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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Black and White Adventures in Unova, the sixteenth season of the Pokémon animated series

Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige![edit]

Moira: I innocently let my Cinccino out to become more beautiful by getting some fresh air, when your unattractive Emolga attacked it, putting it's beauty in jeopardy. The nerve of your unsaintly Pokémon!
Mona: You tell them, my dear Moira!
Moira: And then there's your Snivy! It's unattractive on the outside and the inside!

A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team![edit]

A Village Homecoming![edit]

Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future![edit]

Officer Jenny: [over microphone] You are not allowed up there without proper authorization. Come down here at once!
Ash: You could get hurt, Iris!
Officer Jenny: Iris? Not her again!

Officer Jenny: How many times have I told you? Climbing that tower is dangerous! Listen, what would've happened if you'd fallen off? Are you listening to me?!
Iris: Sure, I'm listening!
Officer Jenny: Alright, don't ever do that again! UNDERSTAND?!!!
Ash, Iris & Cilan: Yes...

Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad![edit]

Curtain Up, Unova League![edit]

Virgil: So, Ash, have you been to registration yet?
Ash: Not yet.
Virgil: Then why don't we go and register together?
Ash: Sure!

[Ash, Iris, Cilan, Bianca, Stephan and Virgil head to the Pokémon Center to register. Trip is also heading to the Pokémon Center to register as well]
Ash: Hey, it's Trip!
Trip: So, that means you've got eight gym badges too?
Ash: You bet!

Mission: Defeat Your Rival![edit]

Lost at the League![edit]

[Note: This is considered to be the worst Black and White episode as well as the worst League episode, because this is a filler episode being put in the middle of the Unova League arc.]
Ash: I'm not holding back! Look out, I'm gonna win too.
Pikachu: Pika-pika! [We'll be ready for you!]
Stephan: Took the words right out of my mouth! And may the best trainer win!
Ash: You bet! [Both Ash and Stephan do a fist bump]

[Pikachu informs Ash that Axew is missing]
Ash: What's up, Pikachu? [Pikachu tells him that Iris' Axew is missing as he was chasing a red runaway balloon] Where did Axew go?
[Iris checks her shoulder and sees Axew is not there]
Axew: Axew-ew-ew! Axew-ew-ew! Axew-ew-ew! [Hey come back here! I want that red balloon! Please stop floating away!]

Strong Strategy Steals the Show![edit]

Cameron's Secret Weapon![edit]

Ash: So that's what it is! Your secret weapon is Hydreigon!
Cameron: Of course it is. That's why its my secret weapon!

[Ash summons his Oshawott into battle against Cameron's Hydreigon...which is already a bad idea from the start. Hydreigon is fully evolved and part Dragon, thus it resists Water.]
Bianca: Uhhh...is that a good idea?
Stephan: It's hard to say. Maybe a strategy is to use Oshawott to chip away Hydreigon's stamina.
Bianca: Are you saying Oshawott is Ash's throwaway Pokémon?
Cilan: Hold on. Ash wouldn't do something like that. He's going to give it his all, of course.
Iris: He wouldn't do anything else.
[Note: Many fans claimed that Oshawott is a strong cute unevolved Pokémon that does not need to evolve at all. However, you can tell that Oshawott is the most laziest handled main protagonist owned Water-type Starter. It amounted to just recycling character traits from Dawn's Piplup and Ash's Totodile, without any attempt in evolving Oshawott whatsoever. Because of this, this was the reason why the writers were not allowed to mishandle anymore Water-type Starters.]

Cameron: No Hydreigon!

Cameron: When it comes to teammates Samurrott and I are numero uno.

Cameron: Riolu are you alright? Hey whats going on?

Iris: Riolu evolved into Lucario!

A Unova League Evolution![edit]

[Note: The Unova League match where Cameron defeated Ash despite bringing five Pokémon into the full battle is universally seen as a sick joke.]
Freddy O'Martin: Lucario scores! Snivy's been stopped in its tracks by Lucario's Aura Sphere! [Note: Snivy is exactly what fans think Turtwig should have been- a strong fast cute unevolved Grass starter that does not need to evolve to prove its worth (aka a lazy carbon copy of Bulbasaur). This loss in the league shows how fatal this concept is.]

Referee: Pikachu is unable to battle. Lucario is the winner, which means Cameron wins the match!
Freddy O'Martin: Lucario has wrapped this up with Aura Sphere, so Cameron wins this fierce battle and joins our top four trainers as they moved on to the semi-finals.
[Note: There are also problems with Ash's team in this fight. Unfezant lost to a Riolu despite having a type-advantage and being fully evolved; Oshawott, Snivy, Boldore and Pignite are not fully evolved and were poorly handled because Ash caught way too many Unova Pokémon and the writers focused mostly on the cuteness and comedic traits of Ash's Unova team instead of character development; Cameron's Riolu evolved into a Lucario to defeat Ash's Pokémon, similar to what Ash did in previous Unova battles.]

Davy: Take care, everyone! We'll see you all later!
Virgil: And thanks, for everything!

Cameron: See, we gotta step on it and do some training for the next competition. We'll catch you all later! Let's go, Lucario. Bye!

Bianca: Gotta go! I do have to see my dad once in a while. Bye-bye!

New Places... Familiar Faces![edit]

The Name's N![edit]

There's a New Gym Leader in Town![edit]

[Ash and Iris have recovered Pikachu and Axew from the control room]
Ash: I'm so sorry for all this!
Iris: Please forgive us!
[Ash and Iris are very angry with Pikachu and Axew for causing trouble]
Pikachu & Axew: Pika-Pikachu, Axew-ew... [We're both very sorry...]
Cheren: I see you feel bad, and you're forgiven. But still, don't ever do that again. OK?
Pikachu: Pika.
Axew: Axew.

Ash: (putting away his Unova dex) Wow, he's using Herdier. I know who I want.
[Immeadiately, Oshawott comes out of his Pokéball]
Oshawott: Oshawott! [Ready to go!]
Ash: Oshawott?
Oshawott: Osha-Oshawott! [Yep, let me at 'em!]
Ash: Do you want to battle?
Oshawott: Osha! [Oh yes!]
Ash: Awesome, then I choose you! [Note: It is obvious that the writers did not even think about evolving Oshawott after the Unova League as well. Who cares, right? As long as Oshawott is cuter than Dewott and Samurott, kids will automatically prefer it over the evolved counterparts. Besides, remember Torterra...]

Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot![edit]

The Light of Floccesy Ranch![edit]

Saving Braviary![edit]

The Pokémon Harbor Patrol![edit]

N: Well, I don't approve the idea of recruiting Pokémon for dangerous rescue missions at all.
Halsey: Oh, why?
N: Pokémon have a magnificent world that's all their own. I wouldn't mind if Pokémon were rescuing other Pokémon. But I can't agree with rescuing people. Those Pokémon will never find happiness doing that.
Halsey: Well, it's true that Pokémon have saved people's lives from time to time, but please remember people have saved Pokémon's lives as well. When it comes to rescue, there isn't any difference between people and Pokémon.
N: I wonder about that.
Halsey: What are you saying?!

Ash: I can't leave! No way!

The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion![edit]

[Ash has just contacted Professor Oak on the computer at the Pokemon Center and explains his request]
Professor Oak: Sorry to keep you waiting, Ash. Charizard just arrived from Charicific Valley and I have Charizard's Poke-ball right here!
Ash: Great! Thanks for all your help, Professor.
Pikachu: Pika-Pika!
Professor Oak: Which Pokemon are you going to exchange?
Ash: I'm going to send Unfezant.
Professor Oak: Good! Smart choice! Swellow and Staraptor will be thrilled with a new friend. Another Flying-type Pokemon will allow them to have battle races at super speed!
Ash: Awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun!
Pikachu: Pika! [Agreed!]
Professor Oak: Let's begin the exchange!
Ash: [places Unfezant's Poke-ball into the transporter] Unfezant, you're going to make new friends. [Seconds later, the exchange is made and Charizard's Poke-ball has arrived. As Ash picks it up, Professor Oak also receives Unfezant on his end as well.] I got it safe and sound!
Professor Oak: Great and Unfezant is right here!

[As soon as Charizard comes out of the Poke-ball, Charizard lets in a loud roar. Oh yeah, he's back everyone!]
Ash: Charizard, it's so good to see you!
[Pikachu greets his old friend back and hops onto Charizard's shoulder. Charizard gives the thumbs up signalling he's fine as well]
Cilan: So that's Charizard. I've never seen one in person.
N: I can just sense its incredibly rich history.

Cilan: They say opposites attract, but I say likes attract too!
N: I think you're exactly right. Those two are drawn to each other.

Iris: It is a bit strange. I was sure that Dragon Rush would have done more. After all, Charizard is a Dragon-type Pokemon.
Ash: Huh?
Cilan: Huh?
Pikachu: Pika? [Huh?]
Charizard: Raw?! [You're joking, right?!]
Dragonite: Gr? [Really?]
[N snickers at this comment]
Iris: Did I say something funny?
Ash: The thing is Charizard isn't a Dragon-type.
Iris: But I saw Charizard use Dragon Tail and flying around and everything! It sure looks like a Dragon-type to me!
Ash: Look. [brings up his Unova Pokedex]
Unova Pokedex: Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. Charizard is a Flying and Fire type. When competing in intense battles, Charizard's flame becomes more intense as well.
Iris: NO! And here I was hoping to catch a Charizard and raise it too! [Axew laughs at her for that embarrassment]

Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation![edit]

Aldith: N, Lord Ghetsis is looking for you!
N: I don't care! Leave me alone!

Aldith: What are you doing here? You have been ordered to present yourself to Lord Ghetsis.
N: I'm through listening to any of you. NOW YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO THESE POKÉMON?!!

Secrets From Out of the Fog![edit]

Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry![edit]

Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals! ![edit]

Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony![edit]

What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals![edit]

Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures![edit]

Danger, Sweet as Honey![edit]

Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness ![edit]

Crowning the Scalchop King![edit]

The Island of Illusions![edit]

To Catch a Rotom![edit]

[Iris' Emolga uses Attract on the three Rotom]
Ash: Yeah. Maybe using Attract can control those three.
[Unfortunately, Attract does not work on the three Rotom! The three Rotom snicker at the fact that Attract did not work on them, much to Iris and Emolga's shock. Rotom is genderless, therefore it cannot be affected by Attract.]
Ash: ...or not.
Cilan: How can that be? Oh perhaps, those Rotom are female, huh?
Professor Oak: I'm afraid Rotom are neither male nor female and that's the reason Attract had no effect on them.

The Pirates of Decolore![edit]

Butterfree and Me![edit]

The Path That Leads to Goodbye![edit]

Ash: If Axew hadn't gotten in the way, I would've been able to catch that Dunsparce!
Iris: WHAT, you're blaming Axew?! For your information, it was all your fault for starting a battle without making a plan FIRST!
Ash: That's because it wouldn've gotten away by THEN! Uh-oh.

Iris: You're not just a little kid, ASH KETCHUM, you're a BIG BABY!!!
Ash: What did you throw that at me for?
Iris: YOU'RE A LITTLE KID!!! No wait, you're a HUGE BABY!!!!
Ash: I wouldn't talk if I were you, YOU LOSE YOUR GRIP FOR NO REASON AT ALL!
Cilan: Now, let's all just calm down.


Searching for a Wish![edit]

Capacia Island UFO![edit]

James: Small group of people? We're a small group.
Jessie: Well if you mean us, why didn't it have any affect?!
Meowth: [still brainwashed by the Beheeyem] I'm afraid idiots are hard to hypnotize.
[Ash, Pikachu, Jessie and James are stunned by the response]
Ash, Jessie and James: IDIOTS?!?! GRRRR....
[The Beheeyem are scared and take back the insult]
Meowth: One second. What were we attempted to convey to all of you is that gifted people are hard to hypnotize.
Jessie: I see. So you're implying we're geniuses?
Meowth: Mmmm. Whatever you say.
James: [glad with the others] Now we're getting to the truth of the matter!
[The Beheeyem sigh in relief, as does Meowth]
Ash: Glad we got that straight.

The Journalist from Another Region![edit]

Iris: Ash, stop it! You're scaring Helioptile!

Mystery on a Deserted Island![edit]

A Pokémon of a Different Color![edit]

[As Alexa leaves for her work on her report, a familiar voice is heard and a figure is walking by. It's Clair, the Dragon-type Gym Leader from Blackthorn City, Johto.]
Clair: Dragonite, where are you? Please come out here!
[Both Ash and Pikachu are shocked and immediately recognize her]
Ash: Is that you? Wow, Clair, it is you!
Clair: I can't believe it, it's Ash!
Ash: Right! That's so cool that you still remember me!
Clair: Well, how could I forget? I owe you for stopping my Dragonite when it was on a tear using Outrage. [a flashback is shown of how Ash and Clair teamed up to stop the rampaging Dragonite] You really helped us get out of a jam, Pikachu. Thanks.

Celebrating the Hero's Comet![edit]

Go, Go Gogoat![edit]

Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit![edit]

Iris: EMOLGA, didn't I tell you not to use Discharge on our friends? And you were supposed to look after Axew too!

Survival of the Striaton Gym![edit]

Ash: It didn't have to attack Pansage for no reason!
Iris: That's right! Pansage was trying to be nice and share!
Morana: If you don't like it, I suggest you keep your Pokémon in its Poké Ball, children.

Best Wishes Until We Meet Again![edit]

The Dream Continues![edit]

Ash: [As soon as Unfezant, Leavanny, Palpitoad, Boldore and Krookodile arrive, he sends out the remaining members of the Unova team] Come on out, gang! [Charizard, Pignite, Snivy, Scraggy and Oshawott appear and begin meet and greet with Pikachu and the rest of the Unova team.] Everyone, Unova was great. Thanks alot. [The crew responds with their version of "You're welcome!"] All of you battled hard in the Unova League. You're the best! [The crew responds postively, even though Charizard rejoined Ash after the Unova League] We may not have gotten first place but our journey together made us a whole lot stronger and that's what really counts. [Note: Most of the Unova Pokemon Ash had were not fully evolved or were too weak and they clearly need more work.]

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