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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, the twenty-third season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum and his new travelling companion Goh as they travel around the Pokémon world, based at the Cerise Research Laboratory in Vermilion City in the Kanto region.

Enter Pikachu!

[It is a bright sunny morning in Pallet Town and a Dodrio is sleeping on the roof of a building]
Narrator: This is Pallet Town... (The camera cuts to Ash's house) Where this young man calls home.
[Inside the Ketchum household, a young Ash Ketchum is racing down the stairs with a poster as he slides down the handrail, carrying a poster]
Young Ash: Hey, mom! (Races into the kitchen and approaches his mother, Delia) Can I go? Can I? To Professor Oak's Pokémon Camp! (His mother looks at the poster which is advertising Professor Oak's Pokémon Camp) It's a really cool trip to a camp where you get to go and check out Pokémon with Professor Oak!
Delia: Oh! So they have a camp for that, too? Alright. I'll fill in an application for you, then.
Young Ash: Yay! Alright! Alright! Yay!
Delia: But I have an early appointment that day that I can't change. Are you sure you can wake yourself up?
Young Ash: Awesome! It'll be so much fun! (Puts the poster on the table)
Delia: Are you listening?
Young Ash: (Giggles) Yeah! I wonder what kind of Pokémon I'm gonna see.
[The camera cuts to the poster]
Narrator: The exciting, wonderful world of Pokémon! A group of most unusual creatures, teeming with mystery. (The scene fades to some children playing on a Snorlax with two of them bouncing) Some Pokémon live alongside humans.... (Cut to a Cubone and a Bellsprout in a woodland) ...while some can be found in the grasslands.
Cubone: (after seeing a Caterpie) Cu-Cubone! Cu! Cu-cu-cu-cu. (Runs away from the wild Caterpie)
[The camera cuts to a Butterfree who flies backwards to reveal more Butterfree in the sky]
Narrator: In the sky... (The camera cuts to some Pokémon on the grass) ...and in the water. Wild Pokémon live everywhere! (The camera pans left to reveal some Pokémon in the water as a Magikarp jumps out)
Magikarp: Karp karp!
[The camera cuts to some Pidgey and Spearow in a tree]
Narrator: And in this particular forest....
[In another tree, an ear appears out from the leaves and a little Pichu pops out.]
Pichu: Pi-Pichu! (Races down the trunk of the tree and onto the ground) Pichu. Pichu? Pi-Pi-chu? (Sees four Butterfree trilling, making it happy) Pichu! Pichu! Pi-Pichu!
[The camera cuts to a nearby cave]
Ekans: Ekans. (Its eyes light up)
[Pichu continues to chitter until the wild Ekans comes out to attack it]
Ekans: Ekans.
Pichu: Chu! Pi... (Sees the wild Ekans)
Ekans: Ekans.
Pichu: Chu! (uses Thunderbolt to shock the wild Ekans)
Narrator: Pichu is a Pokémon who can use Electric-Type moves. (Ekans slithers away into its cave and Pichu falls down) However, it appears Pichu is still learning to control its electricity.
[Pichu gets up]
Pichu: Pi. (sighs) Pi-Pi-chu. (Gets up and looks up) Pichu?
[The camera cuts to a group of Mankey gibbering in the trees]
Pichu: Pi-pi-Pichu? (Notices a Nidoran couple nuzzling together and runs off) Pichu? Pi-Pichu!
[Pichu runs to a cliff and sees a view of a herd of Dodrio and Doduo and a flock of Pidgey flying over]
Pichu: Pi-Pichu.
[Fade to the Doduo and Dodrio on the ground]
Narrator: In the wilderness, there are many Pokemon who live groups, but it seems that this Pichu is all alone.
Pichu: (notices something) Pichu?
Three Koffing: Koffing! (They use smokescreen)
Pichu: (shocked) Pichu! Pi-pichu! (Covers it mouth) Pew-pichu, pew-pichu pichu. Pichu-uu! (Falls down the cliff, onto some trees and gets caught by a Kangaskhan) Pichu! Pi... (groans) Pu-pi... chu. Pichu. Pi-pi-chu?
Kangaskhan: Kanga.
Pichu: (shrieks scared) Pi-Pichu! Pi, Pi...
Kangaskhan: Kangas.
Pichu: Pichu? (Kangaskhan puts it down gently)
Kangaskhan: Kangaskhan.
Pichu: Pi-Pichu. (Sees a little Kangaskhan in its mother's pouch)

Young Chloe: Honestly, Goh! This is exactly why you never make friends!
Young Goh: Who said I wanted to make friends, anyway? What I want is to catch a Pokemon that nobody has ever seen before.

Legends? Go! Friends? Go!


Ivysaur's Mysterious Tower!


Settling the Scorbunny!

[The title card comes up]
Ash: [voiceover] Settling the Scorbunny!
[We see a plane flying in the sky. Inside the plane, Ash is sleeping with Pikachu sleeping on his lap and Goh is sitting next to the window]
Goh: There it is, the Galar region!
Ash: [wakes up with gasps] Where? [Gets in Goh's way, making Goh cross]
Goh: Aah! [Looks out of the window and there, both boys can see the Galar region]
[The camera cuts to Wyndon, a big city in the Galar region, then to a busy street with a red bus passing a creamy-coloured London Cab, and then a railway station. Inside, the railway station, a dark blue train arrives at the farthest platform to the right. Once it stops moving, people and Pokémon exit via the train's doors as they head out. Goh and Ash slot their tickets in the ticket vendor]
Ash: [Laughs]
Pikachu: [amazed] Pika!
Ash: Whoa!
[Ash, Goh and Pikachu check out the station concourse. Then, Goh checks his Rotom Phone for something]
Goh: Let's see. From here we go...
Ash: Tell me, where are we going from here?
Goh: We transfer to the train for the Wild Area. The ticket office should be.... right over there!
Ash: Got it! [He and Pikachu go the wrong way]
Pikachu: Pikachu! [Let's go!]
Goh: [points the other way with his two fingers] Didn't I just say that way?
Ash: [Laughs sheepishly]
[Soon, they are talking to a man in the ticket booth]
Ash: What?
Goh: [groans]
Ash: More than three hours till the next train?
Goh: [to the vendor] Is there any other way to go besides the train?
Man in Ticket Booth: Well, there is a bus available, but I'm afraid it leaves in six hours.
Goh: [disappointed] No way.
Ash: Well, what are you gonna do?
Goh: Hmmmm?
Ash: [looking in his green backpack] Why don't we make the best of it and go find some food?
Pikachu: Pika Pika! [Yes! Let's!]
Goh: I'm in! [Checks his Rotom Phone] Let's see, where can we eat nearby?
Ash: Give me a sec. [Sniffs, as does Pikachu] I smell something yummy.
Goh: [chuckles] His senses perk up when there's food on the line.
[The camera cuts to a river that flows through Wyndon and pans up to a shop that sells scones. Ash, Goh and Pikachu approach the shop]
Pikachu: Pi...[sniffing] Pi-ka. Pi. [Right over here!]
[Ash notices the stand and gets excited as he takes a look at the food in the window]
Ash: Wow! Wow! What are these teeny, tiny things with the awesomely great smell?
Goh: A specialty of the Galar region. They're scones.
Ash: Mister! I want those teeny, tiny, great-smelling, awesome things!
Goh: Hold on.
[Soon, Ash has his mouth wide open and bites into a scone that he is eating. We then see that he and Pikachu are now sitting at a table by the river]
Ash: [awestruck] So yummy!
Pikachu: [awestruck] Pikachu! [Tasty!] [He and Ash continue eating their scones]
[The camera cuts to Goh who is sitting opposite Ash and eating his own scone]
Goh: Hm.
Ash: [mouthful] Now, Pikachu, don't try to eat too much at once. [He chokes a bit, as does Pikachu]
[Ash and Pikachu drink their glasses of water]
Goh: [chuckles] The two of you act exactly the same!
Ash: Well, when something tastes that yummy... [Picks up a bag with a coffee cup on it] Good thing there's a whole lot more where that came from so we won't go hungry. [Puts the bag inside his backpack]

Mind-Boggling Dynamax!

(Goh holds Scorbunny, covered in Snorlax's saliva.)
Goh: I'm glad you're alright.
Scorbunny: Scor...[shakes the spit off, but some hangs at the edge of its nose.]
Goh: Scorbunny, you did it.
Scorbunny: Scor?
Goh: [points to the train] See that? Your Double Kick saved everybody on that train.
Scorbunny: Scor?? [Goh wipes the last of the spit off its nose]
Goh: Thanks so much!
[Scorbunny starts tearing up and smiles, but becomes dejected at the fact Goh refused its offer to join him, beginning its journey back to Wyndon. However, would Goh really let Scorbunny go back, when it has gotten this far just to join him?]
Goh: Hold on! [Scorbunny stops.] You know, you were great out there. That's why...I want the first Pokémon I catch to be you!
[Goh walks toward Scorbunny, taking out a Poké Ball.]
Goh: You ready? [Scorbunny, realizing what is happening, excitedly perks up!] And the best way to catch is to throw a curve ball!
Scorbunny: Scorbun!
Goh: Now, Poké Ball, go!! [Goh throws the Poké Ball, but the curve causes it to miss, surprising both Goh and Scorbunny.]
Scorbunny: [Catches the Ball with its foot before kicking it up.] Scor! Bun!
[Scorbunny goes inside the Ball, which vibrates a few times before chiming, revealing the catch is successful.]
Goh's Rotom Phone: Scorbunny has been registered to your Pokédex. [We were long overdue for a male companion getting a current generation Fire-type Starter]

Working My Way Back to Mew!


Serving Up the Flute Cup!


The Sinnoh Iceberg Race!

[At the Cerise Research Laboratory, the Piplup is munching its food as Ash checks it out on his Rotom Phone]
Ash's Rotom Phone: Piplup, the Penguin Pokémon, a Water-Type. Piplup is a proud Pokémon and an excellent swimmer, and it has a layer of down that keeps out of the cold.
Ash: So weird. I wonder where that Piplup came from.
Pikachu: Pika.
Goh: That, Pokémon sure can eat a lot.
Scorbunny: Mebun, Scorbun.

Finding a Legend!


A Test in Paradise!


Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!


Flash of the Titans!


The Climb to Be the Very Best!

[Note: Many fans claim that Ash should compete in the Galar League because it is tradition that Ash competes in region leagues and Gym Challenges. The Galar League premise would be seen as desperate due to fans completely ignoring the fact that Ash is an official region Champion and it makes no sense that a Champion is competing in Gym Challenges. On top of that, the Gym Challenge premise is overused and has worn out its welcome.]
[As Gigantamax Pikachu strikes Drednaw with Max Steelspike]
Ash: Way to go!
Leon: [noticing something is off] It can't be! [Ash is revealed to be battling without a Dynamax band] That young man! He's in a Dynamax battle without a Dynamax band!

[The rules of World Coronation series]
Goh: Now let's not get stuck in the weeds. See this is about how you want to battle Leon, right?
Ash: [nods in agreement] Bingo!
Goh: I get it. I get it alright. You know, trying to get a battle with Leon is not as easy as you'd think. Just to get into the World Coronation Series in the first place, you enter online and build up your ranking by having lots of Pokémon battles.
Ash: My ranking?
Goh: Your position compared to others, and based on battling records and statistics, the eight highest ranked trainers then form what's called the Master Class. At the end of the class match season, there's a tournament where trainers in the Master Class battle each other and the winner becomes Monarch.
Ash: So does that mean if I submit my entry, I can battle against Leon?
Goh: It doesn't work that way.
Ash: How come?
Goh: Based on whether an entered win or losses in Pokémon battles and looking at the content of battles, entrances get separated into four distinct classes. All recently entered trainers are put into Normal Class. Then, they battle other normal class trainers, and lift up their scores. And those ranked between 100 and 999 are Great Class and above that those ranked between 9 and 99 are Ultra Class.
Ash: Uhh...what about Leon?
Goh: Of course he's in Master Class, but not only that, he's number one! So Ash, for you to battle him, you have to start climbing the ranks to get up to Master Class. [Now you know why Ash cannot compete in the Galar League]

Raid Battle in The Ruins!

Narrator: Ash's goal is to battle one of the world's greatest trainers, Leon. Goh's goal is to catch one of every kind of Pokémon, including Mew. This is the story of their adventure-filled journey through the world of Pokémon!
[Note: Starting from this episode, the Narrator uses this quotation in the introductory clip about Ash and Goh's goals which is played at the start of most episodes in the Pokémon Journeys series, until JN107 - Big Brother to the Rescue!, which is in Season 25.]

A Snow Day for Searching!


A Chilling Curse!


Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!

Goh: Hey, Scorbunny!
[Scorbunny turns to Goh with a serious face.]
Goh: So, are you ready to practice your Fire-type move?
[Goh smiles, slightly lightening Scorbunny's face as it emboldens itself.]
Goh: Now, use Quick Attack, but run in place!
[At Goh's call, Scorbunny starts running in place whilst using Quick Attack.]
Goh: Run faster!
[Scorbunny picks up speed, causing the intense friction from its feet to build up smoke, running from side to side for quicker buildup. Shortly, the smoke turns to fire, and then--]
Goh: Now, while you're at it, kick this! [tosses a pebble]
[With the fiery buildup, Scorbunny kicks the pebble, sending it to Team Rocket as a flaming projectile!]

Destination: Coronation!


A Talent for Imitation!


Dreams Are Made of These!

[Goh catches both a female and male Nidoran]
Goh: There's nothing like two for the price of one!
Chloe: [annoyed] Would you please do things right and teach them about the Pokémon before you catch them?
Goh: No worries! I'll do it right now! [summons his Pidgey, Male Nidoran and Female Nidoran]

[Ash's Rotom phone is discussing Pidgeotto and Pidgeot's profile to two kids Ash is chaperoning when suddenly...]
Rotom Phone: A battle challenge has been issued.
Ash: Huh? That would mean...[He looks around and sees no one else there, except for a lone trainer that just appeared right behind him and the two kids he's chaperoning. This is Oliver from Goldenrod City.]
Girl: Hey Ash, what's a battle challenge?
Rotom Phone: Trainers who are registered in the World Coronation series participate in Pokémon battles in order to improve their rankings.

Ash: Of course I'll accept...or that's what I wanted to say but...
Both kids: We want to see a battle! [Well, since the kids are aspiring to be trainers just like Ash, why not?]
Ash: Really? Then I accept!

Oliver: [noticing Ash chose Pikachu against his Meganium] Too bad. Electric-type attacks aren't effective against Grass-type Pokémon.
Ash: You'll see. I'm not losing.

Oliver: [Pikachu gets hit by Meganium's Solar Beam] No one's ever endured Stanium's [Meganium's] Solar Beam and come out still standing.
Ash: Pikachu, are you okay?
Pikachu: Pikachu! [I am! Now I am real mad!]
Oliver: [shocked] No way! Alright, use Body Slam!

[Oliver recalls his defeated Meganium, when Ash arrives to help him back on his feet]
Oliver: That was a good battle, Ash.
Ash: Thanks, Oliver.
Oliver: But next time, I'm not gonna lose.
Ash: Me neither. [Both Ash and Oliver shake hands. Shortly after, Oliver leaves]

Caring for a Mystery!

[Note: This episode is to apologize to fans for not letting Ash catch a Riolu during the Diamond and Pearl series as well as completely disregarding Ash's connection to Aura up until this point.]
[Both Nurse Joy and Chansey look at the egg that is still unhatched]
Nurse Joy: Still no changes?
Chansey: Chansey. [No changes.]
Nurse Joy: Tell me. I'm curious. Why are you still an egg?

[Ash senses something calling to him after his World Coronation Series match against Hayden]
Goh: Congratulations, Ash! Hey, what's wrong?
Ash: Huh? I felt like I was being called...but by who?
Goh: What do you mean? I don't see anybody.
Ash: Not by anybody here, but...How do I say it? It's kinda sorta like...uh...
Goh: You're not making any sense. Although I do remember you said that you heard something back when we met Lugia.
Ash: It's a little bit different from that time, too. [Just then, Hayden walks up to the duo]
Hayden: Excellent battle, Ash! That was a powerful Thunderbolt. You're quite a Trainer! [Both Ash and Hayden shake hands]
Ash: Thanks a lot, Hayden!
Rotom Drone: As a result of today's battle, there has been a change in the World Coronation Series rankings effective immediately.
Hayden: If we meet again, let's have another battle!
Ash: Sounds good! [Hayden waves goodbye and leaves]

Riolu: Riolu! Olu! Olu! Olu! [I want to join your team to better myself!]
Pikachu: Pika? [You sure?]
Riolu: Riolu! [I am!]
Nurse Joy: It looks to me like Riolu is trying to tell you something.
Ash: Huh?
Nurse Joy: I think it wants you to catch it!
Ash: Huh? You sure you want that?
Riolu: Olu! Olu! Olu! [Yes! Go for it!]
Ash: Here goes! [whips out a Pokéball and finally catches Riolu. Fans are finally satisfied that Ash now owns a Riolu.]

Goodbye, Friend!


Panic in the Park!!


A Little Rocket R & R!


A Festival Reunion!

[The camera closes up to Korrina before fading to Lucario]
Korrina: HERE WE GO!
Lucario: Hm!
Korrina: [strikes a series of poses before triggering her Mega Glove] Unlock...the power within! Mega Evolve!!
[Lucario's form changes as it becomes Mega Lucario. Upon the process' completion, Lucario releases a burst of aura.]
Goh: Mega Evolution...
Gurkinn: Your first experience?
Goh: Yes. I've certainly read and heard about it, and knew that it existed.
Gurkinn: Mega Evolution is a phenomenon discovered in the Kalos region that releases a Pokémon's true power. It only occurs if Trainer and Pokémon have strong bond of trust.

Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!/Slowking's Crowning!


Toughing It Out!

[After watching the battle in Wyndon Stadium, Ash and Goh see the statue]
Ash: Hey, do you think this might be a statue of Leon?
Goh: Hm. Well, it looks like him in a power pose, but then again, no.
Ash: (Does a pose) He looked a lot more like this.
[Goh's eyes animate differently after Ash's line]
Goh: Sorry, not even close! (does a pose) This!
Ash: (Does another pose) Or this!
Goh: Not quite right. (Seizes Ash tight) You're not smiling like Leon does!
Ash: (struggling) Got it.
Woman: (off camera) So my friend Leon's a hero...
Ash & Goh: Huh?
[Cut to a woman with orange hair who is sitting on a bench]
Woman: Oh. Oh, don't mind me! I've got a habit of talking to myself.
Ash: Excuse me. Is this statue supposed to be Leon?
Woman: No, not a chance! That's a famous Galar region hero.
Ash & Goh: A hero?
Woman: Yup, yup! (A flashback from long ago begins) Long ago, a great black storm covered the Galar region. The land was assaulted by gigantic Pokemon.
Ash: Gigantic?
Goh: Sounds like Dynamax..
Woman: But they were defeated by a single young hero bearing a sword and shield. (The camera returns to the present) The statue here is meant to depict the young hero of that legend, mostly just in spirit, though.
Ash: Whoa.
Goh: Do you think that storm could've been a hurricane or thunderstorm?
Woman: I'm still not really sure just what it was. Or even if the legend actually occurred. I want to know what kind of person they were, and where the sword and shield are now. And what does it have to do with Dynamaxing? You could say investigating this is a bit of homework. And it's exhausting!
Goh: It's homework? You mean for school?
Woman: Oh, no way! See my gran, a Pokemon Professor, asked me. I'm kind of her assistant, more or less.
Ash: Cool! My name's Ash! This is my partner, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[The woman shrieks with awestruck and gets all gaga over Pikachu]
Woman: What a cutie pie! (Caresses Pikachu's ears)
Pikachu: (annoyed) Pika!
Goh: And my name's Goh. This is my...
[But then, the woman shrieks again upon seeing Raboot and caresses its ears too, much to Goh's surprise]
Woman: You're a real cutie pie, too! (gibbers)
Raboot: (nervous) Ra... Ra...
Ash: We came all the way here from the Kanto region.
Goh: We're working as research fellows, investigating lots of Pokemon. Hi.
Woman: Wow! Sonia's my name. Nice to meet you!

Sobbing Sobble!

Ash: It's probably far from here now.
Goh: I want to catch it so bad. [throws the Pokéball at the spot in the fountain where Sobble is hiding and catches it!] How dumb! I threw one of my Pokéballs cause I got carried away! What a goof.
Goh's Rotom Phone: Sobble has been registered into your Pokédex. [Both Ash and Goh are shocked]
Ash: So it was in the fountain!
[Note: Many fans claimed that "Ash should have gotten Sobble as it is tradition that Ash gets at least one starter per series and that Ash can train Sobble from being scared and weak to a strong powerhouse." However, Sobble is too scared to fight and would be a detriment towards Ash's battling team in the World Coronation series. Had Ash caught Sobble, it can be seen as a lazy rehash of Greninja thus universally hated by fans. The writers are also banned from keeping Ash's Water-types in their mid-forms or in their base forms after Generation V. Also, Ash is a Champion and giving Ash a starter will be seen as a permanent downgrade in his skills.]

There's a New Kid in Town!


Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered!

[Ash and Pikachu are sleeping on the floor in Ash's room]
Ash: We're gonna have to thank Mimey again tomorrow when we get up, huh?
Pikachu: Pika.
Ash: Bet you're wiped out. So let's get some sleep.
Pikachu: Pikachu. (rolls over)
Ash: Huh? Hm.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika...
Ash: Oh, yeah... (Places his hand on Pikachu's back and starts singing) Close you tired eyes.
Pikachu: Pika?
Ash: (singing) The gentle breeze.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Ash: (singing) And the twinkling stars.
Pikachu: (singing) Pika pika.
Ash: (chuckles) Do you know this song, buddy? The lullaby that mom used to sing to us?
Pikachu: Pikachu.

The Cuteness Quotient!


Time After Time!

[Note: This is the first main series episode of Pokémon where Ash and Pikachu are completely absent]
[The episode opens with a car travelling through a tunnel. The car comes out of the tunnel as it goes along the road through the countryside. Inside it are Walker and Camille, Goh's parents. Walker is doing the driving]
Camille: You know, I wish Mom had come along, too.
Walker: Well, that one's on us for making plans on the very same day as our karaoke competition.
[Camille turns to Goh, who is sitting in the back seat of the car looking bored]
Camille: Goh, you seem quiet. Are you feeling carsick? Goh?
Goh: Uh?
Camille: You feeling all right?
Walker: She asked if you were feeling carsick?
Goh: Carsick? (gleefully) Hey, I've never felt better! How about you two? You okay? You were awake all hours of the night finishing your work.
Walker: (Chuckles) That was to make sure we could leave today.
Camille: We feel better than fine.
Goh: Now that's just what I wanna hear. Oh, by the way, why did you choose Azalea Town again?
Camille: Well last time, we were so busy we never got a chance to relax.
Walker: So your mom and I talked about it and decided. This is gonna be a vacation to remember.
Goh: All right. Can't wait. (Looks out of the car window and sees a shadow. The shadow is revealed to be a young Goh when he was walking in the rain with a Sunflora)
[Back in the present, Goh is still sitting in the back seat of the car, with Sobble and Raboot]

Trade, Borrow, and Steal!


Solitary and Menacing!


Gotta Catch a What?!

[Goh's Pikachu leads the group to a canyon, where a large pack of Pikachu are digging around.]
Goh: Whoa...
Ash: Look at at all the Pikachu!
[The Pikachu smash rocks, and burrow holes in the ground.]
Goh: I wonder what they're searching for.
[One of the Pikachu notice a green luster within some rock. He calls the others before using Iron Tail to excavate the source of the luster: a certain evolution item.]
Goh: It's a Thunder Stone!
[The wild Pikachu touches the stone, and evolves into Raichu]
Wild Raichu: Rai-rai!
Ash: Whoa! It's a Raichu!
Goh: I get it now. When a Pikachu touches a Thunder Stone, it evolves into a Raichu! That's it! The Pikachu are all here to search for Thunder Stones!
[And, speak of the devil, Goh's Pikachu finds one.]
Goh's Pikachu: Pika! (Here you go!)
Ash's Pikachu: Pika! Pika-pika! (What!? No way!)
[Goh's Pikachu, still carrying the stone, runs after Ash's around his Trainer's legs, refusing to accept the Thunder Stone!]
Ash: Hey! Calm down, buddy!
[The two Pikachu run behind a large rock, where a blue shine is seen from behind. Not good...]
Ash: Pikachu!
[A male Raichu jumps from behind the rock. Could it be...?]
Ash: You didn't, did you?
Goh: It evolved??
Raichu: Rai!
[Luckily, Ash's Pikachu is still running away from Goh's. What a relief! That Raichu was still a wild one.]
Goh: Well...it's not yours.
Ash: Seems that way.
[Ash's Pikachu jumps onto Ash's head.]
Ash's Pikachu: Pikachu! (I said "no"!)
Goh: If Pikachu evolves, it gets stronger, right? I thought Pikachu wants to evolve.
Ash: No way!
Goh: Huh?
Ash: My Pikachu has always wanted to get stronger as a Pikachu. [to Goh's Pikachu] Since Pikachu feels that way, we don't need it. Sorry.
[Goh's Pikachu ears droop before she perks up, giving the Thunder Stone to her Trainer.]
Goh: You want me to have it?
Goh's Pikachu: Pika! (That's right.)
Goh: Okay. [takes the stone] I guess mine wants to stay the same, just like yours does!
[Ash nods.]
Ash: Yeah. I believe that a Pokémon should evolve when they want to.

Making Battles in the Sand!


That New Old Gang of Mine!

[Soon, Ash and Goh arrive at Professor Kukui's beachside home.]
Ash: Alola! We're home!
Professor Burnet: Welcome back, you two!
Ash: Alola, Professor Burnet. [sees the Professor's baby] And, this is Lei, right?
[Lei babbles happily in his mother's arms.]
Professor Burnet: That's right, big brother.
Ash: [flustered] Big brother? Me? [kneels down to Lei.] Hi, Lei. [giggles] Tiny hands.
[Lei touches Ash's cheek as he laughs. He likes his brother already!]
Professor Burnet: Lei. Now, now. Come inside, Goh! There's always room for one more!
Goh: Thanks for inviting me in.
[As the five enter the house, Ash gets a surprise greeting from--you guessed it--his Alola team!]
Ash: It's Rowlet, Lycanroc, Incineroar and Melmetal!
[The four Pokemon pile on Ash and Pikachu with a group hug.]
Ash: I'm glad to see you, too! Hey, you're kinda heavy!
[A confused Goh looks on at the reunion.]
Ash: Hey, I'd like you to meet my friends, Goh, Raboot, and Sobble.
[The four Pokemon turn to Goh, startling him before they let him in on the group hug!]
Professor Kukui: Now that's a Blast Burn of welcome wishes!
Professor Burnet: Hey, Ash. Mallow had organized a party at the Pokémon School to welcome you back. She wanted to make sure Goh came too.
Ash: Whoa, really? I am so there!!
Goh: There's a party for me, too?

Restore and Renew!


Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!


A Crackling Raid Battle!


Pikachu Translation Check.../Up to Your Neck!


Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald!

[Sonia's car jumps up as Goh, Raboot and Sobble experience the bumpy ride]
Goh: No offense, Sonia, but I'm concerned about your driving...
Sonia: (sighs) Don't be rude! The problem is my car's really old.
Goh: Oh, oh, yeah! (Takes out his Rotom Phone) Please, Rotom, would you try Ash again?
Goh's Rotom Phone: Right away!
[Goh places his phone to his ear. Then, the camera cuts to Ash who is flying aboard his Dragonite]
Ash's Rotom Phone: You have a call from Goh. You have a call from Goh. (Ash takes it out) You have a call from Goh.
Ash: (answers) Hey, there, Goh. Where are you now?
Goh: (on the phone) YOU ANSWERED! Where am I? Where are you?!
Ash: I'm with Leon, and we're gonna stop the Dynamax Pokémon from rampaging.
Goh: (on the phone) With Leon?
[Cut to Goh]
Ash: (on the phone) Yeah. It's a long story...
Goh: My story's long to... I met up with Sonia and we're on our way to check out some ruins in Turffield.
Ash: (on the phone) Sonia?
Goh: (voiceover) You remember! From Wyndon Stadium! The one we met in front of the hero statue.
Ash: (voiceover) (on the phone) Oh, yeah! Wasn't she researching some legend or something?
[Flashback ends]
Goh: She sure was. She thinks that the rampaging Dynamax Pokémon in the Galar region have something to do with the very same hero legend. That's why she and I are going together to Turrffield so we can figure out the mysteries of that legend.

Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!


Sword and Shield: "From Here to Eternatus!"


Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!


Ash's Rotom Phone: Lucario, the Aura Pokémon. A Fighting and Steel type. Lucario uses a power called aura, which allows it to sense human feelings.

Sonia: The legendary sword and shield. They weren't objects. They were actually Pokémon.

Getting More Than You Battled For!

Ash: Hey, Mewtwo, I really wanna battle you, too! If I can defeat the world's strongest Pokémon, I'd be one step closer to Pokémon Master!
Pikachu: Pika-pika!
Ash: So, Mewtwo? Will you battle us?
Goh: Yeah, Mewtwo, will you?
[Mewtwo takes a look at both the determined faces of Ash and Goh. It smirks before making its decision.]
Mewtwo: Mewtwo (Very well).
[Ash and Goh smile excitedly. They may work well together, but this battle will give them a run for their money...]
Mewtwo: Mew Mew Mewtwo (Come at me with those dreams of yours!)

Crowning the Chow Crusher!


A Close Call... Practically!