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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Sun and Moon, the twenty-second season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Alola and meets new friends.

Lillier and the Staff![edit]

A Haunted House for Everyone![edit]

Sparking Confusion![edit]

Don't Ignore the Small Stufful![edit]

No Stone Unturned![edit]

Bright Lights, Big Changes![edit]

We Know Where You're Going, Eevee![edit]

Battling the Beast Within![edit]

Parallel Friendships![edit]

Alola, Alola![edit]

Lana: Attention, please! I'm happy to say that we have guests today!
The rest of Lana's classmates and Pokemon: Huh?
[As promised by the writers, Misty and Brock enter the classroom]
Both Misty and Brock: Alola!
Misty: Long time, no see!
Brock: You look great!

Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone![edit]

That's Some Spicy Island Research![edit]

Showdown on Poni Island![edit]

Evolving Research![edit]

Run, Heroes, Run![edit]

Memories in the Mist![edit]

A Grand Debut![edit]

Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball![edit]

Show Me the Metal![edit]

Got Meltan?[edit]

This Magik Moment![edit]

Beauty is Only Crystal Deep![edit]

The Dealer of Destruction![edit]

The Secret Princess![edit]

Drawn with the Wind![edit]

Aiming for the Top Floor![edit]

A High-Speed Awakening![edit]

The One That Didn't Get Away![edit]

A Recipe For Success![edit]

Spying For The Big Guy![edit]

A Fiery Training Camp Trick![edit]

Living on the Cutting Edge![edit]

Samson Oak: And that also means "You-cario"!

A Timeless Encounter![edit]

Pikachu's Exciting Adventure![edit]

Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams![edit]

League Offenders and Defenders![edit]

Battle Royale 151![edit]

Hiroki: Ready, everybody! I'll take you all on!
Mudbray: Mudbray! [Bring it!]
[Three oncoming attacks hit the two knocking them out in the process]
Hiroki: [weakly] I am...I am...a champion...or not. [That's what happens when you goad your opponents into attacking you]
Hala: And Mudbray is unable to continue!

Battling Besties![edit]

The Battlefield of Truth and Love![edit]

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy![edit]

Battling on the Wing![edit]

The Road to the Semi-Finals![edit]

The Final Four![edit]

Getting Down to the Ire![edit]

The Wisdom Not To Run![edit]

Final Rivals![edit]

Enter the Champion!![edit]

[As Ash's Dusk Lycanroc catches its breath, Gladion's Midnight Lycanroc has fainted! You know what that means...]
Professor Kukui: Lycanroc is unable to battle! So the winner is Ash! [HURRAY! YOU FINALLY WON AN OFFICIAL POKEMON LEAGUE! CONGRATULATIONS ASH!]

[As Ash is staring in shock that he finally won a League, the crowd continues cheering him for his victory]
Gladion: Time to wake up, my friend.
Ash: Uh...what just happened?
Gladion: [helping Midnight Lycanroc back onto its feet] You won. Congratulations champion. [proceeds to shake Ash's hand]
Ash: Thanks Gladion. Great battle.

[At the Team Rocket hideout, underneath the stadium]
Jessie: [has a Malasada donut in her mouth and is horrified upon watching the results] You're kidding me! The twerp is champion?! And what about you, Mr. Fix-it?
James: [wrapping up his work on the Bewear mech] Once this piece is bolted in, we're off!

Z-Move Showdown![edit]

Exhibition Unmasked![edit]

A Full Battle Bounty![edit]

Fiery Surprises![edit]

From Z to Shining Z![edit]

Dreams of the Sun and Moon![edit]

Olivia: You know what? It sounds like you want to become a Kahuna, do you?
Rotom Dex: Are you serious?! Your dream is to truly become a Kahuna?!

Olivia: Getting to know what the world is like is a very important step. You'll have a broader perspective once you expand your horizons. The truth is, it will allow you to look at yourself and find ways you can improve. Right, Ash? [Ash is confused at this wisdom] As someone who came all the way to Alola to train, you already know that, don't you?

Ash: [after thinking about what Olivia said about travelling the world to improve his skills, as well as realizing that his Alola journey is drawing to a close] I've got it! I've decided I want to go out and see the world! [Rotom Dex is confused] Pikachu, what do you say we go home? [Pikachu eagerly jumps onto Ash's shoulder] The world has more awesome things for us to see. There are tons more Pokemon out there! [Pikachu eagerly agrees to head into another new adventure. Keep in mind that because Ash officially won a League and is an official Champion, doing the Galar League would have been seen not only as a repetitive and tiresome storyline but also as a regression in Ash's skills as a trainer.]

Thank you Alola! The Journey Continues![edit]

[A depressed Mimikyu admits to Meowth that it tried to fight Pikachu but ended up seeing itself as a monster upon looking at its reflection in the ocean]
Meowth: Being down on your looks won't do you any good. This may be a good time to stop pretending and accept yourself for who you really are.
Mimikyu: [makes garbled noises and cleans its disguise becoming happy again] [You're right! I should be a better Pokémon and accept for who I am!]

[As the Team Rocket Gang are ready to depart back to Kanto, they say goodbye to Bewear and hop into their balloon]
The gang: [taking a bow] Thank you for your hospitality.
[Bewear walks over to them scaring the group]
James: We're too young to get squished! [Fortunately, Bewear gives them a gentle hug]
Bewear: Bewear. [I'll miss you guys.]
The gang: You like us!
Jessie: Okay, we hate to eat and run but...[the rest of the gang joins in]...later!
Bewear: Bewear. Bewear-wear. [Are you guys heading to Kanto?]
Meowth: Say, what? We're headed to Kanto? Yeah, but why are you asking?
Bewear: [grabs the balloon and hurls them into the sky like a hammer] Weeaarr!! Weeaarr!! [Hang on! Goodbye friends!]

Ash: There's one more thing. I guess I have to tell you something. I'm gonna go home to Pallet Town. You see, ever since Pikachu and I came to Alola, we've met you and tons of Pokémon. We've learned lots of things at the Pokémon School. Yeah, it's been really the best, but now, I think, I'm going back home for a while and then I'm going to check out some other places. That'll give me a new chance to meet more new people and tons of new Pokémon and have a lot of Pokémon battles and get stronger and stronger. Someday, I'll do what I set out to do...become a Pokémon Master!
Kiawe: [realizing that Ash has a new goal in life] You're not just talking about this vacation, you're really going...

[At the docks near the cruise ship, Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine are dressed up to start their journey of searching for Mohn. It's Ash's turn to bid the family farewell]
Ash: See you later. Take care.
Lillie: Right, Ash. I...
Gladion: [steps forward to bid goodbye to Ash] Ash, the world seems big, but it's not. So, when we meet again...
Ash: What else? We'll have a battle! [both Ash and Gladion shake hands]

Lillie: [after a series of flashbacks, she runs to the stern of the cruise ship to give Ash a proper farewell] Ash, can you hear me?! You know what? I'm really happy I got to meet you! You helped me out so much! After meeting you, I was finally able to become friends with Pokémon. THANK YOU! [both Snowy and Megearna also bid farewell to him]