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This is a list of episodes from the 17th season of Pokemon, entitled, Pokemon the Series: XY.

Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin![edit]

Lumiose City Pursuit![edit]

Ash: Hello? Professor Sycamore! Are you here?!
Professor Augustine Sycamore: [arrives and yawns a bit] Coming. [notices the injured Froakie] Huh?
Ash: Are you the Professor?
Professor Sycamore: Froakie, no!
Ash: You know this Froakie, Professor?
Professor Sycamore: I sure do. Sophie, come quick! We've been so worried about you. Your trainer has been in recent contact with us. [Sophie arrives and Professor Sycamore hands Froakie over] Froakie needs help.
Sophie: Right! [rushes to the medical bay with Froakie in hand]

[Serena was watching the news where Ash was rescued and landed safely on the ground]
Serena: Ahhh...what a relief. [upon noticing Ash on the TV screen] That boy...no, it couldn't be.

A Battling of Aerial Mobility![edit]

A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship[edit]

A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle[edit]

Battling on Thin Ice![edit]

Serena: Here we go...Ash, do you...remember me?
Ash: Huh?
Serena: Think back to when you went to camp in Pallet Town. I did too. That's where we met.
Ash: At camp?
Serena: That's right! We met at Professor Oak's Pokemon summer camp!
Ash: Hey, I remember that camp!
Serena: You really do?
Ash: Yeah, of course! I went to it!
Serena: I know! And that's because I went to that camp as well!
Ash: [trying to remember her] Can't say I remember you...
Serena: Huh? Oh no...
Ash: Sorry.
Serena: [lightens up her mood] That's okay Ash! For now, you need to concentrate on your training. You can remember me later.

[Pikachu defeats Surskit, and Viola recalls her downed Surskit]
Ash: Pikachu, return! [Pikachu does so]
Viola: What? You're done battling with Pikachu?
Ash: Fletchling wants a rematch against Vivillon too.

[Fletchling gets put to sleep by Vivillon's Sleep Powder and falls to the ground. Fletchling may have adapted to Vivillon's other attacks, but certainly not this one!]
Viola: Excellent! Picture perfect! Vivillon, Solar Beam!
Ash: Oh no! Fletchling! [Fletchling falls to the ground defeated by the attack. So much for Fletchling's rematch...]

Viola: Pikachu can't beat my Vivillon in that state. I'm afraid you're going to have to wait longer for your badge.
Ash: Yeah, well there's no way we're giving up! That's not what we're about! We'll keep on battling until the very end!
[Serena remembers, in a flashback of young Ash saying "Don't give up until it's over!"]
Viola: I admire your persistence, but this is the end. Gust, one more time!

[Vivillon faints from Pikachu's Thunderbolt]
Referee: Vivillon is unable to battle and Pikachu wins! Which means the winner of the match is Ash! [What was that you were implying about Ash not learning from his mistakes, Viola?]
Ash: Alright!

Alexa: What did I tell you about Ash?
Viola: Yeah, you knew it all along. [Glad you learned your lesson about being dismissive to Ash, Viola]

Give Chase at the Rhyhorn Race![edit]

Clemont: So, why did you want to go on a journey, Serena?
Serena: [reaches into her pocket and pulls out a blue handkerchief, before walking over to Ash] I wanted to give this back to you. It's yours. Ash, remember when we were talking about Professor Oak's Pokemon Summer Camp back when we were younger?
Ash: Yeah.
Serena: Well, you let me borrow this way back then.

[A flashback is shown, when a younger Serena was lost in the woods...]
Serena: Where is everybody? Where did you all go? Augh! [a Poliwag jumps out of a bush scaring her, causing her to fall and hurt her leg] I knew I didn't want to come to camp. I knew it. Mommy! [starts crying]
[Seconds later, someone comes out of the same bushes. It is young Ash.]
Ash: Poliwag? Hey, are you alright? Hi, I'm Ash. Who are you? What's wrong?
Serena: I hurt my leg.
Ash: Don't worry. See this? [draws out a blue handkerchief] This will make you better. [He wraps it around her right leg] All done. Now watch this. Feel better, feel better right away!
Serena: Ow! It still hurts! I can't stand up!
Ash: [reaches his hand out to Serena] Don't give up until it's over, okay? Come on! [Serena grabs Ash's hand. As he helps her get back on her feet, she falls into him, almost like a hug. Serena starts blushing a bit.] There you go! [snickers a bit] I think we should be getting back to the campsite, okay? Come on. [Ash still holding Serena's hand leads her out of the forest. Serena still staring in awe and still blushing.]
[Note: Did Ash knew, at the time, he had met his future Kalos companion and love interest? No he did not as Serena did not mention her name to him. This is why he does not remember her when the two encountered each other again at Santalune City]

Ash: Hold on! Now I remember! You're the girl with the straw hat!

Grooming Furfrou![edit]

Bonnie: So does that mean Furfrou doesn't see you as it's real trainer yet?
Clemont: HEY! BONNIE!

Clemont's got a Secret![edit]

Mega-Mega Meowth Madness![edit]

The Bamboozling Forest![edit]

To Catch a Pokemon Smuggler![edit]

Kindergarten Chaos![edit]

[As the episode begins, we see Ash being challenged by a female trainer named Penelope]
Penelope: If two trainers' eye happen to meet, the rule is they have a battle.
Ash: Yeah, I agree. I'm Ash and this is my friend Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikacha! [Nice to meet you!]
Serena: Uhhh...is that really a rule?
Clemont: I'm not so sure it is a hard and fast rule, but it is pretty standard stuff.
Penelope: My name is Penelope. Sylveon, come on out! [summons Sylveon into battle]

Ash: [examining Sylveon] It kinda looks like Espeon. [He whips out his Pokedex]
Kalos Pokedex: Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokémon and an evolved form of Eevee. Sylveon affectionately wraps its ribbon-like feelers around its Trainer's arm as they walk together.
Ash: Wow, so it is an evolved form of Eevee after all.
Clemont: Hey Ash, did you know that Sylveon is a Fairy-type Pokemon?
Ash: No. Fairy-type? [Note: In this episode, Ash learns about Fairy-types]
Bonnie: Yeah, Dedenne is a Fairy-type too!
Dedenne: Ne-Ne! [It's true!]

Penelope: Promise me something. If I happen to beat you in our battle, you're coming with me, sweetie.
Serena: [horrified that Penelope is "flirting" with Ash] Is she serious?! Her and Ash?! No way!

[Froakie loses to Sylveon, but recovers by eating an Oran Berry]
Penelope: Well, I won. So now you have to keep your word, sweetie, and come with me.
Serena: Huh? She's serious! You're gonna go with her?

[At the kindergarten playground, Penelope had just led Ash and company through the entrance.]
Ash: Look at all the kids...
Pikachu: Pika...
Clemont: This looks like some sort of kindergarten class. Are you a teacher here?
Penelope: Yes. Did everybody behave while I was out?

Penelope: You see, my Sylveon and I go out into the fields and forests everyday and the two of us make friends with wild Pokemon and we bring them back here with us.
Head Teacher: We do this so the children can meet and learn all about them.
Clemont: Interesting.
Ash: You could have told us that right from the start. Right buddy?
Pikachu: Pika! [Agreed!]
Serena: Oh, so that's why Penelope wanted Ash to come here with her. [You thought Penelope was going to ask Ash out on a date, Serena?]

An Undersea Place to Call Home![edit]

[Note: This episode was delayed due to the sinking of the MV Sewol in South Korea. However, while this episode did air in season 18 between the 50th and 51st episode, this episode does take place before Ash's Gym Battle against Grant.]
[Clemont's No-Hard-Feelings-Fair-and-Square Lottery Device picks Ash and Serena as winners to ride the submarine]
Ash: Yeah! We won!
Serena: Alright, we won!
Clemont: Aww man...and we lost.
Dedenne: Ne-ne-ne! [Way to go, Clemont!]
Clemont: Well, science determined our fate fair and square. So, no hard feelings...[Both Clemont and Bonnie's pictures fall off the losing arrow]

Climbing the Walls![edit]

Ash: There it is, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: Can't wait to go and challenge Grant so we can beat the Cyllage City Gym!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Serena: Of course Ash is sure that he'll win. [Numerous people around the plaza turn to Ash's attention about his enthusiasm. They sure look happy that someone is going to challenge the Gym Leader.]

Grant: So, what were you thinking about when you were climbing?
Ash: Uh...well...I wasn't thinking about anything.
Grant: That's perfect. So what were you looking at?
Ash: Hmmm...Straight up where I was going!
Grant: Excellent. That means you achieve the state of enlightenment. Your mind was crystal clear, unclouded. Now that you've successfully conquered the wall, the next wall you're going to need to conquer is me. And that's what you came here for, challenger.

Clemont: Uhhh...question, why do you have challengers climb the wall?
Grant: So that inner peace can be achieved.
Serena: Inner peace?
Bonnie: What does that mean?
Grant: Scaling the wall. It's the best way I know to achieve the state of enlightenment. When I do that, I forget about everything else and the only thing I can concentrate on is reaching the top. That is my one and only goal. The only thing I want is to arrive at my destination. As long as there is a wall for me to climb, I will rise to the challenge. I want challengers to achieve the same state of enlightenment when they climb up here to me.

[Both Ash and Grant are ready to send in their first Pokemon]
Grant: I've really been looking forward to your challenge since I saw you battle back at the Battle Chateau. Now let's see which Pokemon you plan to use to scale the wall. And that wall is me. Onix, let's go! [readies and summons Onix]

[Froakie starts hopping on the rocks of Onix's Rock Tomb, dodging all of them, much to Grant's shock. Viola should take notes on this battle!]
Ash: Keep on jumping higher! [Froakie continues to do so]
Grant: How is it possible?!
Ash: We saw that Rock Tomb at the Battle Chateau and I knew we had to beat it for me to earn a badge. So we did some special training to come up with a way to counteract that move!
Grant: [admirably] I'm beyond impress.

[Grant's Onix loses to Froakie]
Grant: Thanks. Great job, Onix. Please return. [recalls Onix] You're quite a surprise, Ash. It's exactly what Viola warned me about. She advised me not to underestimate you and she was quite correct.
Ash: The best defense is a good offense. That's the way I battle.

Grant: Time for my second Pokemon. Tyrunt, let's go! [summons Tyrunt]
Tyrunt: TYRUNT! [You think Onix is bad enough, Ash? Wait until you see how Tyrunt battles.]

[Froakie damages Tyrunt with Bubble, much to Grant's mild surprise]
Ash: We'll be able to get all the way to the top!
Grant: [a bit smugged] I wouldn't be overly confident. Now Tyrunt, jump!

[Pikachu jumps into the battlefield]
Grant: So it seems we have arrived in our final battle.
Ash: I know all of what Tyrunt's moves are. [Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor, Crunch, Rock Tomb] All I've got to do is win.
Grant: You're spirit is strong. Although Rock Tomb climb is quite creative, it won't work against Draco Meteor. Also, Pikachu is an Electric-type, while Tyrunt is a Rock and Dragon-type. Tyrunt clearly has the advantage. [Note: Dragon resists Electric]

[Both Pikachu's Iron Tail and Tyrunt's Dragon Tail cancel each other out.]
Grant: Excellent! Quite well executed!
Ash: We keep on getting stronger even while we're battling!
Grant: An exciting battle it is! To show my respect for your passion, I'm going to wrap this up with my favorite move. Time for Rock Tomb!
Ash: Well, I'm ready for it! [As Tyrunt uses Rock Tomb...] Alright deflect them with Iron Tail! [Pikachu does so, swatting the rocks away, lodging one into Tyrunt's mouth!]

Ash: Now, I'll wrap this up with my favorite move! Pikachu use Thunderbolt! [Pikachu does so, viciously electrocuting Tyrunt. The rock lodged in Tyrunt's mouth explodes causing Tyrunt to fly backwards and crash into a boulder and faint. That's what happens when you over-rely on your signature move, Rock Tomb, Grant.]

[Outside the Cyllage Gym, with Ash winning his second badge, the Cliff Badge]
Grant: Tell me, Ash. Have you already decided which Gym you'll challenge for your third Kalos Gym badge?
Ash: Nope. Guess I better start thinking about that.
Serena: I've got an idea! I know the perfect place we should go next! The Shalour City Gym. There's the Tower of Mastery nearby and I've always wanted to go see it!
Grant: Yes, Shalour City. Good choice. It's quite nice.
Ash: Shalour City? Sounds good to me!
Grant: I think you'll have a different battling experience at the Shalour Gym than your typical battle.
Ash: What kind of different experience is that?
Grant: You'll find out when you get there. But I can guarantee you another challenging and fierce wall for you to climb.
Ash: Haha. Great! Then I'm going to Shalour City for my next Gym badge!
Serena: And that's that!
Bonnie: More adventures!
Clemont: This should be fun! I'm just wondering what kind of gym it is?
Grant: One more thing. Let's have a rematch at the Battle Chateau.
Ash: You bet!
Serena: Ash, if you want to have a battle with Grant at the Battle Chateau, don't you need to have the noble title of Grand Duke?
Ash: Yeah, you're right. I can do that! It's all part of becoming a Pokemon master!
[Note: Too bad Ash never did the Battle Chateau again. The XY series was criticized for being rushed (XY has a total of 140 episodes, the least number in the series). As a result, this Battle Chateau arc was aborted.]

The Bonds of Evolution![edit]

[As the episode starts, we see Ash and his friends look at a poster promoting an exhibition match between two trainers. One of the trainers looks familiar to the Kalos residences...]
Serena: It is! Diantha is doing an exhibition battle!
Clemont: Wonderful!
Bonnie: Yeah...
Ash: Awesome! Alright! So...who's Diantha anyway?
[everyone face faults]
Clemont: She's the strongest trainer in all of Kalos, that's who!
Bonnie: Yep, she's the Champion!
Dedenne: Ne-ne-ne! [Now you know!]
Ash: Really? No kidding!
Pikachu: Pika...[Wow.]
Ash: Diantha the Champion, huh? I'm psyched!
Serena: Not only is Diantha the champion, she is also happens to be a world famous movie star!
Ash: Movie star?
Serena: Just have a look up there! [motions towards a movie poster above the gang's head which features Diantha]
Clemont: That's her in the blockbuster, My Sweet, Sweet Lady.

Ash: Yes, that's it! I'll challenge her! [At least Ash is wanting to prove his efforts towards Diantha]

Ash: Professor, what's with that keystone you two were talking about before?
Professor Sycamore: You see, a Keystone is crucial for a Pokémon to Mega-Evolve. The stone a trainer possesses is called a Keystone and the stone a Pokémon possesses is called a Mega stone.

[The gang notices that Diantha's Gardevoir has a Mega stone embedded in its pendant]
Professor Sycamore: That's Gardevoir's Mega stone. Mega stones have many different names depending on the Pokémon that evolves. In Gardevoir's case, it is known as Gardevoirite.
Clemont: I see! As long as you have both a Keystone and a Mega stone, a Pokémon can Mega-evolve!
Bonnie: So cool!
Professor Sycamore: That's actually not enough. A Pokémon can't Mega-evolve unless the hearts of both trainer and Pokémon become one.
Serena: Hearts become one?
Professor Sycamore: It means they need to have an exceptionally strong bond between them. [Hmm...seems to be a nice foreshadow...]

Bonnie: That's right! You're a keeper! [gets down on one knee...oh no, not again!] Won't you please take care of my brother?
Diantha: Take care?
Clemont: I told you to stop this!

Ash: Excuse me, Diantha? Please have a Pokémon battle with me?
Diantha: Huh, you?
Serena: Ash! You must know that Diantha doesn't get much private time and here you are bothering her this way!
Ash: Yeah, but...I want to be a Pokémon Master so having a battle with you will be awesome because you're the Champion! Please?
Diantha: Alright. I usually turn down unofficial battle requests, but you shared your chocolate cake with me. Just this once.

Diantha: [inside her mind] He really cares about his Pokémon. Ash is a very passionate trainer. [In other words, she does see a lot of potential in Ash based on his passion]

The Forest Champion![edit]

[A wild Ursaring is stealing berries underneath the tree that a Patrat, Pachirisu and Sentret had gathered]
Serena: That Ursaring is trying to take away all the berries that the three of them has gathered!
Clemont: What an awful thing to do!

[As Ursaring grabs a rock and is ready to slam Hawlucha with one, Ash angrily steps in the way]