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This is a list of episodes from the 19th season of Pokemon, entitled, Pokemon the Series: XYZ.

From A to Z![edit]

Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie: Who's that Pokemon? It's umm.....
Bonnie: Squishy! [aka Zygarde Core]

Love Strikes! Eevee Yikes![edit]

A Festival of Decisions![edit]

[Ash's Frogadier is glowing triggering its evolution!]
Ash: Frogadier, whoa! [Frogadier's evolution sends Bisharp to fly backwards.]
Shinobu: Frogadier is evolving!
[A few seconds later, it is now a Greninja. Ash scans it with his Pokedex.]
Kalos Pokedex: Greninja, the Ninja Pokémon, and the final evolved form of Froakie. Greninja can compress water into sharp-edged throwing stars. With the grace of a ninja, it slips in and out of sight to attack from the shadows. [Note: Greninja is the first fully evolved Water-type Starter to be owned by a main protagonist. This is because people are sick of the overused plot point of not allowing a main protagonist owned Water-typed Starter to fully evolve (Brock's Marshtomp, May's Wartortle, Dawn's Piplup, Ash's Squirtle, Totodile and Oshawott). In addition, many fans were fed up with the writers not allowing six of Ash's Water-type Pokemon to fully evolve (Squirtle, Totodile, Corphish, Buizel, Oshawott and Palpitoad). Hopefully, Ash will fully evolve the aforementioned other Water-type Pokemon reserves in the near future.]

Master Class Choices![edit]

Amelia: Hold on! This is unacceptable! Mine was a much more polished performance than hers [Serena's] was!
Serena: [eavesdropping] Is that...[Her Pokemon tell her to shush]
Palermo: [annoyed] Yet the fact remains you lost. That's simply how the audience judged it. [Amelia gets pouty] Isn't there something more productive you could be doing now?
Amelia: But I want to become a better performer than Aria! [Serena continues hearing it, a bit shocked]
Palermo: You can't just win with a perfect score. The only person who could come up with something more than that is you. [In other words, whining to someone about the results of your performance is not going to benefit you in the long run. Amelia walks away taking the lesson to heart.]

A Keeper for Keeps?[edit]

Bonnie: Excuse me, but I'm hungry too, you know!
Clemont: But you just ate a little while ago.
Bonnie: Whatever.
Lilia: Hey look. Buneary seems to like Bunnelby.
[Lilia's Buneary cuddles up with Bunnelby, much to the jealousy of Chespin and Pancham and Bunnelby's discomfort]
Pancham: [whispering into Chespin's ear] Pancham-cham. [I got an idea...]
Chespin: [pushes Bunnelby away] Chespin...[Stand aside buddy.]
Buneary: Bun? [Huh?!]
Chespin: Chespin-ches! [Hey there cutie!]
Buneary: [swats him away with her ears] Buneary! [Go away!]
Pancham: Pancham. [Hi sweetie!]
Buneary: BUNEARY! [GET LOST!] [does the same thing to Pancham, before resuming her cuddling with Bunnelby]

Battling at Full Volume![edit]

[Ash is sick and lands headfirst into Serena's arms.]
Ash: Now's our chance. Now. Now.
Serena: What's wrong?
Ash: I...I...
Serena: I what? [Serena expects Ash to admit his feelings to her, saying "I love you." You know the drill...]
Ash: I...I...Iron Tail, Pikachu...[collapses, causing everyone else to panic!]

[Serena appears wearing Ash's clothes! Braixen, Pancham, Sylveon all stare at her as if to say, "What the heck is she doing?! Did she just..."]
Serena: [tries to put on Ash's voice] Here I am! I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. [Oh dear...]

A League of His Own![edit]

Malva: Excuse me? [rushes over to Ash] Are you competing in the Kalos League?
Ash: Uhhh...that's right.
Malva: Will you let me interview you?
Ash: Huh...you want to interview me?

[As Ash rushes to the stadium to get ready for battle, he is intercepted by Everett, the Furfrou trainer from earlier.]
Everett: So, we meet again. [Ash is shocked] Let's have a battle.
Ash: But I've got a battle out there.
Everett: You promised.
[a flashback of Ash's promise is revealed]
Ash: I know I did say the next time. [Pikachu is protesting] I'm keeping my word! I have to do it. [Are you crazy Ash? Don't you have an upcoming League battle to worry about?!]
Everett: That's what I want to hear from a Trainer who won eight badges. A one on one battle, no holding back!

Ash: You're strong alright, but I'm just gonna have to beat you so I can get out there. I didn't make it to the Kalos League for nothing, you know. [All eight Kalos Gym leaders are shown with their badges: Viola and her Bug Badge, Grant and his Cliff Badge, Korrina and her Rumble Badge, Ramos and his Plant Badge, Clemont and his Voltage Badge, Valerie and her Fairy Badge, Olympia and her Psychic Badge, Wulfric and his Iceberg Badge] I've got a lot of memories associated with each and every Gym badge I've won. Get ready for this, I'll show you what they all mean.

[Ash had just defeated Everett's Furfrou]
Everett: Furfrou, no!
Ash: [bowing] Thank you for the battle.
Everett: You really beat me. [recalls Furfrou. As Ash walks past, Everett starts sobbing] I couldn't get all eight badges in time. The thing is, there are lots of trainers like me who wanted to compete here. All those trainers with all their dreams and all their hopes... you better win no matter what. [Note: While people do criticize Ash for losing leagues, one thing people can agree on is that at least Ash qualified for them. This was a reminder to fans that not all people are able to meet the requirements in time for the League.]

Valuable Experience for All![edit]

Ash: Almost time for the Kalos League!
Goodra: Goodra! [Awesome!]
Ash: If I can make it to the semi-finals, it'll be six on six. But right now, I only have five Pokemon. I thought maybe Professor Oak could send me one. Instead, there's someone else I want to battle with.
Goodra: Goo? [Who?]
Ash: And Goodra, that's you! Please battle by my side at the Kalos League!
Goodra: Goo! Goodra! Goodra Goo! [Sure thing! I won't let you down! Thanks Ash!] [Note: Because of the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Hoenn Remakes) around the time the XY initially aired, the writers reused the same premise by having Ash only rely on his Kalos team, exactly like he did in the Hoenn League. This is one of the main flaws of the XY series: it recycles way too many story elements from the Ruby and Sapphire anime. Also, this overused story element of Ash disregarding his reserves is getting old!]

Coming Apart at the Dreams![edit]

[Alain stares at the destruction of Lumiose City. He punches the ground in anger and frustration.]
Alain: Mairin. Chespin. Is this the reason I had all those battle? All of them FOR THIS?!
[Note: The whole purpose of Alain's victory at the Kalos League was to show an example of pyrrhic victory- winning at a terrible price. Alain may have been the better battler than Ash, but he was not a better person due to bringing destruction to Kalos.]

Lysandre: For Chespie's sake. For Mairin's sake too. Your wish had pure intent. A truly noble wish indeed. [Was your achievement really worth it, Alain?]

Lysandre: So Ash, I'm going to use your Bond Phenomenon in service to my new world. You're able to gain the power strength without a Keystone, purely through your bond. When I saw that, I was thrilled. Ash, you have shown me there are limitless possibilities with Pokemon still and I want that power for myself. [two drones fly towards Ash and Greninja and shoot the two with a brainwashed ray] The energy is powerful enough to control Zygarde. But now, Ash, now, Greninja, I am also going to control your Bond Phenomenon.
Ash: No way...
Lysandre: From this point on, both of you will answer to me.