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This is an archive of topics that were previously on the Wikiquote:Votes for deletion page.

Kept articlesDeleted 0-DDeleted E-HDeleted I-KDeleted L-PDeleted Q-SDeleted T-Z+Deleted pagesDeleted imagesPending


Kept articles[edit]

The votes on these articles resulted either in keeping them intact or moving them to more appropriate locations, keeping a redirect in place.


See Sharmell.

Deleted articles 0-D[edit]

The votes on these main namespace articles resulted in their deletion.

20th Century Fox & Paramount: The Curse of the Imagine Entertainment[edit]

See #Paramount Go Christmas!.

Alayna Rakes[edit]

See #Uncle Nagy's House, Alayna Rakes.

Alice Deejay[edit]

See 4 Strings.


See 4 Strings.