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Quotes of famous artists which illustrate and clarify modern art history - that is what I contributed mainly here on Wikiquote. Most of the quotes are taken from important and famous artists in modern painting and sculpture art.
I collected their quotes because I started as artist myself without any art education. So I had to educate myself in modern art. I visited frequently the art-works in the Dutch museums. Moreover, I started to search in the life stories and the writings of the modern artists themselves, how they described their art and artistic life. This learned me a lot! I decided to share these precious art-sources with other people who are interested in modern art - here on Wikiquote. For me their quotes are an essential and meaningful part of the history of modern art.
My real name is Fons Heijnsbroek; I am a Dutch painter-artist myself, painting abstract art.
The artist quotes I contributed here on Wikiquote were living and creating mainly between 1800 - 2000. You find them here alphabetically ordered. Moreover you find modern art movements, described and clarified by the quotes of the involved artists.
From 2017 I started to add images of the artist's art, frequently connected with related quotes of them. So there can grow a very direct connection between the spoken words about art, and the visual language of art itself.

For contact you can use my talk page.
Fons Heijnsbroek

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