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Hi, I'm Myers.

I've started to became an editor on the Wikiquote site to begin with Ice Age: Collision Course back in November 2016. As the months passed I've offered to add more quotes for others including The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Finding Dory, Cars 3, Cars 2, Ice Age, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Lilo & Stitch, and Last words in Disney animated films from early February 2017 to early 2018. I've recently published in quotes for most new released movies of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. These was my year for 2017 and 2018.

But sometimes when I go to far in publishing quotes, a few users on Wikiquote can help me out on if I should take it easy, including removing quotes that contain vandalism, usually for Ice Age: Collision Course, Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Captain America: Civil War, Toy Story, Shrek, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 2, and the SpongeBob SquarePants series 1-3. I'm getting used to this now. But I have made a decision on that if I reach to somewhere at 1,700 to 2,000 publishes, I will retire because of how I react when I did my first publishes due to its wording. Who knows? I might not retire from Wikiquote until the time feels right for me. For any plagiarism or vandalizing I have done onto pages, I am truly sorry for my mistakes. After being told that I broke a promise to leave the site, I will take an occasional break from editing.

I'm also a user on IMDb, Quotes.Net, Wikipedia, and formerly the Ideas Wikia.

"SuperMyers1028" and were my former sockpuppets.

Pages I've Contributed