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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Sun and Moon, the twentieth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Alola and meets new friends.

Alola To New Adventure![edit]

The Guardian's Challenge![edit]

[Lillie gets scared of Mallow's Bounsweet]
Mallow: It's such a shame. You know so much about Pokémon, but you can't touch them.
Lillie: I can too touch them. I've theorised it's only a matter of if I want to touch them or not.

Loading the Dex![edit]

First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style![edit]

Rotom Dex: [touching Toucannon's beak] What's this?! It's not hot at all! That's strange.
[Toucannon gets angry as its beak gets hotter, and Rotom Dex runs in a frenzy after getting burned.]

Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio![edit]

A Shocking Grocery Run![edit]

That's Why the Litten is a Scamp![edit]

Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge![edit]

Samson Oak: [to Ash and co.] Be like an excited "Psyduck" [imitating Psyduck] and go for the "Golduck"! [imitating Golduck]

To Top a Totem![edit]

Trial and Tribulation![edit]

Young Kiawe Had a Farm![edit]

The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair![edit]

Meowth: [to James] Mareanie says you're quite a catch!

Racing to a Big Event![edit]

Getting to Know You![edit]

Rocking Clawmark Hill![edit]

They Might Not Be Giants![edit]

Crystal-Clear Sleuthing![edit]

A Seasoned Search![edit]

A Guardian Rematch![edit]

Partner Promises![edit]

One Journey Ends, Another Begins...[edit]

A Shivering Shovel Search![edit]

Getting the Band Back Together![edit]

Alolan Open House![edit]

A Team-on-Team Tussle![edit]

So Long, Sophocles![edit]

A Glaring Rivalry![edit]

Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper[edit]

Lulled to La-La Land![edit]

The Ol' Raise and Switch[edit]

The Island Whisperer![edit]

Treasure Hunt, Akala Style![edit]

Big Sky, Small Fry![edit]

A Crowning Moment of Truth![edit]

Currying Favor and Flavor![edit]

Trials and Determinations![edit]

Rising from the Ruins![edit]

Mimikyu Unmasked[edit]

Mallow and the Forest Teacher![edit]

Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence![edit]

Mounting an Electrifying Charge![edit]

Alola, Kanto[edit]

When Regions Collide![edit]