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Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us is a 2018 film which is the twenty-first movie in the Pokémon film series. Directed by Tetsuo Yajima. Written by Eiji Umehara and Tetsuo Yajima.


[First lines]
Risa's Female Friend #1: Risa!
Risa's Female Friend #2: See you!
Risa: See you later!

Rick: Yeah? Oh, it's you, Sis.
Risa: Change of clothes. How's your leg?
Rick: It's just fine as long as I don't move it around too much. [shakes his broken leg around and accidentally knocks it into the hospital table] Ow!
Risa: [chuckles] You've gotta be more careful!
Rick: Well, what about your leg? So. Are you running?
Risa: [sighs] You just worry about yourself.
Rick: Okay, okay. Hey, Risa? Heard of the Wind Festival in Fula City?
Risa: Yeah, I've heard of it. What about it? It's supposed to be a really big event.
Rick: So... About that... I wanna ask you a favor.
Risa: Uhh.

Risa: Me catch a Pokémon?! No, no WAY!
Rick: But Risa! I'm begging you!
Risa: Not a chance! Why are you asking me?
Rick: Come on! Would you take a look at my leg? What if I went out and suddenly collapsed? [pretends to be crying] And nobody was around to help? I mean, there I am, losing consciousness, and the only person I'm thinking about is my amazing sister! Is that what you want? I mean, how could you?
Risa: Huh?! Okay, I'll try! But no guarantees! Got it?
Rick: All right! But I don't expect you to do it for nothing. [gives the small box to Risa] Take it. Here.
Risa: What's this for?
Rick: Something to say thank you. [Risa opens the small box] Wear them and have fun at the festival.
Risa: Wow! They're pretty cute! Not too shabby, little brother...

Secretary: There will be an award ceremony for the winner of the catch race.
Mayor Oliver: All right.
Margo: Father!
Mayor Oliver: Hmm? Morning, Margo! Are you going to the Wind Festival today?
Margo: Mm-hmm!
Mayor Oliver: You take care then!
Margo: You, too, Father! Yes!

Narrator: This young man is Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town. With his partner, Pikachu, he's working hard to become a Pokémon Master. So, his journey continues. He's arrived in a city that lives in harmony with the wind: Fula City. And right now, the city is holding its Wind Festival.
Ash: Wow, this looks like fun!
Pikachu: Pikachu!

Promo voices: The Pokémon Channel!
Pokémon Channel Host: Here we go! It's the Pokémon Channel! Get ready! This only happens once a year. We're talking the Wind Festival in Fula City! Aww! I wanted to go, too... If that's what you poor kids are thinking then I'm your guy! There's no need to fear! This channel will bring you all the news from the festival! They say that the festival was formed after a promise with Lugia! See, once this place was a barren, desolate land! But even so, people and Pokémon supported each other! Lugia saw their bonds of friendship and promised to grant them the power of wind! And the people used that power to build and develop Fula City! Ever since, Lugia comes to town once a year. After seeing the bonds of friendship between people and Pokémon, it gives them the gift of the wind for another year! But wait. There's one more thing you should know. A long time ago... there was a fire on a nearby mountain! But Lugia put it out!

Kellie: Uncle Callahan!? What kind of Pokémon is that?
Callahan: Ah, that's the Legendary Pokémon Lugia. Lugia's the reason this city has grown to the size it has.
Kellie: Uncle Callahan, you know everything!
Callahan: It happened long, long ago. It was a cold day. I had just arrived in town for work. When suddenly-- I began to see a red glow up on the mountain. It then occurred to me that red glow was a fire! I screamed... Townspeople, listen to me! The fire's coming closer! Run! I called for Lugia. Hoping for help! And Lugia came and put out that mountain fire! Since then, the town has been living happily ever after! The end! Thank you. [the crowd cheers him]
Kellie: Uncle Callahan, awesome! Yay!
[Callahan and Kellie give a high five]
Callahan: Yay!
Mia: You lied. Why do you do that?
Callahan: It's not lying. It's called dramatic license.

Margo: Thank you.
Ash: No prob. Are you okay?
Margo: Sure. Thank you, too, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: My name's Ash, from Pallet Town. This is my partner, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Margo: I'm Margo. Did you two come here for the Wind Festival?
Ash: Yup. You bet!
Pikachu: Pikachu.

Jessie: Impressive!
James: Indeed! Such agility!
Meowth: So what plan to pinch Pikachu is on today's menu?
Jessie: The right one. We'll start our own juice business.
James: A perfect idea, of course...
Meowth: Let's get started.
James and Meowth: Wait, you're not serious!
Jessie: We can help those thirsty folks. Success is the right product at the right time. And we've managed both! We're cool cash magnets!
James: What about Pikachu? How does that relate? Do you get it?
Meowth: [using the calculator] Hmm... Wow! Cash relates to everything!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Ash: Then we'll be able to see Lugia?
Margo: Sure. On the last day of the festival. After all, it's the main event!
Ash: Sounds awesome!
Margo: Hey! Look at that! The eternal flame! Lugia first sees the flame, then it sends the wind.
Ash: Wow... And, what's that?
Margo: An old power plant. That's what I've heard. It broke down years ago during a fire on the mountain. They haven't used it since. I also heard that during the fire, Lugia brought heavy rains and put it out!
Ash: Lugia's just so cool!
Pikachu: Pika!
Margo: Well, I'm gonna be heading this way. And the Wind Festival is over that way.
Ash: Got it. Thanks a lot.
Margo: See you later!
Ash: Later!
Pikachu: Pika!

Kellie: 'Scuse me. Where's your Pokémon?
Risa: Oh. I came here to catch one. And it must be super-rare because I haven't found a thing.
Kellie: All you have to do is ask Uncle Callahan.
Callahan: Me?!
Kellie: He's the best Pokémon Trainer ever.
Risa: Really? Please, tell me where to catch one. Please?
Callahan: All right. What Pokémon?
Risa: [shows the image from the cell phone to Callahan] It's this one.
Callahan: Oh. That one. It's super rare, all right.
Risa: Yeah? It is? Where can I find it?
Callahan: Hold on, hold on... I've got it! Over there, over there! The latest info says it's up on that mountain!
Risa: That's wonderful! [hits Callahan's back with her hand] That's so nice of you!
Callahan: No prob. [chuckles]

Male announcer: We present the Mayor's Prize to the second-place finisher in the catch race, Ash Ketchum, for his brilliant rescue of Tyranitar!
Ash: [receives the prize] Thank you very much!
Mayor Oliver: Not so fast, son. Thank you for rescuing Tyranitar.
Ash: All 'cause of Pikachu! That's why it worked. All 'cause of Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Male announcer: And now! The grand prize... goes to Callahan!
Callahan: See, Kellie? [chuckles]
Kellie: Uncle Callahan, you're the best!
Male announcer: Congratulations on your first-place finish.
Callahan: Thanks! But you come to expect these sorts of things with me.
Male announcer: By the way, are there any Pokémon that you'd like to catch next?
Callahan: Next? Let's see... I've been hearing there's an extremely rare Pokémon around this area...
Male announcer: Well, I hadn't heard about that.
Mayor Oliver: An extremely rare Pokémon?
Callahan: Since I'm already at the Wind Festival, I was hoping I could catch it. [chuckles]
Ash: Wonder what Pokémon it is.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Male announcer: We'd like to thank Callahan, our winner, for his time!
Callahan: Thank you!

Promo voices: The Pokémon Channel!
Pokémon Channel Host: I've got a late-breaking, important newsflash! There's an extremely rare Pokémon in Fula City! If you're a Pokémon Trainer, you can't let this chance pass you by!

Mayor Oliver: Did you like the Wind Festival?
Margo: It was lots of fun! I rode the roller coaster and went in the haunted house... What about you?
Mayor Oliver: I was very busy today.
Margo: The man who won the catch race said something about a rare Pokémon being in the area, but...
Mayor Oliver: [chuckles] Some story! I haven't heard one word about that.
Margo: But... weren't there stories about Zeraora?
Mayor Oliver: Now, Margo. It doesn't exist anymore.
Margo: Father?
Mayor Oliver: [hits the table with the empty glass] We can't have our citizens panicking. I want no more talk of this!
Margo: Yes, Father.

Risa: Oh, come on! Where's this thing supposed to be? [forest noises scare her] Aah? Aah! [some wild Pokémon see her] Would you stop scaring me?! [Golbat flies over her] AAAAAHH! [falls down] Huh?
Ranger: Hey, you. Don't you know this mountain's off limits. You've heard of Zeraora's curse, haven't you?
Risa: Now wait just a second! Zeraora? Curse?
Ranger: You're not from around here, are ya? Anyway, it's forbidden to be here, so let's go.
Risa: Fine, I'll come! Just tell me, okay? This Pokémon... [shows the image from the cell phone to Ranger] I hear it's rare. You know it?
Ranger: Rare? Really? Looks like just an Eevee to me. They don't live around these parts.
Risa: [gets shocked and enraged] Aaaah! That old man lied to me through his teeth!

Ash: Imagine, there might be Pokémon we've never heard of before living somewhere around this place, you know?
Pikachu: Pikachu.

Margo: Oh, Father, it isn't Zeraora's fault! I did everything!
Risa: That's Zeraora?
Harriet: Yeah.
Risa: The stories said it vanished.
Toren: But there it is, in the flesh. [picks up the eternal flame] This is it, isn't it?
Mayor Oliver: Do you have any idea how much trouble you have caused? For everyone.
Margo: Hmm...
Mayor Oliver: Margo...
Margo: It's only been a little while since I first met Zeraora. I was playing with the Pokémon in the foothills of the mountain. Suddenly, there was a rockslide. I should have been crushed by that boulder. Zeraora is the one who protected me back then. But by doing that, Zeraora was badly hurt. It was all my fault. So I vowed to help make it well again. Everybody in town seems to be so afraid of it. I thought that at least I could be its friend and take care of it until it was all better again. But then they said someone knew of a rare Pokémon.
Risa: Huh?
Margo: And I knew that everybody would try to catch it. That's when... I thought that if the Wind Festival was called off... I knew it would cause problems if the eternal flame was taken, but I was gonna put it back the minute the festival was canceled. [cries] I'm sorry! I'm really, really sorry!
Ash: Margo...
Mayor Oliver: Margo, thank you for protecting Zeraora.
Margo: Huh?
Mayor Oliver: There's something I need to talk to you about. Regarding the truth about Zeraora.
Margo: Huh?
Mayor Oliver: Zeraora lived in this area for a long time. It was master of the land, beloved by Pokémon. And they all lived in peace. So what did we humans do? We cut down the forests that were home to the Pokémon, looking to enrich our lives. The reason for the mountain fire? We did it. That was fifty short years ago.
Risa: Huh?
Margo: No way.
Mayor Oliver: Fire was everywhere. And people never thought for a moment of the wild Pokémon living there. Everyone was in a panic. But Zeraora was the only one who never gave up on saving the many Pokémon left behind. Ever since, Zeraora has been deeply angry with humankind.
Margo: I see. That's why.
Mayor Oliver: You see, people did things that made Zeraora trust them less and less. All Zeraora wanted was to live in peace with the forest Pokémon. But huge numbers of Trainers gathered in the forest to catch Zeraora. The previous mayor, wishing to make up for this injustice, decided to lie to the townspeople. He said that Zeraora had vanished, and the mountain was cursed. He forbade anyone from entering the mountain again. He did it hoping to protect Zeraora. It was the only thing people could think to do.
Ash: That explains it.
Harriet: Very few people know about it. Very, very few. And even fewer young people.
Mayor Oliver: And that's... the truth about Zeraora.

Ash: What was that? [everyone looks at the strange smoke far away] Smoke...
Risa: It could be related to the Wind Festival...
Mayor Oliver: No.
[In Fula city, people feel the shaking and look at the smoke]
Citizen A: That doesn't look good...
Citizen B: Here it comes!
Callahan: What was that?!
[In the abandoned building]
Toren: Oh no... It just can't be...
Risa: Wait. Do you know about this?
[The three Pidgey fly and land on the ground weakening]
Toren: Ah... [runs to the three Pidgey and grabs one] The color of the smoke...and these symptoms... It's possible that this is Effect Spore...
Ash: Hey, Team Rocket stole that!
Pikachu: Pika.
Toren: Correct. Chansey, use Aromatherapy.
Chansey: Chansey! [uses Aromatherapy]
Mayor Oliver: Tell me about this Effect Spore... What is it?
Toren: I was in the process of researching it. Since it's a chemical version of the Ability, Effect Spore, I kept it in a capsule.
[The three Pidgey awake]
Risa: What does that have to do with these Pidgey?
Chansey: Chansey.
[The three Pidgey fly away]
Toren: When you breathe in that chemical, it becomes a poison that numbs your body.
Ash: That's what the smoke was.
Risa: Why would you ever make that?
Toren: During my research, I found that it's also effective against certain human diseases.
[Mayor Oliver's phone is ringing]
Mayor Oliver: Yes, it's me.
Secretary: Your Honor, I have a report. There's been an outbreak of an unknown smoke, engulfing a quarter of Fula City. It's spreading as we speak. Anyone who breathes it experiences numbness, so we classified it as a poison. We have also ordered emergency evacuation of all affected areas. There's not a moment to lose! Please return to the city!
Mayor Oliver: Understood.
Margo: Oh, no, Father...
Toren: It's all my fault.
Ash: Ah...
Pikachu: Pika...

Ash: Let's go. Watching won't help anything. So whaddaya say we go and protect Fula City?
[Chansey, Machamp, Heracross, Smoochum, Totodile, Togepi, Tyrogue, Marill, Xatu, Ditto, Teddiursa and Eevee are surprised]
Risa: Easier said than done, but how do we do that?
Ash: We've all got Pokémon partners. Right by our sides.
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: Whatever you can't do, you can do it with a Pokémon pal. When you're with a Pokémon, it's like your muscles and your mind get a lot stronger. And that's called: Pokémon power!

Mayor Oliver: [on the microphone making an announcement to the people of Fula City] This is countermeasure headquarters. We request everyone evacuate due to the Effect Spore smoke. If there are any people or Pokémon that are in need of assistance, I'm asking for those nearby to give them whatever assistance they can. We have also dispatched a countermeasures team to help solve further problems. We will spare no effort to make the citizens of our fair city safe again! I'd also like to take this opportunity to make a request, as mayor. The outbreak of the Effect Spore smoke has caused a mountain fire. Once our team's plan is in place, I ask that as many of you as possible please join me... in working to help us put out the fire. For many years, our city has lived a lie. But this time, I would like for the people of this town, together with the Pokémon always by our sides... to join hands in fighting this fire!

Margo: Zeraora, listen to me. There are bad people, like those hunters out there, and I admit we all make bad mistakes sometimes. But I want you to realize that we're not all like those bad people. Ash said something: People can be pretty weak by themselves. But when they team up with Pokémon, it creates energy. I was wondering... If it's also true, if Pokémon felt the same way about us... well... I think that it'd be nice.

[Lugia arrives]
Risa: Lugia? Lugia, could you make the rain fall? We need to put the fire out! Please, will you?
[Lugia nods in agreement]

[On the final night of the festival]
Mayor Oliver: Fellow citizens, the only way we were able to reopen the festival for its final day is through the complete cooperation of all of you, people and Pokémon alike. During the day's events, I'd like to share what I heard. A young man said if one can't do something alone, one can with a Pokémon. Those citizens and Pokémon who helped put out the fires, along with many others, proved those words are true. My wish is for this city to be a place to live together. And now, our city is that much closer to that. In order to see that realized, I revoke the lie about the disappearance of Zeraora. I hereby proclaim that we will live with Zeraora in peace!
[Everyone cheers at mayor and releases large orange lanterns into the sky]

Narrator: There are strange and wonderful forms of life inhabiting this planet. They can be found in the skies, in the sea, in forests and towns everywhere. Indeed, these creatures can be found the world over! They work and play with us, and we all help each other. They live with us and around us, and even battle with us. They form all kinds of different bonds with us, as they live in peace alongside us. Each living being has its own dream. And there are as many adventures to be experienced as there are living beings! And the name of all these incredible creatures? We call them... Pokémon.

[Post-credits scene]
[Last lines]
Pokémon Channel Host: [revealing to be Rick in the hospital] And so... Fula City created a nature preserve! [Risa arrives angry] Huh? Oh... [unmasks himself] Oh! Risa?!
Risa: Tell me! How in the world did you know where I was? And it had better be the truth...
Rick: [chuckles] It's really kind of high-tech... I wanted pictures of the Wind Festival... So I uh...
[In a flower-filled meadow]
Ash: Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pi?
Ash: I wonder what kind of Pokémon we'll meet next?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika. Pika!
[Ash and Pikachu run together]

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