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This is a list of episodes from the 19th season of Pokemon, entitled, Pokemon the Series: XYZ.

From A to Z!

[Bonnie, Pikachu, and Dedenne are playing in a pile of leaves outside of Anistar City.]
Clemont: Let's go, Bonnie.
Bonnie: Huh?
Dedenne: Denne?
Ash We're really close to the Pokémon Center.
Bonnie 'Kay!
[She laughs as she runs over to her bag, and Dedenne opens it to ride in it, but both are puzzled upon opening it.
Huh? Oh...
Serena: Huh? Hey, Bonnie, what is it?
Bonnie: There's something inside...
[Pikachu's ears perk up, and the gang walks over to Bonnie to check the bag out.]
Ash: Huh?
Dedenne: Ne...
[A chartreuse green blob-like creature with a red octagon mark, possibly a Pokémon, warbles as it awakens and turns towards Bonnie.]
Bonnie: [gasps in excitement as she notices the creature move inside her bag.]
[The creature, understandably, is startled and warbles.]
Bonnie: Wow, it moved!
[The creature tries to escape, but is chased after by Bonnie.]
Bonnie: [laughs] Wait!
[The creature and Bonnie go under Ash's legs before it bounces off of Bonnie and Serena's faces.]
Clemont: Whoa!
Ash: Wahh! What's that?!
Serena: [groans from being struck in the face by the creature, who is now falling to the ground]
Bonnie: [with her arms outstretched] Come on! I've got you, yay! [She falls on her rear as she seemingly caught it in her hands, but...]
[The creature warbles, taunting Bonnie.]
Where'd it go? Huh?
[The creature now wriggles inside her shirt, causing her to laugh hysterically.]
That tickles!
Clemont: Bonnie, what are you doing?!
[The creature escapes Bonnie's shirt, only to be caught in her hands.]
Bonnie: There, I gotcha!
[The creature wriggles in her hands and turns to Bonnie with an annoyed expression in its one pupil.]
Are you a Pokémon? Coochie-coo! [She starts tickling it, and it seems to fall asleep, but it wakes up annoyed before Bonnie starts to tickle it to exhaustion. She laughs hysterically.]
So cute!
Clemont: I've never seen that Pokémon before...
Ash: Oh, hold on! I'll use the Pokédex.
Serena: We do have new ones!
Pikachu: Pika!
[Ash scans his Pokédex on the green Pokémon, but strangely, it tells him...]
Ash's Pokédex: No data.
Ash: Nothing...
Pikachu: Pika...?
Serena: Wait! Let me try.
Serena's Pokedex: No data.
Serena: Ah, it really didn't work after all!
Clemont: So that means... it's a new kind of Pokémon?!
Ash: Awesome! What a cool find!
Bonnie: I've decided.
[The creature, with a disappointed look in its eye, warbles in annoyed anticipation of Bonnie's decision.]
I'm gonna take care of it!
[All except Bonnie gasp.]
Pikachu: Pika?!
Clemont: Bonnie, please don't forget; you don't know anything about it!
Bonnie: I'll learn by taking care of it! [to the Pokémon] If you don't have a name yet, then I'll just give you one! Now, let me see... it's squishy... so I'll call you Squishy! [laughs, with her reflection visible in Squishy's eye.]
Ash: That's a great name! Squishy!
Serena: Nice to meet you, Squishy!
Clemont: To think you always give me grief about unimaginative names...
Pikachu: Pika! [runs off of Ash's shoulder to meet Squishy, along with Dedenne]
Dedenne: Denne!
Pikachu: Pika-pika!
Bonnie: I want you to meet Dedenne.
Dedenne: Dedenne, denne!

[Segueing into commercial break]
Ash, Serena, Clemont & Bonnie: Who's that Pokemon?
[a silhouette of Squishy is shown as its leitmotif plays.]
[Segueing out of commercial break]
Ash, Serena, and Clemont: Iiiit's... umm...
Bonnie: [enthusiastically] Squishy!!
[Squishy warbles.]

Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes!


A Giga Battle with Mega Results!


A Fiery Rite of Passage!


Dream a Little Dream from Me!


The Legend of the Ninja Hero!


A Festival of Decisions!

[Ash's Frogadier is glowing triggering its evolution!]
Ash: Frogadier, whoa! [Frogadier's evolution sends Bisharp to fly backwards.]
Shinobu: Frogadier is evolving!
[A few seconds later, it is now a Greninja. Ash scans it with his Pokedex.]
Kalos Pokedex: Greninja, the Ninja Pokémon, and the final evolved form of Froakie. Greninja can compress water into sharp-edged throwing stars. With the grace of a ninja, it slips in and out of sight to attack from the shadows. [Note: Greninja is the first fully evolved Water-type Starter to be owned by a main protagonist. This is because people are sick of the overused plot point of not allowing a main protagonist owned Water-typed Starter to fully evolve (Brock's Marshtomp, May's Wartortle, Dawn's Piplup, Ash's Squirtle, Totodile and Oshawott). In addition, many fans were fed up with the writers not allowing six of Ash's Water-type Pokemon to fully evolve (Squirtle, Totodile, Corphish, Buizel, Oshawott and Palpitoad). Hopefully, Ash will fully evolve the aforementioned other Water-type Pokemon reserves in the near future.]

A Dancing Debut!


Meeting at Terminus Cave!


A Cellular Connection!


A Windswept Encounter!


Party Dancecapades!

Serena: ONE AT A TIME! WAIT YOUR TURN! You won't get brushed if you act up!

A Meeting of Two Journeys!


An Explosive Operation!


A Watershed Moment!


Master Class Choices!

Amelia: Hold on! This is unacceptable! Mine was a much more polished performance than hers [Serena's] was!
Serena: [eavesdropping] Is that... [Her Pokemon tell her to shush]
Palermo: [annoyed] Yet the fact remains you lost. That's simply how the audience judged it. [Amelia gets pouty] Isn't there something more productive you could be doing now?
Amelia: But I want to become a better performer than Aria! [Serena continues hearing it, a bit shocked]
Palermo: You can't just win with a perfect score. The only person who could come up with something more than that is you. [In other words, whining to someone about the results of your performance is not going to benefit you in the long run. Amelia walks away taking the lesson to heart.]

An Electrifying Rage!


Unlocking Some Respect!


Master Class is in Session!


Performing a Pathway to the Future!

Miette: See you later. Take care, Ash!
Ash: Yeah. You too, Miette!

A Keeper for Keeps?

Bonnie: Excuse me, but I'm hungry too, you know!
Clemont: But you just ate a little while ago.
Bonnie: Whatever.
Lilia: Hey look. Buneary seems to like Bunnelby.
[Lilia's Buneary cuddles up with Bunnelby, much to the jealousy of Chespin and Pancham and Bunnelby's discomfort]
Pancham: [whispering into Chespin's ear] Pancham-cham. [I got an idea...]
Chespin: [pushes Bunnelby away] Chespin...[Stand aside buddy.]
Buneary: Bun? [Huh?!]
Chespin: Chespin-ches! [Hey there cutie!]
Buneary: [swats Chespin away with its ears] Buneary! [Go away!]
Pancham: Pancham. [Hi sweetie!]
Buneary: BUNEARY! [GET LOST!] [does the same thing to Pancham, before resuming its cuddling with Bunnelby]

Battling at Full Volume!

[Ash is sick and lands headfirst into Serena's arms.]
Ash: Now's our chance. Now. Now.
Serena: What's wrong?
Ash: I...I...
Serena: "I" what? [Serena is now flustered, thinking Ash might admit his feelings to her, saying "I love you" or something similar. You know the drill...]
Ash: I...I...Iron Tail, Pikachu...[collapses, causing everyone else to panic!]

[Serena appears wearing Ash's clothes! Braixen, Pancham, Sylveon all stare at her as if to say, "What the heck is she doing?! Did she just..."]
Serena: [tries to put on Ash's voice] Here I am! I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. [Oh dear...]

The Synchronicity Test!


Making Friends and Influencing Villains!


Championing a Research Battle!

Diantha: Long time, no see!

Diantha: You take care of Ash, and I'll take care of this!
Clemont & Serena: Right!
[Diantha turns to face Team Rocket]
Diantha: Don't you dare underestimate my Gardevoir! Now Gardevoir, full power!

A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!


All Hail the Ice Battlefield!


Seeing the Forest for the Trees!

[After losing the Gym Battle to Wulfric in the previous episode, a depressed Ash sits in the woods]
Serena: Ash!
Ash: Huh...? [He looks up to see Serena, breathing heavily, has found him in the woods] I'm sorry... [holds the rim of his cap] I shouldn't have just left you like that.
Serena: [approaching Ash] Ash... if something is bothering you, you can talk to me. I'll listen, anytime you want! [Ash just looks down and says nothing] Seriously! Anytime, anywhere! [still no reaction] I know how you feel: I've been there! [Ash just continues to sit there moping] Remember when I really goofed at the Showcase?
[as she says this, Ash suddenly gets angered and stands up]
[Serena is shocked at the sudden outburst and starts getting upset]
Serena: Then tell me about it!
Ash: It's none of your business. Leave me alone!
[He turns away and hangs his head. Having enough, Serena throws a snowball at Ash, much to his confusion.]
Serena: The Ash I know is full of energy. He's a leader. Always tries his best! He's always positive, and he never gives up! [welling with tears] He hangs in there until the very end! [continues throwing snowballs at Ash] You're not acting like the Ash I know! [a snowball eventually hits Ash in the face, and he collapses on the snow] Stop! Give me back the real Ash, because YOU SURE AREN'T HIM!
[She sobs and runs off as Ash lies there contemplating.]
Ash: "Real Ash"? Whoa... [An Oddish, Budew, and a Sentret watch him. Before long, he finally realizes that all Serena wanted to do was to help him through his depression...] Oh, man...!
[Ash screams in frustration, startling the Pokémon watching and some Fletchings, who fly out of a tree in a panic. He gets up and stretches.]
Ash: I've had enough of this! I'm overthinking it! It's making my head hurt. I've gotta get myself in gear! [stands up and stretches his legs] If there's something I don't understand, all I've gotta do is get moving! I'll figure it out. [puts on his cap and sets off]

A Real Icebreaker!


A Diamond in the Rough!


A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness!

Pikachu: Pika-pika! [Stop arguing!]

A League of His Own!

Tierno: Hey, Ash! Good to see you!
Ash: It's Tierno!
Trevor: Nice to see you, Ash!
Ash: And Trevor, too!
Bonnie: How's it going?
Tierno: Just fine, Bonnie!
[Tierno and Bonnie high-five each other]
Tierno: [To Serena, with hearts in his eyes] And seeing you is the best ever!

Malva: Excuse me? [rushes over] Are you competing in the Kalos League?!
Ash: Uhhh...that right.
Malva: Will you let me, interview you?
Ash: Huh...you want to interview me?

[As Ash rushes to the stadium to get ready for battle, he is intercepted by Everett, the Furfrou trainer from earlier.]
Everett: So, we meet again. [Ash is shocked] Let's have a battle
Ash: But I've got a battle out there.
Everett: You promised.
[a flashback of Ash's promise is revealed]
Ash: I know I did say the next time. [Pikachu is protesting] I'm keeping my word! I have to do it. [Are you crazy Ash? Don't you have an upcoming League battle to worry about?!]
Everett: That's what I want to hear from a Trainer who won eight badges. A one on one battle, no holding back!

Ash: You're strong alright, but I'm just gonna have to beat you so I can get out there. I didn't make it to the Kalos League for nothing, you know. [All eight Kalos Gym leaders are shown with their badges: Viola and her Bug Badge, Grant and his Cliff Badge, Korrina and her Rumble Badge, Ramos and his Plant Badge, Clemont and his Voltage Badge, Valerie and her Fairy Badge, Olympia and her Psychic Badge, Wulfric and his Iceberg Badge] I've got a lot of memories associated with each and every Gym badge I've won. Get ready for this, I'll show you what they all mean.

[Ash had just defeated Everett's Furfrou]
Everett: Furfrou, no!
Ash: [Bowing] Thank you for the battle.
Everett: You really beat me. [Recalls Furfrou and starts sobbing when Ash walks past] I couldn't get all eight badges in time. The thing is, there are lots of trainers like me who wanted to compete here. All those trainers with all their dreams and all their hopes... you better win no matter what. [Note: While people do criticize Ash for losing leagues, one thing people can agree on is that at least Ash qualified for them. This was a reminder to fans that not all people are able to meet the requirements in time for the League.]

Valuable Experience for All!

Ash: Almost time for the Kalos League!
Goodra: Goodra! [Awesome!]
Ash: If I can make it to the semi-finals, it'll be six on six. But right now, I only have five Pokemon. I thought maybe Professor Oak could send me one. Instead, there's someone else I want to battle with.
Goodra: Goo? [Who?]
Ash: And Goodra, that's you! Please battle by my side at the Kalos League!
Goodra: Goo! Goodra! Goodra Goo! [Sure thing! I won't let you down! Thanks Ash!]
[Note: Because of the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Hoenn Remakes) around the time the XY series initially aired, the writers reused the same premise by having Ash only rely on his Kalos team, exactly like he did in the Hoenn League. This is one of the main flaws of the XY series: it recycles way too many story elements from the Ruby and Sapphire anime, making it a Hoenn League 2.0. Also, this overused story element of Ash disregarding his reserves is getting old!]

Analysis Versus Passion!


A Riveting Rivalry!


Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!

[As Ash is prepping his Kalos team, someone comes out of the shadows.]
Lysandre: Hi there. You must be Ash.
Ash: That's right. Who are you?
Lysandre: Lysandre. It's a pleasure to meet you. [Yeah, but not in a good way...]
Ash: Mairin mentioned you.
Lysandre: Oh, so you know Mairin?
Ash: Yeah, we were just hanging out with her. She left for her hotel.
Lysandre: I came here to see you.
Ash: See me? [Ash sure wished he never met this man, especially if you played the XY games...]

Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!


Down to the Fiery Finish!


A Towering Takeover!

[Alain is talking to Lysandre atop the Prism Tower]
Alain: Lysandre, you said it yourself. You had to be strong to protect the world. Is this what you meant by that?
Lysandre: You speak of the power to protect. Just what do you want to protect in the first place? A tomorrow that is worse than today?
Alain: (Growls)
Team Flare Grunt: (on a speaker) All preparations are complete.
Lysandre: Excellent.
[Then, the two men watch as Ash and his Pokémon, who are trapped in some sort of restraining device, are lifted to a higher part of the tower, which surprises Alain. Meanwhile, down on the ground, Blaziken Mask, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie have reached the Prism Tower]
Clemont: This is horrible!
Bonnie: Where's Squishy?
Blaziken Mask: First we secure the entrance. Use Flamethrower!
Blaziken: Blay! [A Dark Pulse attack stops its Flamethrower attack]
Blaziken Mask: Blaziken!
[The camera pans up to Bryony and Aliana who are standing on a vine]
Aliana: We can't allow that.
Clemont: TEAM FLARE!
Aliana: Sorry, but there's no way you're gonna pass us.
Bryony: This area is off-limits to outsiders.
[This makes everyone cross. Meanwhile, up on Prism Tower, Ash has start waking up]
Ash: Huh? [Discovers that he has been captured] What am I doing like this? [Struggles to break free, but to no avail. He then looks down at his Greninja, who is just waking up] Greninja! [Sees the rest of his team, who have awakened] Pikachu! Are all of you okay?
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Lysandre: Hello, Ash. [Ash looks down at him]
Ash: Lysandre! Alain, what's going on? Let us go!
Lysandre: Forgive me for your regrettably rough treatment, but we can't release you.
[Ash and Pikachu see Zygarde]
Ash: Zygarde! [to Alain] Alain! What's this about?!
[Alain is still silent]
Lysandre: You see, Ash, you may be one of the chosen ones.

Coming Apart at the Dreams!

[Alain stares at the destruction of Lumiose City. He punches the ground in anger and frustration.]
Alain: Mairin. Chespin. Is this the reason I had all those battles? All of them FOR THIS?!
[Note: The whole purpose of Alain's victory at the Kalos League was to show an example of pyrrhic victory- winning at a terrible price. Alain may have been the better battler than Ash, but he was not a better person due to bringing destruction to Kalos.]

Lysandre: For Chespie's sake. For Mairin's sake too. Your wish had pure intent. A truly noble wish indeed. [Was your achievement really worth it, Alain?]

Lysandre: So Ash, I'm going to use your Bond Phenomenon in service to my new world. You're able to gain the power strength without a Keystone, purely through your bond. When I saw that, I was thrilled. Ash, you have shown me there are limitless possibilities with Pokemon still and I want that power for myself. [two drones fly towards Ash and Greninja and shoot the two with a brainwashed ray] The energy is powerful enough to control Zygarde. But now, Ash, now, Greninja, I am also going to control your Bond Phenomenon.
Ash: No way...
Lysandre: From this point on, both of you will answer to me.

The Right Hero for the Right Job!


Rocking Kalos Defenses!


Forming a More Perfect Union!


Battling With a Clean Slate!


The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!


Facing the Needs of the Many!

[Note: This is considered to be the worst episode in the anime's history, due to the release of Greninja, one of Ash's ace Pokémon, and bringing back the evil roots that were already destroyed during the Team Flare arc. But, after Zygarde gives context, some may think it's a reasonable sacrifice to keep Ash, his friends, and his world intact.]
Clemont: It's YOU!
Serena: Clemont, who's he?
Clemont: XEROSIC! Team Flare's scientist! I battled him!
Xerosic: True, I lost to you back then. But I'm miraciously back! And I'm now in the process of creating... Team Neo-Flare!

Zygarde (Z2): [in it's 50% Forme, speaking telepathically] Greninja, I've come to ask a favor of you.
Pikachu: Pika? [Huh, is that...]
Serena: Was that the voice of Zygarde?
Ash: It's telepathy.
Zygarde: The vines that reappeared, the roots have burrowed themselves deep into the ground, and they emerge by absorbing negative energy. What we destroyed was merely on the surface. The scars from the incident that nearly destroyed the world are deep! The two of us are destroying the roots that are scattered throughout Kalos one by one.
Squishy: [telepathically] However, it's difficult for even me to pinpoint their exact locations, yet, Greninja, it seems that you are somehow able to locate them.
Greninja: [in its Ash-Greninja form] Ja. [Yes]
Ash: [gasps, then remembers the negative energy from the evil roots] So that was the negative energy...!
Zygarde: I do not know why only you possessed that power, but I am in need of your assistance.
Squishy: Will you help us with your power?
Bonnie: Power?
Serena: Does that mean...? [Yes Serena, it is happening...]
Bonnie: [Gasps as Ash walks up to Greninja, which is now faced with the decision of its life.]

Ash: What'll it be...? Greninja?
Greninja turns around and closes its eyes in a serious manner.]
[solemnly] I know. What happened before can never happen again.
[Greninja nods to Ash.]
Remember what Professor Sycamore said?
[A flashback of Greninja taking Pikachu's deflected Electro Ball to keep Pikachu healthy as a Froakie plays out, followed by the scene where Ash rushes to Sycamore's lab with it barely conscious in his arms.]
That may be... it wasn't a coincidence that I met you way back when you were still a Froakie. I think that maybe, he was right. It wasn't a coincidence.
[Flashbacks of Froakie evolving into Frogadier and later defeating Anistar City Gym Leader Olympia play.]
That when you and I power up, it isn't an accident. Maybe your power was always meant for this moment.
[Flashbacks of Frogadier evolving into Greninja, battling Sawyer's Sceptile, and saving a Spewpa in the Winding Woods, followed by it and Ash shaking hands, play.]
Greninja: Ninja.
Ash: Thanks. You always became stronger to help someone else. So now this time, you'll help Kalos and the world!
It's like something's telling you that what you need to do now is find all that negative energy! Don't worry! We'll always be connected, even we're not in the same place!
The truth is, we won't ever really be apart.
Pikachu: [concerned] Pikachu?
Ash: This is what you've gotta do!
Greninja: [nodding its head in understanding, realizing the future of the world of Pokémon lies in its hands] Gren.
[It walks up to Ash and extends its arm out, then Ash and Greninja clasp hands and embrace.]
Ash: [emotionally] Oh, Greninja...
Greninja: [emotionally] Greninja...
[Serena, Clemont and Bonnie watch in shocked sadness as Greninja turns away from Ash and walks towards Squishy and Z2.]
Ash: [with tears in his eyes] That's right. This is how it has to be.
Greninja: Greninja. [It extends its arm to Squishy.]
Squishy: [telepathically] Thank you.
[to Ash] Ash, Greninja will be in my care.
Ash: Yeah! I'm counting on you, Squishy!
Bonnie: [concerned about the future of her and Squishy's friendship] Hey, Squishy...?
Squishy: We probably won't see each other for a while, Bonnie...
Bonnie: [almost breaks down crying, but is suddenly cheerful through her tears] It's okay! I know that you've got a lot of important work to do! I'll always be cheering you on, you know?
Squishy: I'll always be with you too, Bonnie.
Bonnie: I'll come and find you when I become a Trainer! We'll be together again, that's a promise! [hopefully this becomes canon soon, same with Max and his Ralts friend...]
Dedenne: [emotionally] Dedenne!
Squishy: Yes, that's a promise!
(Dedenne and the rest of Ash's Pokémon express their farewells to Squishy, Z2, and, most importantly, Greninja)
Ash: Take care of yourself, Greninja!
Bonnie: You too, Squishy! Take care!!
(Greninja holds Squishy in its hand and looks back as it leaves Ash and his friends)
Greninja: Greninja.
Narrator: Greninja and Ash may be parting ways, but this also means the beginning of new encounters! In search of their own new encounters, our heroes will no doubt experience many new and exciting adventures, as the journey continues!

Till We Compete Again!

[Dedenne, not wanting to say goodbye to Ash & Serena and their Pokémon, has run off, sending the gang in a chase around Lumiose Airport. Using Pikachu's electricity, they find it hiding behind a conveyor belt's TV screen.]
Bonnie: Dedenne! Dedenne, come out! I'm begging you!
Dedenne: [in protest] Ne... Ne! Denne! Dene-nne!
Bonnie: Dedenne, you've just got to come out here! Please?
Dedenne: Denne-denne! [breaks down crying]
Pikachu: Pika...
Ash: Dedenne...
Bonnie: I know why... Dedenne doesn't want to say goodbye to everyone.
[Talonflame's wing flapping sound can be heard.]
Pikachu: Pika...
Bonnie: [Her face sulks before she starts a speech.] What do I do? I need you, Dedenne! I understand what you're feeling!
[Dedenne is seen still crying] (You) just know you want to stay together forever because we've all had so much fun together! Well, so do I. I love everyone too!
[shots of Clemont, Serena and Ash, who completely understand the meaning behind Bonnie's speech and feel Dedenne's problem, are shown.] But we all have dreams of our own. Serena, Ash, and everyone wants to try to make their dreams come true! Sure, I'm really sad, but I've got to be strong! [Dedenne starts to wipe off its tears.]
[holding her hand to her heart and speaking sincerely] When I get old enough, I'll be a Pokémon Trainer! And I'll want you to be my partner!
[Dedenne's voice can quietly be heard as it stops crying, but is still teary-eyed.]
I'll become a Performer who's just as good as Serena! I'll earn a Gym Badge from my brother! We'll beat Ash and Pikachu! And then, we'll become number one in Kalos! (You might want to worry about beating Alain first...) [Shots of the gang in order of mention are seen, who are humbled by Bonnie's confidence to match what their feats throughout their journey together.]
[Dedenne, still hiding, turns its head towards Bonnie.]
[Bonnie is now cheerful, knowing her resolve when the time comes.] And so, let's dream too! We can say our goodbyes and still laugh together! What do you say?
Dedenne: [coming out of hiding] Dedenne... Dedenne! [jumps emotionally into Bonnie's hands]
Pikachu: [relieved that Bonnie was able to convince Dedenne to come out of hiding] Pika!
Dedenne: Denne-ne-ne-ne...
Bonnie: Hmmm... [nuzzling Dedenne] it's okay~!
[Everyone walks toward Bonnie and Dedenne.]
Ash: Dedenne, you can help Bonnie make her dreams come true!
Pikachu: Pika-pika!
Dedenne: Denne...?
Clemont: You'll see! We'll battle!
Serena: I know I'm gonna have to do my best, or you'll beat me!
Braixen: Braix!
Ash: None of us wanna lose to you.
[All the Pokémon voice their agreement.]
Bonnie: You hear that?
Dedenne: Denne!
[Bonnie and Dedenne laugh.]

[The scene changes to a pair of escalators within the airport, where Serena is ready to say goodbye to Ash and the others and head for Hoenn.]
Airport Announcer: Latias Airlines Flight H71 will finish boarding soon. Ticketholders who have not yet boarded, please proceed to the gate immediately.
Serena: 'Kay, it's time to go! Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, you've all given me so very much. More than I can say!
Pikachu: Pika-pika!
Clemont: Give us a call once in a while!
Bonnie: You can be sure that we're all gonna come and visit you!
Serena: [Her eyes shining, she giggles] Mm-hmm!
Ash, thank you. [holding her hand to the blue ribbon Ash gifted her] I'm glad I came with you. You're the kind of person I want to be!
Ash [gasps, having been taken aback by this sudden admittance]
[Clemont and Bonnie look at each other and laugh, knowing exactly what she means, and are happy that Ash finally understands...~]
Serena: Next time we meet, [winking] you're gonna like the type of person I've grown into!
Ash: [confidently clenching his fist] Awesome!
Serena: [laughs] See you!
[Serena starts to descend down the escalator bittersweetly with the others seeing her off, but midway down, she realizes she owes Ash something for everything he's done for her...]
[turns confidently toward Ash] Hey, Ash! There's just one more thing!
Ash: [gasps]
[Serena starts running up the downward escalator, and the camera turns to slow-motion. As she gets closer towards Ash, he becomes shocked and blushes, realizing what this 'one more thing" is: his very first kiss, and the climax of years of romantic tension between the two of them, although they can't build on it yet with her flight about to leave. (The camera only shows their feet however, as Japanese children's TV seems to be more sensitive than American kids shows.)]
[Clemont, Bonnie and Pikachu, and especially Ash, are blushing as Serena descends down the escalator]
Serena: [blushing especially hard] Thank you!!
[Ash's eyes twinkle for a second, as he is stunned in awe by what Serena just did, but he then looks down confidently on her, knowing that he is looking much more forward to seeing the "new" Serena when they meet again.]
Clemont: Bye, Serena!
Bonnie: Byeeee!! [She and Dedenne strike a pose]
Ash: Take care of yourself, Serena! Bye-bye!
[Dedenne and Pikachu's voices overlap as well.]
[Serena waves to the gang as she finishes her descent down the escalator.]
[Note: Ash's Kalos team is one of the best due to Ash fully evolving his Generation VI Team. However, as noted, Ash-Greninja is the main reason why Ash did not receive a Mega-Evolution in the XY series until Journeys as the writers obviously made Ash catch Generation VI only Pokémon to promote the games which later proved to lose all its charm in the Sun and Moon series. It's also known as "Pokémon: The Ash-Greninja Show" because of this decision and the fact Greninja took most of the screentime at the expense of the other teammates- a similar error the writers did with Infernape in Diamond and Pearl.]