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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Black and White Rival Destinies, the fifteenth season of the Pokémon animated series.

Battling the Bully[edit]

Ash: You'll be a trainer before you know it. Take it from me.
Mick: Cool! I'm gonna travel all over the world and catch lots of Pokémon, and then I'm gonna make them all my friends.
Ash: Don't forget, this is what's important! [places his fist over Mick's heart]
Mick: Hmm?
Ash: It's your heart, for sure!
Mick: Yeah?
Ash: You bet. It doesn't matter if you're catching Pokémon or battling: Making sure you do it all with your heart is the most important thing of all.

[After losing to a Pokémon battle to Mick, fair and square]
Glenn: Look, Punk! I don't remember telling you you could beat me.
Mick: But all I was doing was battling the best that I know how.
Glenn: THAT'S WHAT I MEAN!! [raises his fist to punch Mick]
Mick: Ohh! [covers his face]
[Ash's hand grabs Glenn's fist before he lands a punch.]
Ash: HEY!
Glenn: Huh?
[Iris and Cilan look on with a look of shock, seeing the serious angry side of Ash.]