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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Johto League Champions, the fourth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the further adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum and his friends in Johto.

A Goldenrod Opportunity


A Dairy Tale Ending


Air Time

Ash: My name is Pallet and I come from Ketchum!
Mary: Ash, is not that wrong?
Ash: No, this is Ash and I am Pikachu!

Misty: This Meowth looks so real, I can't tell it's a dummy!
Meowth: [to himself] She can't tell I'm real and I'm the dummy?

The Bug Stops Here

Ash: Casey, this isn't fair!
Casey: Tough luck! I saw this Scyther way before you did!
Ash: I'm not talking about me! This isn't fair to Chikorita! You're pushing it too hard! It's barely hanging on! It's too weak to attack!
Casey: What do you know? Chikorita's gonna do whatever I tell it to!

Misty: CASEY.
Casey: What, Misty?
Misty: What's more important to you: Winning some contest or the well-being of your Pokémon?
Casey: How can you even ask me that? My Pokémon mean everything to me!
Misty: Well, if that's true, you sure have a funny way of showing it.

Type Casting

[Flying in their hot air balloon]
Jessie: There it is. I think we should go straight up the river.
Meowth: And so do the cops.
Jessie: James, what's taking so long? Aren't those potatoes ready yet?
James: Not yet, Jess.
Jessie: Can't you hurry it up a little?
Meowth: Hey, maybe they'll cook faster if we turn the fire higher.
James: Great idea.
[Meowth turns the fire up which burns the balloon and they come crashing down]
Jessie: That was a great idea!
Meowth: Are the spuds done?
James: Well done.

Fisherman: I love to, but before I do, one of you trainers could catch me a Sudowoodo.
Ash: A Sudowoodo?
Fisherman: Yes, the Sudowoodo is a real rare kind of Pokémon. They say you can find them at the top of that mountain there, but I have never seen one. Three Pokémon Trainers might have a better chance of catching a Sudowoodo than me.
Misty: [when Ash opens his Pokédex] Let’s see what Dexter says.
Dexter: “Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon. This rare Pokémon hides in trees to avoid capture.”
Misty: Sudowoodo looks pretty interesting.

Pierre: That's impossible! None of the research papers back that up!
Marie: Well, if you spend less reading research and more time DOING research, you it IS possible!
Pierre: Then you're saying every single report is wrong?!
Marie: I’m saying there’s a possibility they are!
Pierre: You must be smarter than I am! And the other experts that agree with me!
Marie: I don’t know about the other experts, but I’m definitely smarter than you are!

Ash: Sudowoodo is a Rock-type?!
Misty: That’s pretty hard to believe. Rock-type Pokémon are usually rocky and gravely like Geodude, Graveler, Golem and Onix.
Ash: Sudowoodo is more like...
Misty: More like a Grass-type Pokémon. I can’t believe it’s a Rock-type.
Marie: I agree with you, Misty. I can’t believe it either. But all the researchers say Sudowoodo is a Rock-type.

Pierre: We already have the answers!
Marie: You can believe the books, but I think finding answers first hand is always the best!
Brock: Exactly right! Yours is the first hand I've held in a long time and I can tell you from personal experience you can't find this in a book! Maybe you and I can do some research in the field of love?
Misty: [pulls Brock by his ear] In that field, your position is left out.

[when trying to find a Sudowoodo]
Marie: There have been reports of Sudowoodo looking like oak trees, plum trees and cherry trees. They even change color like real trees.
Ash: Wow. [fantasizes several Sudowoodo] They must be Grass-types.
Pierre: [looking up] Sudowoodo gather branches to look like trees.
[the leaves fall down from the branches]
Ash: Maybe not.

[When Sudowoodo falls through a hole]
Ash: Did Sudowoodo use Dig?
Marie: Maybe that means it’s a Ground-type.
[Suddenly, a net comes up out of the hole, revealing Sudowoodo]
Ash: What’s going on here?!
Jessie: Prepare for trouble, because we’re in cahoots.
James: And make it trouble, right down to our roots.
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation.
James: To unite all peoples within our nation.
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love.
James: To extend our reach to the stars above.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James!
Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light.
James: Surrender now or prepare to fight fight fight.
Meowth: [bursts out of a stump] That’s right!

Misty: They’re gone!
Ash: And took Sudowoodo with them!
Marie: We’ll never find it again!
Brock: Don't worry, Marie, we'll find that Sudowoodo and if we don't I'll leave my friends and dedicate myself to working with you 24/7 every minute of the day and night... [gets hit by Misty’s mallet]
Misty: How about part time.

[about the Sudowoodo that Team Rocket brought]
Fisherman: [suspiciously] Why isn’t it saying anything?
Meowth: Maybe it doesn’t want to talk to strangers.
Fisherman: Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t look too healthy.

Fossil Fools

Ash: When are we gonna see your big discovery?
Foster: Let’s finish this first, then we’ll see.
Oak: That’s what I used to say to get you off my back.

Carrying On

Jessie: Oh as bad as that was; it taught us all an important lesson.
James: It may be cloudy but our motto always shines through.
Wobbuffet: [pops out] Wobba-fet!
Jessie: Yes, that’s right, Wobbuffet. I- Hey! Who asked you for your opinion? You’re never right!

Hassle in the Castle

Brock: If you like strength? Call me Rocko Brocko! Romantic? Try lover! Or Brocky, anything! you can call me any name that fits me! Well, what would you like to call me?
Misty: [bored] Why don’t you try insane?
Dr. Anna: Let’s start with Brock. And I’m Doctor Anna.

Ash: Hey, you’ll never know. Maybe those two would make a really good match.
Misty: You must mean the Zubat.

James: We could have knocked on the front door. Why did we have to sneak in the back way, Jessie?
Jessie: It’s what all the villains do, James.
Meowth: It’s better this way. I get to pussyfoot around, and I’m good at it.

Dr. Anna: Excuse me, do you have an appointment?!
Jessie: We have no appointment, but we've been having some trouble!
James: So prescribe us some ointment on the double!
Jessie: To protect us from all that chafing and itching!
James: It might finally stop all of Jessie's... complaining! (Can't say that one for the kiddies, James...)
Jessie: To eradicate the evils of athlete's feet!
James: Maybe I can get rid of my prickly heat!
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket's been scratching at the speed of light!
James: So give us some salve or we'll never sleep tonight!
Meowth: Meowth, that's right.

Anna: It looks like both routes are dangerous.
James: We could all be trapped here for the rest of our lives!
Meowth: Well that’s that! Let’s take a break and make a sandwich!

Two Hits and a Miss

Misty: Why did all those Trainers bow to you?
Kenso: Because I am the shihan of this dojo
[Misty and Brock gasp]
Ash: Shihan? I think I had that once at a Chinese restaurant.
[Everyone else but Ash falls over]
Brock: DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING?! A shihan is the master teacher in a dojo!
Ash: I thought it was chicken in a garlic sauce.
Kenso: You're confusing me with General Tso.

Jessie: Mmmm, I’d love to bring that back to the boss.
James: We’d move straight to the Hitmontop of his list.
Meowth: Then why don’t we try to catch it?
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
Team Rocket: Exactly right!
Jessie: Would you get back in your ball?!
Wobbuffet: [when being sent back in] Wobbu!
James: We were talking about the top, not the bottom.

A Hot Water Battle

Chikorita: Chiko! [Totodile!]
[Chikorita walks towards Totodile]
Chikorita: Chiko-chiko! [You did that on purpose!]
Totodile: To-to-dile! [No, I didn't!]

Meowth: Thanks for saving me, pal.

Narrator: Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil work down their differences, pulled together, and got through an exciting adventure. Now, their friends again, and after they've been enjoyed some rest and relaxation, they'll set out once more on the road to Johto.

Hook, Line and Stinker

Misty: Sign up this Poliwhirl as my partner, please!
Lady: Alright.
Ash: I want Pikachu to be my partner...
Pikachu: Pika-chu!
Brock: And I’ve decided I want you to be my partner!
Lady: [gasps] What?...
Misty: [dragging Brock by the ear] Nice try, Brock, but I think you missed the boat again...

Beauty and the Breeder

[Zane starts to become irritated by Misty's constant questions]
Zane: May I ask a question?
Misty: Sure.
Zane: I'm minding my own business, trying to get my Ninetales ready for the beauty contest. THEN YOU COME ALONG AND ASK ME A MILLION QUESTIONS! SO MY QUESTION IS, WILL YOU PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE?!!
Misty: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jessie: And there you have it, another masterpiece of Pokémon perfection!
James: Yes, and true artists can even take a pathetically repulsive Pokémon and bring out its beauty, or at least cover up the ugly.

[Officer Jenny throws out Team Rocket and their Pokémon]

A Better Pill to Swallow

Brock: [to Old Man Shuckle] I've never asked you for a favor before mainly because I've never met you before! But I'd be the happiest person in the world if you gave me that Shuckle juice!

Power Play

Meowth: Ahhh... Ain't that beautiful?... Nuttin' makes me more peaceful an' calm than sittin' an' watchin' a sunset.
Wobbuffet: [pops up behind him] Wo-bba!
Meowth: Hey! Pipe down! Can't ya see I'm calm an' peaceful here, ya dopey blob?!

Mountain Time

Ash: [gasps] Pikachu!
Misty: [gasps] Togepi!

Ash: Hey! What are you guys tryin' to pull this time?!
Jessie: The same as always. We're taking your Pikachu.
Brock: You can't be serious!
Misty: After we just saved all of you!
James: It isn't our fault that you have bad judgment.


James: I feel guilty stealing food from all the people who fed us so well.
Meowth: All we're doin' is cuttin' out the middleman.

Imitation Confrontation

[Duplica's Ditto imitating Ash's Totodile is unable to perform a Hydro Pump attack]
Duplica: I don't understand what the problem could be Ash, your Totodile knows Hydro Pump, doesn't it?
Ash: Uh, well... Not exactly, no.
Totodile: To-to-to-to-to-to-to. Dile!
Duplica: [moans and hangs her head down in disappointment/disbelief] I guess what ya don't know can't hurt ya...

The Trouble with Snubbull

Brock: Nurse Joy, I think I could use a physical exam too!
Nurse Joy: [confused] What?
Brock: Your beauty makes my temperature rise, and your loveliness makes my tender heart skip a beat!
Misty: [pulls Brock by his ear] If you think Nurse Joy would fall for that story, the only thing you need examined is your head.

Jessie: Prepare to say good-bye to all of our trouble!
James: Prepare to say hello to Snubbull!
Jessie: To protect ourselves from being poor!
James: When we get enough, we'll still get more!
Jessie: We'll capture Snubbull and return it to its rich owner and get a big reward!
James: Then there won't be anything we can't afford!
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket likes blasting off at the speed of light!
James: But catching that Snubbull and getting that reward would be a delight!
Meowth: Meowth! That's right! Agh! But what you're doin' ta me is dead wrong! You're supposed ta be my friends!
Jessie: We are your friends Meowth and sometimes friends have to make sacrifices.
James: What's the big deal?! Once we get that reward we'll buy you a new tail.
Meowth: I don't wanna new tail! I want this one!

Ariados Amigos

Misty: That treatment made me look like a movie star all right, the star of a Horror Movie!...
Brock: At least you didn't get your face blown up...

Wings 'N' Things

[Ash, Brock and Misty are talking to Zach in the playground]
Ash: I don't see how we can expect you to just throw away your favourite Pokémon.
Misty: But what else can Zach's dad do, Ash?
Zach: Yeah.
Brock: If your dad was in some other kind of business, maybe it wouldn't seem so bad.
Misty: But he makes glass and windows.
Ash: Why'd you pick a Yanma to begin with?
Zach: It happened a few months ago when there was this really bad rainstorm. (A flashback occurs with him and his dad taking their barrow) That day, I was helping my dad deliver some glass to a town a couple miles from here. We were on our way back home, when I saw something. (Spots a Yanma lying on the ground) Hey! What's wrong? Are you okay? Yanma was soaked from the rain and it was in really bad shape. So my dad and I wrapped it up the best we could and took it home. After I got it warmed up a little, I dried Yanma's wings with a hair dryer. Pretty soon, Yanma was as good as new!
Yanma: (flying off) Yan, yan.
Zach: Hey, Yanma!
Yanma: Yan, yan. (Nuzzles Zach, making him giggle)
Zach: And That's all it took to tame Yanma. (The flashback ends) But, even though Yanma was easy to tame, it's a born troublemaker. (A flashback occurs to when Yanma was back to strength) As soon as it got better, Yanma broke all the glass in my father's factory, and dad told me to get rid of Yanma. Maybe I should've.
Brock: Yanma was your friend.
Zach: Right.
Misty: I can understand that.
Ash: Yeah, me too.
Zach: I convinced my dad to try and let me train Yanma to stop making shockwaves. (A flashback to when he trained Yanma occurs) Now listen up, Yanma, you can't beat your wings too fast. Understand?
Yanma: Yan, yan. (Flaps its wings)
Zach: No, Yanma! You're not listening!
Yanma: Yan, yan, yan.
[Soon, Yanma is flying away from Zach]
Zach: Wait! Yanma, come back here!
Yanma: Yan, yan.
[The flashback ends]
Zach: Well, I tried my best, but I guess it wasn't good enough.
Misty: It's too bad there's nothing you can do.
Brock: I guess it's a long shot, but it might help if you, your dad and Yanma move someplace else.
Misty: They'd still have the same problem.
Ash: Maybe they could replace all the windows here with plastic.
Misty: Then he'd go out of business.
Zach: It's too late.
Brock, Misty & Ash: Huh?
Zach: I, I don't have any choice but to let Yanma go.
Brock, Misty & Ash: Huh?
Zach: Yanma will do just fine on it's own. I'll miss my friend, but a window maker's son isn't meant to be a Yanma trainer.
Ash: Guess you're right.

[James is looking through a pair of binoculars with Jessie sitting on a rock and Meowth on the grass]
Jessie: Well, do you see the twerps?
Meowth: Or Pikachu?
James: Nothing. But I do see... (A Yanma flies into view, the very same one that Zach was friends with)
Yanma: Yan. Yan. Yan. Yan. (Flies down and lands on the opposite side of the river to Team Rocket)
Jessie: What's that?
James': I'm not sure.
Meowth: That there's a Yanma.
Jessie: A Yanma?
[Yanma is drinking water...]
Yanma: Yan. (Team Rocket captures it in a net) Yan, yan?
James: We gotcha!
Jessie: We caught a Yo-yo!
Meowth: It's called a Yanma.
Jessie: Don't contradict me! (Holds up Yanma) Huh! I have a poem! If you added wings to Caterpie... It would look just like a Yanma, see?
James: Jessie, I think you may have an honest to goodness talent.
Meowth: Yeah, but not for poetry.
Yanma: Yan. (Flies away with a string attached to its torso)
Jessie: Huh?
James: Come back here! (Pulls on the string that Yanma is attached to)
Yanma: Yan, yan, YAAAAANNN! (Emits a shockwave that shatters a window of a nearby house)
Jessie: Hey! What was that?
James: (pulls out a little red book) Let me see. It says here that Yanma can flap its wings fast enough to generate a shockwave capable of shattering windows.
Jessie: Windows? I know!
James: Know what?
Jessie: If we can make Yanma smash some windows, I know how we can make cash from windows!
Meowth: Huh?
James: Maybe Jessie's a poet after all!

The Grass Route

Ephraim: Wow, you must be a really great Pokémon Trainer Ash.
Ash: [chuckling] Maybe. I don't like to say I'm great but that's what people tell me.
Misty: [bored] Those people mustn't know him too well...

The Apple Corp

Ash: Look guys, the Pichu really love Charmaine and Charmaine really loves the Pichu too.
Brock: [jealous] Lucky Pichu...

Houndoom's Special Delivery

Ash: (voiceover) Houndoom's Special Delivery!

Jessie: Ah! Just listen to that sweet mountain song.
James: Just feel the free fresh mountain air as it rushes through your hair.
Meowth: Just t'ink... We made t'ree cups of tea from only one teabag...
Jessie: What's the matter with us?! This has to stop! It's all wrong!
James: What's wrong?
Meowth: You don't like my tea?
Jessie: [angrily] This is no time for sipping and drifting and dreaming! We're acting like a bunch of pink-slip dot-com slackers!
Meowth: Aah!
James: You're absolutely right! We've been totally ignoring our Team Rocket responsibilities!
Meowth: Da Boss sent us to bring back some rare and valuable Pokémon, and we're gonna do it one a' dese years!
James: Oh! Luck has struck! It's the Twerp and his Pikachu!
Jessie: Let's keep it simple this time. Just take one Pokémon at a time.
Meowth: Nuttin' fancy, just a tried-and-true sneak attack.

Misty: [with Togepi crying] Guys, where are you?! I can't see in this smoke! WHOA! AAAAAH!
Togepi: To-Ge-Prrrriiii!
Misty: Ah! Togepi! Togepi, Where are you?! Togepi!

Jessie: Failed again.
James: Foiled again.
Wobbuffet: Wobbu, Wobbu.
Meowth: Our simple plan is spoiled again.
Wobbuffet: Woooobbuffet
Jessie, James, and Meowth: We're blasting off like always!
Wobbuffet: Woooobbuffet

Misty: Togepi! Togepi, can you hear me?!

Misty: Togepi, answer me! Come back!
Ash: Togepi!
Pikachu: Pi-Pi-Pi!
Brock: Togepi!
Misty: Come back, Togepi!

Togepi: Togepriiiiiii!
Houndoom: Hell?
Togepi: Priiiiiii!
Togepi: Togepriiiiiii!
Houndoom: Hell? Huh!
Togepi: Priiiiiii!
Houndoom: Hell!
Togepi: Priiiiii! Toge?
Houndoom: Hell!
Togepi: Toge-Togepriiii!

Jessie: We have to do something! We're headed for disaster!
Wobbuffet: Woooobbuffet
Jessie: We don't need another disaster!
James: Can't you see that we're about to crash?!
Wobbuffet: Wobbu!

Jessie: We must've skipped off the surface, James, just like a stone.
James: Skipping like a stone is a whole lot better than sinking like one, Jessie.
Meowth: Don't look now, but I think we're sunk anyways.
Jessie and James: Huh?
Wobbuffet: Wobbu, Wobb!

Misty: [off screen] Here's Togepi!
[Ash, Misty and Brock finds out Houndoom is with Togepi.]
Ash: Hey!
Brock: Togepi!
Misty: There's my Togepi! Thank goodness it's all right.
Ash: Misty, Togepi's so all right that it didn't even miss its afternoon nap!
Brock: Wish I could've stayed that relaxed through all this excitement.

Misty: Hello there, remember me?

Jessie: Great. Not only have we found Pikachu, but a whole flock of Mareep, too.
James: I love Mareep because they aren't too wild, but they're extraordinarily woolly!
Jessie: Meowth, what's that frighteningly rare-looking Pokémon?
Meowth: Dat's a Houndoom. Okay. Today, team, we're gonna catch 'em all!

Jessie: You didn't think we'd be back so soon, did you?
James: We may be losers, but we're certainly not quitters!
Meowth: Our balloon's patched up, and we're ready to rock!
Wobbuffet: Wooooobbuffet!

James: Bye, Houndoom. It was nice stealing you.
Wobbuffet: Wooooobbuffet!

Mareep farmer: Houndoom use your flamethrower!
Jessie, James and Meowth: Aah! We give up!
Wobbuffet: Wooooobbuffet!
Misty: Bye-Bye now!
Togepi: Toge-Togepriii!
Houndoom: Helllllllllllllll.
Togepi: Toge...

Misty: It's time, Togepi. We have to leave, so let say goodbye to Houndoom.
Togepi: Toge.
Houndoom: Hell, Hell.
Togepi: Toge-Toge.

Togepi: Toge? To-Toge-Prrrrrriiiii!
Misty: What's the matter Togepi? We gotta keep going... Ah!!! [Togepi jumps out from Misty's arms]
Togepi: Toge, Toge-Toge-Toge.
Houndoom: Helllllll. Hell.. [angrily growling] Grrrrrrrrrrr!
Togepi: Toge?
Houndoom: Grrrrrr! Hell-Hell-Hell!
Togepi: [Togepi becomes scared and sad and starts crying] Priiii-riiiiiiii! Priiiiiii-riiiiiii!
Misty: [comforting its crying Togepi] I know it's sad to say goodbye, Togepi. But, we have to.
Togepi: Toge? [Houndoom comes close, Togepi stops crying and smiles] Togeprrrriiii.
Houndoom: Hell, Hell.

A Ghost of a Chance

Misty: At least there's no fire here.
[The room suddenly bursts into flames]

Morty: Thieves! You should be ashamed of yourself, how can people who are Pokémon Trainers steal other trainers' Pokémon?!
James: It's quite easy.
Jessie: We're Team Rocket members first and people second!
Meowth: I ain't even a people.
(Pikachu pops his head out of the hole)
Jessie: Look, it's Pikachu!
Meowth: We hit the jackpot!
Pikachu: (tries to shock Team Rocket) Pika...
Jessie: Careful, Pikachu.
James: I wouldn't zap us if I were you.
Meowth: Unless you wanna zap your friend Togepi, too!
Pikachu: Pi, Pi, Pika.
Jessie: We won!
Meowth: Pikachu and Togepi!
James: And we've never would of caught them if I haven't bought my trusty medal deceter!

From Ghost to Ghost

James: Look Meowth, my treasure detector is working again.
Meowth: It woiked before?
James: Luckily it was blasted away along with us, and the closer we get to Ecruteak, the more Treasure it senses!
Jessie: I wish you'd come to your senses James, the only thing that contraption does is detect junk.

Trouble's Brewing

Brock: [referring to four of the Kimono Sisters] Ash, this is terrible, I want all of them and they all want me. Am I right?
Ash: You're half right.

[Team Rocket sips tea]
Meowth: It's like something out of a bilge pump.

All That Glitters

Ash: [to Team Rocket] Give me Pikachu!
Jessie: I'm sorry, that selection is unavailable!

The Light Fantastic

Meowth: [referring to a piece of ice he's just licked] Hey! That thing could've been poison!
Jessie: Well if it were, we wanted you to be the first to know!
Meowth: That's considerate.


Jessie: A corn field? I have an idea!
Meowth: I dunno what it sounds like, but I bet it's corny.

Brock: I was having a beautiful dream and, all of a sudden, it turned into a horrible nightmare.
Misty: [quietly] Quiet, or I'll turn your life into a nightmare!
Brock: Okay.

Nurse Joy: Oh, no! That's the third report of backpack thief we've had this week.
Brock: Nurse Joy, perhaps you and I can search for this thief, and in the process, discover true love.
Misty: [pulls Brock by the ear] Knock it off, or you're gonna discover true pain.
Ash: Did anybody else who got their backpack stolen mention a Teddiursa?
Nurse Joy: Yes. Was the Teddiursa you met extra cute, extra cuddly and sweet as could be?
Misty: That's my Teddiursa!
Nurse Joy: And that's how it fools everybody, I'm afraid.
Misty: Guess I got fooled too.

Ash: You caused a lotta trouble!
Misty: Yeah! What do you have to say for yourself now?!
Teddiursa: [pulling yet another cute expression and holding a paw to its mouth] Ur...
Misty: Cutie... I mean bad Teddiursa!
Ash: Give back Brock's backpack, you thief!
[Teddiursa takes the loaf of bread out of the backpack and eats it]
Misty: This stinks.
Brock: It's not even ashamed that it's a liar!

Moving Pictures

Ash: If ya can't trust a little old lady, who can ya trust?

Spring Fever

Jessie: Let's forget Pokémon for a while. Once we find a spring we could open a quaint little inn there. We can call it "Jessie's Lodge".
James: Jessie's Lodge?
Jessie: Alright, "Jessie and James's Lodge".
Meowth: Hey! Don't forget me!
Jessie: "Jessie and James and Friend"!

Freeze Frame

Misty: Look guys it's a Pokémon Centre.
Ash: Wow, I never thought they'd have one all the way up here.
Brock: Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to cuddle up with a hot cocoa and a warm Nurse Joy?
[Everyone else looks at Brock strangely]
Ash, Misty and Todd: Uh...
Brock: That's not what I meant! I meant a warm fire!

The Stolen Stones

James: Our plan to divide and conquer those kids worked completely.
Jessie: We got the twerps off our tails and brought back Pikachu too.
Wobbuffet: [pops up] Wob-buffet!
Meowth: Heh! This is the only plan we ever had that actually worked! Let's get back ta the Boss before we blow it.

The Dunsparce Deception

[James and Meowth are in Moltres and Dunsparce costumes respectively in a tacky play]
Jessie: The mighty battle between Dunsparce and Moltres has begun!... Er, Moltres uses a Wing Attack.
James: [poking Meowth] Wing wing...
Meowth: Hey! Watch where you're wingin'!

The Wayward Wobbuffet

[Team Rocket have crash landed next to a tree after their Meowth balloon deflated]
James: To get Pikachu, we need that key. The key's with Wobbuffet and Wobbuffet's gone.
Meowth: All of a sudden, Wobbuffet's our key player.
Jessie: (impersonating Wobbuffet) Wobbuffet!
James: I never thought I'd be saying this but I kind of miss the little blob...
Meowth: Wobbuffet added that certain nothin'.
Jessie: (impersonating Wobbuffet) Wobbuffet!
James: (off camera) Jessie?
Jessie: What is it now, James?!
James: Look! Wobbuffet!
Jessie: Hmmm?
[The camera cuts to a knocked out Wobbuffet who is now in a speedboat. Ash, Misty and Brock are giving chase on the pavement beside the waterway]
Misty: Wobbuffet, wait!
Meowth: Look! The twerps are here!
[The camera cuts to Ash, Misty and Brock]
Jessie: (off camera) Wobbuffet!
[Ash, Misty and Brock look to see Team Rocket running along the other side of the waterway]
Jessie: Listen to me, Wobbuffet! Hit the brakes! Just hit the brakes!
[However, Wobbuffet is still knocked out]
James: It's no use, Wobbuffet's out like a light!
Ash: I'm gonna have to get into that boat!
Jessie: Not before I do!
[Ash and Jessie jump into the speedboat. Jessie tries to kick Ash off, but Ash luckily ducks in time and starts to lose balance. Meanwhile, Wobbuffet regains consciousness]
Wobbuffet: Wobbu! (Turns to Ash and Jessie, but he accidentally breaks off the steering wheel) Wobbuffet!
Ash: Wobbuffet's awake again.
Jessie: Yes, but shouldn't that steering wheel be steering?
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet?
[Ash and Jessie start panicking]
Jessie: Wobbuffet, pull the throttle back! It'll stop!
Wobbuffet: Wobbu! (Puts the throttle up, but the lever breaks, causing the speedboat to go faster as Ash and Jessie hang on for dear life. Meanwhile, Goneff is riding a motorcycle with three police cars in pursuit]
Goneff: Hee hee hee hee hee. Next time, don't leave motorcycle running, flatfeet!
[Back on the waterway, Ash and Jessie see a Lapras paddle boat ahead of them]
Jessie: Get out of the way!
Ash: We're gonna crash into it!
[The speedboat runs right up and over the Lapras paddle boat and goes flying, but Wobbuffet falls out of it]
Wobbuffet: WAAAAAA! (Lands on Goneff's motorcycle)
Goneff: Oh, it's you, you double criss-crosser!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
[Meanwhile, Ash and Jessie are heading straight for a bridge]
Jessie: Wobbuffet's gone! Where did it go?!
Ash: Never mind that, look! I choose you, Totodile! (Sends out Totodile)
Totodile: Toto toto toto.
Ash: Hurry, Totodile, shoot your Water Gun against that bridge!
Totodile: Totodile! (Uses Water Gun on the bridge support with a ladder, which brings the speedboat to a complete stop]
Ash: You were great, Totodile.
Totodile: To, toto toto toto...

Sick Daze

Misty: I call it Misty's Mystery Stew, and it's got 47 secret ingredients!

Jessie: [after James and Meowth taste Misty's cooking] Hey... What's the matter with you two? Don't you like it?
Meowth: Well it ain't that I don't like it Jessie, it's that I hate it.

Ring Masters

Jessie: Don't you understand what it means to have pride and self respect and a sense of worth and value and dignity?!
Meowth: I used ta... Before I met you!

The Poké-Spokeman

Meowth: I guess I am a liar, but before I learned how ta talk human I was honest an' trustworthy jus' like every udder Pokémon. Sometimes I wish I was never coised with such intelligence an' ability...

Control Freak!

Meowth: I wish I wasn't making a dope out of myself!
James: Then stop that dreadful dancing!
Meowth: Believe me, Jimmy, I wanna stop, but my body's got a mind of its own!

Jessie: Prepare for the worst trouble you've ever seen!
James: With the staff and the mask Jessie's the queen!
Jessie: I'll rule the world with power and might!
James: She'll capture Pokémon without a fight!
Jessie: A queen, whose subjects must all kneel down before me!
James: Yeah... But... I'll just kneel on one knee.
Jessie: Jessie, Her Royal Highness!
James: James, her lowly... Hey, wait a second!
Jessie: Queen Jessie ruling all with power and might!
James: [desperately] You'd better surrender or she'll go on like this all night!
Meowth: [desperately] Yeah. Why fight?

Meowth: This as this fast as it can go.

The Art of Pokémon

Ash: [to Team Rocket] Are you gonna let those Smeargle go free?!
Smeargle: [at different intervals] Smeargle...
Jessie: No way!
James: We're not in favor of that kind of artistic freedom!

The Heartbreak of Brock

Misty: You've done some low things but this is the lowest! Tricking an innocent girl into getting engaged!
James: It wasn't me, it was her!

Current Events

Head of Security: I'm the Head of Security, have you been waiting long?
Brock: [grabs her hand] For you? I've been waiting my whole life for you.
Misty: [pulls Brock by the ear] Cool it Brock, she's here to save Ash, not your love life.

Head of Security: [once she opens the door] Got it! Now let's go in and find your friend.
Brock: Oh thank you, miss! Now perhaps you can open your heart and let my love enter in.
Head of Security: [confused] Huh?
Misty: [pulls Brock's ear] It's time for you to exit.

Turning over a New Bayleef

Brock: If Bayleef is like a girl in love, logical explanations won't work!

Doin' What Comes Natu-rally

[Victreebel bites/consumes James as usual while Team Rocket battle in a school]
James: Victreebel! Please! Not in front of the children!

The Big Balloon Blow-Up

[Team Rocket are at the entry form desk]
Jessie: Don't forget to put my name in James.
James: Yes and Meowth's too.
Guy: You don't have to put down the name of the Pokémon you're using.
Meowth: Whadda ya mean Usin'?! [the guy gasps in surprise] Nobody's usin' me Pal! I'm the balloon pilot here; these two are just along fer the ride!

The Screen Actor's Guilt

[The group have just viewed a movie trailer with Brad Van Darn, a man they met earlier]
Brad: [in the trailer] I'll take you to the Ultra Maximum.
Ash: He doesn't act like a movie star in person...
Brock: He doesn't act like a person in the movies!
Misty: Hey! Where's Togepi?
Brock: Yeah, Smoochum's gone, too.
Ash Ketchum: And Pikachu's not here, either!
Robo Skiploom: Skiploom.
Smoochum: Smoochum! Smoochum! Smoochum! Smoochum! Smoochum!
Pikachu: Pi, Pika. Pi.
Smoochum: Smoochum!
Robo Skiploom: Skiploom.
Jessie: Excellent.
James: Our Robo Skiploom is working like a charm.
Meowth: Yeah, but I wonder who that Smoochum belongs to.
Jessie: In about five seconds, it's going to belong to us!
Robo Skiploom: Skiploom.
Smoochum: Smoochum!
Pikachu: Pika! Pi! Pika! Pi. Pi.
Jessie: Having a little problem getting through, Pikachu? I suppose we should've made a bigger hole, cause you're a whole lot bigger, aren't you, Pikachu?

Right On, Rhydon

Jessie: Well, now that we know what that Rhydon likes to eat...
James: ...We'll just find where it feeds and lie in wait.
Meowth: Heh! Lyin' an' waitin' happens ta be my specialty!

The Kecleon Caper

Brock: If you like those Pokémon, wait till you see Onix!
Brock: Maybe you're right...

[Brock climbs a ladder and prepares to dangerously scale a blimp to get a Pokémon back for a pair of sisters]
Brock: This is for Madison and Alexa! I've got to do something to win their love! Or at least their pity!

The Joy of Water Pokémon

Joy: There's no Pokémon that's better than any other, there's no Pokémon that's worse than any other, they are all precious creatures...

Got Miltank?

Ash: Team Rocket, before you ruin everything you should know that Miltank healed Meowth's injuries too!
Pikachu: Pika!
Jessie: Well isn't that sweet... But I don't remember asking it to!

Fight for the Light

[Ash and his friends walking through a park in Olivine City]
Ash: I hope she'll be alright.
Brock: I wonder who Sparkle is. Hey, maybe it's her cousin. Do you think she's as pretty as Jasmine?
Misty: When do you think she'll be ready to battle with you?
Ash: Oh! That's right! I gotta find out! (Runs back the other way)
Brock: But she's not at the gym anymore, Ash!
Ash: (stops) Oh, that's right.
Misty: Hey, look over there.
Brock: Huh?
Pikachu: Ka?
[They look and see Janina scrubbing her Onix in a grey sand pit]
Ash: Hey, Janina!
Janina: Huh? (Turns to Ash, Brock and Misty) I shouldn't have played that trick on you, I'm sorry.
Ash: Don't worry, it's not that big a deal. But can I ask you what you're doing?
Janina: Well, you see, I rubbed water-repellent wax all over my Onix, and now I'm trying to clean it off by scrubbing it with sand.
Ash: Water-repellent wax?
Misty: So that's why it wasn't affected by Totodile's Water Gun attack.
Brock: That's not a very kind way to treat your Onix, you know.
Janina: Oh, I know that now. But all I ever wanted was to be an apprentice at Jasmine's gym, and I was just hoping to make her proud of me, that's all. So I decided to do whatever I could to overcome Onix's weakness.
Ash: So that was it.
Pikachu: Pika.
Janina: And no one ever told me it was against the rules.
Brock: Instead of trying to erase a Pokémon's weaknesses, you have to encourage its natural strengths!
Janina: But how am I supposed to do that?
Brock: If you listen to your Onix with both your heart and your ears, you'll learn everything you need to.
Janina: Hey! That's exactly what Jasmine used to tell me to do!
Ash: Oh! Do you have any idea where I can find Jasmine right now?
Janina: Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's at the Shining Lighthouse down on the wharf.
Ash: Thanks! (Runs off)
Misty: Wait up, Ash!
[Misty and Brock race off to catch up with Ash]
Janina: (to Onix) So, I guess I'll have to try listening to you a little bit better.
Janina's Onix: (responds)

Machoke, Machoke Man

[Chuck has his Machoke Karate Chop him multiple times to psyche itself up for battle]
Chuck: [to Machoke] Come on! Focus your energy! Focus on winning! It's all about the focus, Machoke!