) Pip-lup. (Stands up but goes out of control) Pipee-lupee...ee! Piplup! (Sits on the ground again)
Dawn: You've been acting strange lately. Are you certain you're all right?
Barry: Aargh! Look out, look out, look out, look out! (Runs into Ash whose hat goes flying into the sky)
Ash: Argh!
Barry: Oof! (Lands on the ground)
Brock: Ash, are you okay?
[Ash's hat lands on his head]
Barry: Why, you! I oughtta...
Brock: Huh?
Barry: What do you think you're doing? I'm gonna make you pay a fine for that. (Sees Ash) Huh - aah! (Points to Ash) It's you, Ash!
Ash: Barry.
Pikachu: Pika?
[Kenny arrives]
Kenny: Hey, there, Dee-Dee, long time.
Dawn: Kenny?
Kenny: Obviously, you're gonna enter the Sandalstraw Contest too, right, Dee-Dee?
Dawn: Look, you better stop calling me Dee-Dee or else!
Barry: Huh? Just a cotton-pickin' minute - are you trying to say you two know each other?
Ash: You know Kenny too, Barry?
Barry: Of course. Best buddies... (Turns to Kenny) Right?
Kenny: Yeah, although we just met each other now for the first time.
Barry: See, I just found out both Kenny and I are from Twinleaf Town, so that means we're practically like brothers. The deal is, Kenny's going to enter the contest and then I'll enter Pokémon Ping-Pong for a double win. We're going to do some special training.
Ash: Pokémon Ping-Pong?
Barry: You don't know what that is? Let me see if I've got it... (Gets out a poster which promotes the Pokémon Ping-Pong tournament) Yeah, here. You see, they're holding ping-pong after the contest, and all the strongest competitors are going to be there.
Brock: I remember reading about this at the Pokémon Centre. It's double ping-pong where trainer and Pokémon form a team.

Barry: You're Team Missile, right?
Meowth: That's Team Rocket, lugnut!

James: Piplup! Evolve not!

Jessie: "If we were to give three tops of the evolution heap to the boss, he'd be so giddy he'd give us the shirt off his back!"
James: "I don't like his shirt..."

Old Rivals, New Tricks!

Mewoth: "Mark my words, I've got your next ribbon right here, or I'll eat the whiskers off of my furry face!"

To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!

[Note: This departure episode is often deemed by fans to be the most insulting, given that Ambipom was a well developed character gone to waste. It is also considered to be the worst episode in the Diamond and Pearl series because of this stunt.]
Dawn: So that means, you want to play Pokemon Ping-pong, right?
Ambipom: Ambi, Ambipom! [Right!]
Dawn: Take good care of Ambipom! Promise me?
O: Promise. My Pokemon Ping-pong training center is located in Vermillion City. Come visit anytime.

Battling a Cute Drama!

[Marilyn is about to start her battle with Dawn in the Pokémon Centre's battlefield]
Marilyn: Mm. Now could any Pokémon be cuter than you, Cherubi?
Cherubi: Cherubi.
Dawn: Ugh.
Brock: Excuse me, Marilyn, but the battle's begun.
Marilyn: I just want to look at my cute Cherubi for a teeny bit longer. So go ahead and attack, Dawnie.
Dawn: Fine then! Glad to help you out. Buneary, use Dizzy Punch.
Buneary: Buneary. (Uses Dizzy Pinch on Cherubi)
Cherubi: Cherubi. (Falls on its side)
Marilyn: That was the cutest ball I've ever seen. Awesome!
Dawn: Well, if you're not going to attack, we'll move things right along with Ice Beam.
Buneary: Bun... (Uses Ice Beam) ...eary!
Marilyn: Okay, Protect.
Cherubi: Cherubi. (Uses Protect to protect itself from Buneary's Ice Beam attack and shrieks loudly)
Ash: Huh? It used Protect so the Ice Beam shouldn't have done a thing.
Marilyn: The agony. No one can stand and take it any cuter than you.
Dawn: Wait, is that all you're thinking about?
[The camera cuts to Ash, Pikachu and Piplup who are sitting on a bench]
Ash: I don't even think Marilyn cares about battling.
Piplup: Piplup.
Pikachu: Pika.
[Buneary stops using Ice Beam]
Buneary: Bun!
[Brock stands in Buneary's way]
Brock: Hey, I think Cherubi's putting on an act. It shouldn't feel a thing while using Protect. If you're not going to battle properly, we'll stop.
Marilyn: Grr. This is just starting to get so good so you stay out of this.
Brock: Stay out of this?
Marilyn: You have to, since I'm sure today's battle will be the world's most valiant Pokémon battle the world's ever seen.
Brock, Ash & Dawn: The most valiant battle?!
[A fantasy featuring Marilyn in a flowery field is shown]
Marilyn: Uh-huh. When I see a Pokémon taking an attack, it gets me right here in the heart. (Lies on the grass) And then it gets to me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I simply don't know of anything that's more valiant than that is. It has to be the best thing ever.
[The fantasy ends when the camera cuts to Ash, Pikachu and Piplup]
Ash: That's battling? It's nothing I've ever seen.
Marilyn: Ash, Pokémon battles are an art and seeing a super cute Pokémon stand up to an opponent's attacks and still battle valiantly, that's what it's all about. Why, this kind of ultimate battle is the most valiant experience one can have.
Cherubi: Cherubi. (Falls over)
Marilyn: It isn't just valiant, it's super duper, mega, mondo, colossal valiant.
Brock: (pointing to Marilyn) You're being inappropriate!
Marilyn: No! I am not.
Brock: Look, in a Pokémon battle, competitors perform to the best of their abilities by battling fair and square.
Marilyn: You should watch what you're saying, Brockie. You're sounding like an old geezer.
Brock: Brockie? (to Marilyn) All right, the thing is, you have to battle back or you won't be able to battle. So either you do what I say, or I'll have to disqualify you. Oh, man! (Walks away)
Marilyn: Ohhhh! I can't help it if he doesn't know what he's talking about, but I guess we have no choice. All right, Cherubi. Time to battle back.
Cherubi: Cher, Cherubi.
Marilyn: Now, use Magical Leaf.
[Cherubi uses Magical Leaf]
Dawn: Quick, Buneary, dodge it!
[Buneary dodges Cherubi's Magical Leaf attack until it hits]
Buneary: Bun, Bun, Bun... Buneary.
Dawn: Now, Buneary.
[Buneary gets down on its paws. Ash, Pikachu and Piplup gasp]
Ash: Buneary's down.
Marilyn: Now, Tackle.
Cherubi: Cher. Cherubi! (Uses Tackle on Buneary)
Buneary: (groans)
Dawn: Buneary, you can do it! Dizzy Punch.
Buneary: Buneary.
Marilyn: Stop it valiantly!
[Buneary uses Dizzy Punch on Cherubi while Cherubi tries to stop the attack]
Buneary: Bun! Bun!
Cherubi: Cher...
Marilyn: Solar Beam.
Cherubi: CHERUBI! (Uses Solar Beam on Buneary)
Dawn: Buneary, no!
Marilyn: Not only is Buneary mega cute, but it battles way more valiantly than I thought. Now it's time to show me lots more of that valiant spunk!
Buneary: Bun... (Faints)
Brock: Buneary is unable to battle and that means the winners are Cherubi and Marilyn.
Marilyn: Ah! I wanted to see more of Buneary's valiant spirit, but instead I overdid it and now it won't be a valiant battle.
[Dawn returns Buneary to its Poké Ball]
Dawn: Well, I'll say this, it was unique.
Ash: Man, what kind of battling was that? It looked like Marilyn couldn't have cared less whether she won the thing or lost it.
Brock: So, does this mean that's all there is? (Internally) No. This is not right.

Brock: I know you can do it, Croagunk, so just DO IT!!!

Classroom Training!


Sliding Into Seventh!

Candice: Show us your kiai now! Abomasnow!

Candice: Hah. So that is Ash’s strategy? Abomasnow, use Ice Punch.

A Pyramiding Rage!

Paul: You said you were serious about wanting to win at Snowpoint City, so why do you still need Torterra to hold your hand? Using a Grass-type in an Ice-type Gym? I guess chuck that blind faith.
Zoey: Stop right there! Just who do you think you are?!
Dawn: Zoey, stop!
Zoey: He has no right talking like that!
Ash: It's OK, Zoey.
Paul: Hmm!
Zoey: I just hope tomorrow at the gym battle, Miss Senior wipes the floor with that jerk!

Meowth: Don't you have an opinion?
James: At the risk of bragging, nope!

Jessie: The fate of our future plans is in our hands!
Meowth: I've got paws!

Brandon: [mockingly] Alright, what's wrong? And here I thought you wanted to beat the man who defeated your brother.
Paul: [bitterly recalling his defeated Nidoking] The truth is, it's only because you defeated Reggie that my victory over you will have meaning. The challenge you always present to Trainers to find their own strength was something my brother wasn't able to do. But I'm not like my brother! My will gives me strength! And now, you'll see it firsthand!
Brandon: NO! All wrapped up in the past. But why then do you walk the Pokemon path in the first place? Tell me, why do you battle?
[Paul gets visibly furious]

[Paul recalls his defeated Magmar having suffered a devastating loss against Brandon. He hangs his head in embarrassment.]
Brandon: Young man, this battle of yours, was this your true battle? You've done an excellent job raising and training your Pokemon but you allowed your emotions to betray you on the battlefield. [Additionally, Paul was also living in the past, treating this battle like a grudge match. Paul hearing this, looks up to Brandon] We will battle again one day when you learned to control them. [Paul, beginning to realize his own errors, silently bows towards Brandon]

Pillars of Friendship!


Frozen on Their Tracks!


Pedal to the Mettle!

Ash: Okay, Pikachu, let's do this!
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash: All right! Buizel, I choose you!

Paul: Use Stone Edge!
Ash: Aaah! Stone Edge? Why? [Don't you just hate when that happens?]

[Ash recall Grotle and Paul recall his Honchkrow]
Reggie: Ash miscalculated on when to use Synthesis. [Dawn is confused] Using healing moves leaves your Pokemon completely vulnerable. Consider your opponents condition or be an easy target like Grotle.
Brock: It sounds like Ash is feeling a lot of pressure.
Dawn: Do you think so?
Brock: Ash wanted Grotle to defeat Honchkrow so badly that it clouded his judgement.

Evolving Strategies!

[Ash attempts to recall Buizel]
Ash: Buizel, return!
[Buizel stops Ash and gives him the thumbs up signalling he can still battle]

[Ash returns his defeated Buizel, due to letting his Pokémon make the call, rather than Ash, himself]
Reggie: Buizel was eliminated because of Ash's poor judgement. [In other words, Ash was simply over-relying on faith in his Pokemon which does not work when the odds of winning are stacked against him. The trainer is responsible for knowing when to switch out their Pokémon. Not only that, but his team lacks power and is extremely underdeveloped.]
Brock: You're saying that Ash should have had Buizel returned the time before? [Reggie nods in agreement]

[Chimchar begins to glow]
Brock: Chimchar's evolving!
[Seconds later, Chimchar becomes Monferno]
Monferno: MONFERNO!
Ash: That's great! You evolved into Monferno! [Note: Chimchar wasted 129 episodes to evolve into a Monferno. Ash just tried to defeat Paul using Chimchar without any intention of working on the Blaze ability and evolution and pays the ultimate price for evolving Chimchar too late in the journey. This is why "Chimchar is a strong cute unevolved Pokémon therefore he does not need Blaze ability and evolution to prove his strength" premise is complete garbage because anyone with a working brain could point out that Chimchar is a baby mascot and not an ace.]

Uncrushing Defeat!

[The episode begins at Lake Acuity the morning after the full battle, where Uxie's silhouette briefly appears from under the lake, then vanishes. At the Pokémon Center, all of Ash's Pokémon are seen hospitalized under the care of Nurse Joy and her Chansey and Blissey.]
Pikachu: [weakly] Pi, Pika...
Narrator: [v.o.] In the wake of a full Pokémon battle against Paul, Ash and his struggling Pokémon are staying at the Pokémon Center on Lake Acuity to rest, heal and recharge.

[The heroes are watching with concern how Ash’s Pokémon are being treated by Nurse Joy and her Pokémon]
Piplup: [concerned] Piplup?
Dawn: Piplup, don't worry, soon everyone will be just fine.
Brock: Right, all we have to do is leave it up to Nurse Joy.
[Unable to stand seeing his Pokémon severely injured and his dream crushed, Ash walks away, much to Dawn’s concern]
Dawn: Ash, wait. [is stopped by Brock]
[opening credits and title]
James: [o.s.] Bombs away! [Yanmega pours some dirt over the field] After yesterday's trouncing, I sincerely doubt the twerps will be traveling for a while.
Jessie: Saying they took damage is an understatement at best.
Meowth: True, but seeing a joust like that makes it worthwhile!
James: And how! Those warriors were on fire!'Twas a knock-down, drag-out battle slog fest!
Meowth: Yeah, and wasn't Chimmy rocking hard?
James: Yes, not to mention the emotional evolving into Monferno.
Jessie: But the numbers don't lie, and losing 6 to 2 is a landslide if I ever saw one.
Meowth: Yeah, bummer!
James: I'll bet the twerp must be feeling lower than a pit trap.
Meowth: I'll double that bet.
Jessie: Attacking twerps when they're at their lowest is Team Rocket rule one.
Meowth: Can't you turn it down?!
James': I’m witless enough!
Jessie: The predator always preys on the weakest of the twerpish herd. The time to pluck Pikachu is now, while the iron is red hot. So we're faced with an opportunity we can't refuse.
James: It's times such as these that make me grateful for my day job.
Meowth: If Jessie's yapping was worth money, we'd be rich.
Wobbuffet: Wobbu, Wobbu, Wobbu!

Gliscor: [crying in pain] Gli! Gliscor...
Brock: Gliscor, don't cry. It'll be over soon.
Happiny: Happiny.

[while looking how Brock and Nurse Joy treat Ash’s Pokémon, Dawn is depressed and sits down, sighing]
Piplup: Pip... Pip?
Dawn: I just wish there was something I could do to help.
Piplup: Piplup?

[After Piplup made silly face expressions to comfort Dawn]
Dawn: Wow, thanks, Piplup. I get it. You’re saying I shouldn’t be down, too.
Piplup: Piplup.
Dawn: That’s it! I just had the greatest thought. And you, Piplup, you're just who I need to help me out with this.
Piplup: Piplup.
Dawn: [runs off off-frame] Wow, this is gonna be great!
[Meanwhile, as soon as Ash’s Pokémon are resting, Brock and Nurse Joy are putting away all the healing supplies]
Happiny: [holding a first-aid kit] Hap, Happiny. Hap, Hap.
Brock: [takes the first-aid kit] Thanks a lot, Happiny. [puts the first aid kit in the cupboard, then closes it]
Nurse Joy: Brock, I really can’t thank you enough. You’re such a big help.
Brock: [gasps] Nurse Joy, I would gladly give of myself completely in order to serve your tiniest desire. [pauses in confusion] Huh? [suddenly notices Croagunk ready to Poison Jab him; hastily] Wait, Croagunk, please! You-You’ve got it all wrong, Croagunk! I was just helping Nurse Joy out! You see, it’s all perfectly innocent! That’s it!
[In response, Croagunk powers down Poison Jab, then walks away, much to Brock’s relief]
Brock: Huh?
Nurse Joy: [glances at Monferno with concern] Oh, dear. Monferno’s recovery seems so slow. I do think it’s because Monferno took so much damage. Brock, please, do you think you could go into the woods near here and look for some Cheri Berries for me?
Brock: I’d love too. I’ll be back soon.
[A moment later, Brock is walking towards Lake Acuity, trying to look for Cheri Berries to cure Ash's Monferno]
Brock: Finding Cheri Berries is a lot harder than I thought.

[While Brock is looking for Cheri Berries to heal Monferno]
Dawn: And one and two, one and two. One and two, great! You’re all looking wonderful.
[everyone cheers]
Buneary: Buneary!
Dawn: All right, now it’s Piplup’s turn.
Piplup: [o.s] Piplup!

Ash: [v.o] I lost to Paul.
[Still feeling guilty, Ash rolls over, only to notice Pikachu standing in front of him]
Ash: [astonished] Huh?! Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pika, Pi, Pika.
[Ash gets up and notices all of his Pokémon in front of him]
Ash: [delighted] Everybody!
Buizel: Bui, Bui!
Gliscor: Gliscor, Gli, Gli, Gliscor.
Grotle: Grotle.
Staraptor: Star, Star.
Monferno: Monferno, Monferno.
[Suddenly, Ash’s Pokémon start feeling their pain, to Ash’s and Pikachu’s embarrassment]
Ash: [concerned] Oh, man. Please don't overdo it. [starts laughing] Okay, you’re all trying to cheer me up now, right?
Pikachu: [regretful] Pika...
Ash: Right! [gets up] I’m fine now. I’m not feeling sad one little bit. [stares at the sky] Paul sure is tough. He’s got his own way of getting strong, and I’ve gotta admit he gave it his all. That’s how he got strong in the first place. But, hey, we’re gonna get stronger too. It’s not gonna be easy, though. So there’s only one thing to do. We’re gonna have to work harder than Paul. And when we meet up with him again, we’re gonna beat that guy! What do you say, gang?
[in response, all of his Pokémon cheer and happily glomp him]
Ash: Come on. Get off! Hey, guys, get off!
[a while later, Ash and his Pokémon are returning to the Pokémon Center, when suddenly, much to the Pokémon’s confusion, Ash’s stomach starts to growl]
Ash: Oops! Guess I forgot to eat something today.
[Pikachu, Staraptor, Grotle, Monferno, Buizel and Gliscor all laugh]

Jessie: Well, well. The twerp Pokémon cheering squad.

[when Ash and his Pokémon came back]
Ash: Guys, I’m back.
Pikachu: Pika!
Dawn: Ash, Brock just told us he saw it.
[Brock nods, much to Ash’s and Pikachu’s confusion.]
Ash: Saw "it"? Saw what?
[Nurse Joy and the gang went to the library for answers]
Nurse Joy: [looking up in a book] The Pokémon that you saw at Lake Acuity... [pointing at a picture of Uxie] Was it this one?
Brock: Hmm... That’s it! But now that I think about it, the thing I saw was more like a shadow than the actual Pokémon itself.
Dawn: It sounds to me like it was the spirit of Uxie that you saw.
[A flashback shows Dawn and Piplup seeing Mesprit’s silhouette at Lake Verity]
Dawn: [v.o.] Just like the time I saw Mesprit on Lake Verity.
[the flashback ends]
Ash: And just like when...
[Another flashback reveals Ash and Pikachu noticing Azelf’s spirit at Lake Valor]
Ash: [v.o] ...when I saw AZELF on Lake Valor.
[The flashback ends]
Nurse Joy: Now, according to this book, it says that all three Pokémon have come from the same egg. It also says that from Uxie, who is referred to as "The Being of Knowledge", comes the wisdom to solve problems. From Mesprit, "The Being of Emotion", comes the joys and pain of life, and from Azelf, "The Being of Willpower", comes the resolve to accomplish whatever task may be at hand. And it’s the power of those three that keeps the world in balance. At least that’s what this book is saying.
Dawn: To think they’re Legendary Pokémon, and the three of us saw them!
Ash: We saw ‘em all right.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Piplup: Piplup.
Brock: Could it have been an accident? Or do all of these happenings mean something?
Nurse Joy: It’s mysterious, that’s for sure.
Ash: Hmm... [laughs] I'm not sure why, but this starting to get kinda fun! Right, Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pika.
Piplup: [to Dawn] Piplup, Piplup.
Dawn: I’m worried Ash is trying to do too much.
Ash: [confused] Whadda ya mean "too much"?
Pikachu: Pikachu?
Dawn: [singing] It’s nothing. But there IS something I wanna show you, though.
Piplup: Piplup.
[Ash and Pikachu both stare at Dawn and Piplup, looking confused and curious. At the same time, inside the Pokémon Center’s storage room, Team Rocket is secretly threading a net of some sort]
James: But I worry we’re sorely unprepared this time.
Jessie: Now, now, worry not. The twerp is bummed out to the point of being beside himself, which will enable us the luxury of effortlessly capturing Pikachu with nary a robot in sight.
Meowth: I’m makin' sure at least we’ll be shockproof, which is saying somethin’.
[As for the heroes, all but Dawn and her Pokémon, seat themselves in the lobby. Cue Dawn entering frame in her Pokémon Contest outfit]
Dawn: Warm greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to start off our proceedings by thanking you all very much for coming to see Dawn's Pokémon Circus.
Ash: [curious] Wonder what Dawn’s up to this time.
Nurse Joy: You see, Dawn's been working really hard practicing for this performance just to cheer you up, and you'll love it.
Ash: [surprised] This is for us?!
Pikachu: [delighted] Pikachu!
Dawn: Now, keep your eyes open. We’ll begin Dawn’s Circus with a feat of pure acrobatic skill.
[Dawn pulls the podium blind and opens the curtains, revealing Mamoswine with a pom-pom on his head]
Mamoswine: Mamo.
[Camera pans to Pachirisu and Buneary standing in front of Mamoswine, ready to perform]
Pachirisu: Chipa!
Buneary: Buneary!
[They start to run in a circle around Mamoswine, jump onto him, then make silly faces, much to the audience’s amazement]
Ash: [amazed] Oh, wow!
[Pachirisu and Buneary then run in circles, holding each others' paws, then pulls each others' faces, making the audience laugh with amusement, as expected. Then they jump onto Mamoswine again, perform a loop-de-loop while pulling their faces, then pull Mamoswine's face]
Buneary: Bun, Buneary.
Dawn: Great! Everyone, pose.
[Mamoswine turns to the audience, then sticks his tongue out]
Dawn: Ta-da!
[[the heroes laugh, as Dawn expected, until...]
Piplup: [o.s.] Piplup!
Dawn: [confused] Huh?
Piplup: [wearing a clown costume] Pip, Piplup! [waltzing to Dawn] Piplup, Piplup. Piplup, Piplup. Piplup, Piplup. Pip, Piplup. [stops in front of Dawn] Pip, Piplup.
Dawn: Well, so you say you can REALLY do it, Piplup?
Piplup: [self-assured] Piplup. [jumps up] Pip, Piplup!
[Piplup comically smacks himself into the ceiling headfirst, making Pachirisu and Buneary juggle with Piplup before the latter gets tossed in the air]
Piplup: Pip, Piplup. [gets tossed again] Piplup.
[Cue Piplup getting dizzy after being continuously being tossed in the air]
Piplup: Piplup...
[Pachirisu and Buneary pop up out of nowhere and pull Piplup’s face]
Buneary: Buneary!
[The heroes again laugh and cheer out of amusement]
Dawn: Okay, again, pose.
[Just like before, Mamoswine turns to the audience, then sticks his tongue out. At the same time, Team Rocket is standing in front of the door, ready to storm in]
Jessie: Hmm... And now, let’s go and find that bummed-out little twerp and make him even more bummed-out, okay?
James and Meowth: Yay!
Dawn: And now, for the next act, we have...
Team Rocket: [arrive on-screen] Da-da-da-da!
Nurse Joy: Hey, aren’t they the clean-up crew?
Ash: Wow, this ought to be good.
Jessie: Uh... ahem. Testing, testing, one, two, three. Now, how many people do you see [shouting] ALL BUMMED OUT?!
James & Meowth: [gesturing to Ash] None other than he.
Meowth: [eerily] Aww. Wooks wike we got a sour puss in our midst.
[the audience just stares, confused]
Ash: [confused] Uh, that’s kinda weird.
[Cut to Team Rocket who are standing beside Mamoswine, whispering]
Meowth: That boy's so bummed out his tongue's too depressed to talk.
James: Tongue depression.
Jessie: Let's build on a theme. [to Ash] Rumour has it that someone got crushed in HIS last battle, (points to Ash) and that someone would be you.
Ash: [confused] Uh, who, me? (Jessie shows him a bottle with a picture of Ash crying)
Jessie: Well, we’ve got the perfect drink for you because it’s the sports drink of championship losers. (James plays a trombone and Meowth plays the drums) Loser, loser, loser, you stink. Stink! YOU! STINK! STINK! YOU! STINK! YOU STINK! Have I forgotten something? Oh, that’s right. STINK! STINK! And that means “loser”. (James and Meowth make music again while Jessie sings) Loser, loser, loser, loser, loser!
Meowth: Without further ado, CHECK! THIS! Cool! [holding a bazooka] It’s our patent special Pikachu get net! [aims the bazooka] Get set! [fires the bazooka, snatching Pikachu out of Ash’s lap]
Ash: Pikachu!
Nurse Joy: Who ARE you, anyway?
Jessie: [laughs maniacally] If you don't know who we are, you will soon enough.
James: Watch the twerps go gaga when the going gets rough.
Jessie: [pulls out a shovel] Shovel may care.
James: [pulls out a pick] Pick a pair.
Meowth: Want Pikachu? Well, tough.
Jessie: We bring chaos at a breakneck pace.
James: We dash all hope and bring fear in its place.
[Cue Jessie and James sitting in a balance scale]
Jessie: A rose by any other name is just as sweet.
James: When everything’s worse, our work’s complete.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James!
Meowth: Meowth, now that’s a name!
Jessie: Putting the do-gooders in their place.
James: We’re Team Rocket!
Team Rocket: And we’re in your face!
[Cue everyone but Nurse Joy glaring at Team Rocket]
Nurse Joy: Wow, what fun.
Ash: No, you’re wrong, Nurse Joy!
Brock: Those guys are the BAD guys!
Nurse Joy: [concerned] Oh, that’s just terrible.
Dawn: So it WAS Team Rocket!
Ash: Give Pikachu back NOW!
[Team Rocket starts walking away like crabs]
Jessie: If you think we're going to bicker with you when we could be shuffling off to success, you really ARE a mess.
Meowth: We got happy feet!
Team Rocket: [slam the door shut] Ain’t it neat?
Ash: Hey, come back!
[The heroes start chasing Team Rocket outside the Pokémon Center, who gleefully run away with Pikachu in their grasp]
Ash: Gimme back Pikachu!
[It is shown that Team Rocket is being chased by Ash, Staraptor, Grotle, Monferno, Buizel and Gliscor]
Jessie: Stubborn twerps are the WORST twerps. Seviper, attenTION!
Seviper: Seviper!
Jessie: Please, dear, Haze.
[Cue Seviper spitting out its Haze attack]
Seviper: Seviper!
[Cue Ash and his Pokémon stopping in their tracks due to the upcoming Haze attack, while some off-screen coughing from them can be heard]
Jessie: Smoke get in your eyes!
Meowth: We'll say our goodbyes!
[Cue back to Ash and his Pokémon caught in the haze, trying to find a way out]
Ash: [groans] Buizel, Water Pulse, quick!
Buizel: Bui?
[cue Buizel ready to use Water Pulse]
Buizel: [starts forming the orb] Bui... [holds the Water Pulse up and fires it, clearing Seviper’s Haze] Bui!
[Cue Team Rocket giving exasperated expressions once noticing Buizel has cleared Seviper’s Haze attack]
Jessie: What a bore.
Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt, LET'S GO!
Pikachu: PIKACHUUUU! [uses Thunderbolt, but the net absorbs the attack]
Meowth: Keeping the attitude in the bag is what WE'RE all about.
[Team Rocket snickers in agreement]
Ash: Now, Gliscor, Sand-Attack! Go!
[Cue Gliscor hovering above the ground, ready to use Sand-Attack]
Gliscor: Gliscor! [angrily starts throwing sand] Gli, Gli, Gli, Gli...
[Team Rocket stops in their tracks thanks to being trapped in a sandstorm created by Gliscor's Sand-Attacks]
Jessie: Yanmega, you’re on!
Yanmega: Yan!
Jessie: Use SonicBoom!
Yanmega: Yan!
Gliscor: [gets knocked down] Gli!
James: All right, Carnivine, time to take the reins.
Carnivine: [emerges from its Poké Ball] Carnivine! [heads for James, much to Jessie's and Meowth's dismay]
James: I didn’t say brains, you potted pinhead, I said “reins”. Carnivine, Bullet Seed.
Carnivine: Carnivine!
Ash: All right, Grotle, Energy Ball. Staraptor, you use Aerial Ace!
Grotle: [forms an Energy Ball in front of his mouth and fires it] Grotle!
[Grotle’s Energy Ball hits Yanmega, while Staraptor uses Aerial Ace to hit Carnivine, knocking them both out, much to Team Rocket’s shock]
Ash: It’s time to finish this thing up! Monferno, Mach Punch!
[Monferno rapidly starts firing several Mach Punches like a Bullet Seed attack, knocking Team Rocket over and making Meowth release the net containing Pikachu, much to Dawn’s and Nurse Joy’s delight]
Dawn: That was amazing!
Brock: Monferno's become a real powerhouse since it evolved.
Pikachu: [falls out of the net] Pi... [relieved] Pika, Pi!
[Cue Ash, Staraptor, Grotle, Monferno, Buizel and Gliscor feeling delighted to see Pikachu back on their side]
Ash: Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pikachu, Pika, Pika.
[As for Team Rocket, however, they and their Pokémon are worn out and depressed from their defeat]
James: Even my gloves hurt.
Jessie: Whoever said that the twerp was bummed from losing his battle and would be an easy mark is an absolute buffoon. Lemme at that idiot.
Meowth: YOU'RE dat idiot.
Jessie: WHAT?!
James: Something about going after "the weakest of the twerp herd."
Meowth: Yeah, and also somethin' profound about pluckin' Pikachu while de iron is hot.
[Cue James, Meowth and the Rocket’s Pokémon staring Jessie down]
James and Meowth: [eerily] That would be our loser, Jessie.
Jessie: [gulps, screams, then angrily starts shouting] Don't you make this MY fault! You bunch of babies are in denial! And since you didn't stop me, [points at the others] it's YOUR fault!
James and Meowth: When it comes to not facing the truth, YOU'RE the queen of denial!
Jessie: [growls] I can't hear you!
Team Rocket: HUH?!
[Much to Team Rocket’s astonishment, they notice Ash and his Pokémon smirking maliciously, still willing to battle. In addition, all seven are partially shrouded with a glowing light]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Buizel: Bui!
Monferno: Monferno!
Grotle: Grotle!
Staraptor: Staraptor!
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash: Hmm... [He's BACK!]

Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!


Beating the Bustle and Hustle!


Gateway to Ruin!

James: It appears we've wandered into a brouhaha.

Jessie: The gateway to the watchamacallit is but putty in our hands!

Three Sides to Every Story!

Brock: Amazing how Piplup's trying to impress Marill.

Jessie: "Nothing is more fun than another's pain!

[Piplup, Marill and Elekid are strolling uphill]
Marill: [singing] Marill, Marill, Marill, Marill Marill Marill, Marill--
[the trio is suddenly blocked by Team Rocket]
James: Okay, company halt!
Jessie: If it isn't my three-sided bundles of joy!
Meowth: A normal wacko would stay with 'love triangle' but not Ms. Windbag.
[Gliscor is hovering above the havoc, looking confused]
Gliscor: Gli?

Strategy Begins at Home!

Ash: [thinking] Wow...Nathaniel reminds me of me!

A Faux Oak Finish!

Ash: Head-to-head? That's great!

Historical Mystery Tour!


Challenging a Towering Figure!


Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!

Brock: An elevator! Look!

Jessie: That jerk blackened my entire wardrobe!
Meowth: And turned my boss-bot into an arsonist!

An Egg Scramble!


Gone with the Windworks!


A Rivalry to Gible On!

[Buizel and Totodile suddenly get into a brawl after confronting each other]
Ash: Buizel, knock it off!
Khoury: Totodile, stop that!

[Ash, Lyra, Dawn and Khoury are still looking for the wild Gible until they give up]
Khoury: I would say Gible fled over into that cave.
Dawn: Great, let's go have a look!
Khoury: Wait a second.
Dawn: Huh?
[Khoury gets out his PokéNav device]
Khoury: It's dangerous around here. We need to be careful.
Lyra: Look, Dane and Khoury!
Ash: Hey, I wonder if they're onto something. (Races past Dawn and Khoury) See you there!
Khoury: Ash, better be careful, or else!
Ash: Ha-ha! (Falls into a sand trap) Wargh!
Pikachu: Pika!
[It turns out that the sand trap Ash has fallen into contains a Trapinch]
Ash: Man, it's a Trapinch sand trap! (Khoury reaches out for his hand) Huh?
Khoury: Grab on!
[Soon, Ash has been rescued from the Trapinch sand trap]
Ash: (sighs) Thanks, Khoury.
Dawn: Look, Ash, sometimes you act so reckless, you make me want to scream out loud!
Ash: Knock it off! I don't need any advice from you.
Dawn: (yells at Ash) When I want to give advice, I'll give it!
Ash: Give it a rest!
Dawn: No, you!
Khoury: Now, now, this is no time to fight.
Dawn: It's the perfect time!
Ash: I told you, I don't need your help!
[While Ash and Dawn are bickering, Lyra turns round and giggles]
Lyra: There's nothing like two people who really care. Hold on...
Dawn: (off camera) Stop being such a child!
Lyra: Do Khoury and I act like that?
[Ash and Dawn continue arguing while Khoury tries to stop them]

Dressed for Jess Success!


Bagged Then Tagged!


Try for the Family Stone!


Sticking with Who You Know!

Dawn: No, duh! What's gotten into them, anyway?

Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!


The Needs of Three! (Agnome, Yuxie, Emrit!)

[In Team Galactic's headquarters, Cyrus steps down some steps]
Cyrus: Fighting is by far the most frightful by-product of the human heart. Haven't I been telling you that time and time again?
Saturn: Sir!
Jupiter: But since these children pose a very real threat to our plan for a new world order, isn't it only natural to eliminate them? (Cyrus glares at her and Mars) Hm.
Cyrus: Behold! This is just the kind of accomplishment the human heart has the potential to achieve. But when your heart is ruled by emotions, you will but fight. In which case, humanity will never advance! I guess I could let you know what this is about.
Cyrus: I am part of this! Team Galactic is my creation, and you are now in my creation's headquarters.
Ash: Headquarters, in here?!
Cyrus: Correct! We're bringing about the dawn of a new world order, so we're gathered here to discard the old world of discording conflict and make a much better one in place of it.
Ash: So, it was you who stole the Lustrous Orb from the Celestic Ruins! You lied to all of us and you lied to Cynthia, too!
Cyrus: Lose your rage. It only destroys.
Dawn: No way! Not when you treat Pokémon that way! This has gotta stop! Now let them go back to their lake!
Cyrus: That can't be done. They're quite necessary for us to be able to bring forth the new world!
Brock: Then that means it's exactly as Cynthia said it was!
[Ash and Dawn growl]
Cyrus: Obviously, these children must mean something important if the Legendary Pokémon saw fit to bring them all here. We will need to keep them around until our task is completed, just in case.
Saturn: Sir!
[Ash, Dawn and Brock get surrounded by Team Galactic grunts, and confronted by Mars and Jupiter and their Pokémon. Then, the camera cuts to and zooms in on an the cornered trio and then, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie who have red eyes indicating anger. It cuts to Ash who is still cross]
Ash: You won't get away with it. Who cares if you're Team Galactic? Pikachu! Thunderbolt, let's go!
Pikachu: Pika... (Uses Thunderbolt) ...chuuuuuu!
Dawn: Piplup, use Bubble Beam!
Piplup: Pip... (Uses Bubble Beam like Dawn told him) ...lup!
[Piplup's Bubble Beam breaks the stasis cells that each Lake Guardian is trapped in]
Brock: Croagunk, do it!
Croagunk: Croagunk! (Aims at Toxicroak when the screen freezes)
Narrator: While a powerful assault begins to take shape against the evil Team Galactic in an attempt to free the three Legendary Pokémon, will our heroes be successful in their mission? Stay tuned to find out!

The Battle Finale of Legend!

James: Heave ho! Let the wind blow!

Team Rocket: Team Rocket finishes: wind, place, and show!

The Treasure is All Mine!


Mastering Current Events!

[The episode begins with the gang travelling through a forest]
Piplup: [exhausted] Piplup...
Dawn: Oh, no.
Ash: Man... Bet ya we’re lost.
Dawn: How big IS this forest anyway?
Brock: [reads the PokéGear] Heading over this way should get us out of here fast.
Ash: Gliscor, I choose you! [sends out Gliscor]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Ash: Gliscor, have a look.
Gliscor: Gli! [flies up above the forest]
Announcer: While Dawn’s next Pokémon Contest in Daybreak Town awaits, our heroes seem to have gotten a bit turned around and are presently lost in a deep forest.
[the gang keeps on walking, until...]
Gliscor: [from outside the forest] Gliscor! Gliscor!
Ash: That way! [Ash and Co. are out of the forest, which ends up in a mountainous area] Yeah, we’re outta here!
Pikachu: Pika?
Ash: [astonished by the mountainous area] Check it out.
[Suddenly, they hear familiar sounds from under the canyon.]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Ash: Gliscor!
Scizor: [chasing Gliscor] Scizor!
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Ash: What’s that? [sees a Scizor chasing Gliscor] It’s a Scizor!
Gliscor: [lands at a safe distance from Scizor] Gli!
Piplup: Piplup!
Brock: Look!
Dawn: A Chimecho!
[Scizor and Chimecho clash against each other.]
Ash: [about Scizor] Whoa, fast!
Gliscor: Gli.
[Scizor prepares a Metal Claw attack.]
Brock: Look, Scizor’s using Metal Claw.
[Chimecho uses Psywave to block the Metal Claw.]
Ash: Chimecho’s using Psywave back.
Scizor: [blocks the Psywave] Scizor! [preparing a Double Hit attack] Sciz!
Brock: This time it’s Double Hit.
[Ash gasps, amazed]
Gliscor: [amazed] Scor... (Whoa...)
Scizor: [hits Chimecho and sends it flying] Scizor!
Gliscor: Gliscor! (Look out!)
[Gliscor and Pikachu get out of the way as Chimecho hits Piplup head-first, knocking him out.]
Piplup: Piplup!
Dawn: [concerned] Piplup, no!
Piplup: [unconscious] Piplup...
[theme song and title, then the scene changes to a concerned Dawn holding her Piplup.]
Piplup: [moaning] Lup...
Dawn: Piplup, please tell you’re all right.
Maya: [as her balloon lands] Sorry, I never thought people or Pokémon would be way out here like this. [to her Chimecho; concerned] Chimecho, are you okay?
Chimecho: [gets up] Chime, Chime. Chime, Chime, Chime.
[Dawn opens her Pokédex, looking up about Chimecho.]
Rosette: Chimecho, the Wind Chime Pokémon. Its cries, which reverberate in its hollow body, emerge as notes of beauty, which drive off its opponents.
[Another balloon lands, and McCann and his Scizor step out.]
McCann: Huh? I’ll be. I’m shocked to find signs of life in this thick forest.
Ash: Excuse me. Hey, is that your Scizor?
[a while later]
Maya: Wow. You don’t know who this is, do you?
Ash: Hmm... Guess I don’t.
McCann and Maya: [shocked] Huh?
Dawn: Well, I sure know. They did a story on you for “Sinnoh Now”.
Brock: Huh?
Dawn: Yeah, you’re that Air Battle Master.
Maya: McCann.
Ash: Air Battle Master?
Maya: Right, that's it. See, when it comes to air battling, my Grandfather McCann is undefeated and unbeatable.
Ash: [impressed] Wow.
Maya: But now that he’s retired, he lives a quiet life up in the mountains near here. Sometimes he even lets me battle him.
Brock: I see! So what’s what that air battle was all about!
McCann: Now, the thing is, the way the wind blows around here makes this valley quite unique. It’s about as perfect for air battles as you’re going to get.
Maya: Every so often, someone asks Grandpa to teach them everything he knows. So many seem to wanna learn every last one of his secrets. Just yesterday, a student asked to help him make his Crobat stronger.
Brock: And so did you help him out?
McCann: Nah. I said he didn’t have a chance.
Maya: Right. See, most people don’t have a chance, but even if they can’t become students, they bring their Pokémon to be trained, right, Grandpa?
McCann: Right, dear.
Maya: So most requests get turned down right from the start.
McCann: I figure if there’s no chance for them to become strong, it’s a waste of my time.
Gliscor: [pops up behind Ash] Gliscor!
Ash: Huh? Gliscor, wanna try?
Gliscor: [eager] Gliscor, Gliscor!
Ash: Mr. McCann, would you consider battling my Gliscor, please? You see, we’re on a journey together to win the Sinnoh League.
McCann: Are you saying your Gliscor is strong?
Ash: Yeah. Gliscor’s a huge help in my gym battles.
Gliscor: Gliscor!
McCann: Well, I wonder about that.
Dawn: It’ll be great! Please?
Brock: It sure would.
Pikachu: [happily] Pika, Pika!
Piplup: Piplup, Piplup!
Maya: Why not? Since you’re retired, there’s not that much to do.
McCann: Perhaps. Might be a nice way to kill some time.
[Dawn and Brock both sweat drop and chuckle, while Gliscor gives a "I don't get it" look.]
Ash: Kill some time, huh?
McCann: Scizor, let’s go! [brings out Scizor]
Scizor: Scizor!
Gliscor: Gli!
Dawn's Pokédex: “Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon. It threatens enemies with its eye-patterned claws, which can swing with tremendous force when used in battle.”
Dawn: Wow. Strong.
Ash: Yeah.

Ash: C'mon, Gliscor. You know you can't turn well at that speed.
Dawn: Gliscor, you gotta wake up.

Jessie: Puh-leeze. You’d think the twerps were using vanishing cream.
Meowth: Well, they slathered it on when they hit the forest.
James: So twerpishly slick.

Maya: Grandpa, shouldn’t you wrap this up soon?
McCann: I suppose. No sense wasting anymore of my time. [to Scizor] Scizor, Hyper Beam, let’s go!

[After Gliscor lost against Scizor and once the balloon lands.]
Gliscor: Gli...
Ash: Gliscor, are you okay?
Gliscor: [recovers] Gli...
Brock: That was rough.
Ash: Yeah. Poor Gliscor wasn’t even able to get in a single hit.
Gliscor: [tears up] Gli...
Ash: Hey, Gliscor, don’t cry.

[During sunset, Gliscor is still crying about its defeat.]
Ash: Yeah, that was a tough loss, eh, Gliscor?
Gliscor: [looks at Ash] Gliscor. Gli...
[After sunset, inside the guest house, the gang is having dinner. Gliscor, however, is not hungry, but instead mourning about its defeat]
Ash: Gliscor? Not much of an appetite, huh?
Dawn: You've gotta eat if you wanna get stronger.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Piplup: Piplup!
Gliscor: [reluctant] Gli... (Fine...)
Piplup: Lup. [starts eating]
Gliscor: [reaches for its bowl, much to its reluctance; with a full mouth] Gliscor.
[several minutes later, after dinner]
Ash: [holds up Gliscor’s Poké-Ball] 'Kay, Gliscor, time for bed.
[short pause]
Gliscor: [reluctant] Scor. (No.)
Ash: But, Gliscor, you’ve gotta get some rest.
Brock: I guess Gliscor’s got a lot to think about.
Ash: Guess so...
[While the gang falls asleep, Ash loses grasp of Pikachu.]
Pikachu: [wakes up] Pika? [rubs his eye, then goes outside. At the edge of the valley, Gliscor is gazing at the moon, still mourning about its loss; off-screen] Pika, Pika?
Gliscor: Gli. (Hmm?)
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Ash: [approaches them] Gliscor.
Gliscor: [looks away] Gli.
Ash: Too upset to sleep, huh?
Gliscor: Scor. (Yeah.)
Ash: Hey, what do you say we take a whack at trying to read the wind, just like McCann said?
Gliscor: [heads up] Gli? (Really?) [grinning] Scor. (Yes.)

Ash: [thinking] What'd he say about reading the wind? Yeah, got it!
[Cut to Gliscor chasing Staraptor, who has a rope tied to his tail.]
Staraptor: Star.
Gliscor: Gli.
Ash: Gliscor, that’s it! Just keep on chasing after the rope!
Staraptor: Staraptor.
Gliscor: Gliscor.
Dawn: [holding a paper bag] Here, Ash, try using this.
Ash: Dawn!
Dawn: I took a bit tinfoil and used it to make confetti. Watch this. [throws some confetti in the air, which reveals the wind once caught in it]
Ash: Whoa, great! Now you can see the wind. [to Gliscor] Now, Gliscor, follow that trail!
Gliscor: [starts following the confetti] Gli!
Ash: [is given the bag] Thanks a lot, Dawn. [to Gliscor] Gliscor, look down! [throws some confetti] Here’s more!
Gliscor: [following the next trail of confetti] Scor!
Ash: You’re really riding the wind!
Pikachu: [happy] Pika, Pika!
[Meanwhile, Team Rocket are travelling in their balloon at night while suddenly some tinfoil hits them.]
Meowth: What’s with the sparkles?
James: That’s flying tinfoil.
Jessie: For what?
Meowth: [points at something off-screen] That!
Gliscor: Gliscor! [lands in Team Rocket’s balloon basket]
Meowth: [to Jessie and James] This Gliscor’s from the twoips. [to Gliscor] What are you doing on a night like this?
Gliscor: [calmly] Gliscor, Gli. Gli, Gliscor, Gli.
Jessie: Translation, please.
Meowth: Gliscor’s trying to read the wind so it can battle Scizor for the win.
James: I see... not.

[about Team Rocket]
Ash: Why are they here? It's night.
Dawn: Right.

McCann: Really? You want an air battle with me again?
Maya: Even though Gliscor wasn’t able to land a single hit before?
Ash: [as he and Gliscor bow] Yes, we do. We’re asking for another chance, please.
Pikachu: Pika.
Piplup: Piplup.
Dawn: Oh, please, sir. Ash and Gliscor worked really hard all night long learning to read the wind.
Brock: They get it now.
Ash: ‘Course, we might not be able to beat Scizor after all of this, but still. We really wanna check how far we’ve come and look at Gliscor’s progress.
Gliscor: [determined] Gli!
McCann: Dear, what should I do?
Maya: Well, there’s always more time to kill, so why not?
[a moment later, Ash’s Gliscor and McCann’s Scizor are prepared for the rematch.]
McCann: All right, then. Ready to go?
Ash: Yeah.
Dawn: Do it, Gliscor! Good luck.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!

[When Gliscor’s X-Scissor missed Scizor, much to Ash's frustration.]
Dawn: Scizor’s so fast. It’s amazing.
McCann: Metal Claw!
Scizor: [powers up Metal Claw] Sciz...
Gliscor: [determinedly dodges the Metal Claw] Gli.
McCann: Oh, so Gliscor can dodge now.

Ash: Gliscor, do it!

[After Gliscor lost a second time.]
Ash: Gliscor, you okay?
Gliscor: Gli...
Ash: So we lost again.
Gliscor: Gli.
Ash: But not only did you learn how to read the wind, you learned a brand-new move, too. And that’s really good, you know?
Gliscor: [smiles] Gli.
Dawn: Sure is, it’s great!
Brock: That’s real progress
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Piplup: Piplup, Piplup!
Maya: Yeah, that performance really wasn’t bad at all.
McCann: Indeed. Tell me, Ash. How would you like to leave Gliscor with me for a little training?
Ash: Leave Gliscor here?
McCann: If your Gliscor was able to read the wind that well in just one night, there’s a making of a great pupil here.
Ash: [stunned] Whoa, I don’t know what to say.
McCann: It’s quite amazing how this reminds me of the very first time I met Scizor. It’s been a long time since I’ve met a Pokémon I wanted to train.
Gliscor: [shocked] Gliscor? [stares at the ground, thinking] Gli...

Double Time Battle Training!


A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!

Ash: I can't believe Team Rocket would even pull a stunt like this.

Gotta Get a Gible!

Meowth: That jerk's got ostentatious-itis!
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