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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Sun and Moon, the twentieth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Alola and meets new friends.

Alola To New Adventure!

[First lines. Ash and Pikachu are having a great time at sea]
Ash: All right! Whoa ho! This is awesome! (The camera pulls back to disclose that he and Pikachu are riding a Sharpedo) Yeah. Right, Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: (Laughs)
Narrator: This is Melemele Island, one of the several islands in the Alola region. (The camera pans left to people going windsurfing and having fun on the coastline of Melemele Island) Ash and Pikachu are in the middle of a vacation on the island... (The camera cuts to a bird's eye view of Melemele Island) and they're having an absolute ball.
Ash: All right! Full throttle, Sharpedo!
Sharpedo: Sharpedo-shar!
[Sharpedo takes Ash and Pikachu underwater, where the two admire the Pokémon that live underwater. Among the Pokémon they see are two Lumineons and some Finneons, a Corsola, a Milotic and a Pyukumuku. When Ash sees the Pyukumuku, he touches it with his finger)
Ash: Whoa!
Pyukumuku: Piku! (Spawns a white hand which sticks up two fingers. Ash does the same as Pikachu swims up to the surface. He leaves the scene on Sharpedo)
[Nearby, a girl with blue hair, whose name is Lana, is fishing aboard a Lapras that she and her Popplio are using. Then, Sharpedo emerges from the sea with Ash and Pikachu who are panting for air. They shake themselves clean just as Lana hooks up a Bruxish, surprising Ash and Pikachu. Ash nearly falls into the water first time, but he does so the second time]
Pikachu: Pika.
[Ash pops his head out of the water]
Ash: (panting) Made it, buddy. (Laughs)
[Lana and her Popplio, having seen the action, laugh also]
Ash: (laughs)

The Guardian's Challenge!

[Lillie gets scared of Mallow's Bounsweet]
Mallow: It's such a shame. You know so much about Pokémon, but you can't touch them.
Lillie: I can too touch them. I've theorised it's only a matter of if I want to touch them or not.

Loading the Dex!


First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!

[Toucannon is waiting impatiently for Rowlet to return]
Toucannon: Toucannon. Toucannon... (Remembers when it laid its beak on some eggs which hatched into Pikipek, and a Rowlet)
[Back in the present, it hears Rowlet's hoot]
Rowlet: Hoot!
Toucannon: Toucannon! (Rowlet returns with a melon) Toucannon.
Trumbeak: (Arrives at the nest and greets Rowlet)
[Ash, Pikachu, Mallow and Rotom arrive at the scene]
Ash: There it is. Over there!
[The occupants of the nest turn to them]
Pikachu: Pika!
Bounsweet: Bounsweet!
Rotom Dex: Here's where I come in. (Scans the Pikipek) Pikipek, the woodpecker Pokémon, a Normal and Flying-type. (A fantasy featuring one Pikipek begins with that Pikipek pecking a hole into a tree and finding some food) It can unleash 16 pecks per second to drill a hole into a tree where it stores food.
[Next, it scans Trumbeak]
Rotom Dex: Trumbeak, the Bugle Beak Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pikipek. It attacks its opponents by firing seeds stored in its beak. (Moves onto Toucannon) Toucannon, the Cannon Pokémon, and the evolved form of Trumbeak. Its beak heats up to over two hundred degrees, and its peck can inflict a serious burn. (Touches Toucannon's beak) What's this?! It's not hot at all! That's strange.
[Toucannon gets angry as its beak gets hotter, and Rotom Dex runs in a frenzy after getting burned.]
[Meanwhile, Rowlet flies over to Ash]
Ash: Wow, I had no idea you had so many awesome friends. (Rowlet flies into his backpack)

Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!


A Shocking Grocery Run!


That's Why the Litten is a Scamp!


Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!

Samson Oak: [to Ash and co.] Be like an excited "Psyduck" [imitating Psyduck] and go for the "Golduck"! [imitating Golduck]

To Top a Totem!

Ash: I remember that you can earn Z-crystals by going through an Island Challenge. Isn't that right?
Professor Kukui: It isn't the only way. But going through the Island Challenge is the most certain way. The key to your success is to pass the Grand Trial of each of the Island's Kahunas.
Ash: [finishing his milk] So, how do you do that?
Rotom Pokédex: I will answer that with great pleasure. A Grand Trial is a battle between trainer and Island Kahuna. If the trainer wins, the Kahuna acknowledges that trainer's worthiness.
Ash: Whoa, sounds like fun. [Be careful, Ash. They are not like the Gym Leaders you have fought in the past.]

Rotom Pokédex: According to my data, a Grand Trial is preceded by lesser trials that must be overcome first.
Ash: First, the little trials, then boom!
Professor Kukui: Alright, I think we should go and pay a visit to Hala, the Kahuna of Melemele Island.

Ash: Kahuna, I'd like to get a Z-Crystal as soon as I can. I'll need it for when I battle Tapu Koko again.
Hala: Again, huh? Ahhh...Ash, if you don't mind, I'd like you to answer a question for me.
Ash: A question for me?
Hala: I assume you now know that the people of this island have been troubled by a rash of wild Rattata and Raticate, am I right?
Ash: Yes, sir.
Hala: If you were the person being asked to resolve this problem, what would you do?
Ash: Uhhhh...I know! I'd take Pikachu and Rowlet and challenge them all to a battle, then...
Hala: But young Ash, are you interested in learning why the Island Challenge was started so many years ago? [Pikachu is seen playing with Hala's Hariyama by Pikachu running around Hariyama's belly] You see, it wasn't simply made to make trainers stronger in battle, it was to raise young people in such a way that they will love and protect the islands of Alola, as well as the many people and Pokémon who inhabit them. [It's tempting to battle but sometimes violence can't always solve problems. There are alternate methods.]
Ash: Love all that's here and protect it?
Hala: I want you to look for answers that won't only lead you to battle. We'll talk about the Z-Crystal after I've heard what you've come up with.

Trial and Tribulation!

[Professor Kukui is reading the morning newspaper, until...]
Professor Kukui: Hey, yesterday's news made the paper!
Rotom Dex: May I see it too? [starts reading it] The surprise actions of a young boy named Ash Ketchum in cooperation with Kahuna Hala were an eye opening sight. He obtained help with Totem Pokemon, Gumshoos, and its allies by battling in a trial successfully drove off the [Alolan] Rattata and [Alolan] Raticate, who have been causing trouble over the city. It is further noted Ash will receive an accommodations certificate from Officer Jenny.

[Officer Jenny drops Ash and Kukui off at Hala's place, but has to leave for police work]
Rotom Dex: But if you leave, you'll miss the Grand Trial.
Officer Jenny: Since I'm on duty, I'm afraid I must. I know Melemele Island is peaceful, but police work keeps me busy.

[Before the battle begins...]
Professor Kukui: Alright Ash, one thing before your Grand Trial begins. Do you know the correct poses to use the Normal-type Z-move?
Ash: I sure do! We've practiced until its second nature. Right Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pika-Pika! [Indeed!]

[A warning on using Z-moves]
Professor Kukui: When you use a Z-move, both you and your Pokemon expend a large amount of energy. So in a way, you Pikachu and Rowlet are now, your Z-move should be quite a bit tiring.
Ash: The important thing is when I use it. Is that right? [In other words, time the Z-move correctly or prepare to lose the match]
Professor Kukui: Exactly, Ash. We are ready to go, Hala!

[Rowlet is snoozing after defeating Crabrawler. Granted, it was worn out but still...]
Ash: Rowlet, wake up! You're battling!
Pikachu: Pika! [Come on Rowlet!]

[With Ash's first Grand Trial win and Electrium-Z Crystal...]
Hala: Professor Kukui.
Professor Kukui: Hala.
Hala: Would it be alright if I host the celebration? I'm pleased Ash has passed his first Grand trial and it would give me great pleasure to throw a big party for him!
Professor Kukui: Of course, you may! What an honor! I can't thank you enough!
Hala: Since it's all decided, I must get started with preparations.
Ash: Kahuna Hala?
Hala: What would you like, young Ash?
Ash: My friends from the Pokemon school come too. You see, without them, I wouldn't have gotten a Z-Crystal in the first place. So would that be alright with you?
Hala: A very good idea. Yes, invite them all right away!

Young Kiawe Had a Farm!


The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!

Meowth: [to James] Mareanie says you're quite a catch!

Racing to a Big Event!


Getting to Know You!

[The title card comes up]
Ash: Getting to Know You!
[In the classroom, Principal Oak, Professor Kukui and the students are all watching the egg hatch]
Narrator: Not only has the egg found on Mount Lanakila hatched, but the egg that Ash and his mom brought from the Kanto region looks like it's on the verge of hatching, too. The suspense is building as our heroes wait to see what will emerge.
[Soon after, a regular Vulpix hatches from the egg and looks at everyone]
Ash: It's a Vulpix. It's a Vulpix.
Pikachu: Pika!
Mallow: It's unbelievable that Vulpix hatched from both eggs.
Professor Kukui: I thought both of them looked ready to hatch, but never on the same day.
Principal Oak: Wonderful! This makes me so happy. (His head turns into a Vulpix's as he says this line)
Sophocles: This is the first time I've seen a Pokémon Egg hatch. Now I've seen two.
Lana: I feel really moved.
Kiawe: Seeing new life come into this world is amazing.
[Togedemaru, Popplio and Bounsweet welcome the newly-hatched Vulpix in their own languages, as do Turtonator and Rowlet]
Ash: I've seen Vulpix like that before, but I've never seen a white Vulpix.
Rotom Dex: Allow me. (Displays a white Vulpix on its screen) Vulpix, Alola Form. The Fox Pokémon. An Ice type. Vulpix is covered in white fur and was discovered on Mount Lanakila. (Snowy licks its body) Its breath can reach a temperature of 60 below zero, freezing anything it touches. (Reviews the regular Vulpix) And that Vulpix? It's a Fire type. When carefully groomed, its six tails can be extremely beautiful.
Sophocles: Wow, so Vulpix can either be an Ice or a Fire type.
Kiawe: It's quite rare to see a red Vulpix out here.
Rotom Dex: I'll have to collect data on both. (Takes photos of the two Vulpix)
[Ash starts petting the red Vulpix]
Ash: Nice to meet you.
Vulpix: Vulpix!
Ash: (to Snowy) Hi! My name's Ash. Nice to meet you. (He tries to stroke Snowy, but Snowy uses Powder Snow on him and Rotom Dex, freezing them both)
Lana: Ash! No!
Professor Kukui: Looked like powder snow.
[The other Vulpix uses Ember on Ash and Rotom to thaw them out]
Ash: Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! (He and Rotom leap in the air and land on the classroom floor). He then yells at Vulpix) WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!
Rotom Dex: I'm like toast!
Lana: Are you two all right?
Sophocles: You got to experience 60 below breath right off the bat and an Ember to boot.
Mallow: You might have been a bit too sudden when you tried to touch it.
Ash: I guess you're right.
[Snowy turns away from Ash while the other Vulpix shows affection]
Narrator: They're both Vulpix... (Vulpix jumps down from the desk to join the other Pokémon) ...but their personalities are quite different.
Pikachu: Pika-pika!
Popplio: Pop, pop, pop, pop.
Togedemaru: Totege-maru!
Bounsweet: Bounsweet.
Turtonator: Ta-nor.
[Rowlet flies in and greets Vulpix]
Vulpix: Vulpix.
Pikachu: Pika!
[The Pokémon start jumping up and down in excitement, but Vulpix goes to see Snowy and jumps up on a chair]
Vulpix: Vulpi? Oh, oh, vulpi?
Snowy: Oh. Hmpf!
[Vulpix jumps onto the desk]
Vulpix: Vulpix-pix-pix. (Tries to get Snowy to show interest, but to no avail)
[Snowy jumps down and the other Pokémon look at it]
Ash: You see, they're all saying they want to be your friends.
[The camera cuts to Lillie who has been watching, but she hasn't said anything]

Rocking Clawmark Hill!


They Might Not Be Giants!


Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!

Ash: Tapu Koko's gonna be so mad!
Sophocles: Not to mention Kiawe. He's gonna be furious when he finds out you lost a Z-Crystal.

A Seasoned Search!


A Guardian Rematch!

[Ash has used his Rockruff to defeat Hiorki's Mudbray. Both Ash and Hiroki shake hands]
Hiroki: That move was incredible! Nice battle!
Ash: Do it again, sometime?
Hiroki: Yeah!

Partner Promises!


One Journey Ends, Another Begins...

Litten: [meows repeatedly, calling out for Stoutland, who has vanished]
Ash: Litten...
Rotom Pokédex: Professor, where's Stoutland?
Kukui: [in grief] I'm sorry...

A Shivering Shovel Search!


Getting the Band Back Together!


Alolan Open House!


A Team-on-Team Tussle!


So Long, Sophocles!

[The next day, we are in Sophocles' point of view, where Sophocles imagines that he is being confronted by his classmates for lying to them about moving house]
Ash: You lied! You're not moving at all.
Sophocles: Stop! I didn't lie.
Mallow: Yeah, but it's only for one week and it's on the same block.
Sophocles: Yeah.
Kiawe: What's the point?
Lillie: Worrying about you was silly.
Lana: I don't like you, Sophocles.
Mallow: Me neither.
Ash: (angrily) Me neither!
Kiawe: Nor me!
Lillie: Hmph!
[Lana blows a raspberry and walks away with Lillie, Mallow, Ash and Kiawe]
Sophocles: Hey, wait everybody!

A Glaring Rivalry!


Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper

Samson Oak: Back when you were little and playing Pokémon base [impersonates Ludicolo] "Ludi-solo"!

Lulled to La-La Land!


The Ol' Raise and Switch!


The Island Whisperer!

[A fantasy featuring Tapu Lele begins as Tapu Lele itself scatters its glowing scales]
Olivia: (voiceover) Tapu Lele, Akala's island guardian, is known to scatter its glowing scales from time to time. It is said that whoever the scales touch will instantly be healed.
[The camera cuts to Ash in the present]
Ash: Oh, yeah. So that's why. (Remembers when Tapu Lele gave him some glowing scales and they healed his hands)
Olivia: You know what I think? I think Tapu Lele is the guardian of life itself. Its light heals wounds and gives strength to those who need it.
Ash: Do you think we'll meet again?
Olivia: Of course! Just as long as that's what you want. It would make me so happy if you felt Tapu Lele's presence here, and if on our field trip you thought about what life truly means and the relationship between people and Pokémon. I want you to feel that special something that's created only between you and your partner through your encounters. I know that's a lot to think about, though. Ha-ha! (Claps her hands once) Right, then, story time's over. Get ready. Grab your things and bring your Pokémon. Next, Akala Island! Let's go!
[Soon, Olivia, the students and their Pokémon have gone to the port to board a boat that's bound for Akala Island]
Ash: Ah!
Olivia: Now, all aboard, everybody! (Jumps onto the boat, but she trips up) Uh! Wah! (Hits the wooden floor while the students give awkward looks) Like I said before, nothing to see. Nothing to see.
Pikachu: Pika?
Olivia: Ha-ha!
Lana: Interesting. Serious explanations and then belly laughs after she trips.
Mallow: (nods) She's so cool!
Sophocles: Seriously?
[Soon, everyone has boarded the boat which is now setting off. Meanwhile, Principal Oak is waving goodbye to the students who wave to him back]
Ash: See you later!
Principal Oak: Now have a mystical Magikarp kind of time!
Magikarp: Karp! Karp!

Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!


Big Sky, Small Fry!


A Crowning Moment of Truth!


Currying Favor and Flavor!

[The Who's that Pokémon? segment comes up]
Students: Who's that Pokémon? It's... Fomantis!
Fomantis: Fomantis.
[Ash and Mallow are looking at Lurantis, the forest's Totem Pokémon]
Lurantis: Lurantis!
Ash: Who's that?!
[Pikachu jumps down from the stump that he was standing on]
Rotom Dex: Lurantis, the Bloom Sickle Pokémon. A Grass type and the evolved form of Fomantis. Lurantis use their flower-like appearance and aroma to lure in opponents and defeat them.
Ash: Do you think it could be a... Totem Pokémon?
Lurantis: Lurantis! (Unleashes its power, blowing a gust of wind into Ash, Mallow and Rotom Dex) Lurantis! (Uses Petal Blizzard)
Rotom Dex: It's using Petal Blizzard! Run!
Ash & Mallow: Run!
[Pikachu stands still to feel the full force of Lurantis' Petal Blizzard attack]
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash: Huh! If it's a battle you want... (Stands up) ...you've got it! Lurantis is a grass-type, so we should counter with a fire-type! Litten, I choose you! (Sends out Litten)
Litten: Litten!
Ash: Use Ember!
Litten: Litten! (Uses Ember on Lurantis)
Rotom Dex: That was super-effective!
Ash: So awesome!
Lurantis: Lu...! (Charges up its Solar Blade attack)
Ash: Huh? What's it doing?
Rotom Dex: I calculate a 99% chance it's preparing to use Solar Blade!
Ash: We'll beat it by moving first. Fire Fang, let's go!
Litten: Li...tten! (Uses Fire Fang on Lurantis)
Mallow: Look out!
Lurantis: LU-U-URANT-I-I-IS! (Unleashes its power and attacks Litten) Aargh!
Ash: Litten, dodge it!
[Litten dodges Lurantis' attack by backing off]
Mallow: It's so strong!
Ash: Yeah, but we're still fine as long as it doesn't hit!
Lurantis: LU-U-U-RA-A-A-ANT!
[A Castform flies down and joins Lurantis]
Rotom Dex: I think it just called its ally for help!
Mallow: Who's that Pokémon?
Rotom Dex: Castform, the Weather Pokémon. A Normal type. Castform has learned to use the power of nature to protect its small body.
Castform: Ca-a-a-a-ast... (Uses Sunny Day)
Ash: Hey, Rotom, what's going on?
Rotom Dex: Castform's using Sunny Day!
Mallow: I think it's evolving!
Rotom Dex: Not exactly. That's its sunny form. Castform changes it appearance and type depending on the weather.

Trials and Determinations!


Rising from the Ruins!


Mimikyu Unmasked


Mallow and the Forest Teacher!


Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!


Mounting an Electrifying Charge!


Alola, Kanto!

[The title card comes up]
Ash: [voiceover] Alola, Kanto!
[Samson, Professor Kukui and his class have arrived at an airport in the Kanto region)
Pikachu: [happy] Pika!
Ash: Here we are!
Mallow: Hope we get to see a Vileplume.
Lana: Horsea and Seadra, too.
Snowy: [weakly] Vul.
Lillie: Oh, no. Something wrong, Snowy?
Snowy: [unhappy] Vul!
Lillie: Don't you feel well?
Snowy: [weakly] Vul... [Lillie picks it up]
Lillie: Poor dear... Now what should I do?
Snowy: Vul.
Familiar voice: Excuse me. Your Vulpix...
Lillie: Huh?
[The camera cuts to Brock who is carrying a black case]
Brock: Would you mind if I examine it? See, I'm actually studying to become a Pokémon doctor.
Lillie: That would be great. We got off the plane, when all of a sudden...
Brock: Leave it to me. [Kneels down to attend to Snowy]
[Meanwhile, a disguised Team Rocket arrive carrying their luggage]
Jessie: Ugh, this is so depressing.
James: Going through all this to get to headquarters.
Jessie: [angrily] So why do we have to take orders from that bob-cut-and-glasses gal, anyway?
James: We'll get more lectures than all of my school years combined.
Jessie: [to Matori who is inside a hexagonal bubble] Go away. Go away. GO AWAY!
Meowth: Hey, no sweat. If we give Loser Locks this honey malasada, she's sure to get in a good mood. [disappointedly agrees] Yeah, like that's gonna work.
[Meanwhile, Snowy is being examined by Brock]
Snowy: [weakly] Vul.
Brock: Hmm...
Snowy: Vul?
Brock: Hm! [Pets Snowy]
Snowy: Vul!
Brock: Just as I suspected. Just a little air sickness.
Lillie: Oh, thank you very much.
[The camera cuts to Professor Kukui, Samson and the rest of the class]
Mallow: I wonder what's keeping Lillie.
Everyone: Hm?
[Then, they see Lillie with Brock]
Ash: Huh? Whoa! Is that Brock?!
Jessie: Huh?
Brock: [Turns to Ash] Huh?
Ash: [runs to Brock with Pikachu] Heyyy! Brock!
[But then, Brock sees a flight attendant lady passing by]
Brock: [lovestruck] Whoa! [Runs past Ash and Pikachu causing them to spin]
Ash: Whoa!
Brock: Ahh... Such a lovely flight attendant in all her radiance. [Takes out a bouquet of flowers] It would be paradise if we flew the lovely skies together! Chasing clouds with you... Soaring... on love's wings. [Gets pulled by the ear by someone's hand] Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-OW!
[We see that the person grabbing Brock's ear is Misty]
Misty: All right. I come all the way to pick you up at the airport, and this is the thanks I get?!
Ash: Ha! Misty!
Misty: [releases her grip and waves to Ash] Hey Ash! How have you been doing?
Ash: Ha!
Pikachu: Pika-pika! [Jumps into Misty's arms]
Misty: Long time, no see, Pikachu!

[Muk hugs Ash]
Ash: Muk, it's great to see you again. [Muk continues smothering Ash. Don't suffocate your trainer, Muk!]

[As the original trio search for Lana's Popplio]
Ash: Misty, you sure haven't changed a bit.
Brock: Brings back memories. I mean, how the three of us used to travel together [throughout Kanto and Johto]. We did lots of things and had lots of fun.
Misty: Although, not everything was fun.
Ash: I enjoyed every moment of our journey.
Misty: I'm a little jealous of how carefree you are. [Remember, Misty had to resume duties at her Cerulean Gym at the end of Johto, while Brock stopped travelling with Ash at the end of Sinnoh, as he plans on becoming a Pokemon doctor. It is nice that we get to see Ash's original companions after years of their absence, not counting flashbacks or fantasy sequences.]

When Regions Collide!

Misty: The Cerulean Gym has the Cascade Badge.
Brock: And this badge is proof of victory at the Pewter Gym, the Boulder Badge.
[The class all stares in awe]
Lillie: Pretty, huh?
Lana: Yeah...
Kiawe: [to Ash] You won all the badges from the Kanto region, didn't you, Ash?
Ash: Sure did! You can win eight Badges and I won them all.
Misty: In my case, I gave him my badge out of pity! [Actually, Misty's sisters gave him the badge for stopping Team Rocket from stealing the Cerulean Gym Pokémon]
Brock: Say, that story has a familiar ring. [Brock gave Ash the badge despite Ash forfeiting his match due to not wanting to win through cheating]
Kiawe: Hey Ash, what's that supposed to mean?
Ash: [nervously laughing before backing off] And after you collected all eight badges, you can compete in the Pokémon League! [This is hinted that Ash did not seem proud of earning these badges out of pity nor what he was like in the past]