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Themes with unsourced statements and inadequate citations/Pages to clean up

To Do:
Red Checkmark.svgDone 2014·04·16 Greatness
Red Checkmark.svgDone 2014·04·17 Anarchism
Red Checkmark.svgDone 2014·04·17 Grief

people with unsourced statements and inadequate citations/Pages to clean up

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Janet Jackson
Ernest Hollings
Taylor Swift
Aliko Dangote
John Cleese
John Terry
John Edwards
Red Checkmark.svgDone 2014.07.10 Bashar al-Assad

Wikiquote pages

I created

  • Films
Kick-Ass 2 ~ A Study in Terror ~ Defiance (2008 film) ~ Piranha 3D ~ Battle: Los Angeles
  • Video Games
Resident Evil 6
  • TV Shows
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ~ Dallas (2012 TV series) ~ Scandal (TV series) ~ Intelligence (U.S. TV series) ~ Caprica (TV series)
  • People
Eva Dobell ~ Chelsea Manning ~ Tyrone Guthrie ~ Ulpian
  • Categories:
Category:Sudanese ~ Category:2016 deaths ~Category:Armenian military leaders ~Category:Australian military leaders ~Category:Chinese military leaders ~Category:Dutch military leaders ~Category:Egyptian military leaders ~ Category:Ethiopian military leaders ~Category:Greek military leaders ~Category:Iranian military leaders ~Category:Nigerian military leaders ~Category:Polish military leaders ~Russian military leaders ~ Category:Ugandan military leaders ~Filipino novelists Category:Libyan military leaders‎ ~ Category:Hungarian military leaders Category:Teen Titans films Category:Thor films Peruvian poets ~ Fantastic Four film ~ Wonder Woman films ~ Afghan poets

I unstubbed/helped improve

  • Films
The Bourne Identity ~ The Bourne Supremacy (film) ~ Control (2007 film) ~ The Football Factory (film) ~ Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film) ~ The Boat That Rocked ~ Lesbian Vampire Killers ~ The X Files: I Want to Believe ~ Shades of Gray (film) ~ Eight Legged Freaks ~ Downfall (2004 film) ~ Dead Silence ~ Santa's Slay ~ Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, ~ The Basketball Diaries ~ It's Complicated (film) ~ No Strings Attached (film) The Last Kiss (2001 film)
  • TV shows
Homeland (TV series) ~ Camelot (TV series) ~ Arrow ~ Revenge (TV series) ~ NCIS: Los Angeles ~ V (2009 TV series) ~ The Unit ~ Ali G Indahouse ~ Hiccups No Strings Attached (film)]] ~ Star Trek: The Animated Series ~ Stripperella ~ Sheep in the Big City ~ Knight Rider (1982 TV series) ~ Sledge Hammer! ~ The Berenstain Bears (2003 TV series) Code Lyoko Are We There Yet? (TV series) ~ The Care Bears (TV series) ~Transformers: Animated Shake It Up ~ The Hills (TV series)
  • People
Rob Ford ~ Jack Cafferty ~ Stevie Nicks ~ Noel Gallagher ~ Grover Norquist ~ Rick Perry ~ Dhani Harrison ~ Jerry Brown ~ Maumoon Abdul Gayoom ~ Augusto Pinochet ~ Khaled Mashal ~ Margaret Singer ~ James Morrison (singer) ~ James Dobson ~ Ali Khamenei ~ Hassan Nasrallah ~ Ali Meshkini ~ Hashemi Rafsanjani ~ Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ~ Roberto Baggio ~ Dick Cheney ~ Yousef Saanei ~ David Horowitz ~ Carl I. Hagen ~ Alanis Morissette ~ Zell Miller ~ Robert Fisk ~ Kevin Rudd ~ Alesha Dixon ~ Emma Thompson ~ William Glasser ~ Sylvia Browne ~ Judah Halevi ~ Anders Fogh Rasmussen, ~ Billy Talent ~ hen Shui-bian
  • Literary works
The Grand Chessboard ~ The Giver ~ The Shipping News ~ Cabaret (musical) ~
  • Comics
  • Themes
Artic]] ~ Adidas Jabulani ~ Rum ~ Monetary reform Israel and the apartheid analogy ~ Hornbook ~
  • Video Games
Saints row 2 ~ Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge ~ Red Dead Redemption ~ True Crime: Streets of LA ~ Dead to Rights ~ Onimusha 2 ~ Arcanum ~ Resident Evil 0 ~ Zero Wing ~ Star Ocean: Till the End of Time ~ Icewind Dale II ~ Tron 2.0 ~ The Matrix: Path of Neo ~ Zork Grand Inquisitor ~ Secret of Mana ~ Xenogears ~ The Punisher (2005 Video Game) ~ Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
  • Other
Animal Collective ~ The Spill Canvas ~ The Malfated ~ Iraq and weapons of mass destruction ~ My Chemical Romance ~

To do

Quotes and to fill in

Dragon Ball season 1,

Covert Affairs

Hot in Cleveland

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