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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors, (advertised as Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors) aired in Japan as Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール Poketto Monsutā Daiyamondo & Pāru?), the thirteenth season of the Pokémon animated series, concluding the continuing adventures of Diamond and Pearl series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he continues to travel Sinnoh with Dawn, Pikachu, and Brock.

Regaining the Home Advantage[edit]

[Officer Jenny, Ash, Dawn and Brock are looking for Magnezone]
Ash: Hey, did we lose it?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Dawn: It's got to be around here somewhere.
[Then, they hear a loud boom coming from somewhere nearby]
Ash: Huh? Is that it?
[Metagross comes towards them]
Metagross: Meta!
Dawn: No way!
Brock: Yeah, that's a Metagross.
Officer Jenny: Here it comes!
[Officer Jenny, Brock, Ash and Dawn get out of the way as Metagross comes flying through and crashes into a building. However, it continues to fly]
Ash: Now we've got to deal with a Metagross.
Dawn: (getting out her Pokédex) Metagross, let's see.
Dawn's Pokédex: Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokémon and the evolved form of Metang. Metagross has four legs and uses many powerful moves.
Officer Jenny: It was hard enough having to deal with Magnezone. What's going on here?
[Meanwhile, Magnezone and Metagross are battling each other]
Magnezone: Magne!
Metagross: Meta!
[They collide with each other and strain as Officer Jenny, Ash, Dawn and Brock find them. Then, Magnezone and Metagross are sent flying into buildings, causing damage]
Ash: Whoa!
Brock: Huh.
Magnezone: Magnezone! (Uses Sonic Boom on Metagross)
Brock: That's Sonic Boom!
Metagross: ME-E-E-E-ETA! (Uses Metal Claw on Magnezone)
Magnezone: Zone!
[Everyone gasps]
Brock: And that's Metal Claw.
Metagross: Meta, Meta! (Throws Magnezone into a building and Magnezone falls to the ground]
Magnezone: Zone...zone...
Dawn: Both of them are terrifying!
Officer Jenny: This town will be destroyed if they keep it up.
Ash: So we've got to stop 'em! Monferno, let's go! (Sends out Monferno)
Monferno: Monferno!
Magnezone: Magne...
Dawn: Ash, stay safe. Be careful!
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Ash: Sure - just leave it to me. (to Monferno) Now, Monferno, use Flamethrower!
Monferno: Monfer! (Uses Flamethrower which hits Magnezone)
Magnezone: Magne! (Crashes to the ground)
Ash: All right! It's working.
Metagross: Meta! (Hits Monferno)
Monferno: Aa-aa! Monferno...
Ash: Monferno, no!
Metagross: Meta!
Ash: Quick, Mach Punch!
[Monferno readies its Mach Punch attack]
Metagross: Me-ta-a-a! (Spins around and hits Monferno)
Monferno: Ferno... (Hits the ground)
Ash: Oh! Are you all right, Monferno?
Monferno: (groans and then replies to Ash) Monferno.
Dawn: We've got to do something.
Piplup: Piplup!
[Dawn gets out a Poké Ball]
Dawn: Mamoswine, help us out!
Piplup: Pip? Lup...
[Dawn sends out Mamoswine]
Mamoswine: Mamo!
[Soon, Dawn and Mamoswine are waiting to make their move when Magnezone comes towards them]
Dawn: Here it comes - Take Down!
Mamoswine: Mamo, Mamo, Mamo! (Uses Take Down on Magnezone)
Ash: Agh.
Pikachu: Pika?
Mamoswine: Mo...
Dawn: Use Hidden Power!
Mamoswine: Ma-mo-swine! (Uses Hidden Power on Magnezone who dodges it and attacks Mamoswine, sending it into the air) Mamos... (Lands on the ground in front of Dawn)
Dawn: Ah! Mamoswine, are you all right?
[The camera cuts to Brock and Officer Jenny]
Brock: Now it's my turn! Dear Jenny, the time has finally come for you to watch me work. Happiny, you're up - let's go! (Sends out Happiny)
Happiny: Happiny!
Metagross: (charging at Happiny) Meta!
Brock: Take care of this!
Happiny: Hap! (Grabs Metagross who then groans)
Officer Jenny: Wow, Brock's amazing.
Ash: Yeah, and so is Happiny.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Brock: Thanks, Jenny. Yes, my Happiny saved the day. It took care of Metagross, but in a different way, well... (Turns to Jenny) I can take care of you, too, Jenny, and once you're in my arms you'll feel taken care of like never before!
[Meanwhile, Happiny is dealing with Metagross who then spins round and sends Happiny flying]
Brock: (turns back) Huh? (Happiny hits him)
Happiny: Haaa... (Jumps on Brock joyfully) Happiny, Happiny, Happiny!
Dawn: Oh, no. Not even Happiny could help.
[Magnezone and Metagross resume their fight]
Metagross: Meta! Ta! Meta!
Magnezone: Zone!
[They go high into the sky]

Short and to the Punch[edit]

A Marathon Rivalry[edit]

Yes, in Dee-Dee It's Dawn[edit]

[Piplup starts laughing at Dawn]

Playing the Performance Encore[edit]

Fighting Ire with Fire[edit]

Piplup, Up and Away[edit]

[Ash is giving Gible some training]
Ash: All right, Gible... (Points in Gible's direction) ...Draco Meteor.
[Gible uses Draco Meteor and the attack goes high in the sky, but then it falls)
Ash's Gible: Gible...
[Nearby, Piplup is smelling some flowers, even though he has no nose. Then, Gible's Draco Meteor attack hits him]
Piplup: Piplup! (He faints) Piplup, Piplup!
Ash: Sorry, Piplup. (to Gible) Gible, use Draco Meteor.
[Gible unleashes its Draco Meteor attack which goes high in the sky and comes back down again]
Ash's Gible: Gible...
[Piplup is looking at his reflection in a nearby river]
Piplup: Piplup. [Nice water] (But then, Gible's Draco Meteor hits him) Piplup!
[The camera shows that he is now upside-down in the river]
Piplup: (enraged) Piplup Piplup Piplup Piplup Piplup Piplup...
Ash: I'm really sorry, Piplup. (to Gible) Draco Meteor, one more time!
[Gible unleashes its Draco Meteor attack which goes high in the sky and comes back down again]
Ash's Gible: Gible...
[But the attack hits Piplup again...]
Piplup: Piplup! (and again...) Piplup! (and again...) Piplup! (Loses his temper) Piplup, Piplup! [THAT'S IT!!!] (Runs up to Gible) PIPLUP, PIPLUP, PIPLUP, PIPLUP!!! [I'M GETTING FED UP WITH YOUR CONSTANT DRACO METEOR ATTACK!!!] (Gible bites on his head)
Ash: Ugh!
[Piplup becomes extremely angry and uses Bubblebeam on Gible, then Whirlpool. Gible bites on a rock]
Piplup: Piiiiiiiip! (Starts attacking Gible angrily) Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup!
[Ash and Dawn see what is happening]
Ash Hey, cool it!
Dawn: Piplup, oh no!
Piplup: (in tears) Piplup Piplup...
[Piplup has a fantasy in which Gible is being chided by Dawn and Ash]
Dawn: Gible, that's just awful.
Ash: Yeah, you keep on hitting Piplup over and over.
Pikachu: Pika!
Dawn: Apologise to Piplup now!
Ash's Gible: Gib, Gible.
Ash: You've gotta tell Piplup you're really sorry.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash's Gible: Gible. Gib, Gib, Gible.
[A second fantasy begins. It features a happy Dawn]
Dawn: Oh, Piplup, no need to worry. My sweet Piplup. Dear Piplup.
[In the present, Piplup is crying in tears of joy as he hugs Pikachu]
Piplup: Piplup, Piplup, Piplup, Piplup. (His cheeks turn red and his eyes turn small) Piplup?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika. (Runs back to Ash) Pikachu.
Piplup: Piplup.
Brock: Gible, there's no reason to get worked up.
Ash: Yeah, you'll get it in no time.
Dawn: Sure. We all know you weren't trying to be mean, Gible.
Piplup: Piplup?! [What was that?!]
Dawn: Weren't trying to be mean, Gible... Weren't trying to be mean, Gible... (Piplup turns white in shock) Weren't trying to be mean, Gible... (The background turns purple) Piplup... (The camera cuts to the hills, the forest, the sky and then back to Ash and his friends talking to Gible) Piplup... (Walks away from Ash and his friends)

Flint Sparks the Fire[edit]

Volkner: Yes an electrifying one.

The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore[edit]

[Grotle uses Tackle and sends Carnivine and Seviper flying backwards, but the two refuse to back down.]
Ash: Grotle, awesome! Next, follow up with Razor Leaf! Let's go!
Grotle: Grotle, Grooo... [Right! On second thought...] [As it is about to execute the attack, it begins to glow!]
Ash: Grotle!
Volkner: Grotle's evolving.
[Seconds later, Ash's Grotle evolves into Torterra]
Torterra: Torterra! [Much better!]

Teaching the Student Teacher[edit]

Keeping in Top Form[edit]

Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue[edit]

James: Get your capturing claws off of my styler!
Ben: It's MY styler, you petty thieves!

An Elite Coverup[edit]

Dawn of a Royal Day[edit]

With the Easiest of Grace[edit]

Dawn: Togekiss has just protected Piplup!
Piplup: Lup? [Really?]
Togekiss: Kiss, Toge! [Style! For shame!]
[Togekiss walks over to Gible]
Togekiss: Kiss, Toge? Kiss, Toge? [Is Piplup really a friend of yours? If so, why are you causing him harm with that Draco Meteor?]

Dealing with a Fierce Double Ditto Drama[edit]

Dawn: Ash Ketchum! The least you two could do is train elsewhere if you're going to use Gible's Draco Meteor!

Last Call, First Round[edit]

Opposites Interact[edit]

Coming Full Festival Circle[edit]

A Grand Fight for Winning[edit]

For the Love of Meowth[edit]

The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World[edit]

Volkner: Well, this is it. Whether I lose or win, this battle it's sad that this will be our last battle.

Flint: That's got to be Blaze, Infernape's ability.

Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port[edit]

[Buizel loses to Kenny's Empoleon]
Brock: Buizel's unable to battle! The winner is Empoleon and the victory goes to Kenny! [Note: Many fans often claim that Ash's Buizel is a strong unevolved Pokémon that does not need evolution. However, Buizel was obviously put out of focus in favor of Infernape, hence why he failed against Empoleon, did not get enough character development and failed to evolve into a Floatzel when the writers had the chance to do so.]

[Kenny arrives at the lighthouse waiting for Dawn to arrive. Instead, there's only a note]
Kenny: Dear Kenny...
Dawn: [in the letter] About my future plans, for the time being, I've decided to go with Ash and cheer him on at the Sinnoh League. I'll have to think about what I'm doing after that. And only I can figure that out. But I can guarantee you one thing for sure: No matter what else happens, I'm going to keep on working toward my dream of becoming Top Coordinator. And as long as we share the same dream, Kenny, I'm certain we'll meet again. Count on it!

Bucking the Treasure Trend[edit]

An Old Family Blend[edit]

League Unleashed[edit]

Casting a Paul on a Barry[edit]

Working on a Right Move[edit]

Brock: Instead of using Flame Wheel, Infernape powered up by learning Flare Blitz. That was great!
Ash: Thanks!

Barry: So you're training hard to beat Paul, aren't you?
Ash: Yeah, but I've gotta defeat Conway first.
Barry: Right! I forgot. So this is your Pokémon team for today. [Ash's Infernape, Torterra and Glalie are shown] You're going for pure power with those three.

[When Ash sends in Noctowl]
Barry: Brock! Ash's Noctowl is a different shiny color!

[after Ash has sent in Gible]
Conway: I didn't think it had mastered Draco Meteor yet.

Ash: Gible, watch out for that tongue!

[Dusknoir is about to defeat Donphan]
Conway: Hmm... it's the end of the line, Ash! [to Dusknoir] Shadow Punch!

[After Ash defeated Conway]
Conway: This has got to be the least calculated battle I've ever seen. At least a new battle equation has been inputted into my database. Heh heh heh heh heh heh.

[after the battles for the quarter-finals have been chosen]
Dawn: Ash against Paul.
Barry: IT'S ABOUT TIME! Ash and Paul are finally going to battle it out!

Brock: And Gible gets today’s gallantry award. Eat all you want.
Gible: [eating] Gible.
Dawn: Now that Gible has mastered Draco Meteor, I’m sure Piplup will be able to rest easier. Am I right?
Piplup: [happy] Piplup!
Ash: [overseeing his Pokémon] Thanks a lot, Gible, Noctowl and Donphan. I’ll work hard in round 4. And that’s a promise!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[Paul and his Electivire approach]
Barry: It’s Paul!
Ash: Hey, Paul. So, are you fine-tuning your Pokémon?
Paul: Yeah.
Electivire: Electivire!
Pikachu: Pika!
Cynthia: [overseeing the two trainers] It’s Paul vs. Ash. I’m really looking forward to their battle.
Narrator: [v.o.] And so, Ash advances to round 4: the quarter-finals, where our battle with Paul promises some red-hot excitement, so stay tuned for two longtime rivals going at it head to head.
[Cut after sunset]
Ash: I got Buizel, Professor.
Oak: Good. Noctowl and the others are all in good hands. So, waiting for your third Pokémon for tomorrow?
Ash: Right. It should be here any minute now.
[Dawn enters the Pokémon Center]
Piplup: Pip, Piplup!
Dawn: Hey, Ash, it's here!
Ash: Really?!
Pikachu: Pika!
[Dawn and Ash head outside the Pokémon Center, where Brock is waiting for them]
Brock: Ash, [points at something off-screen] look!
[Dawn and Ash look up and notice a familiar shadow heading for them, much to Ash's and Pikachu's delight]
Ash: I've been waiting. Gliscor!
Gliscor: [eagerly licks her lips] Gli.

Familiarity Breeds Strategy[edit]

Ash: Awesome, huh? Gliscor learned a lot from battling the Air Battle Master. [petting Gliscor] Training with him was a really good thing for you, wasn’t it?
Gliscor: [licks his lips] Gliscor, Gli! [glomps Ash]

A Real Rival Rouser![edit]

Meowth: A toxic rerun!
Jessie: And I hate reruns!

Paul: I purposely let you take out Aggron and Gastrodon so I could be certain of your strategy and exactly which Pokémon you'd use.
Ash: Purposely?
Paul: [as he recalls Drapion] Ever since I brought out Drapion, I've been able to predict every one of your moves.
[Ash gives a rude smirk to Paul, much to Paul's confusion]
Ash: [As Ash readies Gliscor] Paul, there's nobody like you. That's why I'm going to win this.
Paul: [Readies Ninjask] It's the other way around. I'm leaving you way behind.

[As Ninjask is using Agility, combined with Speed Boost, leaving Gliscor perplexed]
Ash: Gliscor, just relax and use Stone Edge!

[After Infernape used Flare Blitz from underground to expel Drapion’s Toxic Spikes]
Ash: Well Paul, that takes care of your Toxic Spikes.
Paul: It was a pretty clever move, Ash.
Ash: Bring it on!
Paul: Giga Drain.

[Ninjask is using Giga Drain on Infernape]
Barry: It looks to me like Ninjask's not able to use Speed Boost anymore.
Dawn: It's slower alright.

[Paul bitterly recalls Ninjask. Guess he should have improved Ninjask rather than focusing more on Honchkrow.]
Announcer: And Infernape's Mach Punch puts an end to Ninjask's speedy spinning. And now both sides just have three Pokemon remaining, turning this bout into a serious battle of strategies.

Dawn: Wow! Those two did it!
Barry: [sighs in relief] I was worried for a while. Good thing Pikachu’s awesomely strong!
Brock: But Paul still has two Pokémon left. And one of them hasn’t even battled yet. Ash’s Pokémon all have taken damage, and that can only mean one thing: [cue Pikachu panting out of exhaustion] Ash is still operating at a disadvantage.

[After Pikachu defeated Froslass, much to Team Rocket’s relief]
James: I need to take a nap. Tussling twerps exhaust me.
Jessie: I’d take a pause for the cause. [opens a can of soda and drinks it]
James and Meowth: Stop, Jess!
Jessie: [screams] I'm a profit guzzler!
Meowth: Well, since we know you, we'll recharge ya triple.

[[As soon as Gliscor is sent out, it briefly loses balance, wincing in pain]
Announcer: Gliscor looks a bit shaken, obviously reeling from the previous bout with Ninjask.
Ash: Gliscor, let’s see what you’ve learned from your training with the Air Battle Master! You ready?
Gliscor: [nods] Gliscor!
Ash: [thinking] I know Drapion’s battling style by now, and the only one who can turn the tables on Paul is Gliscor.

[After Gliscor lands a Giga Impact on Drapion and performed a mid-air somersault, much to Ash’s and Team Rocket’s amazement, and the confusion of Paul and his Drapion]
Dawn: Now that's the way to be in an air battle!
Barry: Yeah! Gliscor's training is really paying off!
Brock: Right! And you can thank the Air Battle Master! [v.o.] Now Gliscor's safe even after not being able to move right after using Giga Impact!

Paul: Well done. That Stone Edge got my attention alright. So...PIN MISSILE!

Battling a Thaw in Relations![edit]

[After Paul sent in Electivire]
Ash: [thinking] Electric-type moves have no effect on Gliscor, but still...
Gliscor: [turns to Ash] Gliscor Gli Gliscor. [Let me fight Electivire.]
Ash: But, Gliscor... [short pause] 'Kay, you've got yourself a deal. [Note: A lot of fans claim that Ash's Gliscor is better than Ash's Torterra just because it beat up Byron's Bastiodon and Paul's Drapion. However, those are the only two battles Gliscor has won. Gliscor needs more wins to be 'better' than Torterra as well as not being underutilize throughout the series.]

[Infernape falls to the ground after taking a brutal Thunder attack from Electivire.]
Announcer: Infernape is down!
James: It can't be...
Jessie: Come on, Infernape! Show us some of that fighting spirit!
Meowth: You've never trown in the towel with anything you've ever done, so don't start throwing it now!
Wobbuffet: [clamoring] WOB-BUFFET!! [Don't let us down!]
Dawn: Poor Infernape...
Piplup: [teary-eyed] Lup...[So horrible...]
[Reggie and Cynthia watch over Infernape, wondering if the Flame Pokémon, and Ash for that matter, is really eliminated.]
Referee: Infernape's unable to-- huh?
Electivire: [to the referee] Vire! [Wait!]
[Infernape starts to help itself to its feet.]
Referee: Oh!
[Infernape stares angrily through blurry eyes at Electivire, who motions for Infernape to stand up.]
Electivire: Electi! Electivire! [Get up, Infernape! I want this battle to be done properly!]
Paul: [disappointed] So I guess that's the best you can do then? You're pathetic, just like always.
Infernape: Fern...ape! [I'm not done!] [It's eyes open up with a renewed drive to claim victory over Electivire and Paul.]
Ash: 'Fraid not.
Paul: Huh?!
Cynthia and Reggie: Ohh!
Ash: Alright! Infernape, time to show Paul just how strong you are!
Infernape: [As Blaze activates] Innnn...feerrrrn...AAAAAAPE!!! AAAAAAPE! [PATHETIC?!]
Ash: Yes!
Announcer: And Infernape is back with a vengeance...
Paul: Hmph!
Announcer: ...showing the entire stadium incredible will and fighting spirit!
[The effects of Infernape's Blaze radiate upward from the battlefield, and can be seen from outside the stadium.]
Barry: It's Blaze!
Brock: Reaching the absolute limits of Infernape's endurance has actually brought out its greatest strength!
Dawn: But with all of the damage Infernape's taken, they better finish this up, quickly!
Piplup: [cheering Infernape on] Pip... PIPLUP! PIPLUP! [Come on! Teach 'em a lesson!]
Team Rocket: [cheering] Infernape's up, so are we! A happier team you'll never see! Help that twerp make the bad guy drool and slurp!
Reggie: So this is what Ash was going for all along!
Ash: Time for the real battle! Alright! Infernape, Flamethrower!
Infernape: [Launching Flamethrower] Innn...FERNAPE! [Eat Flamethrower!]
Paul: Infernape's more powerful than ever, so heads-up! THUNDER!
Electivire: [releasing Thunder] Electi...vire! [Here's...Thunder!]
[resisting Flamethrower] Vire! [Ouch!]
[The two attacks explode on impact, leaving the battlefield in dust.]
Ash: Mach Punch, go!
Infernape: In...fernape! [quickly lands a blow on Electivire with said attack] [Take this!]
Electivire: E...vire! [is sent flying from Infernape's Mach Punch, but is able to land on its feet.] [Arrgh!]
Ash and Paul: Let's finish this!
Paul: Use Thunder Punch!
Electivire: [charging towards Infernape with Thunder Punch] Elec-ec-ec-ec-ec! [Here comes Thunder Punch!]
Ash: Flare Blitz, GO!
Infernape: Innn...fernnn...aaaAAPE!! [charges up, then hurtles toward Electivire with Flare Blitz] [Counter this!]
Electivire: [unleashing Thunder Punch] Electi...
[The two attacks collide, forming a powerful tornado that is visible outside the stadium, with Ash holding his ground and Paul standing still on either side of it.]
Infernape: In...FERN...AAAAPE!![In the midst of a split-screen struggle between the two attacks, Infernape breaks the fourth wall and overpowers Electivire, causing the tornado to surge and strengthen.]
[Infernape appears behind Electivire, having dealt a devastating blow to Electivire.]
Infernape: [taking recoil damage from Flare Blitz] Infernape...[Arrgh...]
Electivire: [exploding from the force of Flare Blitz] Vire! [OW!] [Electivire's eye lights up within the smoke.]Electi. Electivire. [Huh. Well done.]
Infernape: Infernape! [Turns around and meets its opponent in a staredown.]
[Infernape & Ash and Electivire & Paul stare at each other in a moment of extreme tension in which the winner of their battle is decided. A heartbeat can be heard.]
Electivire: Vire... [No...] [Succumbs to its damage, fainting.]
Referee: Electivire is unable to battle! Infernape wins! Which means the victory goes to Ash of Pallet Town!
Announcer: And that's all she wrote! After a fantastically fierce full 6-on-6 battle, the winner of today's attack fest is Ash!!

Paul: [recalling his Electivire] Thank you. Good battle, Electivire. Hm?
Infernape: Infernape! [What do you think?]
Paul: Well...huh? [Infernape collapses but luckily Ash manages to catch him]

[At Veilstone City, Reggie talks to his own Staraptor and Swalot, along with Paul's Torterra, Honchkrow, Weavile and Ursaring]
Reggie: I'm sorry, but Paul lost. [The Pokemon all groan in sadness] But you know the battle will just make Paul stronger still. As soon as Paul gets back, then we'll have a battle. [The Pokemon all cheer in happiness]

Paul: Infernape's gotten a lot stronger.
Ash: Yeah, sure has, Paul. Are you going?
Paul: I lost, Ash, didn't I? So there's no reason to stay. I'm going to go back to Snowpoint City and request another battle with Brandon.
Ash: Got ya. Good luck, Paul.
Paul: Yeah...thanks, you too.
Cynthia: Paul...and Ash. Someday soon, they'll both be entering the Champion League and how I look forward to that day.
[Just then the boat rings signalling that it is about to leave]
Paul: So...I'll see you. [walks away saddened that karma had finally caught up to him]
Ash: One more thing, Paul! Let's battle again real soon!
Pikachu: Pika, Pika! (Take care, Paul!)
[Paul is shocked by the proposal but has a warm friendly smile. He waves goodbye to Ash in a friendly matter without looking back, finally acknowledging Ash as a worthy trainer]

The Semi-Final Frontier[edit]

Tobias: [after recalling Darkrai, who finally lost for once] You have definitely proved you earned your spot in the semi-final round. To think I'm using my second Pokémon right here in this Poké Ball. LET'S GO! [Seconds later, Tobias summons...a Latios?!? Tobias is universally hated by fans for first appearing in the middle of the League arc with little build up and using Mythicals and Legendaries in the League. Good thing Cynthia is still Champion.]

The Brockster is In[edit]

James: Bingo! My favorite bling!
Jessie: [laughs] Is it gold? Silver? Platinum?
Meowth: Rubies or sapphires? Although diamonds and pearls rock too!
James: It's not quite that black and white.

James: Hey, that's my bottlecap!
Jessie: You may have lost a bottlecap but you've gained your life!
Meowth: Yeah, word up.
James: That was...my life.

Memories are Made of Bliss[edit]

[Pikachu and Piplup are sitting on the floor having Pokémon food for breakfast in separate bowls]
Johanna: [off camera] Boys, the boat to Kanto leaves this afternoon, so be sure you're not late.
[The camera cuts to a better angle with Johanna, Dawn, Ash and Brock sitting at the table]
Ash: Right.
Brock: I want to make sure I buy plenty of Sinnoh gifts for everyone, so let's get an early start.
Ash: Good idea.
[The camera cuts to Piplup]
Dawn: [off camera] Well, you don't have to rush out of here too quickly.
Johanna: I want to thank you two so much for everything you did for Dawn on your journey together. [The camera pans left to Brock and Ash] I can't tell you what a wonderful experience it's been for her as a trainer and coordinator.
Ash: There's no need to thank us. Travelling with Dawn has been lots of fun.
Dawn: So, Ash, do you think you're going to battle in another league again?
Ash: Hmmm, I don't know yet. First, I definitely want to go back to Pallet Town and thank my Pokémon for all the hard work they've put in for me.
Johanna: Also, I'm certain your mother is really looking forward to you returning home. [The camera cuts to Piplup's worried eyes] And the same goes for Brock, of course.
Ash: [off camera] Yeah.
Brock: [off camera] I hope so.
Dawn: [off camera] Maybe, I'll go to Kanto, too.
Piplup: Piplup? [What do you mean?]
Ash: [off camera] We could go together.
Johanna: [off camera] Dawn, I most forgot. Something came for you in the mail.
Dawn': [off camera] For me?
[The camera cuts to Dawn at the table]
Johanna: [off camera] Here. [Gives Dawn a magazine with Paris and her Lopunny on the front cover]
Dawn: Poké Chic?
Johanna: Remember Hermione, the editor? [Dawn picks up the magazine] You met her at the Hearthome Collection.
Dawn: I do remember. [The camera cuts to a picture of Hermione, Dawn, Buneary, Paris and Lopunny which is hanging on the wall] She's that awesome Pokémon stylist.
Brock: [off camera] Right, that's like a fashion designer for Pokémon.
Ash: Not only that, you won the Hearthome Collection, along with Buneary. Pikachu and I entered, but...
[A flashback to when Ash and Pikachu wore curly wigs and striped loincloths]
Dawn: You two sure got a lot of laughs!
Brock: [starts fantasising about Paris] Though I was much more interested in Paris, the Pokémon stylist idol!
Croagunk: Croagunk! [Quit your fantasizing!] [Poison jabs Brock]
Brock: Since when is it against the law to dream?! [Falls back on his chair]
Croagunk: Croa...[Just now...]
[The camera cuts to Dawn and her mum]
Dawn: So what did Hermione have to say?
Johanna: She said she wanted to talk to you about your Buneary.
Dawn: Yeah? Buneary?
Piplup: Piplup? [What's happening?]

[Later, back at Dawn's house, everyone is watching a battle on television]
Announcer: Now, battling for the title of Champion Master, it's Flint of the Elite Four's Infernape versus Champion Cynthia's Garchomp! [Flint speaks, but his voice is inaudible] And Flint commands Infernape to use Flare Blitz!
[The camera zooms in on Ash's left eye and Ash starts fantasising as Infernape uses Flare Blitz, but Cynthia's Garchomp flies away from the attack and uses Draco Meteor. Then, the English opening theme, We Will Carry On!, plays as Infernape and Garchomp battle it out]
Song in Background: It's about you, it's about me. It's about hope, it's about dreams. It's about friends that work together, to claim their destiny. It's about reaching for the sky, (Pokémon) Having the courage and willing to try. It's about never giving up, so hold your head up, and we will carry on... (Ash imagines himself being in place of Flint) It's about reaching for the sky, (Pokémon) Having the courage and willing to try. It's about never giving up, so hold your head up, and we will carry on... (Infernape faints) Sinnoh League Victors.
[Cynthia has just defeated Flint without breaking too much of a sweat]
Announcer: Infernape is down, unable to take out Cynthia's Garchomp after defeating two of her Pokémon. So once again, Cynthia defends her title as Champion Master and remains on her throne. Can anyone beat her?
Ash: [standing up] Yeah, I can! [Little did Ash realise, his wish will come true in the future...]
Dawn: That came out of nowhere.
Piplup: Piplup. [That's a shocker.]
Ash: No way, Dawn. It's always on my mind. Someday, somehow, I'm going to win the Champion League and become Champion Master. [Again, little did Ash realise, that his wish becoming a Champion Master will come true but not in the way he expected...]
[Pikachu jumps up on Ash's left shoulder]
Pikachu: Pika. Pika, Pika. [Yep. You'll get your chance!]
Ash: [to Pikachu] You're right - and, of course, that means I'll finally be a Pokémon Master.
[The camera cuts to Brock]
Pikachu: [off camera] Pikachu! [Can't wait!]
Dawn: [off camera] Awesome, your big dream.
[Brock stands up]
Brock: Hey, guys. There's something that I've wanted to tell you.
Ash: What?
Brock: The thing is, after watching you and Dawn going for your dreams, I've decided I need to go for a dream of my own. That's why I'm planning to use all of my experience... to become a Pokémon Doctor.
Ash & Dawn: A Pokémon Doctor?
Pikachu: Pika! [Cool!]
Piplup: Lup. [Impressive.]
Brock: But to become a doctor, I'll have to study hard, which means I won't have time to continue on our journey.
Ash: I understand. Go for it, Brock!
Dawn: Good luck!
Pikachu: Pikachu! [Go chase your dream!]
Piplup: Piplup! [Best of luck!]
Brock: Thanks, you two. Becoming a doctor will let me help out Pokémon from all over the world.
Dawn: So, Ash will be a Pokémon Master and Brock a Pokémon Doctor, and I'll be Top Coordinator. Sounds good to me! And no need to worry.
Ash: Whenever you say, "No need to worry," that's when I worry the most.
Dawn: No need, Ash - this time, I'm right!
[Ash, Dawn and Brock laugh]

[Final lines in the Diamond & Pearl series. Ash and Brock have arrived back in the Kanto region and they are now looking at a signpost]
Ash: I guess this is it.
Brock: Yeah.
[They shake hands with each other, wishing each other the best of luck]
Ash: You can do it, Pokémon Doctor Brock.
Brock: Pokémon Master Ash, you can too.
Ash & Brock: (clasping arms together) Yes!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[Then, they split up and go separate ways. Later, Ash and Pikachu have reached a hill that overlooks Pallet Town]
Ash: There's Pallet Town. Let's go, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pika!
[Ash and Pikachu start running down the hill towards Pallet Town. Meanwhile, the camera pans up from where they left off and shows Pallet Town in the horizon. Then, a text reading NEXT TIME, A NEW BEGINNING! appears]
[Note: Ash's Sinnoh team may be one of the strongest but it certainly is not the best. Diamond and Pearl is "Pokémon: The Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape Show" given that the writers focused so much on Infernape at the expense of the other teammates. The writers need to make Torterra, Staraptor and Gliscor have more wins and both Gible and Buizel need to fully evolve. When you make your second ace strong at the expense of the other teammates barring Pikachu, you utterly failed at balancing screen-time. This stunt would later be repeated with "Pokémon: The Ash Greninja Show" in Generation VI in Season 19.]

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