Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle

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Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle is a 2020 film which is the twenty-third movie in the Pokémon film series. Directed by Tetsuo Yajima.


[First lines]
Alpha Zarude: Hey, let's go.
Dada Zarude: Right.

Dada Zarude: Hmm?
Alpha Zarude: Hey, what's that?
Dada Zarude: I've come here to speak to the Elder about it.
Sub-Alpha Zarude: [sighs] Have you forgotten that no one is allowed inside our territory? Have you?!
[Dada and Sub-Alpha Zarude are snarling]
Elder Zarude: [arrives] Now, now. It appears to me you've brought something unusual along with you.
Alpha Zarude: Elder.
Elder Zarude: It is human, correct? And a child, too.
Alpha Zarude: Human? That?
[Baby sneezes]
[Several Zarude are groaning]
Sub-Alpha Zarude: [growls and sniffs] Oh, that stinks! It smells like a Stunky's rear end! [groans in disgust]
Elder Zarude: So, tell me, what do you plan to do with it?
Dada Zarude: I don't know. But everybody heard it, right? That sound. If I leave it be, it will not survive.
Alpha Zarude: [annoyed] That's not our concern! Nobody can break our laws!
Sub-Alpha Zarude: I'll get rid of it!
[Dada and Sub-Alpha Zarude are grunting and growling]
Zarude #1: Beat 'em up!
Zarude #2: Get 'em!
Zarude #3: Obey the laws!
Zarude #4: It can't be allowed!
Zarude #5: Get it out now!
Alpha Zarude: Water raises the trees. The light shines down and turns the trees into jungle. This revered water raises the Zarude and gives us our rich bounty! Allowing others onto our land means we will wither and vanish! That is the law of the Zarude!
[Several Zarude are yelling in agreement]
Zarude #4: We are Zarude!
Dada Zarude: Quit your complaining, I know that.
Alpha Zarude: Then hurry up and...
Dada Zarude: I'm going to go find its parents.
Alpha Zarude: What?!
Elder Zarude: Hmm.
Dada Zarude: I will withdraw from the troop.
Alpha Zarude: Do you know what you're saying?
Dada Zarude: The law won't apply to me anymore.
Alpha Zarude: [grabs Dada's shoulder and grunts] YOU'LL NEVER RETURN AGAIN! YOU'LL lOSE ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!
[Dada and Alpha Zarude are aggressively grunting]
Elder Zarude: It can't be helped.
Dada Zarude: [grunts]
Sub-Alpha Zarude: What a piece of work.
Alpha Zarude: I can't believe it. I thought I could trust you. [grumbles] YOU TRAITOR!
Dada Zarude: I'm sorry. [leaves his tribe with the baby]
Alpha Zarude: [growls and thumps the ground with his fists]
Elder Zarude: [hums in wonder]

Narrator: This is Milyfa Town, small and surrounded by jungle. Continuing his journey to become a Pokémon Master with his partner, Pikachu, Ash plans to enter the Forest of Okoya, looking for adventure.
[Pikachu jumps onto Ash's shoulder]
Ash: Oh, ha! Hey, buddy.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: Okay, I gotta go.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Delia: [on the video call screen] One minute!
Ash: What, Mom?
Delia: Are you sure you're ready?
Ash: I'm all set. I'll be fine. See ya!
Delia: Hold it! That attitude worries me the most! What about potions, extra clothes, and Pikachu's food? You'll need all of them!
Ash: [sighs] You worry too much, Mom.
Delia: That's what being a parent's all about.
Ash: Okay, I hear you. I'm hanging up.
Delia: There's that attitude!
Ash: Uh...
Delia: If anything bad were to happen to you--
Ash: Ah! Somebody's calling me. See ya!
Delia: Huh?
[Ash deactivates the video call screen, leaves the building and runs through the town]
Pikachu: Pika?
Ash: Mom could talk until tomorrow if she had the chance.
Pikachu: Pi.
Ash: Oh, look at that, buddy.
Pikachu: Pika.
Ash: The jungle, it's huge!

Ash: Hold on a minute. Is this the first time you've seen a Poké Ball?
Koko: Za, Za, Zarude.
Pikachu: Pika?
Ash: Pikachu, What is it?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Koko: Zarude, Zarude, Zarude.
Ash: No way! You can actually talk to Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pikachu.
[Ash and Pikachu laugh]
Ash: Awesome! So, my name's Ash.
Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikapi!
Ash: [snickers]
Koko: Pikachu, Pikapi.
Ash: [gasps] You can talk to each other.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Ash: But my name is Ash. Got it?
Koko: "Name is Ash".
Ash: Yeah.
Koko: Zarude! [celebrates ecstatically]
Ash: Hey, then what's your name?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika?
Koko: [grunts] Koko.
Pikachu: Pipi!
Ash: So your name's Koko. [raises his hand] Nice to meet you.
Koko: Zar? Ru...
Ash: Huh? [gasps]
[Koko touches Ash's hand with his]
Koko: [giggles] Za!
Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: Hey, Koko, how far are we going?
Koko: Zaru-Zaruza.
Skwovet: [arrives] Skwovet! Skw, Skw, [falls down] Skwo, Skwo.
Koko: Za? Zaru!
Skwovet: Skwo, Skwovet! Skwovet! Skwovet! [imitates Dada Zarude] Skwovet! Skwovet! [normally] Skwovet-vet. [gets surprised] Skwovet!
Ash: [laughs] That one's a cutie.
Koko: Zaru, Zaru, Za, Zaruza?
[Ash and Pikachu get restrained in vines]
Ash: Whoa! It's a trap! What's this all about?!
Koko: Ash! Zaru, Za, Zaru.
[Dada Zarude arrives]
[Koko and Dada Zarude are speaking in Zarude language]
Dada Zarude: Zarude!
Ash: A Pokémon?
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Koko: Koko family.
Ash: Your family has a Pokémon?
Pikachu: Pika.
Dada Zarude: Did you use human language? [grunts] First, you just vanish without a trace. Now, you bring a human?
Koko: [scoffs] You knew all along.
Dada Zarude: [gasps]
Koko: I'm a human, aren't I?
Dada Zarude: Uh... Mm...
Koko: Come on, Dada, tell the truth!
Dada Zarude: [grunts]
Koko: I'm human just like him! I'm not a Zarude at all, am I?!
Dada Zarude: Wrong! You're a Zarude!
Koko: [annoyed] Don't lie to me!
Dada Zarude: [gasps and groans]
[Ash and Pikachu break free from the vines]
Ash: [grunts and falls down] Aaaaaah! Ow. What do you think's going on? They really do look like a family.
Pikachu: Pika.
Koko: I brought Ash here so I could show him to you. And there were a lot more people like this back there. They launched something up into the sky that sparkled. Humans and Pokémon watched it together. Smiled together!
Pikachu: Pika.
Skwovet: Skwovet. Skwovet, Skwovet.
Koko: [hits Dada Zarude's chest] The Zarude can't do that, you taught me everything! [pushes Dada Zarude away] You showed me how to get food. How to run, how to swing on vines, all of it. [cries] So why? Why didn't you tell me about humans?!
Dada Zarude: [sighs] I didn't want to make you sad.
Koko: [still annoyed and poses Dada Zarude's arm away] Don't give me that!
Dada Zarude: Uh-uh.
Ash: Huh?
Koko: I thought I was weird for making friends with all the Pokémon, but that wasn't it. It was because I'm human. If it means I can be friends with Pokémon, I'd rather be human!
Dada Zarude: [gasps]
Pikachu: [sadly] Pika.
Dada Zarude: I knew that this would happen sooner or later. You're exactly right.
Koko: [gasps]
Dada Zarude: You're really a human, and I'm not your real Dada. Now you know.
Koko: Then tell me who I am!
Dada Zarude: [uses the vine to climb up a tree] Follow me, then.

[Ash, Pikachu, Koko, Skwovet and Dada Zarude enter the abandoned lab]
Dada Zarude: When I found you, it was raining. You were alone, lying in a strange-looking box. And there were no other humans around. You were wearing this when I found you. [tosses the Koko's necklace to him]
Ash: Uh...
Koko: Why did you take me with you?
Dada Zarude: I honestly don't know. I never knew my own family. I really never knew where I came from. You reminded me of me. I couldn't just leave you there. [finds an old picture frame and tosses it to Koko]
Koko: [gasps and sees his parents' picture with himself as a baby]
Dada Zarude: The baby in that picture is you. The two large humans are probably your real parents.
Pikachu: Pipi.
Ash: They look just like you.
Dada Zarude: I looked everywhere, trying to give you back to your family, and that's how I found this place. I think this was probably your family's nest. But by the time I found it, it already looked like this. It was then that I realized I would be raising you myself. Looking back, it could be that decision was a mistake. In the end, I still made you sad.
Koko: Uh-uh.
Dada Zarude: So that's all. I've told you everything. [grunts] Now you must decide. Do what you want with this place. [leaves the lab using vines to climb up and walks away]
Koko: Dada!
Ash: Koko.

Ash: Looking at the two of you, I started thinking about my own dad. When I was little, I told some other kids about my goal, and they laughed at me. But my dad told me something I never forgot. "The map to your goal is inside yourself. If you give up, your dream's never gonna come true". Now, being on my journey with Pikachu, I'm starting to get what he meant. Don't let it get to you, you're family. [grunts] You can argue, but then everything will go back to normal in no time. I'll tell you, families sure can be a mystery, huh?

Dr. Zed: [arrives] Sorry for the wait. I am the head of this laboratory. My name is Zed. You have a question for me?
Ash: Uh-huh. My name's Ash, and this is my partner, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: And this is Koko.
Dr. Zed: Uh...
Ash: [shows Koko's old family picture frame to Dr. Zed] See. We're looking for these people. You know 'em?
Dr. Zed: Let me see.
Ash: We thought they might be working here at your lab.
Dr. Zed: [surprised]
Ash: We think it's a picture of Koko's real parents. I wanna reunite them.
Dr. Zed: Where did you get this?
Ash: Huh?
Dr. Zed: [sighs] Then this is Al?
[Everyone gasp in surprise]
Ash: Al?
Dr. Zed: [gives the picture frame back to Ash] The two adults are Mr. and Mrs. Molybdenum. They used to run this lab. And the child they're holding... [shows digital photos] [Koko hides beneath the table] is Al, their son.
Ash: Huh?
Dr. Zed: Those two were the leaders of the Healing Spring Research Team. You see, the spring was considered only a legend. Although a large number of research labs pursued it, they never actually found it. However, these two were able to discover it in the jungle, and they even obtained a water sample, a historic breakthrough.
Skwovet: Skwovet?
Koko: Za, Zaruza.
Ash: Ah, um...
Dr. Zed: Uh, ha, apologies.
Sharon: Is that really true?
Dr. Zed: Correct. That pendant definitely belonged to the Molybdenums. Sharon, scanner, please.
Sharon: Yes, sir.
Dr. Zed: Al, would you mind?
Koko: Ah!, [jumps back] Za, Za!
Dr. Zed: Huh? What's the problem?
Ash: Koko was brought up by a Pokémon. He's not good at people language.
Dr. Zed: He was what? [suprised] Raised by Pokémon?
Ash: But it means he's able to talk to other Pokémon.
Dr. Zed: Unbelievable.
Sharon: Doctor, here you go. [gives the scanner to Dr. Zed]
Dr. Zed: Thank you. I'd like to know if you're truly Al.
Koko: Zar.
Dr. Zed: A scan of your pendent will let me know. Don't worry, it won't hurt you. Relax. [uses the scanner in front of Koko's necklace]
Koko: Zar!
Dr. Zed: Don't worry, I won't take it. Please, Sharon. [gives the scanner back to Sharon]
Sharon: Biometrics are confirmed.
Dr. Zed: What do you know? Then that means... there is something I must tell this child. Mr. and Mrs. Molybdenum are not here at this lab. Ten years ago, they passed away.
Ash: You're kidding.
Dr. Zed: Unfortunately, I'm not.
Pikachu: Pika?
Dr. Zed: It was a car accident. The couple were lost along with their research, and Al went missing. We assumed that he perished as well. But here you are, alive, nothing less than miraculous.
[Koko gets sad]
Ash: Koko... [gives Koko's old family picture frame to him] He just said that your parents aren't in our world anymore.
Koko: Mm.
Female researcher: Sharon, the data is up.
Sharon: Thanks. [uses the tablet] Doctor.
Dr. Zed: What did you find? Put it up on the screen.
Ash: Huh?
Sharon: Sir.
Ash: Is everything all right?
Dr. Zed: It seems the data we all thought was lost was stored inside Al's pendant. Nearly all of it's corrupted, except for...
Sharon: On screen.
[The projector hums on]
Ash: Huh?
Dr. Zed: Can it be?
Koko: [surprised] Za!
[the projector shows the photo of the Heart Tree]
Dr. Zed: The healing spring.
Pikachu: Pika!
Skwovet: Skwovet.
Pikachu: Pika?
Skwovet: [trembles] Skwo, [calms down] Skwovet.
Ash: What is it, Koko?
Dr. Zed: Could he have a clue as to its location?
Ash: Of course, the jungle is Koko's home.
Dr. Zed: Al, [puts his hands on Koko's shoulder] if you know something, you must tell me. Do it for your parents' dream. Do it for them!
Koko: [denies] Uh-uh. [grunts and leaves the lab]
Dr. Zed: Al!
Skwovet: Skwo! [follows Koko] Skwovet!
Ash: Koko! I'm sorry, gotta go. [runs after Koko]
Pikachu: Pi. [jumps onto Ash's shoulder]
Sharon: Doctor?
Ash: Koko! Wait up, Koko. I'll go with you.
Koko: [poses Ash's hand away, groans and runs off] Zarude!
Ash: Koko!
Skwovet: Skwovet! Skwo, Skwo, Skwo. [panics] Skwovet! Skwo! [runs after Koko] Skwovet!

Koko: All of those people know who I am. [sees the old family's picture frame] Why was I left in the forest? Was it because I couldn't be with them anymore? Was it because they had to leave me there? [soft groans and finds a small disc on his shoulder] What is this?
[a loud explosion appears]
Koko: [gasps]
[Dr. Zed on a motorcycle with several trucks and a giant spider-tank mecha in tow arrive]
Koko: It's him.
Female researcher: Oh, it really is here.
Sharon: Wow, Doctor!
Male researcher #1: Excellent.
Male researcher #2: We found it!
Dr. Zed: Yes, there's no doubt. It's the healing spring, and this is its source.
Jessie: Look, it's that tree.
Meowth: Yeah, the same tree in the picture.
Koko: [washes down from the tree and yells at Dr. Zed] Zaru, Zaru, Zaruza!
Dr. Zed: Al! You made it possible. Hey, uh, [points a his shoulder] no hard feelings.
Koko: [looks at his shoulder realizing that Dr. Zed had put a tracking chip on it instead of putting his hands] Ah! [snarls]
Dr. Zed: You wouldn't understand.
Sharon: Forgive us, we didn't wanna have to do this. We're sorry, we mean no harm.
Koko: [tries to attack Dr. Zed but the giant spider-tank mecha grabs him] Zar! Zar!
Pilot: [inside the spider-tank mecha] What do we do with him, Doctor?
Dr. Zed: We have no choice. He'll come with us. We wouldn't want him to attack us again.
Koko: [still grunting]

[Thunderbolt appears on mecha and breaks Koko free]
Koko: Zaru!
Dr. Zed: What happened?
[Ash, Pikachu and Skwovet arrive]
Ash: What's going on? What is all this supposed to mean?
Dr. Zed: Forgive us, but we decided to use you. How could we not when we found what we've been searching for?
Koko: Za, Zaruza?
Skwovet: Skwo, Skwovet.
Ash: [to Koko] Wanna know why we came along? That's what friends do.
Koko: "What friends do". [smiles] Hmm.
Pikachu: Pikachu. Pi! [uses his tail to attack String Shot move by Ariados] Pika!
[Ash, Koko, Pikachu and Skwovet get captured in Ariados's String Shot, all yelp]
Jessie, James and Meowth: Wow.
Ash: What are you doing?!
Dr. Zed: I beg your forgiveness.
[Ash, Koko, Pikachu and Skwovet are thrown and imprisoned inside a vehicle]
Male researcher #3: Just keep quiet, okay? [closes the door]
Ash: Hey, wait! [grunts and jumps to the door] Let us outta here!

[Ash, Pikachu, Koko, Skwovet, Dada and Alpha Zarude arrive at the Heart Tree]
Alpha Zarude: Elder.
Sub-Alpha Zarude: Hey, pull yourself together.
Alpha Zarude: The ones who are ripping up the forest are humans. My wounds are insignificant. Can't say the same for him. I have no idea why, but this human child actually fought alongside us. The one Koko called "friend".
Elder Zarude: First and foremost, we stop the destruction of the jungle.
Alpha Zarude: Right.

Sharon: Up close, you can feel its power.
Dr. Zed: Yes. How beautiful it is.
Female researcher: Doctor, over there! The Pokémon from before!
Sharon: It must be their nest.
Male researcher #2: It's a match!
Male researcher #1: Doctor, it's identical to the sample.
Sharon: We've done it. We have location data too.
Dr. Zed: Please, do a scan of the giant tree.
Sharon: Huh?
Dr. Zed: Right now.
Sharon: Sir. [uses the tablet with the satellite vehicle to scan the tree] What is that? We've detected enormous energy in the center.
Dr. Zed: That's the true nature of its healing power.
[Sharon and female researcher gasp]
Dr. Zed: [to pilot] I want you to shoot the anchor into the tree.
Pilot: But, uh, are you sure?
Dr. Zed: Do it!
Pilot: Yes, sir.
Sharon: Please, wait. No! [tries to stop the pilot]
[The spider-tank mecha blasts two missiles at the Heart Tree]
[Several Zarude find out about the explosion of the Heart Tree and gasp]
Dada Zarude: They're taking this to the extreme.
Alpha Zarude: The Heart Tree.
[One of Zarude screams with anguish]
Sharon: Doctor, aren't we here for the spring? Keep this up, and those Pokémon--
Dr. Zed: [interrupts Sharon and laughs] Wrong again. My objective isn't the spring. Healing power is nothing more than bits of energy carried by water rushing through the tree. My objective is the tree itself.
Sharon: And to that end...
Dr. Zed: [smiles evily] Right, I couldn't care less what is sacrificed.

Alpha Zarude: We can't just sit around quietly in defeat. Any of you who can fight, follow me!
[All Zarude roar]
Dada Zarude: You can't, you think you can win against that thing?
Alpha Zarude: Huh?
Dada Zarude: If you fight them head on, you'll get everyone hurt.
Koko: But, Dada...
Alpha Zarude: So you're saying do nothing? How do we protect the tree without fighting?
Dada Zarude: Hmm, but...
Alpha Zarude: We are Zarude! We are the strong ones! We have no fear! The jungle's lifeblood, LIFT UP YOUR VOICES!
[The Zarude troop are growling]
Ash: Amazing.
Pikachu: Pika.
[Alpha and the Zarude troop run off]
Zarude troop: Zarude!
Ash: Pikachu, let's go too!
Pikachu: Pika!
[Ash, Pikachu and Skwovet run off too]
Koko: Dada, you just rest here.
Dada Zarude: [grabs Koko's arm and grunts] Take the human child and run. You can't win this.
[Ash, Pikachu and Skwovet stop and look at Koko and Dada Zarude]
Koko: But the jungle Pokémon, what happens to them?
Dada Zarude: I just couldn't bear to lose you.
Koko: I know that. That's why I fight! [poses Dada Zarude's arm away, grunts and runs off]
Dada Zarude: Koko!
Pikachu: Pika!
[Ash, Pikachu and Skwovet follow Koko]
Dada Zarude: [collapses on the ground and groans] I should have known. How can I protect the Pokémon... protect our home, protect everyone? How can I protect Koko?

Male researcher #1: Yes, but aren't you taking this too far?
Dr. Zed: [gets enraged, pushes the researcher away and grunts]
Sharon: [gasps]
Dr. Zed: I've gone over this in my mind, over and over. [grunts] So why did they do this?!
[In the flashback]
Chrom Molybdenum: Humans and Pokémon share the same life force.
[In the present]
Dr. Zed: Why won't they understand mine is the correct path? It's right here under their noses!
[All researchers are quiet]
Dr. Zed: You're all the same.
[The Zarude troop arrive]
Dr. Zed: Zarude. Lots of them.
Male researcher #1: "Zarude"?
Female researcher: They've come for revenge.
Sharon: We've rekindled their rage.
[Ash, Pikachu, Koko and Skwovet arrive as well]
Ash: Dr. Zed, now look at what you've done!
Sharon: We're sorry. We'll be leaving right away
[Dr. Zed throws the pilot out of the spider-tank mecha and enters]
[All researchers gasp]
Dr. Zed: We will not be leaving. I will show you the truth path. [shows his true colors to Koko] I'm afraid your parents made the wrong decision, Al!
Ash: [gasps]
Dr. Zed: And they paid the ultimate price in the end.
[In the flashback]
Zed: Boss. I think I deserve an explanation.
Chrom Molybdenum: Look, Zed. It turns out the source of the healing power is a great body of energy within the tree.
Phossa Molybdenum: But there are Pokémon called Zarude who live on that giant tree. There's no doubt that tree is special to the Zarude.
Zed: I ask you to reconsider. We've searched for it so long, and now we've found it!
Chrom Molybdenum: We're suspending operations until we find a way to resolve this for the good of both humans and Pokémon.
Zed: [grunts and puts hard his hands on Chrom's shoulder] Stopping for a bunch of Pokémon?! What is the matter with you?!
Chrom Molybdenum: [touches Zed's hand] Humans and Pokémon share the same life force. [poses Zed's hand away] We share the same world. I'm making the right decision, Zed. I know it.
[In the present]
[Team Rocket in Zed's office]
James: Here's a video blog from ten years ago.
Jessie: Ooh, let's watch.
James: Sure. [plays the video blog]
Zed: [sighs] Operations are suspended on the Healing Spring Project, though we could save countless people with the power of that spring. [grumbles] And all for some worthless Pokémon. [throws tantrum] THE DECISION IS WRONG, I TELL YOU! [breathes aggressively] If I were in charge, I could lead this research down the path to truth. My way is correct! If only I had the power, I could prove to everyone that my way is the right way. [hits the table with his hand] Yes, yes, I can. If the Molybdenums weren't around...
[In the flashback]
[Chrom and Phossa are driving the jeep with their crying baby Al/Koko while Zed in another jeep pursues them]
Zed: Come on, you two, where is the data?!
Chrom Molybdenum: We erased it!
Zed: But why?!
Chrom Molybdenum: [last words] It's to protect them!
Zed: [angry] UNACCEPTABLE!!
[Zed runs Chrom and Phossa off the road causing a fiery accident and explosion]
[Baby Al/Koko is still crying, Phossa puts him to the cradle capsule]
Phossa Molybdenum: [last words] Will you please forgive us? [pushes the cradle into the river]
[The injured Chrom and Phossa hug for the last time]
Zed: [picks up the device on the ground and smiles evily] This is best. All for the best. I will never give up. I will revive this research no matter what it takes. This time, I choose the path. [walks away from the burning jeep before the big explosion]
[Flashback ends]
[In the present]
Dr. Zed: In this moment, my long-held dream has come true!
Ash: How could he do that?
Male researcher #2: It's so cruel.
Sharon: I never knew any of this.
Dr. Zed: Al, you were a fortunate miscalculation on my part. But if you insist on intruding, I will show no mercy to you OR THE ZARUDE!

[The jungle Pokémon are gathered under the tree and an injured Dada Zarude arrives falling down to the ground]
Dada Zarude: [exhales] Well, well, hello. [struggles to move forward, collapses, grunts and sighs] Could you please give me a hand? If this continues, everyone will lose everything. I'm asking all of you for your help.
Nuzleaf: [throws berries at Dada Zarude] Nuzleaf!
Dada Zarude: I know. I don't have the right to ask anything of you. But I have to do my best to help Koko. You see, I'm his father and I must do something. No matter what happens, I have to do my best to protect Koko. You are the friends Koko is so very proud of. Flygon, he says you pick a lot of fights, but you're strong. He says Ninjask is the fastest Pokémon in the jungle. And he says that Cottonee stick together, and don't let go. I know the Zarude can't win this fight by ourselves. But if you combine your strengths with the Zarude, I think we could save both Koko and the jungle. [moves his head to the ground] Please! I'm asking you to come fight with us. Please. Please! I'm begging you! [sobs]

[The Zarude troop use Bullet Seed at mecha but it doesn't work]
Dr. Zed: [laughs] You think a few Pokémon and two immature children have even a chance to stop me?!
Ash: Course, we do! Because we're working together!
Dr. Zed: How very quaint of you. The world will see that I am right! [moves the mecha while the Zarude troop struggle to stop it] And now, I will accomplish WHAT THE MOLYBDENUMS COULD NOT!
Ash: Pikachu, use Quick Attack! Let's go!
Pikachu: Pika!
[Pikachu uses Quick Attack and Koko runs closer to the mecha, but Dr. Zed hits Pikachu and grabs Koko]
Dr. Zed: [laughs evily] What happened to that cockiness from before? Were humans and Pokémon going to stop me? [The emergency alarm blares] Huh?
[The Power Whip appears to break Koko free]
Koko: [groans]
Ash: Huh?
Pikachu: Pipi?
[Dada Zarude and the jungle Pokémon arrive]
Koko: It's Dada.
Pikachu: Pi...
Ash: He's got the jungle Pokémon with him.
Alpha Zarude: Water raises the trees.
Sub-Alpha Zarude: The light shines down and turns trees into jungle.
Elder Zarude: Of course, the trees are the Pokémon, and that means you are the light.
Alpha Zarude: Do you hear it? The sound of stomping feet?
All Zarude: [growl] Do you hear it? The many voices? [stomp in unison] Zar, Zar, Zar, Zar...
Dr. Zed: Again? How can they stand against me?!
Dada Zarude: The jungle's lifeblood, lift up your voices! WITH THE HEART TREE!
[The Zarude troop and the jungle Pokémon charge]
Dr. Zed: I'll stop you in your tracks! EVERY ONE OF YOU!!

Dr. Zed: [walking and panting] I will not let it be over. Not until I prove that I'm right!
[Several Zarude spot Dr. Zed and grunt]
Dr. Zed: [gasps] He's still alive?
[Koko runs after Dr. Zed]
Dada Zarude: Wait, Koko! Don't chase him!
Alpha Zarude: The Elder!
[Dr. Zed is running and stops at the fallen tree overlooking a river]
[Koko and Dr. Zed fight]
Dr. Zed: Let me go!
Dada Zarude: Koko, that's enough! Stop it now!
Alpha Zarude: What's happening?
Dada Zarude: Koko's anger has taken over.
Ash: Koko, Dr. Zed!
Pikachu: Pika!
Dr. Zed: [grunts and pushes Koko away] Don't mess with me!
Koko: [grumbles and runs again] ZA!
Dada Zarude: [smiles]
[Dr. Zed tries to escape by leaping into the water and Koko traps him with a vine]
Dr. Zed: [gasps]
Koko: [grunting]
Ash: KOKO!
Dr. Zed: [angry] Let me go! What are you doing?! Weren't you listening to me, Al?!
Koko: [grunts]
Dr. Zed: If you think I'm going to let it end here...! Uhhhh! [sobs] [Koko ties the vine to the fallen tree] Al?! AL! AAAAAAAL!!!
[Koko and Dada Zarude hug]

Dada Zarude: Give it all you've got, but come back. That bridge between humans and Pokémon, you can help create it. I know you can. After all, you're my son, and I'm proud of you.
Ash: Koko?
Pikachu: Pi?
Koko: Bye, Ash, Pikachu.
Ash: Hey, I know we'll see you again.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[Koko runs away with a bag]
[Pikachu jumps onto Ash's shoulder]
Ash: See ya! Goodbye!
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!

[Last lines]
Narrator: The incredible unpredictable world of Pokémon. They help each other, they help humans, living side-by-side. There may be disagreement, but they're family, connected by so many different bonds. And as many people and Pokémon as there are in this world, there are just as many dreams and adventures. Yes, filled with hope, filled with wonder, the amazing world of Pokémon.

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