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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Battle Frontier, the ninth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering both the final adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum in Hoenn and the beginning of his Battle Frontier adventures on his second journey in Kanto

Fear Factor Phony![edit]

Sweet Baby James![edit]

A Chip Off The Old Brock![edit]

Wheel of Frontier![edit]

May's Egg-cellent Adventure![edit]

Meowth: "You're giving me a pain, but I can't say where 'cause kids watch this show!"

Weekend Warrior![edit]

On Olden Pond![edit]

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble! We don't cackle, we emote."

Tactics Theatrics![edit]

Reversing the Charges![edit]

The Green Guardian![edit]

From Cradle to Save![edit]

Time-Warp Heals All Wounds![edit]

Meowth: "Whoa, you know what this means? We messed with the space-time continuum and stuff!"

Queen of the Serpentine![edit]

[Lucy throws a pinwheel dart to the ground to silence her rude assistant, Barbara]
Lucy: Barbara, stop acting like child.
Barbara:[surprised] Lucy...or say Queen Lucy...
[everyone is shock to see the Pike Queen]
Max: Whoa, that's the Frontier Brain?
Lucy: The way you treat my guests is starting to get very old. I'm sorry. I hope you'll please to forgive my sister.

[Lucy has decided to accept Ash's 4th Battle Frontier Challenge]
Lucy: Hold on. The Battle Pike is always open for good friends. [Everyone is a bit confused]
Barbara: Good friends? Huh, those guys? [Lucy nods in agreement] You lucky boy!
Ash: I am?
Barbara: [getting annoyed] Are you deaf?! Listen, she called you all good friends. Queen Lucy is a woman of few words and she means everyone of them and she means she accepts your challenge here and now, get it?

Off the Unbeaten Path![edit]

Harley Rides Again![edit]

Odd Pokémon Out![edit]

Spontaneous Combusken![edit]

Cutting the Ties That Bind![edit]

Kaboom With a View![edit]

King and Queen For A Day![edit]

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble! You're stuck."

Curbing the Crimson Tide![edit]

What I Did for Love![edit]

Three Jynx and a Baby![edit]

Jessie: "Now, your turn. Show us that Pokémon charm."
Smoochum: "Smoochum, Smoo!"
Jessie: "That's it. That's it. Way to cut a rug."

Talking a Good Game![edit]

[At Anabel's home]
Anabel: Here, your clothes should dry off in no time.
Ash: Gee thanks. Uhh...don't you have wet clothes too?
Anabel: I'll just change in the other room. You understand.
Ash: I do? Oh, I get it. It's because May's here.
Anabel: Not exactly.
Ash: What do you mean?
Anabel: Well if truth be told, I happen to be a girl.

Second Time's a Charm![edit]

Anabel: [blushing while holding her hand she used to shake Ash's] Guess you can't sense feelings yet Ash, or you would have sensed my feelings for you.

Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis! (Part One)![edit]

Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis! (Part Two)![edit]

All That Glitters is Not Golden![edit]

New Plot, Odd Lot![edit]

Going for Choke![edit]

The Ole' Berate and Switch![edit]

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble, we've shuffled the deck!"
Butch: "It's not my thing, but what the heck!"
Jessie: "An evil as old as the galaxy!"
Butch: "I'm doing this all from memory!"
Jessie: "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
Butch: "To extend my arm with a big white glove!"
Jessie: "Jessie."
Butch: "Uh... Butch."
Jessie: "Cut!" [Kicks Butch] "Either do it right or don't do it at all!"

Cassidy: "Prepare for trouble, it's a brand new day!"
James: "We're making it double anyway!"
Cassidy: "Let's see if I can remember my lines... An evil as old as the galaxy!"
James: "Sent here to fulfill our destiny!"
Cassidy: "To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"
James: "To extend our reach to the stars above!"
Cassidy: "Whenever there's a piece of pie in the universe..."
James: "...of pie?"
Cassidy: "Ugh... I goofed it, so what?!"
James: "Forget it..."

Jessie, James & Meowth: "We're blasting off as friends!"

Grating Spaces![edit]

[The camera pans down on May, Ash, Max, and Brock as they walk through the Kanto countryside]
Narrator: Our heroes can barely contain their excitement and happy anticipation as they prepare to enter Brock's beloved hometown of Pewter City.
Max: [to Brock] That Onix you were telling us about that you raised is still here, right?
Brock: Right, along with Crobat and Geodude.
Ash: And we get to see a Ludicolo too.
Max: I can't wait.
Brock: Yeah.
Pikachu: Pika-pika.
May: Your mom must be a really good cook just like you, huh, Brock?
Brock: You know, she's more of a get-out-and-see-the-world type, and not into that domestic thing. I can't remember the last time I had any of her cooking.
Max: So why do you think it turned out to be such a super good chef?
Brock: Well, guess everybody's got to eat.
[Soon, they reach the gym in Pewter City which dramatically changed]
May: Your Pewter Gym is sure flashy.
Max: It's different, alright.
Ash: It sure wasn't like this last time we were here, right, Brock?
Brock: What happened!?

Brock: What in the name of Rock Pokémon happened to the Gym?!

Battling the Enemy Within![edit]

Brandon: "Nooo!"

Slaking Kong![edit]

May, We Harley Drew'd Ya![edit]

Thinning the Hoard![edit]

Channeling the Battle Zone![edit]

May: "Hello."

Aipom and Circumstance![edit]

Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight![edit]

Duels of the Jungle![edit]


May: Do you think you are ready for Brandon, Ash?
Max: Remember, the reason you lost last time was you didn't have a handle on Brandon's Pokémon, right?

[at the ruins, Brandon looks at a large panel and notices it as a slide puzzle]
Brandon: Of course! If I could just rearrange these symbols...
Ash: Hey Brandon, it's me!
Brandon: Oh Ash, it's good to see you, son.
Ash: Hey thanks. So how is all your work going?
Brandon: Good. I have just solved a most important riddle. Observe. [slides the panels around] Very soon I will have the answer I seek.

[After Ash recalls his defeated Torkoal]
Brandon: You've battled very well, young man.
Ash: Yeah, but I've got a lot to learn.
Brandon: [nods in agreement] A good first step: honesty makes you grow. Let me tell you one thing. A Pokémon battle isn't only about the trainer, you see. It's all about a Pokémon and its trainer truly becoming as one.
Ash: I'm trying to learn that, really.
Brandon: Good because the only one who could teach that to you is you.
Ash: I'm never going to forget that, I promise.
Brandon: [places both his hands on Ash's shoulders, acknowledging Ash's growth] That, young one, is the ultimate Pokémon battle.
Ash: [understanding Brandon's advice] Right!

The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing![edit]

Gary Oak: "I don’t have any time to be wasting on some Ashy-loser-boy anyway."

Harley: "Last one there's a wimp, and it won't be me!"

Pinch Healing![edit]

Gathering the Gang of Four![edit]

Pace - The Final Frontier![edit]

Professor Oak: "Ash does the impossible, as usual."

Once More with Reeling![edit]

Home is Where the Start Is![edit]

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