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Islamic religious polices[edit]

The fact that Khamenei takes credit/responsibility is more honorable than what others do; namely, Nayef, Abdullah bin Abdel-Aziz, and other leaders who implement a policy and then hide silently behind a curtain.

Also, I conclude that some editors cringe at the idea of an Islamic religious police.--Inesculent 03:32, 12 November 2007 (UTC)

Like many Iranians, I have had direct experience with the religious police. I suffered from it and I know what it means. The issue has been covered in wikipedia and wikiquote and you may want to add your links there. Wikiquote/Iran is the main page of Iran in wikiquote. These issues are notable enough to be covered here at this extent. Iran is a country with several thousands years of documented history. There are millions of quotes about Iran out there. --SouthIran 19:16, 18 November 2007 (UTC)

Replaced inappropriate & hostile quotes that had been used as image captions[edit]

  • The following inappropriate(?) & hostile quote by Reza Zarabi formerly used as the caption on the Iranian flag (on the right) was replaced with what seems to be a more appropriate quote by a former Iranian President. The other quotes used to accompany images (Amir Taheri, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, & Christopher Hitchens) also seem to be hostile & inappropriate. I suggest that they also be removed replaced with more civilized/less war like quotes.
The name Iran, which used to be equated with such things as luxury, fine wine, and the arts, has become synonymous with terrorism. When the Islamic Republic government of Iran finally meets its demise, they will have many symbols and slogans as testaments of their rule, yet the most profound will be their genocide of Islam, the black stain that they have put on this faith for many generations to come. ~ Reza Zarabi
Also (second image to the right) replaced this inappropriate & hostile quote "As a nation-state...:
As a nation-state, Iran has no problems with anybody. As a vehicle for the Khomeinist ideology it has problems with everybody, starting with the Iranian people. The Khomeinist regime makes no secret of its intense hatred for Iranian culture. ~ Amir Taheri
Perhaps a more experienced editor could kindly share his ideas about the most appropriate course here?

Cordially, KnowbuddyXIII (talk) 05:47, 10 January 2020 (UTC)